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Thursday, 20 June, 2002, 13:17 GMT 14:17 UK
Stump The Bearded Wonder No 28
Pose your cricket questions to Bearders
Bill Frindall, aka the Bearded Wonder, is poised to solve your cricket queries and teasers.

The Test Match Special statistician will be busy answering your questions throughout the English summer.

Allan Russell, Germany

Has there ever been an occasion in a Test where both batsmen batted with a runner? Is this even allowed?

It is certainly allowed but it has not happened in the 281 Tests I have scored. It was close to happening at Headingley in 1967 when Rusi Surti (bruised knee) and Bishan Bedi (leg strain) had to bat with runners.

At the start of the third morning I remember asking India's captain, the Nawab of Pataudi, if they were going to both bat with runners. 'Yes,' he replied, 'and I want a photo when they both finish at the same end!' Sadly, Surti was out the ball before Bedi came to the wicket - to face his only ball. David Rennolds, Greece

Which Test umpire, modern or past, has the dubious distinction of awarding the most lbws? Does a roll of honour exist?

The four umpires who have upheld over 250 lbw appeals are the four who have officiated in 50 Tests: SA Bucknor 348 lbws (66 Tests); HD Bird 277 (66); DR Shepherd 270 (62); S Venkataraghavan 253 (54).

The Indian umpire RS Rathore holds the record for the highest average of lbw decisions per match. He obviously liked to keep the game moving as he gave 11 in his only Test.

Richard Webber, England

During the recent first Test against England, Sri Lanka included a W P U C J Vaas in their line-up. Is this the most initials to appear against a batsman's name on any scorecard?

Vaas holds the Test record, although several other Sri Lankans run him close. John Elicius Benedict Bernard Placid Quirk Carrington Dwyer (see Ask Bearders # 26) holds the record for all first-class cricket.

David Edwards, Australia

In Test cricket, what is the highest innings total not to include an individual century?

India's 524 for 9 declared against New Zealand at Kanpur in 1976-77 is the highest Test match innings without an individual hundred. All 11 batsmen made double figures, Mohinder Amarnath's 70 being the highest score.

Kim Miles, Lancashire

How many times have both wicket-keepers made a century in the first innings of a Test Match? (as did Ratra and Jacobs in the recent Antigua Test)

Incredibly, considering there have been 1604 Tests prior to the second Sri Lanka Test at Edgbaston, that is the only instance of both keepers scoring hundreds in the same Test, let alone the same innings.

Ross Gibbs, England

While listening to your comments about night-watchmen, I was wondering what is the highest score made in a Test by a night-watchman?

Mark Boucher holds the reord for the highest score by a night-watchman in Test cricket with 125 for South Africa v Zimbabwe at Harare in 1999-00. Alex Tudor's 99 not out against New Zealand at Edgbaston in 1999 is the highest by an England night-watchman.

Jay Joshi, USA

I remember in a Test match back in the late 80s or early 90s (Eng vs Windies), England had to use four wicket-keepers in a single Test innings. Am I correct?

This bizarre record occurred during New Zealand's first innings at Lord's in 1986 when the appointed keeper, Bruce French was injured during England's first innings. Bill Athey kept for the first two overs, Bob Taylor for overs 3 to 76, and Bobby Parks for overs 77 to 140, before French returned for the final ball.

Peter Felix, England

Has Gavin Hamilton, who played for Scotland in the 1999 World Cup, ever played a Test match for England? Answering this would settle a long-standing dispute.

Yes, he played in the first Test against South Africa at Johannesburg in November 1999, bagging a pair and taking 0 for 63 in 15 overs.

James Fisher, England

Has there ever been a case of an English batsman making his Test debut, collecting two ducks and keeping his place for the next match?

Yes, Graham Gooch bagged a pair on debut against Australia at Edgbaston in 1975. He scored 6 and 31 at Lord's in the next Test before being dropped for three years.

Mike Chester, England

Who was the last Englishman to represent his country whilst not playing for a first-class county?

Technically it was GAR (Tony) Lock when he was recruited from Western Australia, whom he had just led to the Sheffield Shield title, to play in the final two Tests of England's 1967-68 series in the Caribbean. Lock had made his final appearance in county cricket, for Leicestershire, the previous summer.

Nick Pollins, UK

Is Ilikena Lasarusa Talebula ... maineiiliken...amain...avalen...iveivak...abulaimaina...kulalakebalau (the Fijian "Botham"), the cricketer with the longest name?

Yes, he is. Mercifully he appeared in the scorebook as 'I.L.Bula'. Inevitably there are several variations of his third name! He was an outstanding batsman who amassed the highest score in Fijian cricket - 246.

Michael Blasebalk, England

When was the last innings that every England player got into double figures whilst batting?

It has happened only twice in England's 793 Tests (before Edgbaston 2002). The most recent instance was at Sydney in December 1928 when the lowest individual score in England's total of 636 was Herbert Sutcliffe's 11.

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