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Tuesday, 12 February, 2002, 09:47 GMT
Winter Olympics reactions
The Salt Lake City Games are shaping up to be one of the most memorable ever - and not just for the athletes' achievements.

Send us your Olympic reactions.


Alain Baxter has taken Britain's first ever Olympic medal in Alpine skiing, winning bronze in the men's slalom at Salt Lake City.

Baxter's bronze is Britain's third medal, following the women's curling team's victory and Alex Coomber's third place finish in the skeleton.

Away from the action the Games have continued to be dogged by scandal. The Russian team have threatened to walk out over 'non-objective' decisions by allegedly partisan judges in ice hockey, cross-country skiing and figure skating.

And South Korean officials plan to sue the referees responsible for disqualifying Kim Dong Sung for impeding Apolo Anton Ohno, who consequently bagged gold for the USA.

Whether you want to congratulate or commiserate, send us your Olympic e-mails.


Now that the United States is actually experiencing great success in a Winter Games, it's too much for some others to bear
Nicole, USA

These games have been dominated by the sadder side of sport from the beginning - Bribes, Cheating, and poor marking. Skategate threatened to ruin the sport, so a big thanks to Sarah Hughes - the 16-year- old gold medallist - for showing the sport at its very best.
Jordan Dias, London, UK

I'm not a great fan of 'judged' sports, but an easy remedy to prevent bias would be to have the highest and lowest scores deducted from the total, to present a better average - like in Diving. Although this wouldn't stop appeals, it might make 'Sore losers' think twice!
Chris Dodd, England

I am amused by the whining about the perceived favouritism towards US athletes in these Olympic Games. Never mind that every host country sees a boost in its performance simply by having the advantage of a supportive home crowd. Now that the United States is actually experiencing great success in a Winter Games, it's too much for some others to bear.

The fact is, we simply are patriotic, and unashamedly so. This is not to slight other nations, but simply to support our own. We certainly haven't cried foul about any other country's excessive shows of patriotism in past Olympic Games.

For those of you who still cannot stomach this buffoonish American display, take heart: after Sunday, you won't have to. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy watching all the athletes, American and otherwise, strive for their personal best and inspire with their courage. I humbly suggest that you might try to do the same; but then, what do I know?
Nicole, USA

I am so upset with the 1500m speed skating result - no way should Ohno have won
Zita, UK

I think it's disgraceful the way the American public treat the Athletes when the medals are presented. If, for instance an American wins silver there is a lot of noise being made, and USA chants all round. When someone from another country wins the gold there is booing or some mild clapping.

Once again the games are spoiled by the sickening nationalism from the Americans. I would have liked it if the Russians had gone home, being followed by other countries disgusted by this glorification of the US.
Ronald, Holland

I have to admit that I thought most of the bickering about gold medals in the ice-skating was a bit overdone, until I sat down and watched the 1500m Men's Short Track. It was an outrage that an American Judge took the Gold away from Kim Dong Sung, a Korean, and gave it to Apolo Anton Ohno, an American.

Kim Dong Sung appeared to do nothing wrong, and now has to go home empty handed, instead of with the gold he deserved. It shouldn't be tolerated, and I would agree with the South Korean Team if they did refuse to walk out at the closing ceremony, as America has treated them appallingly.
Carolyn Goddard, England

I am so upset with the 1500m speed skating result. No way should Ohno have won. Did anyone hear the BBC guy tell the nation that Ohno was reknowned for dodgy tactics in the speed skating. Even the fourth place guy didn't think he should be disqualified. What is with the IOC?
Zita, UK

The continual bickering over bad judging leaves an unpleasant taste in one's mouth
Allan Murray, UK

So the 'American games' is closing. Sorry, but the Olympics died a long time ago. Bet you any money that America will win the gold in the ice hockey. Quite honestly it has been a farce and so disappointing for people who enjoy sport. Anyone for darts?
Mike Lewis, Sweden

The continual bickering over bad judging leaves an unpleasant taste in one's mouth, but I was amazed when there was an American referee in the Women's ice hockey final between Canada and oooesssaayyy. Some of her decisions were highly contentious. However the bitter taste was somewhat alleviated with the win in the women's curling a truly historic display of skill, nerve and determination to succeed. All done with honour and fair play.
Allan Murray, UK

Great sports, but it would be even better without the growing suspicion that Americans are given unfair advantages (while other teams seem to find themselves at the receiving end). Speed skating, skeleton and women's hockey are just the latest events where officials acted inappropriately. The least the IOC can do is to look favourable at substantiated protests - just as it had been done in the pair's figure skating.
Frank Schubert, UK

Have enjoyed all the coverage - great curling last night - but one major niggle, which I've felt for years. It's about camera shots. The use of the close up, especially the panning close up, completely destroys the sense of scale and speed in much sports coverage. This might have been necessary in the early days of TV but not now.

Nowhere is this more marked than in the ski jumping events, where every jump cuts to a close up of the man in mid air. He might as well be standing still. Why not vary the shots instead of having the same routine each time? More imagination is needed!
John Dickinson, UK

The judges made a ridiculous decision that Kim had blocked Ohno's way
Honour of gold medals, Korea

All Koreans are pretty angry about the short track 1500m for men. The disqualification of Kim Dong Sung is a mistake. In yesterday's game Kim Dong Sung didn't break any rules. Did you all see the player, Anton Ohno, was making a surprising gesture? Apolo Anton Ohno touched Kim Dong Sung on purpose from behind and he just made an exaggeration just like Kim Dong Sung hit him and then he is saying he deserves the gold medal.

The judges made a ridiculous decision that Kim had blocked Ohno's way. It was the same as the 1000 m race. It is not a matter of two gold medals but the pride of Korea. What I would like to say is" reveal the truth". Ironically, the two gold medals robbed of Korea were judged by US and Australian judges. These two gold medals went to US and Australia.
Honour of gold medals, Korea

The Korean's disqualification was a farce of the highest order, you don't hear David Coulthard hooting Michael Schumacher to pass him! The American clearly left it too late and resorted to cheating to get victory, if he really had been impeded then he would have either fallen or finished last, not second on his feet, if you have the racing line its up to the others to pass around you, that's why you are at the front! I rest my case. PS Well done the curler girls!
Paul, UK

I haven't seen either final (apart from highlighted footage) but it seems to me from reading newspaper and BBC reports on the speed skating finals over the past week that the fact this American, Ohno, was involved in both collisions may come as no surprise.

I think the American put himself in these positions for just this kind of result. Unfortunately for him and to our amusement it didn't work first time. Surprising thought how he was the first get himself over the line from the competitors who fell? So not content with his silver he pulls the same stunt in his next final and gets away with it. Only in America!
Dan, UK

It is sad, but the Salt Lake City games now clearly demonstrated that the Olympic movement is dying. What we see is not a sport, but a show business, and a pretty dirty one, with scandals, mob rule, press frenzy etc. The sport is dead, long live Hollywood!
Sergei, Russia

The US must stop fooling the world
Kim Jong Dae, Korean

We Object! We, the 50 million Koreans, rage against today's absurd judgment on the 1500m Men's Short Track which took the gold medal from Dong-Sung Kim's hands and put it around Ohno's neck.

Today's happening was not the first time that the whole world witnessed the unfairness of Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002. First, it was the 5000m men's relay. Rusty Smith of US team had pushed Ryong Min of Korea and made him collapse. What did the judges do? They raised the arms of the US team.

Then we had to wipe our eyes and ears thousands of times in disbelief when we saw the dishonourable game at the semi-final and again at the final of 1000m Men's Short track.

We're not angry about the fact that we lost a couple of gold medals. What we are truly mad at is the 'American version of justice' which insulted the dignity of our nation. The great US must acknowledge that covering the eyes with hands does NOT make the sky disappear. As for the Korean skaters who are going through all the hardships in Salt Lake, we will wipe the tears off their face, with our own hands. And the US must stop fooling the world.
Kim Jong Dae, Korean

Having watched the short track skating last night, will Ohno be trying out for football in the summer? His acting ability will surely earn him a place in any world cup team wanting extra penalties. Yet another example of 'interesting' judging techniques. If at first we don't succeed, cheat!
Alex Hill, England

A well-deserved silver is so much more valuable than a cowardly gold

There's no such thing as a wrong decision in a "sport" in which choosing the winner is an arbitrary decision. If the winner cannot be decided by a simple quantitative measurement like furthest or fastest then it comes down to the judges' opinion.

And who are we to say their opinion is right or wrong? Everyone is biased to a degree, if only towards the competitor they think performs the best. If you want unbiased Olympic sports, get rid of the ones that require judging.
Miklos T Strang, UK

I thought the Olympics were all about fair competition and sportsmanship. The judging in the Olympics especially at the short track speed skating has just been absurd. However, what angers me more is how a so-called athlete, Apolo Ohno, can be a such an ungracious winner. Am I wrong to think that a well-deserved silver is so much more valuable than a cowardly gold?
Andrew, USA

I could go insane seeing how American press had made heroes out of a cowardly actor. American politicians had tried to manipulate two Koreans' fate with their tongues earlier, now what proved is that the same thing could happen in the Olympics.
Kang Sunae, South Korea

Great coverage of the curling. Thanks for sticking with it on BBC to the final medal winning stone. That was more tense than Redgrave's great rowing victory but well worth the staying up late.
John Lange, Scotland

In answer to Gary James, I'm not sure that ski-jumping would be very exciting "on a level playing field".
Phil Sears, UK

One rule for the Americans, one for the rest of the world
Alex, El Salvador

Well done, Rhona, Debbie, Fiona, Janice and Margaret. If you are back in Scotland on 23 March please come to the Marie Curie Cancer Care Bonspiel @ Braehead Ice Rink. All curlers welcome contact me at 0141 572 1380.
Lynn Stewart, Scotland

One rule for the Americans, one for the rest of the world. Not surprising. Maybe the Russians should pull out in protest. No Scottish hairdo allowed, but red, white and blue of the USA Ok. Rest my case.
Alex, El Salvador

Noxie rules! How come curling is shown on television only during the Olympics? Hurrrrry!
Joe Buckler, England

Well, after the pairs debacle I for one was very pleased to see the French dance team rise above it and completely own the dance competition. Congratulations to them.
Sharon, UK

I find all the bickering about whether figure skating and sports that require judges should remain Olympic events quite frankly boring. I enjoy watching these events as well as all the others. These athletes have worked hard to get where they are and deserve to be acknowledged for their talents!

There's always going to be controversy at any Olympic Games be it summer or winter - just look in the record books. I say leave the games as they are, and if anything is to change let be it the addition of more sports.
Char, England

If figure skating is really a sport, then I'm backing Ireland to take gold in the Riverdance event
Dave Stockin, Italy

Is anyone else fed up with the constant "whooping" and "you-ess-aying" of the spectators? It's more akin to the Jerry Springer show than a meeting of sporting excellence.
Matthew Child, UK

It's great to see moments in sports like the men's 1000m speed skating finals. Seeing those four guys fall was hilarious. It just proves that sometimes the underdog can come up and triumph! Well done Stephen Bradbury.
Chris Hughes, England

The Canadians did not deserve to share the gold medal. They performed an easier programme and lack artistry on the ice. The Russians only made a minor mistake in a superb program, which if nothing went wrong, deserved perfect marks.
Janine, UK

If figure skating is really a sport, then I'm backing Ireland to take gold in the Riverdance event. We should get back to sports that involve merely the fastest, the furthest, the highest, and other such quantifiable criteria. Whilst this view is often attacked as 'ageist' with regard to figure skating (it's none too popular with the under-80s), it would also rule out such events as the half-pipe in snowboarding. It would only be fair.
Dave Stockin, Italy

Real sports' winners are not chosen by a series of judges, but by a tangible difference of ability

Adrian Osbourne, Italy

What everyone seems to forget is that pairs competition is competed over two programmes and it is the aggregate score that decides the medal winners. Yelena and Anton won the short programme with Jamie and David second. Accordingly even if the long programme was tied (assuming the French judge's marks are avoided) then the Russians are still entitled to the gold because they were better in the short programme.
Fiona Sewell, Scotland

The gold medal debacle proves what I have always thought; figure skating is not a sport. Artistic merit is subjective and so two opponents can never be fairly compared.

It is about time the Olympics dropped this competition and concentrated solely on real sports, such as speed skating where a winner is not chosen by a series of judges, but by a tangible difference of ability.
Adrian Osbourne, Italy

Just an observation, the medal table on the Salt Lake City games official web site arranges it based on total medals won, thereby putting the USA above the next team that have more gold, which is what I thought most other tables did, BBC, etc. It will be interesting to see if this arrangement changes when it suits them. Just an observation, but interesting to see how it develops.
Tom Smith, UK

An 'ooo' and 'awww' meter for the spectators seems to be the judging method adopted over recent years

I thought the games , summer and winter were for the spirit of individual competition. Then why does everyone go as a 'team', the medal tables are based on Nations, national athems are played, flags raised? the games have become to nationalistic
Tom Smith, UK

Just a point, if it had been the Russians who had been 'put unfairly' into second place, do you reckon there would have been such an outcry? Even more so had it been the USA that had come first. Let's change the judging procedure replace them with an 'ooo' and 'awww' meter for the spectators. Seems to be the method adopted over recent years.

The games get more nationalistic every time. The opening ceremony was hijacked as an American rally. The lighting of the Olympic flame with past competitors emblazoned in USA apparel was the epitome of the state of affairs the games, including summer Olympics, are in.

The introduction of so-called 'sponsored' sports is just yet another example, together with the underhand bribing the selection of the games' host city entails. These games being no exception. I would have made these thoughts known to the official IOC and Salt Lake City web sites but they provide no comment facilities on their sites. I wonder why?
Tom Smith, Expat in Kazakstan

I am bored with the discussions of the host and pundits regarding the skating controversy. Wise up BBC you are spoiling the enjoyment of the majority who do not want the "debate" but want to see action, action, ation!
T Bromley, GB

The difference is like comparing an absolutely perfect painting of an apple, to a Van Gogh canvas with one flaw
Samir Roy, USA

Frankly, I am horrified at what the IOC has done in awarding a second gold medal to the Canadians. Their program was one of the simplest and unchallenging ever to have been considered anywhere near worthy of a gold medal. The Russians' program was not only more difficult but significantly more beautiful, and far more genuine in its passion in comparison to the calculated, hollow interpretation of the sappy, shallow drivel of 'Love Story'.

Berezhnaya and Sikhuralidze's program was so far beyond Sale and Pelletier in sheer scope, that the real shame of the judging controversy is that it has made it alright to completely ignore the actual quality of the skating that was presented.

We heard all about how the Canadians landed their jumps cleanly, yet we didn't hear about how they kept their program's elements completely separated in their choreography so as to keep it uncomplicated and not to make the program actually difficult.

The difference is like comparing an absolutely perfect painting of an apple, to a Van Gogh canvas with one noticeable flaw. Which would you prefer? The Van Gogh, has a not-so-perfect stroke here and there, but its beauty is far more meaningful and astounding and it's creation still something to marvel at. No sense of wonder accompanies the apple, despite its perfection.

Skating without flaws is not the same as skating great. What's really sad is that all this controversy teaches young athletes is how not to behave like adults. If anyone is a disgrace, it is Sale and Pelletier for the childish, immature and sickening behaviour in the face of defeat.
Samir Roy, USA

So the audience and the media are now the judging body. So a result didn't go their way, big deal it happens, so moan and groan and get your way. Very poor way to run a competition.
Kazakstan observor, Kazakstan

What about the possibility of dog sledging becoming an Olympic event?
Ken Thripp, Bedford

The Canadians should have not forced a shared gold medal. Having the public consensus that they were the best is worth more than a medal, and getting the gold medal has only detracted sympathy from them.
Ian Westwood, UK

Has anyone else thought about the possibility of dog sledging becoming an Olympic event? At least in Britain we could still train for this event whatever the weather.
Ken Thripp, Bedford

As a huge fan of ski jumping I was amazed that during an Olympic event that some of the top World Cup stars had an automatic qualification to the finals. This does not seem to happen in other sports and I am sure takes some of the excitement away. Should not everyone have an equal opportunity to take part in this event on a level playing field?
Gary James, UK

Is there any chance we can have more action and less talking. Especially when there is a huge ice hockey match in action of which the BBC will probably only show 10 minutes again!
Martin, England

It was clearly evident to the entire world that the Canadians had won the Olympic pairs figure skating competition. Biased and unjust judging succeeded in robbing the gold medal from David Pelletier and Jamie Sale. This injustice must not be allowed to stand - the decision must be reversed and the true spirit of the Olympics must be restored.
Raymond Laprade, Canada

The second program is the artistic program - if the Russians received higher artistic marks than the Canadians, then they deserved the Gold
Leica, United States

I was as shocked as everyone else to see the Canadian lose despite an obviously superior performance. But, on the other hand, this controversy has won them worldwide recognition, fame and support. So even if they didn't get the gold medal, they got something even harder to attain.
Patrick Cameron, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Russians are well known for their beautiful artistry and excitingly fast figure skating. I found the Canadian pair to be too slow in their presentation. The second program is the artistic program, and if the Russians received higher artistic marks than the Canadians, then they deserved the Gold.
Leica, United States

I can't remember a time when there wasn't scandal associated with Olympic figure skating judging. And each time, there's a great hue and cry, and the figure skating organisations all pledge to make things right "next time." Wake up, figure skaters. You spend enormous amounts of energy and money to compete internationally, only to be at the mercy of politically motivated, unethical people.

It's time to take matters into your own hands instead of pinning false hopes on an ineffectual organization. Only when it starts to cost them will those in charge finally decide it's time to pay attention.
Leslie Limon, USA

What a farce! Here we go again. Give David and Jamie the gold they deserve. How much longer must this go on for? Shame on the organizers who continue to allow this kind of sham to happen.
Judith Di Chio, Canada

If judging so blatently biased cannot be stopped, the only solution is to ban the sport from olympic competition
Denise, USA

Unfortunately we now have quite a mess in pairs skating. While most agree that this has been trying for Sale and Pelletier, one must consider how awful it must be for Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze. My opinion is that the French judge's score must be void which leaves the score tied. Award gold to both.

Judging has been a problem for years and must be fixed. I concur with posts above that the judges should indicate what swayed their decisions. I also support another idea that they should not be able to view practices - that is absolutely absurd!
Harry, Philadelphia, US

Artistic merit and passion aside, doesn't a technical error usually merit a lower score? I thought such things disqualified one from gold medals. There's been some discussion of the subjectivity of performance, but a flawless performance is a flawless performance, and a stumble is a stumble.
Garner Haines, Canada

If judging so blatently biased cannot be stopped, the only solution is to ban the sport from olympic competition. The judges are unable to judge themselves.
Denise, USA

Rubbish, Juliana. If there are serious suspicions of a fix, the competition has no legitimacy unless this is investigated. The judges in this event have already lost credibility through repeated controversies over the years, and a proper investigation with actions is actually the only way they can regain any trust.

Otherwise, we are left to wonder if contests that are decided on a subjective basis should be scrapped from the Olympics.
Ron, England

The International Skating Union should be ashamed, and apologise to the Russian pair
Juliana, Netherlands

I am a little disappointed by the reaction of fans and commentators to the results of the pairs figure skating. I was watching it at the time with friends and we all agreed that although the technical execution of the Canadian pair was almost flawless, the Russian pair were more exciting to watch, and seemed to push the limits a little more than the Canadians.

We expected it to be very close, but to eventually go to the Russians based on presentation, which is of course what eventually happened. All of us were highly surprised by the controversy now surrounding the results.

Isn't part of true sportsmanship to accept the final decision of the judges, especially in a sport where there will always be some amount of subjectivity? My congratulations go out to the Russian pair who walked away with the gold.
Benjamin Broughton, USA

I have always believed that events that need judging, which is naturally subjective, should not be part of the Olympics. These events do not go with the Olympic motto. Even in the ski jumping, why should style come into it? The longest jump should get the Gold. Remember Bob Beamon's style as he broke the long jump record? He may even have not got the Gold because if it.
Joćo Santa-Clara, Portugal

The Olympics had always been treated with respect. And now we face the investigation of results in figure skating. If people do that, it would put the judges in the position of distrust and give a precedent to question every decision they make.

I'm yearning to get a taste of these slopes myself!
Richard Barnes, Sydney, Australia

Sports is a competition and have to stay like this. The International Skating Union should be ashamed, and apologise to the Russian pair. Elena and Anton, the world is with you! You deserve every moment of your victory. Keep on smiling.
Juliana, Netherlands

I don't know how to skate, but I can surely say I can judge better than those who judged Canadian pair on Monday night. If the IOC claims that they make fair decisions, then this is the time to prove it by promoting and awarding Canadians the gold medals. Otherwise, in my view IOC is just a media-driven profit organization.
Adil bhatia, Pakistan

Hats off to the Yanks for putting on a great show so far. I must admit that before these Olympics I wouldn't have known Salt Lake from my right elbow... but after hearing the interviewed athletes rave about the fluffy Wasatch snow and seeing the big sky with wide open powder I must admit that I'm yearning to get a taste of these slopes myself!

Love the skiing competition so far! And the Ice Hockey. And the skating. And the speed skating, etc, etc... there's something magical about the winter games that a non-winter sport athlete just would not understand.
Richard Barnes, Sydney, Australia

Was I the only one to notice that in the penultimate, and deciding, end of the curling match between GB and Sweden that the Swedish team interfered with one of their scoring stones with a broom? What is the penalty for such interference? Should the Swedes have forfeited the end and given the hammer to GB for the final end
Ian Thompson, Scotland

The Canadians skated to perfection and displayed amazing passion and beauty
Sharon, Israel

There is a very simple solution to the judging fiasco surrounding the Winter Olympics, remove all "sports" from the games where there is an element of subjectivity.

The history and spirit of the Olympics was built on being the fastest, jumping the longest, throwing the furthest, etc. This is even more true for the Summer Olympics. Taking away these minority pastimes will not find favour with the organisers and their accountants but it will return the Olympics to how it was originally conceived.
Graeme Williams, Czech Republic

The Russian pair are superior skaters to the Canadians, but ON THE NIGHT, the Canadians had the best skate of any couple. The artistry that the Russian pair are capable of producing simply wasn't in evidence: they were tentative and reserved. By contrast, the Canadians skated to perfection and displayed amazing passion and beauty. On the night, they deserved the gold.
Sharon, Israel

A typical performance so far by the British "competitors"! If gold medals were awarded for excuses, we'd win a bag full every time!
Geoff Gibson, England

I think that the Russia pair's win was fair, because they were more beautiful and elegant on ice plus more difficulties despite a minor mistake they made. They do deserve the gold medal! It all comes down to which style you prefer and I definitely prefer the Russian's. I think judges were just like us, some prefer the Russians' style and some prefer the Canadians'. 5:4 preference wasn't unfair at all in this case!
Singher, USA

The standings aren't representative of performance anymore so get the "sport" out of the Olympics.
Colin, USA

The Canadian pair won a gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. It's a shame they didn't receive it.
Edward, Phoenix, AZ USA

A sad day for sport. Shame on the judges, shame on my foul-mouthed fellow Americans who think that the Canadian duo didn't deserve the gold. The Russian duo was great, the Canadians better.. that's no controversy... the skating community knows that the standings aren't representative of performance anymore so get the "sport" out of the Olympics.
Colin, USA

The sorry saga of the pairs skating is just another example of why this "sport" is rotten, too often it is subjected to the whim and politicising of so-called "judges" who appear to be the only people watching the contest not to place the Canadians in first place.

The judging of such contests must be reviewed if this sport and the Olympics are to retain any sense of credibility. The judges must be made to qualify and quantify their decisions and have their opinions laid open to public scrutiny.
Dan, England

Yet again the ice skating community shows why it is not a sport. At nearly every Winter Olympics there is a voting outrage. And it usually involves the Russians. The Canadian pairs team follow in the footsteps of Torvill and Dean and others in being mugged on the ice by the judges. Never mind improved security outside the arena, most skaters need it inside.
Phil expat AZ, USA

About the skating... I'm not sure who should have won (since I am not a judge and do not know what they are looking for technique wise) but I was appalled at the Canadians' behaviour before and after their dance.

The Canadians gave a great performance but they were outclassed by the artistry, passion and technique of the Russians
Danielle, US

They did not conduct themselves as sportsmen. They seemed almost glad that the Russian team had a 5.7, high-fiving and smiling like the whole thing was in the bag. And then kissing the ice etc... I hope that if anything it will teach them some manners. The Russians did win the Short Program, had a technically more difficult program, and to me had a lot more grace and artistry in their dancing.
Kaci, USA

Well done Melanie Leando, for providing an excellent summary of a sport which up until now has received little if no coverage by the BBC. Snowboarding is a sporting pastime hear to stay...congrats go out to the USA boys! Well done guys, the airtime you were getting was phenomenal!
Ian B, England

I have been enthralled by figure skating for years, and last night was no exception. The Canadians gave a great performance but they were simply outclassed by the artistry, the passion and, yes, the technique displayed by the enchanting, star-crossed Russian pair. This North American believes the gold went to the right team. Silver isn't "losing" either!
Danielle, US

Enough already of the whining. So the Canadian skaters, who most of the British and North American viewers supported, lost to the Russians in a close contest. Get over it!

And what "politics" in the judges' decision are you talking about? Russia is not a super-power anymore, and none of the east European countries, some of them NATO and prospective EU members, can be viewed as Russian poodles. I see the same sour grapes that come out when "our Tim" loses another tennis tournament.
Michael, UK

Glad to see that the Snowboarding made it onto the air. And a genuine attempt to familiarise people with the sport. Congrats to the USA, but you guys must be nervous about dominating...they took Tae Kwan Do out of the games because of Korea's domination! So come on, let's give them some competition!
Crispy, UK

If you need to wait for judges scoring, then it is just a beauty pageant
Aruumac, USA

How on earth can anyone take snow boarding seriously, it is a pastime and should not be an Olympic sport. Also, why did we bother to send a squad to the USA when they are clearly second-raters?
Bob G, England

I am 13-years-old and I have a love affair with watching the winter and summer Olympics. I find it so thrilling to see people from all around the world fighting it out on ice rinks, on the slopes on the track and on the field. It gives you pride and a real feel of what humanity is all about it's great fun and when I grow older I look forward to being able to take my children to see the amazing spectacles provided in this wonderful tradition.

Long live the Olympics. And I really wish the best of luck to everybody performing and participating and come on England (especially the curling).
Ed Price, Great Britain

What a load of rot expressed by some people regarding Steve Cram. Does this mean that Sue Barker can only present Tennis programmes? Of course not! Well done to the BBC. The Olympic coverage so far is excellent and the on screen presenters are first class. A big congrats to all.
John Earland, UK

I don't care for games where a judge decides who wins. I prefer to see them racing against the clock, each other or scoring goals. If you need to wait for judges scoring, then it is just a beauty pageant.
Aruumac, USA

Clare Balding & Steve Cram seemed to be genuinely interested in the curling
Dave Morrison, Scotland

Canada figure skaters should have the Gold. Too bad that the judges showed a lack of impartiality and integrity. More of the same!
Sam Sutton, USA

It's a shame when politics still take over the winter games. TV viewers, the audience and the skaters knew who the real winner was of the pairs skating contest! Shame on the judges - they blew it! Too bad the Olympic tribunal couldn't rule problems like this out of the games.
Shirley, Canada

Clare Balding & Steve Cram seemed to be genuinely interested in the curling. It was disappointing to see the men loose their first game - come on lads! Well done to the ladies though, it was good to watch and reassuring to see top class curlers make mistakes as well - Rhona could have had a four at one end but ended loosing one!

The coverage has been good and I only hope it inspires some more people to take up the game (young or not so young) many curling clubs are struggling for members these days.
Dave Morrison, Scotland

I cannot understand why the BBC has employed an ex-middle distance runner with little knowledge or apparent interest in winter sports to be one of its main anchors. Whilst my opinion seems in opposition to most of the other views expressed here, and its sentiment will probably prevent it actually being displayed on these pages, I still feel it needs to be said that Steve Cram is possibly the worst choice of presenter the BBC could have made.
Martin Jones, England

I was sorry to see Lesley McKenna go out so early
Martin Batho, England

So far the 2002 winter Olympics have been fantastic. Please, please, please BBC show more coverage.
Phil Smith, England

I wish I had the BBC covering the Olympics on TV here in the USA. Maybe we would get to see competitors other than Americans.
Scott Cusiter, USA / Scotland

I am really enjoying the coverage of the winter Olympics the BBC is showing. The events have been well presented and an interesting commentary by those who have done and know the sports. I was sorry to see Lesley McKenna go out so early, I am sure she is feeling somewhat disappointed, she is young and good enough will be back and I will be there to support her. Best of luck for the future Lesley.
Martin Batho, England

The long track speed skating tournament will be ORANGE!!!
Ik, The Netherlands

The olympic games, both Summer and Winter, seem to be the last bastion of true sportsmanship
Mark Trochym, Ukraine

I would just like to say what great coverage from the BBC especially with BBCi on digital satellite. This really allows you to watch the sports you are interested in live. Well done BBC, truly a world leader in broadcasting.
Mike Davies, UK

There is such a buzz about the Olympics here. We went to see the men's Nordic combined yesterday, and it was thrilling to the end. Although I was never a Winter fan before, I am definitely hooked now. Salt Lake City is a fantastic host with beautiful scenery, so come visit us!
Anjana, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

I do not care what its detractors may say, the Winter Olympics are fantastic. Although I cannot skate and have not skied in years, I love every minute of it. I am especially keen on the ice hockey, which is the fastest and most exciting team sport in the world. So come on BBC, let us have as much coverage of this exhilarating event as you can spare; after all, it only happens once every four years!
Mike, England

The Olympic games, both Summer and Winter, seem to be the last bastion of true sportsmanship. And not just a chase of the almighty dollar.
Mark Trochym, Ukraine

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