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Thursday, 14 March, 2002, 18:59 GMT
Can Moyes revive Everton?
David Moyes is the new Everton boss
David Moyes becomes the new manager of Everton Football Club, less than two days after Walter Smith's sacking.

Is the fomer Preston North End boss the man to spark the Toffees?


The 38-year-old Moyes is considered to be one of the brightest young managers, which is why Everton have signed him up on a four-year deal.

Moyles has nine games left to pull Everton out of the relegation mire, beginning with Fulham at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Will Moyes do the trick? And has Smith been treated shabbily?


Everton are a very attractive challenge for Moyes, we are after all only behind Liverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal in championship wins in this country. Add this to a 33,000 average home gate, and a fanatical loyal following, it really is a good opportunity for him to prove himself outside Preston.
Thomas, UK

Oh dear! The sacking of Walter Smith suggests the Everton board haven't got a clue. The appointment of David Moyes confirms it!
Alan, Isle of Man

Everton have been victims of inconsistency this season. I can't remember having the same team out twice. We are not a bad team - as the form at the beginning of the season showed. Hopefully the new gaffer will get us some self-belief and make us compact.

We are not going to be playing attractive football for the remainder of the season but I just hope he can get them following a clear path. He has a reputation for playing football in the right way - passing being high on his agenda. I hope he gets rid of the dead wood - Unsworth, Ferguson, etc and gives the youth a chance next year - Chadwick, Rooney, Hibbert etc.
G Chile, Everton

If Walter had stayed relegation was certain
Steve, UK

It is an understandable move from Moyes' point of view, but we read today that Bill Kenwright will give him some money to work with. Why wasn't Walter Smith afforded the same luxury? And it cost them 3m on top! However, Moyes is a bright young manager, who is capable of keeping them up. Just!
Chris, UK

People may question the sanity of leaving a club on the up for one that is undoubtedly going in the other direction. But the fact of the matter is that Preston have reached their ceiling. Meanwhile, Everton are perennial underachievers capable of greater things. I think Moyes recognises this and if he can help to guide us back to where we belong then good luck to the man.
Stu, Blue in exile (Germany)

No matter what he had to do to get it, the fact remains that Walter spent nearly 60 million on players and the result is plain to see. Too much money was wasted on bad players. Ferguson rarely plays and that was 4 million down the drain. How people can say he wasn't given a fair chance is beyond me. If Walter had stayed relegation was certain.
Steve, UK

Everton need a new direction and a new approach to a difficult situation. Good Luck David. I hope our players give 100% commitment to you, themselves & Everton FC...Walter Smith shouldn't be blamed... a new game plan is required!
Graham, Australia

Moyes should now get the players playing to their full potential,
Andy, USA

People seem to question why Moyes would join Everton. What they don't seem to realise is that there is no bigger 'sleeping giant' in Britain. He's a young, ambitious manager, and realises that even if we go down he still has massively more potential at Goodison than at Preston. I think he's a great signing for us.
Robin Cannon, Japan

Now all we need is 50 million quid and a new stadium!
Ray Mia, UK

It seemed over the past weeks some of the Everton players have lost their spirit and prefer to sit on the bench. Whenever those older players were thrown into a match it seemed they were expected to work miracles. It did seem that Walter Smith had lost the confidence of some players, even though he has always had a good record. The timing was wrong for both clubs to lose a manager, but that is football today. Let's hope that both teams are in the Premiership next season.
Ian, England

A lot has been made out about Walter having no money. I think if he had the money we still would have looked clueless. It was quite obvious Smith didn't know how to get the players performing on the pitch, and anyone who says we should have given the money paid in compensation to Smith is clearly crazy.

Moyes should now get the players playing to their full potential, as a unit that knows what they are supposed to be doing. We have some good players at the club grossly under-performing. Walter was taking us down, at least now we have a chance of staying up. I for one am glad to see Moyes in.
Andy, USA

Like a great many other Evertonians I followed my father into the ranks of the Everton fans. In my time I've had the reasonable highs of the 70's and 80's. My three older sons followed me into the faith and they have needed a lot more faith than me. It's about time Everton got right back to the top where they belong and gave the "Blue Sons" of Merseyside a time to at least have an argument with the Reds. Our time must come, as all true Blues believe. Support the young man Moyes and trust he has "the Golden Vision" we need.
Collin Stenhouse, Azerbaijan

The future's bleak, the future's not Moyes.... the future's the Nationwide League
Tom, England

A change in direction is what was required and a move away from the old school type of manager was desperately needed. Smith was useless tactically and quite honestly most Evertonians had begun to wonder what happened during training. Moyes will change that.
Mark E, Canada

Bill Kenwright must be applauded on taking a gamble on David Moyes. Everton were certainties for the drop under Walter Smith due to a lack of ideas and tactical acumen. Smith's biggest mistake was to largely ignore one of the best youth systems in the country and I would be very surprised to see David Moyes go down the same road.
Neil, England

I've been an ardent fan of Everton since the 80's...and time and again, the same mistake of sacking quality manager occur. Taking everything into consideration, and with only nine games to go... Smith deserves the opportunity to get it right with at least some decent money to spend. The future's bleak, the future's not Moyes.... the future's the Nationwide League.
Tom, England

David Moyes is a very promising young British manager so it's great to see he has got the job rather than some overrated foreigner. I do not think Walter Smith had a lot to work with at all and did a very good job with the resources he had to keep Everton up but it was time for a change.

Moyes has a massive task on his hands just to keep Everton out of the bottom three. There is so much dead wood at Goodison Park. He badly needs to get at least half a dozen new faces into the side before deadline day.
Sam, UK

Who in their right mind leaves a side which has a good chance of going up for a side that looks almost sure to go down now?
Bryan, Ireland

Walter was burnt out and had to go! We needed a young manager with lots of ideas and David Moyes fits the bill perfectly. If Everton go down, which I think is still likely, Moyes has more chance of getting us back into the top flight than Walter Smith who had basically run out of ideas.

The board now need to put their hands into their pockets and put something back into the club which has been slowly bled dry over the last 10 years. Let's get behind David and the boys and help us retain our Premiership status - it is all in our own hands now. Come on you Blues!
Mark H, England

Who in their right mind leaves a side which has a good chance of going up for a side that looks almost sure to go down now? Very few!
Bryan, Ireland

3 million for David Moyes? If Walter was given that kind of money then maybe Everton would be doing a lot better than they are now.
Wayne, England

Why does he want to go to Everton, from a club that he's been working with for years? He's a great manager, so why choose Everton! WHY WHY WHY?!
Graham, England

Can David Moyes keep Everton up?



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David Moyes is the new Everton manager

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