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Saturday, 8 September, 2001, 09:35 GMT 10:35 UK
Your views on Venus' victory
Your verdict on Venus
This year's US Open final wasn't quite the classic that people hoped as Venus Williams beat sister Serena in straight sets.

Do you think that Venus was a worthy winner ?


Venus Williams beat sister Serena 6-2 6-4 in a one-sided US Open final that wasn't quite the titan clash that many people thought it would be.

The pair made history as the first sisters to meet in a Grand Slam final since Maud Watson beat Lilian Watson in the first Wimbledon women's final in 1884.

But Venus dominated the match from the off and the younger sister seemed to struggle as Venus turned on the power .

Send us your thoughts on the final and its implications for the future of women's tennis.

E-mail us with your thoughts.


They have taken women's tennis to a new level, increasing the profile of the sport internationally
Jeremiah, Germany
It is refreshing to see that despite reaching such heights in their profession, the Williams sisters have retained that family bond of sisterly love and concern. But probably the greatest challenge they will ever face is how to compete against each other in aggressive competitiveness. One consolation is that their achievements are seen collectively as the "Williams sisters".
Stephen Dulwich, Denmark

There was no doubt at all that Venus was going to retain her title. If she had played someone else we might have had a better game. Venus is undoubtedly one of the most mentally tough players on the court today.
Kwaku, Ghana

The world of tennis should give credit to the Williams sisters. They have taken women's tennis to a new level, increasing the profile of the sport internationally. They will dominate the sport for some years to come and apart from Serena it's difficult to see any other credible opponent for Venus in future Grand Slam tournaments.
Jeremiah, Germany

Venus was definitely a worthy winner. The tennis "gurus" seem to think that Serena is the more talented player but I disagree. If Serena doesn't get over that mental block, especially against Venus, then Venus will win many more titles.
Colin Francis, Antigua

I think that these two sisters display incredible grace under incredible pressure. The racism is real. The competition is real. The love is real. The media makes most of this unreal and the hype is not in the interest of tennis.
Daniel Cohen, Israel

It's hard to say which sister is better than the other, for their game approach and attitude is different. However, hats off to Venus, who displayed a high level of focus when it mattered. Serena is on her way up, and it will be interesting to observe a Williams' monopoly in the making.
Willy Ariwi, Hong Kong

It's hard to say which sister is better than the other
Willy Ariwi, Hong Kong

Both Venus and Serena gave their all in the final. But Venus was the better and more focused opponent when it mattered. This was not a result preordained by Mr Williams.

It's difficult to stay focused when the sister is on the other side of the net. This is why Venus deserves all the credit for her performance, because regardless of whether or not it's Serena she's facing, she has only got one thought and that's winning grand slam titles. Serena was just another opponent she had to beat. This was not a preordained result

Venus has got an intimidating presence on court whoever she faces and Serena faced a Venus on top form. Until Serena starts thinking it's just another opponent she's facing and not Venus, Venus will continue to be the dominant sister in what will be a Williams monopoly in the grand slams and in future at the top of the rankings.
David, UK

Venus is a talented girl; her game is great. She deserved the win.
Dr. Protus Nyongesa, Kenya

Serena is the ever so slightly more gifted (tennis wise) but Venus has the better mental strength, which is likely to be the difference. What's obvious is that both of them should be playing on the men's tour if they want real competition! 120mph serves that's on par with a lot of the men!
Ukboyuk, UK

Venus is a talented girl; her game is great. She deserved the win.
Dr. Protus Nyongesa, Kenya

I don't think that Venus is better than Serena. I have a feeling that this result was determined by their father Richard.
Z.E.Alireza, Saudi Arabia

The match may not have lived up to expectations but there is little doubt that in the bigger picture there was only one likely winner for the tournament this year and that was Venus. Look at the fact that she did not drop a set in the entire tournament. With the withering of Hingis, there is little opposition to the sisters and, barring injuries; they are bound to dominate women's tennis for sometime to come. Venus is still likely to be the more dominant.
Joe, England

There's no cloud in the air regarding the victory of Venus. She's proved in several occasions that she's superior. For me it's natural. Without underestimating the merit of Serena. The showdown was fantastic and the best won.
Mama, Bangladesh

The final was anti-climactic, but Venus proved that she's one of the most, if not the most, mentally tough players out there. She kept her emotions in check and was able to maintain a fairly competitive level of play even when, I'm sure, she felt sorry for her sister and would have liked to see her win. In the end, she proved she is still the more mature of the two sisters on the court. She has the potential to dominate women's tennis for quite a while--at least until Serena gets over the mental hurdle and figures out how to beat her.
Tracey, Los Angeles, USA

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