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Monday, 19 August, 2002, 09:49 GMT 10:49 UK
Had you written off Pistol Pete?
Sampras won his fifth US Open title
Pete Sampras beats Andre Agassi in four sets to claim his fifth US Open men's singles title.

How long can Pistol Pete continue at the top?

Former world number one Sampras defied the odds to claim his fifth US Open men's singles crown at an emotional Flushing Meadows.

It was the 14th Grand Slam title of a glorious career - and his four-set victory over old foe Agassi silenced critics who doubted he would reign supreme again.

Is this one of sports' most stirring tales? And will Sampras add to his trophy haul?

This debate is now closed

Watching Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi last night in such an elegant and supreme fashion made me hope that the young generation will realize you don't have to just wear your opponent down with power shots from the baseline.

The grace and magic of his serve and volley game can win the day. Like Edberg, Stich, McEnroe, Becker, I shall sorely miss him when he decides to retire. Thank you Pete for the many hours of glorious tennis you gave us and we forgive you the hours of agony we suffered when you lost to unworthy rivals. Can you hear me Greg?
Cristina Folch, Spain

Sampras was incredible and it is great to see him back to winning ways. Capturing the US Open is just what he needed to boost his confidence and if he maintains a high level of fitness, there is no reason he cannot be a serious contender next year. Hail Sampras, a true sporting legend!
Douglas Thomson, Hong Kong

I'm very happy for Sampras, but I think now would be the perfect time to retire - having won a record number of Grand Slams and beaten his arch rival in front of 25,000 American fans.
Christian Anderson, Australia

Pete Sampras proved his doubters wrong! I have been rooting for him since he beat John McEnroe back in 1990. He is a modest, soft-spoken, down-to-earth champion. Tennis history will record him as the greatest tennis player ever! I hope he plays one more year. He can win another Wimbledon and who knows what else?
Dean, USA

Pete Sampras quite simply is the greatest player ever
Glenn Souza, Dubai

Sampras is the greatest of them all in the Open Era. There is no doubt about that. The great champions always have the resilience - the never day die spirit - just when age seems to catch up with them, and the world seems full of critics, they pull one out of the hat.

Sampras did today what Graf did at the French Open a couple of years back. The way he is playing at present, I don't think it is fair to ask him to hang up his boots. He will, I am sure, suit a grand stage to depart when he feels like it, just like Steffi did at Wimbledon.
Sairam, India

Sampras showed the tennis world and the critics alike that he has still got that urge to win despite all the slams behind him. He will no doubt put his heart out to win Wimbledon next year to erase the bad memories a year ago. Sampras will make it 15.
Gova, USA

Pete Sampras quite simply is the greatest player ever. Fourteen Grand Slam titles, seven of those in eight magical years at Wimbledon! Pure magic and genius. WELL DONE PETE!
Glenn Souza, Dubai

Maybe Pete is not the same player he was a few years ago, but that is inevitable. He is arguably the best tennis player ever. This means that even if his game comes down a notch or two, he could compete with the best in the world, which he proved today.

Maybe a big mouthed loser like Greg Rusedski should try to concentrate more on winning even one Grand Slam, instead of criticising a player who has now won 14. But he is just one of many people who now have egg on their faces.
Harvey , Australia

I still believe that Pete can go the extra mile and win Wimbledon next year
James, Kenya

Pete has shown once again what a great champion he is. Having struggled for some months he has silenced his critics in the best possible way. Perhaps Rusedski and the like will think twice before speaking in future! It would be a great way to call it a day but I would just love to see him win one more Wimbledon, the place of his greatest victories and his tennis home.
Paul Wallis, London, UK

He doesn't have anything left to prove. He can play for the love of the game whether he's at the top or not.

What a fantastic win for Pete Sampras. Greg Rusedski should concentrate on his own game and not be concerned with locker room gossip. He should have a look at the style and flair of pistol Pete, he might learn a thing or two!
Jason, UK

Pete Sampras is probably one of the most gifted tennis players ever. He's been grossly under-estimated this last couple of years, and if we are truly honest, he could beat most players in the world today even when his form is drastically off. He may be in the twilight of his career, but hold your breath, there are certainly a couple more big victories to come.
Beth, UK

I still believe that Pete can go the extra mile and win Wimbledon next year. Pete is a very likeable character and I am glad Rusedski has eaten his own words. When Pete is gone it will be the end of an era indeed.
James, Kenya

Congratulations to Pete Sampras. At last a British tennis player has finally had an influence on a Grand Slam. Well done Mr Rusedski!
Ajay, UK

How can one talk about the retirement of Sampras when he is playing the way he did in the US Open final?
Arun Krishnan, India

An emphatic performance by Pete, proving once again that when he is on song he is close to unbeatable. I think he should use this occassion to retire from the game as the greatest.
Edwin kwesiga, Uganda

The greatest player of all time showed his class once again and it was a privilege to watch the match against Agassi, also a great player. Eat your heart out, Greg and learn from Agassi's post match comments how a worthy loser behaves.
Renji Sathiah, Spain

I think Sampras should retire while he still can call himself THE GREATEST and not ruin his legacy. This guy has nothing more to prove...unless maybe winning the French Open.
Christo Kalokoh, Denmark

How can one talk about the retirement of Sampras when he is playing the way he did in the US Open final?
Arun Krishnan, India

Congratulations to Pete Sampras (and Andre Agassi) for playing such a great tournament and proving the doubters wrong. Hopefully this marks a final push for honours for both players next year before they consider retirement.

Having watched the match last night, I would say that Pete is serving as well as he has been throughout his career and another Wimbledon is a realistic target. Andre looked sluggish for much of the match, no doubt the match against Hewitt took it out of him, but another slam is a possibility.
Jason, Wales

Congratulations Pete! Although he hasn't been on form recently he has now shown everyone why he is such a great champion, to make such a comeback like that was fantastic. Hopefully, he will be back to his best at Wimbledon next year.
Katherine, England

Who said Sampras had lost the plot?!
Zahid, India

Take that Greg Rusedski! Pete has silenced all the critics. Pete has been saying that he felt he had a Major left in him. They should have listened. Well done Pete and I hope you can come and win Wimbledon
Annette, England

Sampras is the greatest tennis player ever. He proved it today. His youth may have gone but his class hasn't. He doesn't try to be an entertainer but for those who savour the purity of his tennis, his game has a sublime, effortless brilliance which moves me. He is someone I shall revere forever.
Mehboob, England

Great win! Who said Sampras had lost the plot?! The man is back with a bang. Let's hope he has one more Wimbledon in him at least. Where are the new generation anyway?
Zahid, India

Sampras could win another Wimbledon title before he retires and home advantage at Flushing Meadows could help him to further glory there too.
Gary, USA

Many commentators thought that Sampras was past it including a certain Greg Rusedski and it is true that he isn't the player he was two or three years ago.

However there was a strong field in New York so you shouldn't write Sampras off just yet.
Bob, England

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