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Sunday, 2 September, 2001, 14:29 GMT 15:29 UK
Send your tributes to Schumacher
Send you tributes to Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher's domination of Formula One continues as he takes his 52nd career victory at the Belgian Grand Prix, beating Alain Prost's record.

Send your tributes to a Formula One legend.


With his fourth Drivers championship safely in the bag, it was only a matter of time before Michael Schumacher would beat Alain Prost's record of 151 Grand Prix victories.

The German driver lead from start to finish in Spa, and was untroubled by a horrific crash involving Eddie Irvine and Luciano Burti.

After yet another flawless drive by the German ace, BBC Sport Online invites you to send your congratulations to Michael Schumacher.

E-mail us with your tributes to a Formula One great.


He has won the most races, and has dominated since the tragic demise of Senna. Most importantly he has won races and titles in cars that are not often the best, he has got the most out of the equipment at his disposal, and his wet weather driving is incomparable to any of his peers. The great tragedy is that we didn't see Senna and Schumacher at their peaks together...ideally in the same team for that is dreamland!
Ian Jordan, UK

Schumacher rules the world, he proved his greatness and is the best the world has ever seen. So well done Michael keep up the good work!
Fabiano, England

Now there'll be no more debates of whether he's a legend!
Sophie Evans, UK
He is a thug who won one of his titles by causing an accident and tried to win a second by causing an accident. It is too bad that there isn't a Senna around to put him in his place.
Froment, US

Micheal Shumacher once again proved he is the greatest racing driver of all time. He has the record number of wins in a season, in his career, points in a season and will win the most world titles. Well done Schumi!
Gareth, England

Congratulations and thank you Michael for the sheer adrenalin thrills that always accompany your races and victories. Looking forward to more.
Tina, Fiji

Michael Schumacher's just amazing and simply the best driver of the modern era. Now there'll be no more debates of whether he's a legend!
Sophie Evans, UK

Micheal came to Ferrari and turned the team around with his positive attitude
Elekwachi Nwaogbo, USA
Top draw driver, and a nice bloke as well. Definitely one of the sport's best. Nobody deserved to beat Prost's record more than him.
Alex Allen, England

Poor Alain Prost, two losses in one day. My Heart is with the Prost team but I tip my hat off to the king of motorsport. Michael Schumacher has proven to us that it is not his car that wins him races, but his exceptional skill as a driver. Kudos to him, he is a credit to Formula One.
Oyekan Umar, Nigeria

Micheal came to Ferrari and turned the team around with his positive attitude. He never blames the team for anything but keeps saying he loves them. He truly has the team working for him. With his unquestionable talent, he's unbeatable at the moment.
Elekwachi Nwaogbo, USA

Being an ex-pat Scot I am a big fan of DC, Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark but I have to give credit where it is due and that would be to Michael. He is in a class of his own. He has to be ranked as the 'best ever'. Sincere congratulations.
Dugald Thomson, US

Can it get any better than this?
Timothy Marshall, United States
Congratulations Michael Schumacher! You are a real champion and make some of the rest look like their hand-brake is on! Truly one of the greatest GP drivers alive! Well done.
John Marmon, Thailand

Can it get any better than this? I've predicted to some friends that you'll win the last three races. Vive Ferrari!
Timothy Marshall, United States

You are the greatest ever, a man who inspires us meer mortals to strive and achieve what we may have set out to do. Shumi, if you lived in my country, by now we would have a temple built for you with pundits and elephants and all.
Owen Roncon, India

My congratulations to Michael on a superb victory in Spa and for winning the drivers championship. He is indeed a driver of great skill and epitomises Formula 1 in the new century.
Kelvin Goh, Singapore

Absolutely marvelous Michael! You are the one who makes us smile all ove the globe. There are still more records to be broken and we can't wait to see them conquered by you. Go Schumi go!
Goran, Australia

Impressive.... but watch out for the younger Schumi!
James, England

He's the best driver in history and his 52nd win is a testament to that
Natasha, Pakistan
Michael Schumacher deserves his podium place in motorsport history. His focus and determination have been vital attributes to his rare driving skill. A living sporting legend.
Andrew Leighton, UK

Schumi once again showed what a great total package he is. Great job Michael. Well done Ferrari!
Samuel Rajendran, USA

Obviously, Michael Schumacher is the all-time best and currently unstoppable. History has been rewritten again today!
Viet Q. Do, Australia

He's the best driver in history and his 52nd win is a testament to that. I hope he goes on to win his fifth Driver's Championship next year because he deserves it. Congratulations Schumi.
Natasha, Pakistan

Fantastic Michael! Nothing can stop the man - there are more records to be broken and I am sure that if anyone can Michael Schumacher can. The man is a legend and an absolute genius of a racing car driver in all weather conditions and all race situations. I can't wait to see more of it in the coming years!
Amy Dodd, England

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