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Commonwealth Games 2002

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  Sunday, 14 April, 2002, 11:36 GMT 12:36 UK
London Marathon messages
Congratulate all the runners
Britain's Paula Radcliffe outruns a world-class field to win her first London Marathon in a course-record time.

E-mail your congratulations to all of this year's London Marathon runners.


Thousands of runners turned out to take part in a the run from Greenwich to The Mall.

Paula Radcliffe put on a spectacular display to win on her debut at the distance.

And Khalid Khannouchi overcame one of the strongest fields ever assembled to win the 22nd London Marathon in a new world-record time.

But the real character of the race was made by all of the 32,000 competitors, young and old.

Here is your chance to congratulate everyone you know who played a part.


I ran the marathon, and all I can say is: ouch and wow!
Zoe, England

Many congratulations to all who completed this year's London Marathon, but especially to Paula Radcliffe and Tanni Grey-Thompson. They continue to set fantastic examples for all athletes, both young and old. Brilliant!
Rachel, Bedford, UK

What a fantastic day - I'm so proud of John Houston who ran for the National Asthma Campaign. His first ever marathon, his boys were proud. Well done all you heroes who took part!
Tanya, Southwater, UK

Well done London Marathon. My gratitude goes especially to one man I admire so much in his efforts - Mr Paul Tergat from Kenya. Tergat, we are with you. Britain's Paula Radcliffe deserves some gratitude for her efforts too - good luck to you both.
Julius Muge, Sweden

I ran the marathon, and all I can say is: ouch and wow! What a wonderful day - I couldn't have done it without the crowds, and I'm definitely going back for more next year! Also, thanks to all the people that sponsored me - Breakthrough breast cancer loves you!
Zoe, England

Congratulations to Jenny Allen from Dundee, who completed her last marathon at the age of 90. It took 11.5 hours but her determination not to give up in her last race is an inspiration.
Hamish, UK

Congratulations to Dickie Dunbar and the Rockstar Appeal - it's a miracle that you all managed to finish!
Wafer Head Kennedy, Armagh, N Ireland

I just want to say well done to everyone who finished - especially Kate Ogilvie. It may have taken you seven hours but you did it, proved loads of people wrong and raised 1,500 for the Humpty Dumpty appeal at Harold Wood Hospital. Congratulations Kate.
Marion Setter, England

Congratulations to Clare Riches, Mark Heywood, Steve Wallis, Julie Anne Gibson, Matt Jordan and Matt Turnbull, who all did fantastically well and raised a lot of money for Action for Southern Africa.
Cyrus Bulsara, UK

To the amazing lady who had terminal breast cancer and completed the marathon (sorry I didn't catch your name). You are the most amazing person I have ever encountered.

You ran the marathon to raise money to help others when you can no longer be helped. You are an inspiration to us all. You were the real winner in my eyes. God bless you.
Kim Beaumont, UK

Congratulations to Dickie Dunbar and the Rockstar Appeal. It's a miracle that you all managed to finish!
Wafer Head Kennedy, Armagh, N Ireland

Congratulations to Jane Tomlinson - I was moved by her courage and determination
Pat Buckle, England

Two really inspiring performances from ladies. Firstly, Paula Radcliffe - what a first marathon! The other lady whose name I'm ashamed to say I don't remember, terminally ill after breast cancer running the marathon for a cancer charity.

Her performance for me was undoubtedly the bravest I have seen. She has my highest admiration, it really is inspiring. The very best to her, her husband and her little boy, who one day will be so proud looking back on his mum's special day.
Iain, UK

Fantastic result for Paula and thoroughly deserved. As Steve Cram said, this was definitely the best London Marathon ever. The crowds were amazing and got me over the finish line!
Sarah Calcott, UK

Congratulations to our daughter, Helen, who completed the marathon for the first time. Congratulations also to Paula Radcliffe for winning the elite women's race.

But in particular, congratulations to Jane Tomlinson - I was moved by her courage and determination and can only send her God's blessing for herself and her brave family.
Pat Buckle, England

Well done Paula, you've trained so hard for this day
Helen Baker, UK

Congratulations to BBC for their in depth coverage of sports, especially this year's London marathon. Many congratulations to Paul Tergat and Haille Gabrsellassie for their great determination and sterling performances. To Paula Radcliffe, I hope you will one day break the world marathon record by ten minutes.
David K Lagat, Kenya

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year's event. You are an inspiration to us all. Well done.
Llinos Thomas, UK

Many, many congratulations to Paula Craig - you're an inspiration as an athlete and a person.
Peeps and Brian, England

Well done David and Kim, running for the British Sailor's Society. Hope your knees hold up!
Karen, Bethan, & Tim, UK

Well done to BBC sports researcher Alex Rice.
Ian, UK

Thanks for giving the average competitors such good coverage
Derran Sewell, Yorkshire, England

Well done Paula, you've trained so hard for this day. I just want to say congratulations and good luck for the Commonwealth Games and European Championships this summer.
Helen Baker, UK

Well done to Alex Haynes on his performance in the mini-marathon.
Amanda Lappin, Middlesbrough

Thanks to everyone at the BBC for the tremendous coverage once again. You brought back to me the wonderful atmosphere of the day from when I ran in 93-97. Thanks for giving the average competitors such good coverage too.

Steve Cram was right to say that 'fun runners' is not a good term for most of those entering, and wondered what it would be better to call them. Well, Steve, just call us runners or athletes. Many of us run just for pleasure, health and fitness, but as you know, we do work hard at it all the year round, even if we are not members of clubs.

The term 'fun runners' also is not sufficient for those who run in costume and raise millions of pounds for charity. 'Heroes' would be better - their training has been much harder than for those of us who run regularly, they have had to persuade others to part with their money, and the day itself is often very gruelling.
Derran Sewell, Yorkshire, England

Lovely race Paula, I was simply tied to my seat throughout the event. Heartiest congratulations on the time.
Frank Slabbert, Namibia

What a wonderful win by Paula Radcliffe! Also a big round of applause to all the Ethiopian athletes who are helping to rebuild their country.
Rachel, England

Seeing the wonderful occasion in London has inspired me to keep going
Kevin Mallon (21), Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations to all the winners and participants too. Haile deserves special appreciation as he maintained his effort with great ambition despite suffering with a serious health problem around his legs. Thank you so much!!
Biruk Asfaw, Ethiopia

Please give big congratulations to my brother Mark Fegan who is running the marathon for Help a Local Child - a Preston-based charity. He also ran the 2001 New York Marathon for the same charity. We are very proud of him.
Rachel Fegan, England

Congratulations to our Shane and to all the competitors. I listened to all of it on BBC5. Well done to all involved from Perth.
Jan Starling, Australia

Well done on your fantastic coverage of the 2002 London Marathon. I am just back from the Paris Marathon (my third marathon) and was about to give up on marathon running. But seeing the wonderful occasion in London has inspired me to keep going. Thanks a million and keep up the good work. Maybe it will be London for me in 2003!!
Kevin Mallon (21), Dublin, Ireland

Thank you so much to all the runners & the BBC for their marathon coverage
Sally, England

Congratulations to John Gallivan who is running his seventh London Marathon for Child Line. He will have raised over 50k for the charity. Well done!
Eric, England

Well done to Paula Craig, the first woman to complete both the able bodied race (1995-2000) and wheelchair race. We watched with such pride. What a super athlete. Congratulations
Chris & Zoe, UK

Thank you so much to all the runners & the BBC for their marathon coverage. I am watching at home, I have ME and am having a particularly grotty day - it's great to have 32,000 people alongside! Best wishes to everyone else watching who is not in good health but able to enjoy & benefit from the event.
Sally, England

Congratulations to Derby County manager John Gregory. From all the Derby stewards!
Mark, UK

Congratulations to Terri Bandey and Maralyn Pickford
Kath Wyatt, Australia

Congratulations to Danny Liggett - getting married to Lorna Burgess this year. Dan, you're amazing and twice the person I'll ever be for completing the marathon. Good on you mate.
Sandy Davenport & Ian Bullivant, UK

I am so proud of my nephew Pip Bushell who is running for the first time today. Sam wants him to do his mouse impression on TV!
Chris, England

Congratulations to Terri Bandey and Maralyn Pickford - the family in Australia are delighted with the pair of them - to all the others who took part - many congratulations.
Kath Wyatt, Australia

Just rushed home in my lunch hour to see Paula - what an awesome performance! She's the greatest. Oh - and a men's world-record as well!
Don Johnson, Saudi Arabia

I am proud, Moroccans are proud and the Arab world is proud!
Akram Matboue, United Arab Emirates

I would just like to wish everyone good luck and hope that they all make it round the course!

I watch the London Marathon every year and think it is a very good programme to watch and I am glad it that it is put on the TV. I hope that one year I will be able to make it to London to watch it live.

It is very difficult for me to travel as I am a wheelchair user and have a live-in carer as well, but maybe one year I will make it.
Miss Lyn Edwardson, England

I would like to see the man who dressed up in the diving suit. Where is he, is he still alive?
Mags Downey, Northern Ireland

Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe. She was amazing, especially because it was her first London Marathon. She didn't even look puffed out at the end!
Natalie Delahunty age 11, United Kingdom

Congratulations Khannouchi, well done. I am proud, Moroccans are proud and the Arab world is proud! I hope we will see you at the marathon next year!
Akram Matboue, United Arab Emirates

Congratulations to all runners of the 22nd London Marathon
Menor Tiru, Ethiopia

What a great year for sport it's turning out to be! A down to the wire football season, neck and neck Grand National and Boat Race and now all these records in the marathon. Maybe England will win the World Cup after all! Well done to Paula Radcliffe - I think I'll run it next year!
Pete, Jersey

Congratulations to Phil Selway and the Samaritans crew who are running their little hearts out, well done.
Wendy Leroy and Gary, England

A big shout out to Brian Coats, who is enjoying his 47th birthday seeing the sights of London!
Rob Coats, Scotland

Congratulations to all runners of the 22nd London Marathon and a special congratulation to Ethiopian great Haile Gebrselassie. This is just the beginning. It was a great challenge and outstanding third place victory. As an Ethiopian, I am very proud of you.
Menor Tiru, Ethiopia

Well done Paula Craig, you're an absolute superstar!
Sue and Nigel, UK

The National Charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People still has several guaranteed places left for the Great North Run on Sunday 6 October. For more information please get in touch with Rachel on 01661 832225.
Rachel Welch, Britain

Well done Paula Craig, you're an absolute superstar!! Eleven months on and you're really not looking back. It was sad not to see you at the medal ceremony on TV, but look forward to seeing you soon. The only way is up, and can't wait to see you in next year's race.
Sue and Nigel, UK

Many congratulations to Paula Radcliffe and Tanni Grey-Thompson. Is it the first time that a 'novice' marathon runner has won the London? Tanni must be the newest 'mum' to win! They are an inspiration to women everywhere!
Alison Coppitters, England

Congratulations Karen Pate for taking part.
Gill Pate, England

Congratulations to Paul Tergat and Paula Radcliffe
Kennedy M. Kebaso, Kenya

Big congratulations to Paula for winning her first London Marathon. Hopefully this is the sign of things to come and come Athens 2004 Paula will get the Olympic gold she deserves.
Sarah, UK

A big shout out to Paul Beatie from everyone at Sainsburys in Enfield. Paul has raised over 1000 for the chicken shed company and he may raise more money if you can put a shout out for him.
Karen Eardley, England

Please give a mention to staff in the physiotherapy department and first, second and third year physiotherapy students of the University of Hertfordshire who are giving massage therapy to people running for the MS Society, at the end of the course. Thanks!
Diane Bragg, UK

Congratulations to Paul Tergat and Paula Radcliffe and the other great runners for their deserved victory. Let Tergat know that all Kenyans are very proud of him. Next year will be yours!
Kennedy M. Kebaso, Kenya

Sir Steven will be competing in madcap events for a Superstars Sport Relief special

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