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Sunday, 8 September, 2002, 07:32 GMT 08:32 UK
Is Serena unstoppable?
Serena Williams has her sights set on the Grand slam
Serena Williams brushed aside sister Venus in the final of the US Open.

Is she now untouchable at the top of the women's game?

Serena Williams was awesome in beating sister Venus 6-4 6-3 in the US Open final.

She has now won the last three Major finals and will go to Australia in January looking for the Grand Slam.

Even Venus, who was the undisputed number one 12 months ago, seems unable to reach Serena's level.

Can anyone stop Serena now?

This debate is now closed

Serena is on an incredible run and deserves full praise for her three Slams this year. But she has had no competition! Venus' form has slumped greatly since the French, Lindsay Davenport and Matina Hingis missed great chunks of the year through injury, Capriati and Mauresmo are too inconsistent and Henin and Clijsters have lost confidence.

The Australian Open will prove interesting, because the Williams' haven't dominated there yet.
Sarah, UK

Serena's stopper is Chanda Rubin! Chanda proved to all and sundry at the JP Morgan Chase tournament that she has the antidote to Serena's wits. No one would have seen Serena even at the quarter-finals if organizers had paired Chanda to take out Serena at the early rounds.

Serena should thank her almighty stars but not her guts for not meeting her nemesis otherwise she would have been sent home with whiplash in the same way Mauresmo did to Capriati at Wimbledon. If anyone disagrees, pair them in Australia and come back to this column to tell us the results.
Lou Chun, Nederlands

Serena is good. But she has her work cut out for her next year. Her sister will want revenge for the two Majors and the No.1 spot she has grabbed from her this year.

Come Australia in January it will be a formality
Stewart, Northern Ireland

Davenport and Hingis have recovered from injury and are fast returning to their top form. And Henin, Clijsters and Hantukova are fast improving, rising stars yet to reach their peak and 2003 just might be the year they do. Then there is still Seles and Capriati hungry to be back on top.
John Mufumba, Uganda

Serena has finally emerged out of the shadow of her sister and has firmly established herself as the best female tennis player around. If she can stay injury free she could dominate the game for years to come, but Venus will always be chopping at her heels.

What happened to Hingis?
Richard Orton, Scotland

Serena's game is technically and tactically more superior and Venus will struggle to beat her sister again.
Simbarashe, Zimbabwe

Serena is just awesome. No one will be able to stop her for the foreseeable future, not even her big sister. Come Australia in January it will be a formality as she'll win at a canter. More PVC catsuits please!
Stewart, Northern Ireland

As long as Serena wants it, she will be on top
Red, Scotland

I'm proud to be an American when we have athletes like Serena and Venus. They represent competition, dedication and hard work, and I commend them for their efforts.

I don't really understand all the fuss about the Williams' domination. I think they have worked hard to get where they are and deserve all the success they get. As for those complaining, do something about your lives.
Matt, England

Serena this year was awesome, and she's been able to cut down on her errors. She serves well, returns well and she's very speedy and covers the court very well. On the other hand, her big sister is very inconsistent with her serve.

I have a feeling that her blister and her lack of mental preparation were factors in her bad performance. I still believe if she can work on her second serve and cut down errors, she'll become the most deadly player women's tennis has ever produced. Watch her take her revenge on her little sister in 2003.
Lesego, Botswana

Yes, Serena is unstoppable! As long as Serena wants it, she will be on top. Right at this moment she has the complete package, which is so much more than just hard hitting. Congratulations Serena on your triple slam year!
Red, Scotland

In Serena Williams we are witnessing the emergence of a sporting legend
Dele Kale, Nigeria

I think Serena is a great player, but I think if Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis and Venus Williams get their form back they might be able to stop her. But she is a great player and she is still very young, so she will go very far.
Samantha, Scotland

It is ridiculous to criticise the quality of the world's best female tennis players for the simple reason that they are sisters. Venus and Serena are in a class of their own, and Serena is World's undisputed number one! We can't take that away from them.
Tadoh Munji, UK

I believe that in Serena Williams we are witnessing the emergence of a sporting legend in the making. Serena is beginning to draw well ahead of the field, including her sister Venus. Barring injuries I cannot see any of the present pack of women players standing in Serena's way in 2003.

She and Venus will comfortably occupy the two top slots on the WTA ranking for the foreseeable future, maybe up to and including 2004, if they play often enough and remain injury free.
Dele Kale, Nigeria

I rejoice with the Williams for their prowess in women tennis. They are making history that will be difficult to match for 100 years to come.
Fred Olomuro, Nigeria

Serena has now shown many critics that she can raise her game
Emmanuel Mumba, USA

Congratulations to Richard Williams and Oracene, who have invested everything to produce winners. The girls have re-written the tennis history books again. No matter what their detractors say, the winner is always the one who gets to the tape first, no matter how good the challenge.

The difference between the Williams sisters and the others is en entrenched belief than they are better than the rest. This gives them a psychological advantage which is difficult to defeat. Good on ya girls
Earle, Australia

Due to the way Serena and Venus play, I am now a convert to tennis. I just love those hard-hitting volleys that we thought were only for men. These girls show us what women can do. Give them ten years and then others can have their chance.
Violet Kasaya, USA

I do not see what the fuss is all about. If someone is better than the Williams', then let that person win. In the meantime, we should just accept that they are the best and live with it.
Olu, UK

The reason why everyone is so bored by the Williams v Williams finals is that there is no rivalry there. When one of them wins they don't jump for joy. They pretty much look as if their dog has just died. At least when we had all those Graf v Seles finals you genuinely believed that they wanted nothing more than to kick each others ass!
Ann-Marie, Scotland

Stockholm, Sweden

The reason people didn't complain when it was Evert v Navratilova or Graf v Seles in every final was simple: They played their best tennis when up against their closest rival
Ryan Gerrard, UK

It's not the dominance of the Williams sisters that's bad for ladies tennis. It's the attitude of those so-called "fans" who think that the best players should fit the profile of their ideal winner. This is really sad.
Napoleon Esemudje, Nigeria

The reason people didn't complain when it was Evert v Navratilova or Graf v Seles in every final was simple: They played their best tennis when up against their closest rival, whereas Serena and Venus cannot.

I understand the circumstances are different, with them being sisters, but that's what the fuss is about. Personally, I would love to see Jennifer Capriati win the tournament!
Ryan Gerrard, UK

Due to the rain delay at the US Open this past weekend, the TV stations ran some of the tennis matches played in previous years. The most interesting match was between 15 year old Capriati and 17 year old Seles played in 1991.

Hard hitting, tough, athletic, killer tennis. It was thrilling and absolutely spectacular. It makes me wonder what the moaning is about when it comes to the Williams sisters.

I do not believe that their detractors are complaining about the hard hitting games they play. It cannot be about their athletic abilities. I am beginning to believe that it is truly about race.
Dot, Canada

Much as I admire the Williams' winning record, I can't get excited by the ugly style of tennis they play. I would rather see elegant creative players in both men's and women's tennis, and if that means getting rid of the large-size racquets, then why not?

Justine Henin plays wonderful tennis. In my opinion, she is the only player with better finesse than the Williams
Charles, New York, USA

The good players will still win matches and tournaments; the only ones who will suffer are those who have nothing to fall back on if power fails. Venus and Serena would still be at or near the top of the game, but at least they'd be worth watching.
Daniel, England

It's nice to know that not everyone has this negative view of the Williams sisters, and their domination of the game. How anyone can think that excelling at your chosen sport is bad for the game, is beyond belief.

It's a shame that such attitudes (which are clearly driven by the thoughts of bigots) still prevail.
N Matenga, UK

Williams juggernaut unstoppable? Yes, it is stoppable. One simply has to play better tennis than the Williams' do. There is a misguided belief that they just hit the ball hard - harder than most other girls in the WTA.

But experts have come up with an analysis that claims that Capriati and Davenport hit harder balls (than the Williams') off the ground. There is more to them than the big serves.

Their ball placement is impeccable; their movement in the court is dominating; and above all, their discipline and professional courtesy ranks them above the other girls.

Like them or not, they have taken the women's game to a new level
Dave, England

Justine Henin plays wonderful tennis. In my opinion, she is the only player with better finesse than the Williams. I wish she would be the one to stop the juggernaut down the road. Meanwhile, let's enjoy what the two top players have to offer at the moment.
Charles, New York, USA

I guess it's just as well there are two sisters. Otherwise, either one would dominate so much that the sport would become a bore. Like them or not, they have just taken the women's game to a new level.

I believe their 'groundies' are just as hard hit as some of the top men players. This is what other ladies in the WTA can't live with... just the sheer power.

The only one who could possibly stay with them is Hantuchova. Although of slight build, she shows the importance of technique in power play. It'll be the 'Williams show' for some years!
Dave, England

Pete Sampras will win the 2002 US Open. Don't bother about debating who wins the Sampras v Rusedski match. Pete, the greatest tennis player of all time has it in him to win a couple more of those major tournaments.
Babu, USA

I agree that Greg can be hot and cold, but on current form he should reach the later stages. He has the hunger and deserves our support. Tim, however, is a gentleman player and hard to predict in a Slam. Everyone in the UK knocks him for not winning Wimbledon, but he has always been beaten by the eventual champions.
Glen, UK

It will be the Williams show for another decade
Oluwashina Okeleji, Nigeria

My heart wants Lindsay Davenport to win the title to complete the amazing comeback that she's had. But my head tells me she'll be beaten by Serena in a tight and thrilling semi-final. Serena will go on to beat Venus in the final.
Sarah, UK

Serena and Venus Williams are true champions. They are ladies, role models and Americans. My sincere congratulations to Mr and Mrs Williams for raising such wonderful children.
Adamu S Braimah, USA

It will be the Williams show for another decade.They are just unstoppable because they simply are on top of their games.
Oluwashina Okeleji, Nigeria

The dark horse is Daniela Hantuchova. It might be a little early in her career, but she is capable of beating anyone.
Ash, USA

At the moment the Williams sisters are the best players on the women's circuit, and in my opinion we are headed for another Williams showdown in the US Open. Some people argue that the domination of women's tennis by the Williams sisters is bad for the game, but my view is that the other players will get inspired to improve their game and challenge them for honours.

On the whole the women's game will be more exciting to watch in future Grand Slams. Back to the US open championship, my money is on Venus. Her 6-0, 6-0 demolition of Mirjana Lucic shows that she in prime form and wholly focused on getting her third consecutive US Open crown.
Bill Mfula, Zambia

If Venus and Serena play well enough to reach the final, then all power to them
Grace, Switzerland

With respect to Martina and Steffi, until Venus and Serena came along I just didn't care a hoot for women's tennis, now I can't get enough of it. Bad for the game? Right now they are the game.
Mike S, Hong Kong

To be the best you have to beat the best. Right now the Williams sisters are the best, and for every so called traditional fan that may be turned off by these two great players, there are being introduced to the game.
Michael Leake, USA

It's unbelievable just how many tennis watchers and players are against the Williams sisters. They are great players, and no one had a problem when players such as Navratilova and Graf dominated the game back in the day. Venus and Serena are talented, powerful and have been the missing link in professional tennis. Let's give them a chance to reign.
Vivian, New Britain, Connecticut

If Venus and Serena play well enough to reach the final, then all power to them. What could be better for the game? For in the end, isn't this what Grand Slams are all about - the two players who outplay their opponents over six rounds reaching the final!

When Chris and Martina were both number one and two in the world no one complained
April-Liesel, Los Angeles County

What is all the fuss about? Throughout the history of the sport, we have always had players who have dominated ...Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert (how many finals did those two contest?). And yet there has never been talk of this not being good for the game.

I think they have been great for the game, taking it to another level, inspiring young kids and attracting an audience far wider than the traditional country-club group.
Grace, Switzerland

The Williams sisters have brought a new audience to the world of tennis. Their story of coming from the gang infested and drug dealing streets of Compton rather than the 'upper crust' aristocratic clubs of the world brings a new fairytale to tennis.

It also serves as an inspirational story to those in the middle to lower income brackets. It is a phenomenon that will likely never be seen again. When have two siblings dominated a sport? And when is it likely going to happen again?

When Chris and Martina were both number one and two in the world no one complained about having the best players play. No one complained when Stef and Monica where at one and two duelling it out. I don't recall complaints arising when the top two players before the Williams sisters kept on meeting in the final. At least the Women's tour is more consistent then the Men's who seem to swap every now and then.
April-Liesel, Los Angeles County, CA, USA

Serena's physical condition is worrying at the moment
Emmanuel Mumba, USA

If it's another all Williams final, I'm through with women's tennis. For them, it's power, power and more power. It's painful to watch.
Denson, Singapore

Both Henin and Clijsters have had wins over the Williams' sisters this year, while Capriati has been nipping at Serena's heels. I don't see why one can't produce the upset and relieve us of an all Williams final.
Blake Schaeferle, Canada

Many of us who watch women's tennis do so because it has more finesse than the men's side. The Williams' sisters are taking that away. They have rewritten the book for women's tennis. They are just too good, but unfortunately not that good to watch.
Danny, USA

If the way Venus Williams played against Linsdsay Davenport in the Pilot Pen final is anything to go by, I see the trophy exchanging hands but remaining in the same house. Serena's physical condition is worrying at the moment- but Venus will reach the final and carry the day!
Emmanuel Mumba, USA

The last Williams v Williams final set record crowd and TV ratings. If it is that bad for tennis, why are people watching?
Ace2Ace, USA

When Pete Sampras, Martina Navratilova and others were dominating tennis, was it boring? Why is it now boring when Serena and Venus play in the finals? The two people who reach the finals are the people who are not beaten by anyone!

Some say Mr. Williams "fixes" the matches. Even if he does this, he certainly can't make the other girls lose to Serena and Venus!
Andrea, UK

What is it that Venus and Serena have done except play their personal best and provide excellent tennis for us to watch? For all the criticism they've received, it seems to have done nothing but push them to a higher, more untouchable level!

I love them and believe they've earned everything they have. If people want them stopped, et's just say for now it's "wishful thinking"!
Sonya, USA

It is an absolute disgrace how drug testing in tennis is so slack. If there was an announcement tomorrow that testing would take place during the US Open, I wonder how many of the top players would suddenly pull out?
Matt, Australia

The last Williams v Williams final set record crowd and TV ratings. If it is that bad for tennis, why are people watching? The truth is only bigots and narrow-minded people hate two black girls at the top of tennis.
Ace2Ace, USA

I think Jennifer Capriati can match the sisters in top form. She plays the same way they do (hard hitting).
Christopher Kalokoh, Denmark

If they are the top women in the game at present then they deserve to be playing each other in the finals. It gives the other women something to work towards. I do hope, though, that Hingis returns to form and is able to deploy her (I think) superior tactical skills to good effect.
Kate Povey, England

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