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Monday, 20 August, 2001, 16:49 GMT 17:49 UK
Your views on England's amazing win
Have your say on the fourth Teat as the match unfolds
Mark Butcher scores an unbeaten 173 to secure a memorable six-wicket win over Australia at Headingley.

E-mail your reactions to a classic Test match.


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England have become only the 13th team to record a total of 315 or more for victory in the final innings of a Test match.

Surrey's Mark Butcher played a swashbuckling knock, flailing some wayward Australian bowling to all corners of the Headingley ground.

Butcher was ably supported in the chase by skipper Nasser Hussain, who notched a half-century, and Mark Ramprakash.

Although the Ashes are still in Australia's hands, the win salvages some pride for a beleaguered England team.

Send us your reactions to a classic Test match.


Once again England can only beat the old enemy when the real prize is lost
Tony Metcalf, England
Settle down folks, it┐s time to stop deluding ourselves. The Aussies had nothing to lose by making a game of it. They wouldn┐t have made such a generous declaration if the Ashes had still been at stake and only the rain saved England from probable defeat.

Once again England can only beat the old enemy when the real prize is lost. Throughout the series our batting has been too fragile, our bowling has lacked depth and we have dropped too many catches. Not good enough, in other words and certainly not good enough to justify all this hype after one meaningless win.
Tony Metcalf, England

Mark Butcher's performance against the world's greatest ever Test side was fabulous. Just as pleasing was the splendid attitude of the Australians under Adam Gilchrist's leadership. They were forceful but never intimidating (as previous Australian sides have often been) and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout. Congratulations to Adam Gilchrist for bringing some life into poor, battered cricket.
Kevin Donnelly, UK

Hat's off to the Aussies for playing positive cricket and making a go of what should really have been a draw. England will no doubt be singing crickets coming home, pity the Aussies can't say the same about the real Ashes.
Peter Strydom , South Africa

One hollow victory is small compensation for a summer of humiliating thrashings
Robert, England
Yes, it was a great day's cricket and Butcher's innings was sensational but I am afraid I'm not fooled. For the fifth Ashes series in a row we have won a dead match and celebrated as if we had won the Urn itself. One hollow victory is small compensation for a summer of humiliating thrashings, and we must stop kidding ourselves that we were beaten by superhumans; a ramshackle Indian side swept past them a few months ago. But England were easy meat - again. Today's result is sadly meaningless.
Robert, England

Good for cricket. Great innings by Butcher. Australia have now played out 22 results in their last 22 matches. They deserve credit for giving themselves and England a chance to win and for giving the crowd something to get excited about. However, I hope England have to take 20 wickets before they beat us again!
Daryl, Australia

What a sensational result for the English Cricket. Australia are one of the greatest ever Test sides and to pull that out on the final day was extraordinary. All praise to Nasser Hussain's leadership and a sensational innings by Mark Butcher.
Stuart , Australia

Well done England and Mark Butcher. It was a fantastic effort and good for the game. Despite the loss, I think Gilchrist was spot on to declare. It was positive decisions like that which allowed us to win the most consecutive Test matches in a row. It will always backfire sometimes, I'm just glad the Ashes were already under wraps when England rediscovered their form.
Dan, Australia

England have finally realised that to win test matches you need to score runs at a decent rate. In Pakistan and Sri Lanka they stifled their opposition but today they went on the offensive. Australia will never be beaten by sheer grit and determination. They need to be bullied and treated with little respect.
Jim English, USA

Well done lads, shame it took until the last day of the penultimate match to produce the goods
Jim Member, Scotland
What a wonderful win. Now people will realise this side really has spirit and determination which they acquired over the past 12 months. Losing three key batsmen for most of a series would be a shock for any team and England showed today that they are in fact made of the right stuff! Bring on the Oval.
Senthuran Elalingam, England

It must be the result of watching the Botham hagiography last night. The spirit of '81 has returned.
Charles Aptaker, England

Great to see the Aussies stuffed after getting too cocky. They clearly deserved the Ashes but England deserve the respect which the Aussies should now give them a bit more willingly.
Nick Hennin, France

What a performance from England. They were written off by almost everybody. Somehow they believed in themselves and put on a grand show. Many people can say that Gilchrist shouldn┐t have declared. But that is his problem and he underestimated England. Today England have shown to the Aussies their true strength. If this is England's true strength then beware Aussies!
Ramasubramanian, India

Well done lads, shame it took until the last day of the penultimate match to produce the goods. As for Mark Butcher - well all I can say is that England could do with a few more players who are willing to ignore the opponents' reputations and get stuck into them regardless!
Jim Member, Scotland

The England squad to a man need a big pat on the back for taking the Test match away from the Australians
Jason Hartley-Smith, UK
I can just see the headlines for tomorrows papers, "Butcher carves up the Aussies" or "Butcher makes mincemeat of the Aussies". I love it.
Mick Davies, Shrewsbury, England

It seems increasingly likely that Australia made a mistake in declaring, but good for them. It was a piece of positive cricket, going all out for the result, and they knew the risk they were taking. Now let's see if we can salvage some pride.
Joel, England

I think both teams need congratulating on bringing a Test match to life. The Australians made the right decision to declare based on time and our recent batting performance. The England squad to a man need a big pat on the back for taking the Test match away from the Australians. Even if our boys lose they have played well and that is what it is all about. Well Done England whatever the score!
Jason Hartley-Smith, UK

Maybe the rest of the world will sit up and listen now
Dave, England
This win will just be a minor blip. As long as England are infected with an unjustified feeling of superiority, they will continue to fail in cricket, and in sport in general.
Sachin Patel, UK

What a performance - and for anyone to belittle it is outrageous. Do people really think that Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne want to lose the Test match? As against India, Australia have discovered that attacking fields do not always work, and it is not easy to get wickets when the pressure is on. And well done Mark Butcher - he has never looked out of place for England and was unlucky to have been dropped in the first place. England are a good side and would beat most Test teams with this side - with Vaughan and Thorpe they would be even better.
Kenny Roger, UK

Go Butcher! Pity it is too late in terms of the Ashes but we have now shown that we are capable of competing with the best. Maybe the rest of the world will sit up and listen now.
Dave, England

The only thing that beat the Australians in this test was the inclement English weather. Had they been able to bat for the last four hours yesterday, this result would never have come about - and everyone knows it. Whatever the pundits say, that wicket was obviously a good batting strip for positive cricket and England finally played that way. After all, they had nothing whatsoever to lose - the Ashes have already gone.
Leanne, Australia

Well done Mark Butcher, that was brilliant.
Allon, England

Great result - well done Butcher. At last two sides taking the pitch with the aim of winning. The Aussie declaration didn't work out but hats off to them at the end - all congratulated Hussain on the way off - they are professionals who recognized a great performance & I admire them for that.

Wow! Once again England have shown that they can compete at the highest level once they can get their act together. I only wish that it had been sooner as with the recent ashes series, England only start playing once the Aussies have won it already! Well done nonetheless!!
Gurprit Lidder, UK

Well played, but Australia would not have declared so early if the series hadn't already been won. I'm afraid England always (only) win when the Aussies take their foot off the gas. Still, it's good for the series, but England will never get anywhere until the current system is reformed. Bring back two overseas players to boost standards, kill off the B+H (tobacco should have no role in sport) and reduce the number of county games. That would be a start.
Tim, UK

Well done Mark Butcher, that was brilliant.
Allon, England

Wonderful. At last I can face my mates in the eye! Worth staying up until 2.30am for. Will Butcher be tested for illegal substances!
Anthony, Australia

I am very happy that England managed to win and accomplish the task with a positive attitude. If only they could have adopted a positive attitude they could have made a game out of the Ashes series. Anyway this would help keep the interest of people in cricket for some more time in the near future which cricket could definitely use. Keep up the good work.
Rahul Nadagouda, USA

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