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Wednesday, 19 June, 2002, 16:36 GMT 17:36 UK
Stump The Bearded Wonder No 29
Pose your cricket questions to Bearders
Bill Frindall, aka the Bearded Wonder, is poised to solve your cricket queries and teasers.

The Test Match Special statistician will be busy answering your questions throughout the English summer.


Trevor Phillips, Canada

Who holds the world record, other than a 'keeper, for the most catches by a fielder?

In Test cricket the most catches in an innings by a non-wicket-keeper is five, a record shared by five fielders: V.Y.Richardson (Australia), Yajurvindra Singh, M. Azharuddin and K.Srikkanth (India), and S.P.Fleming (New Zealand).

The first-class record of seven is shared by M.J.Stewart (Surrey) and A.S.Brown (Gloucestershire).

Saul Hillman, United Kingdom

With the replacement of Dilhara Fernando for Buddhika Fernando for the Third Test, when was the last time a cricketer was replaced by his namesake in the side?

Probably in 1990-91 when Mark Waugh replaced his brother Steve for the Fourth Test against England at Adelaide.

Sunny, New Zealand

Who was the first man ever to score a century on his debut?

He was the man who faced the first ball in Test cricket, he scored the first run and he was also the first batsman to retire hurt in a Test: Charles Bannerman, born in Kent 25 years earlier. He scored 165 before a rising ball from George Ulyett split the second finger of his right hand and forced him to retire. It was the only hundred of his first-class career.

John Alston, UK

Which cricketer has played the most one-day internationals for his country without ever winning a Test cap?

Andrew Symonds, who has played in 48 limited-overs internationals for Australia.

Mr A.C.Taylor, England

When was the last time England fielded eleven players in a Test match who were all born in the United Kingdom?

The last 'All Born in Britain XI' to represent England contested the Edgbaston Test against Australia in July 1989. With the South African-born regulars Allan Lamb and Robin Smith among the injured, the team, all born in England, was: GA Gooch, TS Curtis, DI Gower (captain), CJ Tavare, KJ Barnett, IT Botham, RC Russell, JE Emburey, ARC Fraser (debut), GR Dilley and PW Jarvis. With 142 overs lost to rain, the match was drawn.

Jamie King, England

Great idea this page! However, I have a boring question to ask, but it is one which has bugged me for years! How is the score needed to avoid a follow-on calculated?

Thank you, Jamie. It is all set out in Law 13, and is determined by the lead on first innings of a two-innings match. In a match of five days or more, the side which bats first and leads by at least 200 runs has the option of requiring the other side to follow their innings. The margin is reduced to 150 runs in a match of three or four days, 100 in a two-day match and 75 runs in a one-day match.

Louise Quick, Wales

Have all the players in a Test match side ever all been out in the same way?

There have been 46 instances of all ten wickets falling to catches. The innings records for other main forms of dismissal are: bowled - 9; lbw - 6; stumped - 5; run out - 4.

Keith Partridge, UK

What would be the result in a one-day match if the scores are level and the last batsman is stumped off a wide? Does the extra count or is the innings over when the wicket is taken?

The match would be won and completed as soon as the wide is called. The stumping doesn't count. Reserve first-class umpire and former Test cricketer Ken Shuttleworth visited the TMS box at Old Trafford and confirmed this!

John Gale, England

My colleagues and I were pondering the reason why umpires remove the bails during intervals in the play. Can you shed some light on this ancient custom?

It is just a symbolic act to confirm that 'Time' has been called. It has no special significance. Frequently the wicket-keeper will remove the bails at his end and deliver them to the square-leg umpire.

Surya, India

Who holds the record for taking a wicket off the first ball of a Test match the most number of times? I know Kapil Dev has done it twice, but there must be others who've done it more times.

No, no bowler has taken a wicket with the first ball of a Test more than twice. Kapil is one of three to do so, the others being Richard Hadlee for New Zealand and Geoff Arnold for England.

James Dale, Canada

Could you give some information about the Test match in South Africa (1938-39) in which the England team had to stop batting in order to catch the ship back to England, please? (Was Bill Edrich one of the batsmen?)

This was the most famous timeless Test match. It began when I was about three hours old and ended, still undecided, some eleven days later when the tourists had to begin their rail journey back to Cape Town from where their ship was about to sail.

It remains the longest first-class match ever played (ten days) and produced the highest match aggregate (1,981 runs). England, set 696 to win, were just 42 runs short of victory when rain during the tea interval caused the match to be abandoned as a draw after 43 hours 16 minutes of actual playing time. Their 654 for 5 (Bill Edrich 219) remains the highest fourth innings total in first-class cricket.

Will Lawson, England

Who is the oldest Englishman to play in a Test?

Wilfred Rhodes, the great Yorkshire all-rounder, was 52 years and 165 days when he played his final day of Test cricket at Kingston, Jamaica, in April 1930. He is the world's oldest Test cricketer by more than a year and his career span of 30 years 315 days is the record by almost four years.

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