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Commonwealth Games 2002

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  Monday, 29 April, 2002, 17:41 GMT 18:41 UK
The best ever Crucible climax?
Peter Ebdon wins a thrilling Embassy World Championship final
Peter Ebdon wins a thrilling Embassy World Championship final, defeating Stephen Hendry 18-17 at The Crucible.

How did you rate Ebdon's performance?


Ebdon held his nerve to claim a dramatic final-frame victory over Stephen Hendry in the final of the World Snooker Championship.

Ebdon has silenced many of the doubters who saw him as a 33-1 outsider at the start of the tournament and has gained revenge for his 1996 final defeat at the hands of Hendry.

With record-breaking performances and crowds, many are hailing this year's tournament as the best ever.

What did you think of the overall standard at The Crucible this year?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Congratulations Peter. What a fantastic match. I even couldn't bear to watch the last frame, I just listened. I've got tremendous respect for Peter now, and the way he plays: a bit slow, but still so exciting.

But I will not forget Stephen or the other players. They all deserve congratulations for their fascinating ways of playing. Daphne
Daphne Wollaert, The Netherlands/England

Good luck to the both of you next season, you are a credit to the game
Ange G, Australia

Fantastic, Peter. It took me back to the Davis v Taylor final. Snooker, like any sport, needs people like you - grit, determination and a will to win. You join the following club for me: Linford Christie, Hristo Stoichkov, Ian Botham, David Beckham, Goran Ivanisovich. Congratulations, and come back and win it next year. PS: Give a little of your character to the England footy team and just maybe we will win it too
Andy, England

Well played Peter Ebdon on capturing your first world title. Bad luck Stephen Hendry on missing out on your eighth. Good luck to the both of you next season, you are a credit to the game.
Ange G, Australia

It was a good game, but Ebdon didn't deserve to win it because he isn't championship class. He was so lucky at times and will definitely not defend it.
Ben Gamble, England

What a match and what a star! How fantastic to see someone show so much commitment, try so hard and then actually see it all pay off. I always enjoy the World Championship Final but this one was so special.

There were several converts in my house to Peter that night - not to mention a few tears! Best of luck for next year Peter, and thanks to you and Stephen for such a brilliant match.
Clairei, Great Britain

What a final, that was super snooker by both guys
Martin Hargrave, UK

Snooker is a game where one player tries to break the will of the other player. Peter Ebdon's tunnel vision concentration span was amazing, it even broke the self-belief of someone who was seven times world champion. Amazing preparation beforehand was the key.
Jason Seemungal, Wales

What a final, that was super snooker by both guys. I am so pleased for Peter, he played brilliantly and totally deserved to win, enjoy all the glory that goes with it. You are a true champion. Hip hip hooray!
Martin Hargrave, United Kingdom

Congrats to Peter! I'm not a big fan of Peter Ebdon, but I admire him for winning the world title in a very convincing way! Enjoy your success, Peter.
Gert, Netherlands

I really didn't think Peter would hold his nerve, but he did. I really did think Stephen would win it after Peter missed the easy black in the penultimate set, but I was impressed how Peter put this behind him and held his nerve. A really exciting match
Edd, England

Thanks to Peter and to Stephen for giving us one of the most nail biting finals since 1985. I can't remember the last time I haven't missed a shot in a televised snooker match. I am so pleased for Peter winning his first world title, and to make it even sweeter for him he beat the greatest player to lift a cue in the final. I can't wait to see him retain the title next year.
Kevin, England

Who said snooker was boring?
Danny Kenneally, Ireland

Peter showed immense patience and skill. Also he has shown true sportsmanship in his comments after the semi-final and final. Stephen played very well and deserves congratulations for taking the match to the limit.
Dave Ashworth, England

Thanks to both gladiators for such an amazing Snooker event we might never see again.
Rouven Balzat, Germany

I have been watching snooker for over 20 years, and I cannot remember such a tense and exiting final. A truly deserving champion who just wouldn't give up - you are an inspiration to sportsmen of every level. I feared the worst after the missed black in frame 34, but was delighted to see the way he went about his business in the decider. Courage personified.
Rob, Sussex, England

It was a brilliant final and extremely tense and exciting. It was great to watch and shows how exciting snooker can be. Who said snooker was boring? Peter showed great character against Stevens in the semi with that unforgettable pink and deserved to win the championship!!
Danny Kenneally, Ireland

I was enthralled by the events of last night
Austin Robinson, Banbridge, N. Ireland

The best ever climax in a World Snooker final has to be the 1985 final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor. Right down to the final ball in the final frame and the TV audience for that final even past midnight was fantastic... I doubt we will ever see a match like that ever again...
Gavin, UK

I've never really been an Ebdon fan but I thought he played his heart out this year and was a deserving winner. He is a true inspiration on how to be the best in the game through sheer grit and determination. I also thought Hendry bottled it badly in the last session - normally a sign when a star is over the plateau of his career.
Jim Sebastian, UK

As a keen snooker fan, I was enthralled by the events of last night. It was a truly marvellous game of two very tactically great Snooker players. On the one hand there was the one that has dominated the sport in the past and the other, and then there was the somewhat young pretender who finally savoured his hour of glory.

I rate it as second behind that wonderful 1985 final but I believe the tournament as a whole was the greatest ever. Keep up the good work Richard, Martin and Wayne.
Austin Robinson, Banbridge, N. Ireland

Peter - fantastic - you almost caused divorce in our household as my husband was supporting Hendry - when you missed the black in the 34th I went under the duvet and screamed! I am ecstatic that all your hard work as come good and you have the title you deserve - I wished I could have been Clarissa last night!
Sharleen Weir, UK

It was an honour to watch such a fantastic final
Dinesh Saini, India

I am 40 years old and have been watching snooker for 25 years, and am a major Jimmy and Ronnie fan. That final was probably the best match I have ever seen live, for me it was better than 1985. Well played Peter, enjoy it, you have earned it.
Barry Webb, England

Thank you to both the players for making the 2002 World Snooker final one of the best memorable finals to date. Congratulations to Peter Ebdon for the occasion, and I feel he deserved it after playing like a dream. Congratulations to Hendry as well for his sportsmanship.
Mikir Patel, United Kingdom

Hi Peter. Well done! You played fantasticly. Your new fitness routine seems to be working. Keep up the good work.
Jerry, UK

Peter, it was an honour to watch such a fantastic final. You played with lots of commitment and guts. But I think it was your zeal to win the final that saw you through. Well done Peter.
Dinesh Saini, India

Well done, young man!
Walter Zaagman, Netherlands

I would like to congratulate Peter on his first win of the World Snooker Championship. No disregard to Stephen, his seven wins will always be remembered. It's good to see somebody else winning, though. And all credit must go to Peter, who has been working hard for this year's challenge.
Bas de Vries, The Netherlands

I watched the thrilling intense game that you played and it did not half keep me the edge of the sofa, congratulations on winning the title. If there was anyone who deserves the title it was you.
Bharat Panchal, England

Sadly, due to the assassination of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn yesterday I did not get to see the finish of this stupendous match. From what I saw in the earlier sessions both men deserved to win - but I did hope Peter Ebdon would take the trophy, and he did. Well done, young man!
Walter Zaagman, Netherlands

Congratulations Peter! What a great performance under so much pressure. You and Stephen were a credit to the sport of snooker and provided the nation with one of the greatest finals ever seen.

I don't know how you held yourself together in that final frame, I couldn't watch, let alone play. Enjoy the moment, you deserve it!!
Chris, Leicester, UK

Let's hope for a repeat final next year!
Luke Tominson, UK

Well done Peter Ebdon. In the end you deserved to win the Championship, though I wanted Hendry to win it.
Yasir Khan, UK

Well done Peter. I believe that this was a great final and hopefully we will all see you in next year's final and retaining your title. And well played Stephen. Let's hope for a repeat final next year!
Luke Tominson, UK

Peter definitely deserved to win the World Championships. He played extremely well over the 17 days, and held his nerve to the very end. Well done!!
Moira Hastelow, England

Fitting, isn't it, that Peter wonthe World Championship by beating the best champion in the history of the sport? Another notch for all those sportsmen/women who try hard throughout their lives.
Asim, England

Congratulations on a fantastic achievement, to play through such tension and pressure against the most dominant force ever in snooker was amazing. Peter, you deserved it, enjoy being WORLD CHAMPION.
Leon Davis, Rustington, West Sussex

I am sure Stephen will win his eighth world title before he retires
Rhys Stephens, UK

How much better can it become. Watching the snooker now for about 15 years, this was really (one of) the best championships I've ever seen. So many big breaks, tremendous pots and the epic (semi-)final(s). Congratulations to Peter for winning it and thank you to all the other players.
Michel, The Netherlands

I am very happy for Peter Ebdon, who has obviously done a phenomenal amount of work on everything to improve his game. But I really wanted Stephen Hendry to win that final. I am sure Stephen will win his eighth world title before he retires. The bounce of the balls wasn't with Stephen at all in that final frame.
Rhys Stephens, UK

Congratulations Peter Ebdon - world champion! If anyone deserves to hold aloft the coveted trophy, Peter does. His epic semi-final clearances and final-frame break (under enormous pressure) prove just what a tenacious rock he is.

Your late-night success certainly had at least two folk crying their eyes out with joy - Peter's eldest daughter Clarissa and one full-of-admiration sports fan here. Great stuff Peter! Thanks so much for all the entertainment.
Derek Bentall, Crawley, W Sussex

Congratulations to Peter Ebdon on winning the World Championship. Not only did he prove that he could keep his head under such immense pressure, but the humility in his comments at the end showed him to be a true sporting gentleman. Well done to Stephen Hendry as well, who looks to be back on form. Look out for Hendo next year!
Gordon, Scotland

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