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Sunday, 9 September, 2001, 11:54 GMT 12:54 UK
Your views on Hewitt's victory
Pete Sampras' bid for a record 14th Grand Slam title came unstuck in dramatic fashion after Lleyton Hewitt beat him in straight sets in Sunday's final.

Should Pistol Pete retire? Will Hewitt replace him as the new man at the top of the tennis tree?


Lleyton Hewitt won his first Grand Slam in stunning style claiming a straight sets victory over Pete Sampras in the final.

Sampras had been in scintillating form at Flushing Meadows but Hewitt was in command from the off in the final and Sampras never looked like claiming a record 14th Grand Slam title.

Will Sampras be able to come back from this defeat and finally claim the record?

Can Hewitt build on this victory to become one of the tennis greats?

E-mail us your US Open final verdict.


Pete would have had a chance if he had a rest day
Grainne, USA
I was glad to see Lleyton Hewitt win the tournament, as he was my pick from the beginning! I am tired of hearing that Pete was mentally and physically tired because of the matches he had to play to get to the final. Hewitt had a pretty tough road himself. Did everyone forget about his match against Roddick? I surely did not. Pete just had a bad day. Well done Lleyton!
Jennifer, USA

Pete had a very tough route to the final and I think fatigue had a lot to do with his poor performance yesterday. If the USTA wasn't such a slave to the television networks the US Open men's semi-final and final wouldn't be played back to back. Long may the good sportsmanship at Wimbledon reign. Pete would have had a chance if he had a rest day.
Grainne, USA

I do not believe any player will completely dominate men's tennis like Sampras has. Instead, two or three will share the major championships, depending on the surface played. Those are Hewitt, Roddick, Ferrero, and Safin. Perhaps Kuerton may still be a force for the next two years
Ian Forrester, Australia

Pete looked old and slow! Perhaps it was Lleyton's excellent and physical playing style which gave that impression. Whatever the reason, congratulations to the winner and we look forward to following what should be a great career!
David Hunter, Adelaide, South Australia

The king is dead, long live the king!
Henry Lawrence, Australia
I don't care what anyone says, I think fatigue played a big part in the final. You could see that Sampras was mentally and physically drained. I am not trying to take anything away from Hewitt though, I think he played great, but when Sampras serves an average of 90mph in a match, then there has to be something wrong with him. The previous three matches he played against Rafter, Agassi and Safin took a lot from him mentally, and Hewitt had a no- contest match against Kalfenikov, which helped him a lot. Uyi Aiwerioghene, UK

The king is dead, long live the king! Every tennis champ has his brief time at the top. Even Borg could not turn back the clock. Let's remember Sampras at his peak and say, thanks for the memories.
Henry Lawrence, Australia

Ok, maybe Sampras was not at his best, but you just cannot take anything away from Hewitt - he played a sublime match and basically Pete Sampras had no answers! Well done Lleyton Hewitt.
Yasmin, England

Calling on Sampras to retire because he lost to Hewitt is analogous to calling on Tom Hanks to retire because he did not win the Oscar this year.
Petros Michael, Belgium

I am thoroughly disappointed with Pete Sampras' poor performance today. Don't get me wrong, Hewitt played great, but Pete let him. Sampras was making far too many unforced errors and therefore could not put pressure on his opponent. He was unable to execute his game plan because of these errors and did not serve as well as he did in the previous matches.

It's sad to see how Pete Sampras has changed tactics over the past few years and decided to charge the net on even his second serve; his ground game has become weaker and weaker as the years are passing by. As a big Sampras fan, I can only say that I finally have to concede and admit that it is time for Pete to retire. He's lost his chance for a 14th (non Wimbledon) Grand Slam title and it won't come by a second time.
Mark, Netherlands

Sampras should consider retiring, so that we do not see him get beaten in such an embarrassing fashion in the future
Ahmad, Australia

I sent in my prediction at the beginning of the fortnight to BBC Online for a Hewitt win, so I have to say I am extremely pleased about that. However, I found it sad to see Sampras looking so lost out there. It reminded me of the Wimbledon final in 1991 when Becker was completely distraught for the entire match against Stich.

I hope Sampras continues to play, because it's only now that the public are starting to appreciate what a great player he is. I just wonder how many more defeats like this he can take.
Dave, UK

It looks like Sampras no longer has what it takes to last the distance in a Grand Slam. It was obvious early on that he can no longer sustain the level of intensity needed to win a Grand Slam event.

He basically handed the championship over to Hewitt. He showed none of the form that saw him beat Agassi. I dare not say it, especially since I am such a big fan, but Sampras should consider retiring, so that we do not see him get beaten in such an embarrassing fashion in the future.
Ahmad, Australia

Congratulations to Lleyton Hewitt on his first Grand Slam win. But A BIG but to the total lack of coverage of the tournament by the BBC not even coverage of any of the finals. Tennis fans like myself had to rely on Ceefax for updated results , which is hardly adequate considering the profile of the tournament, maybe second only to Wimbledon.

Not even any live action on News 24, just a mention with still pictures. This is a big disappointment to myself and I would look forward to any comments you may have to restore my faith in what I consider inadequate coverage of this tournament.
Robert Ottewell, England

It was awesome !!!! I placed all my votes on the Aussie before the final and I am glad I did it...He was just too good and although Sampras was not in the top of his game, I believe it was due to Hewitt's outstanding and intimidating performance. I've always been a Sampras fan, but now it's time to move on...
Nelson, USA

I think sometimes in life we all meet the unexpected. Pete got hammered for sure but that doesn't write him of. At 30 years old he still has at least three years of solid sports left in him. Therefore I think he will be back in style and fashion
Michael Annancy, UK

As much as Lleyton's win should rightly be seen as a monumental step forward for the young man, special kudos should be reserved for two greats of Australian tennis who have helped get him, and other Australian tennis players, back to the top flight of the game.

John Newcombe and Tony Roache took over a young Davis Cup side a good half a decade ago. They must have seen the potential there but it was evident that the self-belief required to win major tournaments and Davis cups was not. They have imbued in the new generation a gritty resolve that had been lacking for many years prior.
Andrew Watts, Australia

No-one can doubt Hewitt's talent or enthusiasm. What he has done during the past two years is to learn how to control himself on the court. And he has done this by mixing with some of the legends of tennis... the Australian Davis Cup squad, including its coaches. He now has a maturity beyond his years.
Michael, Australia

I was not surprised that Lleyton Hewitt has finally won a title. Having followed his career over the past four years in Davis Cup and the Majors it has only been a matter of when this would happen.

While he hasn't yet mastered the art of good manners he plays his tennis the way Steve Waugh plays his cricket. Hard and tough. If he can stay fit I have no doubt he will win a few more titles in his career.
Bill Schild, Australia

When Sampras beat Safin it was like "oh safin was having a bad day, gave up the fight". Even Safin himself said this wasn't true. The naysayers would be saying the same thing about his win over Sampras except that it is obvious that Sampras was playing at the best he's ever played to reach the finals.

You can't say he was tired, as after 13 grand slams he knows about lasting the distance. The final two sets at 6-1, 6-1, are nothing less than astonishing.
Thelonious , UK

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