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Monday, 7 January, 2002, 11:04 GMT
Should Cardiff be punished?
Cardiff City owner Sam hammam has come under fire
The Football Association has launched an inquiry after the pitch invasion that followed Cardiff's FA Cup victory over Leeds.

What did you make of the ugly scenes at Ninian Park? And should Sam Hammam's club be censured?


Cardiff's famous 2-1 victory over Premiership leaders Leeds has been overshadowed by the behaviour of some supporters at the ground.

As the row fans continues, Bluebirds chairman Sam Hamman has told BBC Radio Five Live that he intends to stop his pitchside strolls around Ninian Park "to preserve the good name of football."

Bristol City chief executive Colin Sexstone has also joined the debate, telling the Daily Mail that "The FA has to take strong action or somebody will be seriously injured soon - or even killed."

Have the FA overreacted to the pitch invasion, or is it time something was done to eradicate hooliganism at Ninian Park?


Did Cardiff deserve to win? Yes - they won a great match. Should the club be punished for the behaviour of its 'fans'? Of course - just as Leeds (or any other club) would be if it happened at their ground (irresepective of media 'bias'). Were they provoked? Doesn't matter - are we to excuse violence every time travelling fans hold plastic sheep?
James, USA

Missile throwing cannot be tolerated but joyous celebrations are a great and rightful part of the game
Gareth, Leeds, England

Cardiff are as notorious as Millwall, Leeds aren't far behind in terms of hooliganism. Sam Hammam is an eccentric, the combination of all this led to the recent events. We should be very wary of reacting in a gung ho manner to these incidents. By all means clamp down hard on the idiots but lets also make sure we starve them of the publicity they seek and certain media outlets seem keen to provide.
Peter MacDonald, England

Why is a pitch invasion classed as hooliganism? It is not. The Cardiff fans were celebrating a great result for the club, and the majority did so with no intent to harm, injure, or cause any trouble whatsoever. Missile throwing cannot be tolerated but joyous celebrations are a great and rightful part of the game. If the stuffy politicians want to crack down on hooliganism, they can start by tackling crime in society, not using the people's game as a scapegoat.
Gareth, Leeds, England.

I support my local side Colchester United and the day Cardiff City come to us, as on previous occasions, will be like a war zone. How many times will it take for Cardiff fans to invade the pitch and cause mayhem for the people like Sam Hammam to realise they have a problem. The Cardiff fans' comments saying it was celebrating shows they are living in the past.
Richard, England

No, Cardiff should not be kicked out, or forced into a replay, but a hefty fine should be enforced. As it should to Manchester United, and for that matter Chelsea and Spurs after last night. But we all know it won't be, because of the media. Especially Sky, being a major shareholder in Man U wouldn't risk damaging its own interests for the sake of true reporting. The game and media is biased, no doubt, but that doesn't change the subject matter - yes, Cardiff should be fined. Big.
Dan Coomber, England

A pitch invasion is almost guaranteed when a lower league side beats a Premiership club
Sam Knowles, Wales
Can someone please explain why the three pitch invasions during the Aston Villa v Man United game have been adjudged to be celebrations, while the celebrations after the Cardiff win are adjudged a pitch invasion? Could it be that Man Utd are the darlings of the FA and media while Cardiff are an unfashionable Welsh second division side?
Iakovos Hondrakis, Greece

The FA should exclude Cardiff from the cup, reinstate Leeds, to set an example for other clubs to follow.
Simon, England

Sam Hammam walks around the pitch every game why should Sunday have been any different? A pitch invasion is almost guaranteed when a lower league side beats a Premiership club.
Sam Knowles, Wales

Sunday's events after the final whistle do not warrant this much media attention
I can't believe the number of English people jumping at the chance to criticise the Welsh fans when they are the nation the whole world associate with hooliganism. Who would bet against the English disgracing themselves and football in Japan!
Darren Price, Cymru

Whilst I do not condone violence, there is such a thing as provocation. There were a number of Leeds fans waving plastic, inflatable sheep at the Cardiff fans and this is just not on. Neither, might I add, was David O'Leary's attempt to remonstrate with Sam Hammam in the Car Park after the match a sensible thing to do. Leeds need to take PR lessons and have a word with the fans, the players and the manager regarding their behaviour.
Andyl, UK

Cardiff fans always invade the pitch when they get promoted, and beating the best team in England at the moment is a comparable event for most fans. A minority threw things at the Leeds supporters and had things thrown back at them. There was no fighting. Only four people were arrested on the day. Is this O'Leary diverting media attention away from his own highly-paid hooligans? Difficult to say. Is the media being anti-Welsh? In this case, I think so. A lot of English people like the idea of Wales being backward, and will buy newspapers or agree with news reports that support that view. Sunday's events after the final whistle do not warrant this much media attention.

I'm a Leeds fan, and was at the Cardiff match. Unfortunately I have to say that I was absolutely disgusted by the comments made by some of my fellow supporters towards Cardiff's centre forward Leo Fortune-West when he came on. Although it doesn't make the actions of the Cardiff fans excusable, I do fear that there are a number of Leeds fans who are hell bent on dragging the club back into the 1980's with their racist behaviour.
Pete Lawson, UK

Cardiff won fair and square
Philip Jones, Wales
Kick Cardiff out of the FA Cup, or perhaps for some poetic justice, nullify the result and force a replay at neutral ground.
Graham, Scotland

For all those wanting Cardiff kicked out of the cup, will you take the same stance when English fans start rioting in Japan and Korea?
Andre, France

Cardiff are a fine side and deserve a much better ground, facilities, and fans than they have - I have been there this season as an away fan and it is a dreadfully poor place to watch the kind of exciting football the team play.
Mike Weston, England

Why don't Cardiff play in the Welsh league? Rangers and Celtic play in the Scottish league. Then Cardiff can fight as often as they want and let the Welsh FA sort it out.
Dave, England

It was a celebration act after beating England's top team, the Cardiff fans were just enjoying the win.
Andy, UK

It is all getting out of hand. Yes, there was fighting after the match but Cardiff wasn't the only club to suffer hooliganism this weekend. Why should they be punished, when the both sets of fans were involved? The taunting and bottle throwing came from both sides. Sam often walks around the pitch and greets home and visiting fans.
Sarah, S.Wales

When Sam Hammam circled the pitch against Bristol City we heard nothing about it at the time. Why? Because on that occasion Cardiff lost which in the eyes of the English media is OK. However, when Cardiff beat the team top of the Premiership full of hopefuls for a place in the England World Cup team this summer it becomes the crime of the century. Cardiff won fair and square so a bit of advice to Leeds, David O'Leary and the rest of England with any interest in the result: Get over it!
Philip Jones, Wales

The sooner that Cardiff have a serious punishment imposed on them the better.
Bill, Petersfield, UK

As a Welshman I was disgusted to see the moronic scenes from Ninian Park
Gareth Morris, Australia
The game should be replayed. If the same incidents had occurred at Elland Road by Leeds supporters the FA would have banned travel by Leeds fans and instigated a large fine. The FA have always been quick to impose those sorts of bans on Leeds United in the past. Now they are dragging their heels. Ban them and reinstate the whites back in.
Steve, Australia

As a Welshman I was disgusted to see the moronic scenes from Ninian Park. What made my blood boil was to see that slime who call themselves "supporters" waving the Welsh flag. How dare you! I hope there is ample footage to find and prosecute each and everyone of the slime who went onto the pitch and caused a problem. However, well done to the genuine supporters and Cardiff City.
Gareth Morris, Australia

I can't believe that there are so many pathetic, jealous people out there. We are supposed to be football fans, and that's what happens when a second division team beats a leading Premiership side. Cardiff fans are passionate. It's obvious that Leeds are looking for a reason to why a 15m team beat their 100m and they aren't happy with the fact that Cardiff just played better football. Good Luck Bluebirds!
Adam , Australia

I'm 21 and I was at the game on Sunday. I have never enjoyed a Cardiff game as much as this one. Then, as you would expect, the English media seem determined to take the gloss off our victory. While I do not condone any act of violence, from supporters or players, a home tie is supposed to be an advantage. The atmosphere at Ninian Park gave us over the primadonnas of the Premiership as it should. As far as the idiots who threw things, it was not all Cardiff fans. I myself saw bottles, etc, flying from the Leeds fans. Also, I hae no doubt that Cardiff City will enforce a lifetime ban on any persons found guilty.
CT, Rhondda, Wales.

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