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Saturday, 23 February, 2002, 11:50 GMT
Worthy Cup?
Does the Worthington Cup warrant a Uefa Cup spot?
Glenn Hoddle has hit back at Arsene Wenger's claims that the Worthington Cup winners should not qualify for Europe.

Whose side are you on?


Hoddle takes Tottenham to Cardiff for Sunday's final against Blackburn, looking to clinch a place in next season's Uefa Cup with victory at the Millennium Stadium.

And the ex-England boss refutes suggestions by Gunners boss Wenger that the European place should go to the Barclaycard Premiership instead.

Does the Worthington Cup warrant a place in Europe? HAVE YOUR SAY

I totally agree with Arsene Wenger. It is a worthless devalued competition used only by the big teams to give their reserves a bit of experience. The team who wins it is usually a strong Premiership team who field their strongest side and knock out several Nationwide teams along the way.

Therefore, the team who win it don't deserve to compete in Europe as it is much more difficult to finish in the top five in the Premiership. This competition should be abolished once and for all as it is only a headache for most of the top Premiership sides
Noel Gallagher, Rep. of Ireland

Does Arsene Wenger ever stop moaning? If you win the Worthington Cup then surely you have earned the right to play in the Uefa Cup. It gives the so-called "lesser teams" a chance to have a go at some of Europe's best teams. I just wonder would Wenger have said this if Arsenal were in the final? Probably not.
Martin Bradley, England

If Wenger is jealous of the fact that the Worthington Cup winner may go to Europe while Arsenal stay at home, why not try harder?
Andrew, New Zealand

The competition is only "a farce" (Stephen, Australia) and worth nothing because a lot of the teams don't take it seriously. Why should Tottenham be penalised just because Man Utd and Arsenal don't field full strength teams?

What if Aston Villa didn't take the FA Cup seriously? What if Leicester don't take the Premier League seriously? Should we say the winners of those competitions don't go to Europe either?

If Wenger is jealous of the fact that the Worthington Cup winner may go to Europe while Arsenal stay at home, why not try harder? Why not field a full strength team and try and win the thing yourself?
Andrew, New Zealand

It is a good competition for the smaller clubs to compete for, ie Tottenham, Blackburn and the teams in the lower divisions. It gives them a day out and something to look forward to, but it is one competion too many to be taken seriously and certainly doesn't warrant a European place.

When top clubs are fielding weakened teams, and, in some cases, reserve teams, there can be no satisfaction in winning it. By all means keep the competition, but it does not deserve one of the European spots.
Steve Birnie, Australia

Arsene Wenger's comments are typically arrogant of a man who seems only to believe in a football elite
Jez, UK

If Arsenal were in the final of the Worthington cup, I'm sure he wouldn't be complaining.
Rhys Clyburn, Wales

I think that the Worthington Cup should stay, otherwise how are lower division clubs or lower Premiership teams going to experience the thrill of being in Europe? We have to give smaller teams better opportunities, otherwise football in England will become extremely boring.
Charles Davies, England

Arsene Wenger's comments are typically arrogant of a man who seems only to believe in a football elite. What has made British football among the best is the fact that, in the past at least, wealthy clubs have helped nurture their less-well-to-do neighbours.

Smaller clubs losing the opportunities created by the Worthington Cup will, of course, suffer - and all because of the greed of clubs like Arsenal who insult their travelling fans by putting out teams of second stringers...
Jez, UK

I am sorry but can someone please explain to me the purpose of the Worthington Cup? Surely the FA Cup is enough? It is preposterous that a European place is available in a competiton that has become a complete farce in recent years.
Stephen Rutkowski, Australia

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