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Sunday, 9 September, 2001, 14:53 GMT 15:53 UK
How far can Felix go?
Felix Trinidad meets Bernard Hopkins on 29 September in the most significant fight in America this year.

Can Trinidad maintain his unblemished record against "The Executioner?" And just how far can the Puerto Rican go?


The build-up to the championship bout of Don King's re-scheduled middleweight unification tournament has been a heated and theatrical affair.

Having been postponed from 15 September following the terrorist attacks on America, the bout will be held at New York's Maddison Square Garden, as originally planned.

Whatever hype and showmanship are added to publicise to fight, the animosity between Trinidad and Hopkins is plain for all to see.

Trinidad is undefeated in 39 fights, while Hopkins took the great Roy Jones 12 rounds.

At 28, Trinidad has youth on his side, and is widely regarded as one of boxing's rising stars.

He will surely start as favourite against Hopkins, and if he lives up to that billing, can look forward to lucrative clash with world light-heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr.

Can Trinidad overcome Hopkins? And how would he fare if given the chance to face Roy Jones Jr?


Trinidad is class and has steel where it counts. Hopkins has beaten no-one of note and his only real noteworthy performance was in going the distance (and losing) with Roy Jones. 'Tito' will KO Hopkins inside eight rounds, but has no chance against Roy - one weight too far!
Matt, Norwich

Felix is up there with the best of them at the moment. A fight with Jones would only put him down again. No one can touch Jones, he's the best of the best.
Martin Warsop, Nottingham

He may beat Hopkins, who is overrated, but Jones will destroy him if they ever meet
Trevor Smith, Crewe
Trinidad will definitely have too much for Hopkins and a stoppage in one of the later rounds would be a good bet. As far as him going on to fight Roy Jones Jnr., to win that one would put Trinidad in the all-time great category, but I would question Trinidad's motivation to move up a weight and put his reputation on the line when, in my opinion, he has nothing to prove. He has taken out De La Hoya, Vargas and Joppy, all top pros....personally one fight which would have more appeal would be a meeting with a certain Mr. Shane Mosely.
Michael James, Ireland

It's going to be a tough night ahead for Tito but I think he will come through. Forget the idea of fighting Jones jnr, i think that would be a mistake. Why not come down to super-welter and fight a rematch with De La Hoya or a more mouth-watering prospect, a superfight with Shane Mosley?
Roy, New Zealand

Trinidad has nothing to prove anymore - his record shows he has beaten everyone of note - it is not his business to go up another weight and challenge Jones, who has not fought enough quality opponents during his career to warrant the acclaim he thinks he deserves. Trinidad will stop Hopkins early and I hope beats Jones, although I am not sure he has the natural physique to do so.
Laura, Norwich

I have never rated Trinidad as highly as others. To me, he has obvious weaknesses in his style, as De a Hoya exposed and his chin is not that strong. He may beat Hopkins, who is overrated, but Jones will destroy him if they ever meet - Jones is the best and has been for a number of years.
Trevor Smith, Crewe

Trinidad is the best fighter in the world and will stop Hopkins before going on to beat Roy Jones if and when they fight. The Puerto Rican has it all - power, skill and poise, as well as big fight experience.
Jes, London

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