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Monday, 27 August, 2001, 16:20 GMT 17:20 UK
Your player of the series
The 2001 Ashes series has been one to forget for England, while Australia have shown their class. But whose performances have impressed you most?

Tell us who you think deserves the title of Player of the Series.


Australia's bowlers put in a memorable display to dismiss England and win the final Test by an innings and 25 runs to complete a 4-1 series victory.

Shane Warne became the first Australian to take 400 Test wickets in the final Test, as he and Glenn McGrath rounded off a memorable series.

The Aussie batsmen have also been prolific, most notably in the final Test, where the Waugh twins and Justin Langer all racked up centuries.

Mark Butcher and Mark Ramprakash both scored centuries for England, while the bowling of Darren Gough and Andy Caddick caused the Aussies problems early on.

After a long, hot and entertaining summer of cricket, whose performances have impressed you most?

Tell us who think should be crowned Player of the Series.


The man of the series for me was Shane Warne. I think he blasted his critics off the news pages, as well as some English batsmen off the pitch. McGrath, Martyn, Steve and Mark Waugh, Adam Gilchrist, and Justin Langer (for his courage and determination) all deserve honourable mentions, but the "Spinball Wizard" gets my vote!
Dave Whitely, UK

It's got to be Damien Martyn. He is such a delight to watch at the crease, even more than Mark Waugh.
Thushara, England

The bottom line was leadership and Steve Waugh provided that.
Arif Mahmud, USA

Steve Waugh, Shane Warne or McGrath. Pick any one of them and they were streets in front of England.
George Brown, UK

The Aussies are a better side in every department and Steve Waugh's presence is the last feather in the cap
Sathya Kothandram, USA

McGrath and Warne are the stand outs of the series. McGrath never gave up, and his accuracy and consistency always put the batsman under pressure. Warne was as good as ever. England's batsman did not have an answer for either of them.
Phil, Australia

Steve Waugh may not have been the most prolific scorer, but he produced the big scores when needed. Waugh's captaincy never released his stranglehold on the opposition. Compliments must be given to the rest of the team. Damien Martyn has shown impeccable class all the way through. McGrath, Gillespie and Warne can't be faulted for the Series. Gilchrist behind the stumps and with the willow was unbeatable. Mark Waugh demolished the attack. But Steve Waugh combined great captaincy and run getting to stand above a fine crew.
Don R, Australia

My man of the series would be Adam Gilchrist. In the first half of the series when the Ashes were decided, he made the crucial difference in games which at one point still looked like they could have gone either way. The speed at which he made his scores at the tail end of the innings must have been demoralising for England, and given the Australians a huge psychological boost when they came to bowl.
Jim Thow, England

Glenn McGrath is my player of the series. Damien Martyn also impressed me, but then the Australian batsmen had a considerable advantage over the English in that they did not have to face McGrath and Warne!
David Bartholomew, U.K.

Warne mesmerised batsman and took apart the England attack
John Ngo, UK

My vote has to go to Steve Waugh. The difference a strong captain can make to a team was evident in the fourth and fifth Tests when Nasser Hussain came back into the English side. England definitely played as a team even though they lost the fifth Test. The Aussies are a better side in every department and Steve Waugh's presence is the last feather in the cap. He is the binding element that keeps all these great performers together.
Sathya Kothandram, USA

This whole series has been about the Aussie blowing, and he batsman went about their job of scoring runs. In each of the Tests except for the fourth, the Aussie bowlers have totally dominated English batsmen as they didn't have any answers. So I think the man of match and the series was aptly given to Warne and McGrath respectively. They were the Aussie backbone for winning the Ashes for seventh consecutive time.
Ramesh Chandra, USA

Steve Waugh should get the man of the series for his two tremendous hundreds and his leadership abilities.
Ramesh, India

Warne mesmerised batsman and took apart the England attack, but the man of the series definitely has to be McGrath. From the first ball he bowled he was on target. He bowled very economically and kept the pressure on the England batsmen throughout the series.
John Ngo, UK

It has to be Steve Waugh. A great player and a born winner
John, Scotland

Glen McGrath without doubt. 32 wickets at 17 for the series was outstanding. Damien Martyn stood up during the Ashes and must surely have claimed a spot for the South African series. You also have to admire the way Langer dealt with being left out of the team and his great innings at the Oval. Butcher is back for England and Trescothick looks good. However, the bowling department looks sick.
Daryl, Australia

I'd select Mark Waugh as the player of the series for his two centuries and consistency in batting. His fielding was superb, and his class a treat to watch. No Englishman deserves any credit for their lacklustre performance. Another player worth mentioning here is Steve Waugh for his batting and captaincy.
Prem Kumar, Indian

Glenn McGrath has to be man of the series - his bowling has been superb. Where England bowlers have struggled to find movement and wickets, Glenn has proved that putting it on the spot every time wins every time. England need someone as consistent as him!
Robert Pinnington, England

It has to be Shane Warne
Jermy, Singapore

For me it has to be Steve Waugh. He led the Aussies brilliantly, batted to his usual high standards, and his unbeaten "one legged" hundred at The Oval was classic stuff. A great player and a born winner.
John, Scotland

McGrath and Warne were obviously the standout bowlers of the series and are deserving of the award. But how do you split them? I would therefore go for Mark Waugh who scored runs in almost every test, some at very crucial stages. He proved that he is still amongst the best batsmen in the world.
Rafi, Israel

It has to be Shane Warne. He was under pressure when he came to the Ashes series due to his failure in the Final Frontier Tests in India. But he bounced back and did a fine job by demolishing the English batsmen.
Jermy, Singapore

Gilchrist is my man of the series. His performances in the first three Tests took the games away from England when there was a fair chance of something approaching parity. He ensured that the Aussie tail added more runs than England's top order!
Philip Lewis, England

My vote goes to Steve Waugh, not only a great batsman but also an inspirational leader
Tom, UK

Man of the series has to be Glenn McGrath for a continuous display of consistent and hostile fast bowling. How many times has Athers fallen to him? And how many of our Batsmen could live with him? He Also deserves recognition for his role of lead bowler, guiding Brett Lee and Jason Gillespie.
Chris Loe, England

My player of the series would be Mark Waugh. He has scored runs (two centuries) at important parts of the match and has steered Australia to targets from poor starts. He has helped other team mates, especially Ricky Ponting at Headingley. His fielding was excellent and he has backed up the bowling.
Govinder Gill, England

It is easy to give such an honour to an Australian considering the other side is totally substandard and found wanting in every department of the game. The difficulty is in choosing from a brilliant and committed squad. They all deserve a team-of-the-year award. What a credit to the international game they are!
Hugh LS MacCamley Langer, Brunei Darussalam

Gilchrist was fantastic but rode his luck at times
David Matthews, England

It is difficult to choose a player of the series from the Australians. My vote goes to Steve Waugh, not only a great batsman but also an inspirational leader. The courage, tenacity, and skill he showed in his last innings was an example to all who play the game at any level. All of the England players demonstrated lack of commitment to themselves, the game, and their supporters. This lack of professionalism is, I suspect, simply due to taking their selection, and salary, for granted. They have shown themselves too feckless for central contracts and these should be removed. Choose an England player of the series? Don't make me laugh!
Tom, UK

I'd like to pick an English player (although to be honest it would be unjust and unfair) but to my mind, Damien Martyn is the man of the series. McGrath and Warne performed to their own excellent standards and Gilchrist brought in a couple of match winning innings. But Martyn approached this series as a 'maybe' man, ala Flintoff, and has come out of it as a truly world class Test batsman. Pity he's not English.
Steve Watson, England

I'd make Damien Martyn the player of the series. Gilchrist was fantastic but rode his luck at times. Martyn looked impregnable at the crease. No Englishman should claim any honour. Butcher only delivered when it didn't matter and the rest, similarly, were just not good enough.
David Matthews, England

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