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Sunday, 9 June, 2002, 17:34 GMT 18:34 UK
Britain's greatest ever fighter?
Lennox Lewis eighth-round win over Mike Tyson will be regarded as one of the greatest victories achieved by a British boxer.

How did you rate Lewis' performance?


Although Lewis was favourite to win the contest in Memphis - dubbed as the Rumble on the River - many also believed that he would not be able withstand the punching power of Tyson.

But Lewis proved his critics wrong by demoralising his American opponent with a number of jabs before the spectacular final round, when he put Tyson on the canvas twice with two great hooks.

In retaining his WBC and IBF titles he has now beaten every boxer he has faced during his professional career - his record reads: 40 wins, two defeats with one draw, 31 wins coming by way of knockout.

Is Lewis the greatest British boxer of all time?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

A man can only be judged against his contemporaries. However, Lewis has given more pleasure than any other Englishman with his results and the way in which he changes his style according to his opponent. Only Henry Cooper comes close to him, as he would have knocked out Ali if it wasn't for the bell.
John, New Zealand

To all those who say Lewis has a glass chin and couldn't hold a torch to Ali, ask yourself this question - could Henry Cooper have knocked Lewis down? In the words of one Lewis' detractors, I think not. Lewis has beaten everyone he fought - who else can claim that?
Ed Funstan, UK

Lennox Lewis has a style that's one-of-a-kind. He has integrity and is very dignified. He has height, weight, and of course, the reach that makes such a beautiful punch. Lennox is the best of his era. Come back to Memphis for a match with anyone willing to challenge you.
Jennifer Harvey, USA

I echo Audley Harrison's statement - make him Sir Lennox. He surely deserves that title. He is a fine boxer and a fine gentleman. What a fitting tribute that would be.
Muki Ndabambi, Zimbabwe in USA

Lennox Lewis is a class individual who restored integrity to the sport of boxing
Croix Thompson, USA
Mr Lewis is not the best ever. Ali is head and shoulders above any heavyweight who ever lived, but Lennox Lewis can hold his head mightily with those below the mighty Ali. He stands along-side Frazier, Foreman, Marciano, Joe Lewis, Tyson (in his prime.)
Chris, Engand

Truly great boxers don't come along often. The last heavyweight one was the young Mike Tyson. All this talk of Lewis being the best is an insult. He is a nice guy, but he would have been taken apart easily by any of those he aspires to be with.
Steve, UK

Lennox Lewis is a class individual who restored integrity to the sport of boxing. His sense of sportsmanship and class has turned Mike Tyson into a humble person in and out of the ring!
Croix Thompson, USA

Of course Lewis is the greatest British boxer of all time. He displayed awesome skill, power and talent in destroying Tyson. He should retire now rather than fighting a less formidable opponent and going out with less of a bang.
John, Manchester, UK

Lewis is the best there is or ever will be. He deserved to win that fight and many more to come
Dan, East Yorkshire
He did put on a good show against Tyson and beat him convincingly but was Tyson in good shape? I think not! He is a very good technician and ambassador for the sport but could he cope with the lightening speed and agility of Ali, the ferocity of Smokin' Joe or the shear power of Foreman? The greatest? I think not!
Ian Watters, UK

Lewis deserves all the accolades he is getting at the moment. In his own words, Tyson was in the best shape of his life, and Lewis beat him convincingly. But to call Lewis the best fighter of all time is perhaps stretching it a little too far. Ali at his best would beat Lewis, but no other boxer now comes close. Those that have are because Lewis was complacent.
David Wood, UK

Steady on please! Let's take a deep breath and be realistic. Yes, Lewis is a good fighther. Yes, he is the greatest British Heavyweight of all time. But he has a glass chin, he got knocked out by two very ordinary fighters and he fought Tyson and Holyfield when they were both past it.

Probably the greatest boxer since Holmes - definitely worthy of being mentioned with Ali, Frazier and Foreman
Smac, USA
Tyson would have annihilated Lewis in his prime. You cannot compare him to the likes of Ali, Louis, Marciano, Holmes and Johnson.
John Armitage, England

I find it difficult to understand this mentality - where people see boxers of the 30's to the 70's as far superior to their modern day counterparts. As with all sports, we have eras and to compare is sometimes to discredit those that have dominated, by comparing things we can only guess at.
Martin, GB

Tyson in the late 80s was clearly the greatest ever fighter. Lewis is a great boxer but lacks the flair to be a true great like Tyson, Ali, Louis and Marciano.
Joe Williams, Wales

Come on lads... Let's give Lewis the respect he deserves, he is the greatest British boxer of all time and I think he would have beaten Mike Tyson in his prime. As for Ali, I still feel he's the greatest ever.
Didi, USA

What a pointless question. Name me one British boxer that could have beaten Lewis - Enough said
Jon Buck, UK
Lewis didn't fight; He displayed boxing skills and great concentration. For the guy who said the fight was boring, you want a brawl not a boxing match. The "Iron Mike" Tyson of a few years ago would never have been able to fend of Lewis, as was shown by his frustration from the second round onwards, when he could hardly land a punch. Great job Lewis!
Debra, Barbados

Without a doubt Lennox is the best British boxer of all time. He has fought (and beat)all of the top contenders put in front of him whereas the likes of Naseem have ducked their peers but stilled bragged.

Lennox would have walked through the likes of Marciano, Frazier and Louis because of his size. His boxing skills would have taken him past Foreman and Holmes. Whilst Ali always found a way to win in the face of adversity I think it would have been a toss up in terms of the winner.
Colin Rylett, England

Lewis is a very good fighter but is not a great fighter. He is unfortunate because his domination came at a time when the Heavyweight division was in somewhat of a stalemate. Sure, he beat the best boxers on both sides of the Atlantic but with the exception of a few guys (Grant, Tua, Golota, Briggs), the rest were either has-beens or boxers who were working their way up the ranks.

Perhaps in time, Lewis will also be remembered for what he was - definitely not the most exciting, but possibly, the greatest
Jack, Australia
Ali never got knocked out against some of the hardest punchers in history (Liston, Foreman, Shavers). Whereas Lewis got knocked out by 'second-rate' fighters such as Mcall and Rahman. To say he is the greatest of all time is truly an insult to Muhammad Ali.
Irfan, UK

I would not rate Lewis amongst the very best. His style, although greatly improved since working with Emmanual Steward, still looks amatuerish. He lacks the fluidity of a Riddick Bowe or an Evander Holyfield.

Where Lennox scores well is in his determination and focus. He also deserves a lot of credit for coming back against the setbacks of his two losses. Combined with his natural athletic abilities, this has allowed him to rise to the top. He should be happy with that.
Andrew Bartlett, Brazil

Lewis fought a smart fight, it was a classy performance. But let's not forget his glass jaw. Greatest ever? Give me a break.
Fernando Velho, Portugal

Lewis is probably Britain's greatest ever boxer. But in truth that is not saying much. Who did he have to beat for that title? Frank Bruno? Lewis won his titles in an age where there is no competition. Ali had Frazier... Lewis had Rahman.

Clearly the best. Shame it took everyone so long to realise what was already painfully obvious
Layla, England
I doubt that Lewis could have withstood Tyson in his prime. And I seriously doubt that he could withstand someone his own size. Let's not get carried away and ever assume that Lewis is a Ali, a Frazier, a Lewis... or any thing near that. He may be Britain's greatest boxer. But he is just an average boxer.
Jeremy Cedenio, UK/Bermuda

What does Lewis have to do? It seems to me that every time he fights people doubt his ability. The fact is that Lewis has beaten everyone. To say that he is not the greatest in our time is utter rubbish. Is he a legend? We won't know that for a while yet.
Pete Milmine, UK

There is no doubt that Lewis is a great fighter but he is also a smart fighter. He was smart enough to never take on Tyson in his prime. It's just a pity there are not enough truly great heavyweights around at the moment to show us just how good Lewis really is. Does he compare to the likes of Ali and Frasier? I don't think so.
Ben Taylor, England

Lewis wouldn't have lived with Tyson in his prime
Jamie Brown, UK

Many people here do not remember Ali fighting and are just going on what they hear. The Lennox I saw against Tyson would have been strong competition against Ali at his peak.
Kieran Ferguson, Scotland

Lennox Lewis beat a shell of a fighter in Mike Tyson but he did the job well. However, he wouldn't have lived with Tyson in his prime.
Jamie Brown, UK

What does Lewis have to do to earn respect? I don't believe he is the best Brit of all time. However, for Alan (below) to say he is a circus fighter shows he knows little about boxing. Lewis can only beat the people put in front of him and he has beaten them all with a couple of reversals. Tyson lost to the better man and always would have. People who weren't intimated always gave him a hard time.
Gerry, London, England

A great fighter avenges his losses, does not foul and has plenty of skill, power and endurance - as well as a strong heart. Lewis has all these attributes, Tyson scarcely any.
Nathan, UK

Lewis would not have lasted more than two or three rounds against Ali, Liston or Forman
Roche John, Belgium

To the people who say Lennox is Canadian....get a life! He was born in the UK, he's live most of his life there and, most important of all, he sees himself as British! The people who say he's Canadian are just a little bitter that Britain has a true sporting great.
David Lee, Singapore

You'd love him to retire on top, especially beating someone regarded so highly as Tyson - it is the perfect finish. But Lewis has been getting so much stronger recently and his best performances have been the last two - I can see him getting better and really proving himself.

The question is who will the opponents be? I wouldn't want a Tyson rematch or a money spinner with Holyfield. Who is out there to provide a worthy challenge?!
Matt, UK

Lewis would not have lasted more than two or three rounds against Ali, Liston or Forman. The fact that Tyson did not beat him on Saturday night, as I was firmly convinced that he would, merely tells me that Iron Mike has never recovered from the battering from Holyfield in the first fight.
Roche John, Belgium

Randolph Turpin was Britain's best boxer ever
Paddy, UK

Many congratulations to all the British boxers who fought at the weekend. The achievements of Scott Harrison and Alex Arthur should not be forgotten in the wake of Lewis's performance. However, Lennox must now be considered the greatest British boxer ever. He would have beaten Tyson at any stage in his career. The reason he didn't get the chance was because Tyson's handlers and promoters knew how dangerous he was.
Robert, Scotland

Lennox is OK but the Tyson of today is a mere shadow of his former self and the contest was no fair match. Randolph Turpin was Britain's best boxer ever. He beat Sugar Ray Robinson - arguably the best pound for pound boxer ever.
Paddy, UK

If you matched Lewis against Ali, it would be fairly even. However, on the one hand you have a talented, arrogant, self-proclaimed 'Greatest' and on the other, a quiet professional genius. No contest, Lennox, you're the best.
Mark H, England

Lewis proved nothing and is no more than a circus fighter
Alan, UK

Lennox is without a doubt the greatest of all time. He has defended his title in style against Tyson. What else does he have to do for the world to stop asking this question?
Steve Thompson, UK

Lewis proved nothing and is no more than a circus fighter. He wouldn't stand a chance against a decent fighter. Check his record - the only decent fight he has had so far is against Tyson and he only won that because Tyson hasn't had enough ring practice. If there was to be a rematch Tyson would knock him out in the 1st round!
Alan, UK

To all those people who say Lennox Lewis can't be the best British fighter ever, because he's not British - let's not forget he was born in London, England. To me this makes him just as British as Beckham.
Andrew, England

Lewis is the best British Heavyweight of all time. He is also the best heavyweight since 1992. But he his not on a par with Legends like Ali, Foreman, Louis, Hagler, Hearns and Leonard because none of his battles have shown the same kind of heart required when you are in the ring against truly great fighters.
Shane , UK

The best boxer ever after greatest Mohammad Ali
Jay de Silva, Sri Lanka

No one has mentioned Emanuel Steward. Behind every great fighter is a great trainer and I think Lewis owes him a lot. He turned a good fighter into a great one.
Bill Pletcher, Uk

I think everyone should calm down. People have short memories. What about Jimmy Wilde, probably the greatest fighter ever? Lewis, Tyson, Ali, Foreman et al, get the accolades just because they are heavyweights.
Chris D, England

What other British fighters?
Terry, USA

The best boxer ever after greatest Mohammad Ali.
Jay de Silva, Sri Lanka

Not sure about Lennox Lewis being the best English boxer, but he certainly is the best Canadian boxer of all time.
Peter, Canada

The greatest British boxer? The man who fought men twice his weight and won. Jimmy Wilde.
Bryn Hillier, Canada

Tyson in his prime would have smashed Lewis in his prime
Mike, Aus

Of course Lewis is the best, his record speaks for itself, he has beaten the best and answered all his critics. The win against Tyson only goes to prove that when 100% focused, nobody has what it takes to beat him. A rematch against Tyson would only reiterate this.
Helen Coatsworth, UK

He is without doubt the greatest British fighter of all time. He should be knighted and made never to do panto for his services to boxing.
Rob, UK

Listen to the Poms talk it up! Tyson in his prime would have smashed Lewis in his prime and therefore what you saw was just Tyson stepping in the ring for a payday. There needs to be a rematch after Lewis fights Byrd and Tyson fights Rachman, it would be a better fight as Tyson needs to get fight fit to rumble with Lewis.
Mike, Aus

Mike Tyson should have never returned to the ring. He is a broke man who is just begging for money. Those $20m will be spent just as he wasted all his fortune. What a loser! A humiliation and embarrassment to boxing! I think I could have fought him and beaten him! He will go on in boxing history as a joke.
Doug, USA

Lewis is the greatest British sportsman since Greg Rusedski!
Martin, UK

His performance against Tyson leaves no doubt that he is not just the best British boxer, ever, but arguably the best boxer ever!
Peter Wanyonyi, Nairobi, Kenya

Good boxer that Lewis is, one cannot rate him with the greats of the '60s and '70s simply because he brushed aside an overrated, washed up thug. It is a pity that Bowe wouldn't fight Lewis in the 1990s. The reality is the heavyweight division has been mediocre for some years. Top marks to Lewis in his choice of trainer though!
Bill, NZ

Lewis is the greatest British sportsman since Greg Rusedski!
Martin, UK

Lewis is probably the most boring heavyweight champion in history.
Paul, Ireland

What about Joe Calzaghe?
Ms D Grossett, Kuwait

People who carp about Tyson being past his best should remember that he's not some flabby 40-something trying to scrape together a living but still a highly fit athlete of similar age to Lewis. Without a doubt LL is up there with Tyson himself as among the very best post-Ali heavyweights in the world.

It's about time that those mealy-mouthed sniping critics gave credit to the man. Britain's lucky LL chose to represent it over Canada. So he lost to McCall and Rahman, but then subsequently went onto pummel both into obscurity. So, forget Cooper and his 'heroic' defeat against Ali. In times of 'plucky' losers like Henman we should celebrate having a real world-class champion.
Alex B, UK

Lewis should have at least one more fight, against John Ruiz, then retire as undisputed champion. Tyson should retire before he starts humiliating himself against lesser opponents and should not be given a re-match with Lewis, no one will want to watch that again, it wasn't even close! Well done Lewis, I would put you in the top five heavyweights of all time.
Darran Ford, England

For beating all the best of his era, Lennox is one of the world's best heavyweights, the best British boxer ever and a true ambassador for Great Britain. This guy has triumphed again and again. Please give him credit.
Ben Bwakanda, DR Congo

No, what about the Welsh boxer Joe Calzaghe?
Ms D Grossett, Kuwait

Lewis is the worst boxer I have ever seen. All he did was hold on to Tyson. He couldn't get him down so he pushed him. Tyson's the greatest
Mark, N.Ireland

This guy has taken on everyone and beat them and there is nobody left for him
Rob, UK

Lewis may be a good boxer but he is not a show man. Tyson and many other boxers have that flair that Lewis dose not yet have.
Adam Rolston, UK

He's done everything he said he would do. Few men can say that - the best of your era and the finest British boxer in generations.
Thomas McCay, Canada

I don't think there is any doubt that Lewis is the best British boxer of all time. This guy has taken on everyone and beat them and there is nobody left for him. Riddick Bowe is the only big match that he missed out on and this was because Bowe didn't want to fight him.
Rob, UK

Of course he is the best British boxer of modern times, perhaps of all time. The media and British public should give him all the credit he is due. Frank Bruno was never in Lewis's class. He was a manufactured boxer, no style and a glass jaw. Henry Cooper was not even close. Well done Lennox - you were magnificent.
John Harman, England

Lewis is certainly the best of this era. However there are fewer world class heavyweights than in years gone by. If you wish to discuss the best ever - look at the record books and the other fighters of that era. On this basis the best ever would be Larry Holmes.
Phil, England

Lewis is a gentleman and a great fighter
Chris, USA
Yes, Lewis is a true world class heavyweight champion, as good as any who ever won the title. Certainly best British fighter of all time.
John Clark, USA-Dallas

There seems to be a misconception on this board that most people in the U.S. were supporting Tyson during this fight. I can't name one person other than a handful of celebrities who were cheering for Tyson. Lewis is a gentleman and a great fighter.

Tyson is a pyschopath. Who would you choose? Give the U.S. a little credit.
Chris, USA

Without a doubt one of the greatest of all time. He had to do it against all odds - including a very obvious bias crowd and referee. He took on all comers except when he was paid to step aside. Great man Lennox and a fantastic role model for kids across the racial devide. 'nuff said - big up!!
Segun, USA

A stunning, awesome, controlled performance giving Tyson a boxing lesson that will stay in his heart forever We witnessed the end of the Tyson myth and wasn't it fantastic that a British heavyweight was the one to end it.

Lennox you are up there with Ali and Louis as one of the best ever
Andrew, USA
Bring on Holyfield for Lennox's pension payoff then retire with dignity, always remembered as the best heavyweight of his generation and one of the best ever.

Lennox you are up there with Ali and Louis as one of the best ever.
Keith Power, Poland - Welsh ex-pat

Lewis exercised his game plan to perfection and boxed a splendid match. He definitely cemented his legacy and rightly so. I would be interested, however, to see Lewis today against Tyson of the late 80's. Nonetheless, Lennox remains one of the greats of our era.
Andrew, USA

I disagree with calls to knight Lennox. He already carries the honourary rank of Commander and I think it suits him just perfectly. Especially in the ring.
Michael, UK

Lennox is a very good sportsman, a gentleman, a true champion, and deserved the success that he's long been denied. He is, without doubt, the greatest in the world, next to Ali and definitely the greatest British boxer of the past 50 years. You
Dave Missouri (Ex-pat), USA

Credit where it's due, our man has definitely been the best in the world for the past five years but to dominate the world with two punches (a crushing right plus a pale imitation of a jab) says more about the state of boxing than our man's greatness. He's the best now and rates in the top ten heavyweights ever... but let's not get carried away!
Ibrahim, UK

Henry Cooper is probably still the greatest ambassador for boxing but Lennox must now be considered the greatest British fighter.
Steve Berti, Canada

We will never know how good Lewis could have been. He should have been given the opportunity to fight Tyson, Bowe and Holyfield 10 years ago. He certainly had the skills, intelligence and courage to have made his mark at that time rather than in a fight well past it's sell-by date.
Frank, UK

Lewis is the best of a very poor bunch!
Derek Thomson, Scotland

Certainly, Lewis has now climbed very high in the ranks of boxing as opposed to scrapping. His powerful left jab proved a formidable weapon. The only time I have seen a better heavyweight exponent was Ali before his three year ban. Don't follow Ali in other regards, Mr Lewis - retire now to win it all: fame and health.
Bob Gardiner, England

Nowadays heavyweight boxers are of such a poor standard that you cannot compare them to the greats of the 70s. Truly great fighters do not get knocked out by fighters such as Hasim Rachman & Oliver McCall. Tyson was in decline more than a decade ago. Lewis is the best of a very poor bunch!
Derek Thomson, Scotland

Lewis' comprehensive defeat of Tyson is in itself evidence of his greatness as a boxer, as opposed to "fighter". Only four World heavyweight champions were true boxers - Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, Muhammed Ali and Lennox Lewis. Lewis is most certainly the greatest boxer Britain has ever had and ranks second only to Muhammed Ali.
Raymond Lee, England

Lennox Lewis put on the best boxing performance I have ever seen
Andrew Riley, England

I can only assume this question is tongue in cheek. Great effort Lennox and you are much admired but let's not go making silly assumptions. Top six heavyweights, maybe. Well done on a great fight and great career.
Nigel Wright, UK

Lennox Lewis put on the best boxing performance I have ever seen against Tyson - he certainly proved he is the best heavyweight boxer alive today. Audley Harrison is probably the best hope for the future but he isn't anywhere near Lewis. So for now, Lewis is the best British boxer and will be for some time.
Andrew Riley, England

Who else could it be? Lewis is the greatest since Mohammed Ali. He has it all: punching power, movement, speed and the tactical awareness of Gary Kasperov at his best. A true English hero not only at boxing but with all his social projects for under-privileged kids. Well done Lewis!!
Daniel Jess, Germany

Has there ever been a weekend stuffed with more glory for our nation?
Jagdeep Singh Sandhu, United Kingdom

Some of these comments are just hilarious. Did you actually think Lewis was just going to turn up and allow himself to be knocked out by past-it boxer?! Tyson was SCHOOLED tonight, have another slice of humble pie.
Jamie, UK

Has there ever been a weekend stuffed with more glory for our nation? I for one have never been prouder. Thank you Lennox!
Jagdeep Singh Sandhu, United Kingdom

Where are all those so-called experts now? Those who said Tyson will knock out Lewis!! Egg on your faces!!!
Andrew, England

Well done Lennox! You have proved all your doubters wrong, including the clowns who contributed to this very forum. It is time the whole world paid tribute to the best boxer of his generation. Great champions are judged on their ability to rise above setbacks and detractors...Lennox has done both!

You may have lived in Canada for a few years, but you have given so much back to Britain with your courage and unquestionable determination. You have also given our black community something to be proud of! Our boy done good!
Andre, Derby UK

Congratulations to Lennox, the undisputed world heavyweight champion! I just hope he retires now that he has entered the hall of boxing fame and legend. I do not believe any other boxer deserves the privilege of stepping into the ring with him in a competitive encounter as even he must now realise that he has past his best and defeat is even more of a possibility now. Time waits for no man!
Chris Jardine, UK

Lewis is a superior boxer and always has been
Scott, Canada

What an unbelievable week for us Brits. First the Jubilee, then England beating Argentina and now Lennox beating Tyson. Between them they have put the "Great" back into Britain. Well done Lennox!
Kim Kingrey, USA

Congratulations Lennox Lewis - a true champion! Now walk away - you have proves your point!
Jason Walker, UK

I can hear the Tyson apologists already: "well in his prime Tyson would have..." In his prime Tyson ducked Lewis. Only once did he agree to fight him and then he bowed out with a "hand injury". Perhaps we now know what formerly Iron Mike knew all along. Lewis is a superior boxer and always has been, when he has his mind on the fight.
Scott, Canada

Lewis will left jab to keep idiot Tyson flailing in the air to exhaustion, then move in with right hooks, left hooks and straight body stuff and floor Tyson in the eighth.
Skinny, USA

Lewis will stop Tyson in the eighth round after grinding him down.
Cedric, New Zealand

I do believe that Mr Lewis, the boxer, will put Mr Tyson, the brawler, where he belongs....back in his cage. The beast will be beaten.
Robert Dutzman, USA

The Americans have always quietly liked Lennox
Gareth, UK/now US

If Tyson can get in and draw Lewis to a scrap, Tyson will knock Lewis out in round two. If Lewis boxes and uses his jab he will knock Tyson out in round four.
Ian Foster, USA

The Americans have always quietly liked Lennox. They've given him the benefit of the doubt without ever really recognizing him. I was in a rough late night American bar for this fight and despite being the only only Brit in there I received gracious "good lucks" off everybody although it was evident they still thought Tyson would win.

Needless to say I've never been bought so many drinks by people that cheered Rahman's win just because Tyson was floored. I don't know if they respect Lennox like Ali but this night will be talked about for some time.

Personally I hope Lennox will retire at a high instead of becoming a "joke contender" like Holifield. I hope all the fake Lewis fans from Britain who called him Canadian 'til he decked Ruddock will give him the respect he deserves. The Americans already do!
Gareth, UK/now US

David from Saudi - you're right - Lewis is no panto clowner but he certainly does have charm. Aside from being a magnificent boxer who is utterly compelling in the ring, he exhibits a calmness and restraint that is admirable, and for my money he is by far the most attractive heavyweight since Ali.
Vicki, UK

He will be rated as one of the great heavyweights
Glen Malcolm, UK
Well done Lennox. It is victory for clean sports. Do it again, please do not retire.
Dr. A.S. Pillai, UK/India

What great fun to see a British champion prove himself as the best in the world. There is an argument that Lewis is the best ever. He is not as quick as Ali was but he combines his abilities with more power than George Foreman or Liston.

He is the only fighter to have combined such power with undoubted athleticism and an ability to fight a number of different fights. Tyson at any stage would have lost to Lewis when he is in the mood. Consumately professional and utterly detached.
Kyle, Malaysia

Lennox Lewis is without doubt the finest heavyweight of the last two decades. As he said ringside: "Nobody escapes my jab".
Tom, UK

It is possible that Lennox Lewis is the greatest boxer Britain has produced, but he is far and away the best heavyweight we have ever had. He has had something like 17 world title fights and has managed to defeat every one of his opponents (second time of asking twice).

His two professional defeats were due to complacency more than a glass jaw. After he is done with boxing and we look back at his career, he will be rated as one of the great heavyweights - maybe only Ali, Johnson, Louis rated above him.
Glen Malcolm, UK

Yes, he is the best ever. The sheer size and power of today's heavyweights means they could challenge the best of any era and Lennox just proved today that he is the best heavyweight out there today.
Kwok Che Pang, New York, USA

One must give credit where credit is due. Lennox is, without a shred of doubt, the best heavyweight of his generation and the best boxer to come out of Great Britain, EVER.
Sufyan, Qatar

Without question, Lewis is the best Briton to ever lace them up
Allan Cerf, USA
Lennox Lewis has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is the undisputable world heavy champion of the world. He totally and masterfully knocked Mike Tyson out with great agility. I have a lot of respect for him together with a lot of Americans. More power to you Mr. Lewis.
Olu Albert, USA

Lennox Lewis...awesome. He should now go down as probably the second best boxer of all time, behind Ali. Great show.
Terry Ashley, England

Best ever? Don't make me laugh. Lewis in my opinion is over-rated and not half as good as some of his fans would like you to believe. Having said that, he can only beat the people put in front of him and he has done all that has been asked of him. It's not his fault there is no quality in the heavyweight division at the moment.
Fahd, UK

Without question, Lewis is the best Briton to ever lace them up. Though extremely tense before and during the first round, he pulled himself together quickly and made a meal of Iron Mike, if you will. He should retire and leave at the pinnacle of this merciless, lethal sport.
Allan Cerf, USA

This only proves that Lewis has been able to maintain, at 36, his form better and longer than Tyson. I doubt he would have been a match for Iron Mike at his prime in the late 1980s.
Lou, New Zealand

He totally and masterfully knocked Mike Tyson out with great agility
Olu Albert, USA
I never doubted Lennox and his ability to beat Tyson. I was disappointed to here so-called British fight fans in Memphis saying Tyson would win. It was probably one of the easiest defences Lennox has had. Although I am a big Ali fan, I think Lennox is the best of all time.
John Bebb, Cayman Islands

Lennox Lewis proved that he is not only the strongest and most intelligent boxer in the modern heavyweight game, but also the wiliest. He had a clear strategy for winning this fight, which covered all of the eventualities. When Tyson came out strong in the first round, Lewis soaked up the punches. He then reverted to long range tactics with occasional bouts of holding on to Tyson to wear him down. This is commonplace in heavyweight fights. Yet when the referee penalised him, he immediately switched to a more aggressive stance, which eventually bore results.

The statistics speak for themselves; Tyson landed 49 punches to Lewis' 194 punches. Thank you Lennox for restoring some dignity to the heavyweight arena. Now please retire before you hurt yourself - you have nothing more to prove!
Graham Milgrew, UK

I only wish Lennox would stop referring to himself in the third person...great he may be, Julius Caesar he is not.
Darren, USA (ex pat English)

For years now I haven't understood why Lennox Lewis isn't the biggest sporting news that Britain has had. Apart from his brief title loss he has won again and again. He is a world champion. In the past we had more coverage for people who didn't make it than we've had for this guy who has done it all.

He's not too outspoken and has done good charity work - does he still do this? Yet the press emphasise people and sports at which we are mediocre and rightly praise great efforts even though they do not get the top results. Well done Lennox Lewis
Ed, UK now in Hawaii

No doubt about it. Lewis has achieved the honour of best in the world. This was a fight he had to win, you could tell he wanted it bad and Tyson says he wants a rematch probably so Tyson can take him out for a bite to eat.

Lewis is the greatest boxer right now
Carol Mango, Tanzania
I am happy for Lewis because until he fought Tyson he would never be at ease, people would always say he never fought all the best fighters out there. Now he has and I wouldn't be surprised to see Lewis retire. Good on yer mate. You deserved the win. Whatever Lewis decides to do I wish him every success.
Gary, Canada

I don't believe comparisons of who was the best British fighter can be made, as most of us never had the chance to see such great figures as Wilde (the ghost with a hammer in his hand) or Ted Kid Lewis but of the heavyweights he must be deemed the best purely on results.
Brian Ivon Jones, UK.

Lewis is the Greatest Canadian Boxer of all time.
Chris Rooney, Ireland

I think Lewis is the greatest boxer right now. And compared to Tyson he certainly deserved to win, after all he doesn't spend his free time in night clubs and fending off ridiculous lawsuits
Carol Mango, Tanzania

For Lewis to be known as the greatest British boxer not only must he continue his fine efforts in the ring but he will have to show himself to be as fine a statesman as "our" Henry Cooper, both in and out of the ring. Given the stature of Cooper, and the veneration many feel about him, that is a bigger challenge than beating Tyson, although that certainly needed doing. Lewis has done much to restore the good name of the sport (marred by Tyson's former antics) by achieving this victory. Well done!
Dr. Adrian Wade, Canada (UK ex pat)

I hope this victory for Lewis will silence those people that always seem to put him down. He has always had to try hard to prove himself and now he has done that in no uncertain terms. I am sure there will be those that are still bitter (especially those in the US!) and will probably say that Tyson was past his best, only a few months ago those same people were saying that Tyson would flatten Lewis. It's time to eat those words...Lewis is the greatest!!!
Mark, UK

He's definitely the best in the past 50 years
David, Saudi Arabia
Lewis certainly has to be the best British Boxer in modern times. Tyson was up for this fight, and Lewis destroyed him. This was the fight that people wanted to see, and even the Americans must now respect him.

Who is now left for Lennox Lewis to fight in this division? I would prefer him now to retire as champion, but he will probably carry on until he takes one fight too many. Don't they all?
Chris Cooper, U.K.

First of all, congratulations to Lennox on a tremendous performance. As for whether he's the best ever, what is true is that he's now proved himself as the best since Muhammed Ali. He's one of the greats, but not the greatest.
Allister Webb, England

There are always those who want to hark back to the past, but no British boxer has risen to the occasion so many times. Lennox may have got sloppy twice, but when he has put his mind to it no-one has come close to him. You can retire as the greatest British boxer ever and the greatest heavyweight of a generation, Lennox. You've nothing left to prove.
Scott, England

I am not sure about all time, but he's definitely the best in the past 50 years. He has won his world titles, lost them and then regained them and defended them against the best there is around. He'll never be a charmer like Frank Bruno or Henry Cooper, but at least he can take a punch and, as Tyson found out, give one.
David, Saudi Arabia

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