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Wednesday, 18 July, 2001, 15:57 GMT 16:57 UK
Should Healey be disciplined?

Austin Healey will face a Lions disciplinary comittee after remarks made in a national newspaper.

How severe should his punishment be?


In his column in The Guardian, Austin Healey described Australian second row Justin Harrison as a "plod" and a "plank."

He will now face a disciplinary comittee consisting of Lions coach Graham Henry, tour manager Donal Lenihan and captain Martin Johnson.

Earlier in the tour Matt Dawson was also caught in controversy when he criticised Henry's training methods.

In cricket the ECB impose restrictions on players with central contracts, preventing them from criticising the management.

Should future Lions tours be subject to the same rules?

And what do you think of Healey's comments? How severe should his punishment be?


Healey was wrong to say what he did and ought to be reprimanded. But for people (Ken Rogers !) to say he should never play for England again is absurd. He is a a talented and committed player, just keep him away from the press and on the park !
Simon Short, UK

From an Australian perspective, Austin Healey should not be disciplined. He served Australia well. He did a better job inspiring our team than any motivational speaker. Spurring a Test rookie to put in a man of the match performance is surely unmatched in the modern game. Despite his English heritage I regard him as a true Aussie hero.
Mark L, Australia

Austin Healey has shown the world what a complete little arrogant, ignorant, insulting, disrespectful person he is. I think he needs some cultural lessons to learn that other countries have different lifestyles to his own. That is part of the joy of travelling, to experience something different. Also, I would like to point out that Campese made comments after he retired, but never did he insult the country that he was touring at the time.
Geoff Nicolai, Australia

Healey is a small man with a small mind who cannot cope with rejection
  Terry Vaus, Wales
Behaviour such as this is not acceptable at any level, let alone for a professional sportsman. Players earn respect and do not automatically receive it. First there was the incident at Leicester where he was demanding to play number 10 and now managing to loose the trust and respect of the Lions, England and most importantly his teammates. He deserves everything he gets and certainly is not worthy of an England shirt.
Mark , UK

If Healey gets fined, so what. However, if this gets blown out of all proportions and it leads to him being suspended by England, then it's crazy, political correctness gone mad. It wasn't as if he lied! Harrisson effectively, and illegally, finished Healey's tour at the end of the Brumbies game, remember! Harrisson should have not even been playing in the third Test.
A Proud Lion, England

It was evidently a badly managed tour. Surely our energies would be best focused on that issue, rather than a witch-hunt of one player or another.
Dan Dzenitis, Denmark

Healey is a small man with a small mind who cannot cope with rejection. The sooner he can come to terms with it he may become a better human being.
Terry Vaus, Wales

I think Healey should never again play for England
  Kenny Roger, UK
If Healey broke his tour contract then his salary ought to be withheld. If the discipline is to be based on his comments then forget it. Campese said worse about England and the English on a weekly basis. Selective short memory seems to be rife!
Simon Dickson, USA

As Clive Woodward has said, he needs people he can trust in his team. I think Healey should never again play for England - he has proved that he is not interested in the team situation, only himself. No-one should be able to write columns while they are on tour - what goes on tour, stays on tour!
Kenny Roger, UK

We are now beginning to see some of the negative aspects of professionalism. With more exposure to the media, the public realise that these stars that we hold in great esteem are as idiotic as the next person. An article such as this would have been very divisive to the lions camp.

The Wallabies are a cohesive unit and share a strong belief in the team (this seems to be an inherent characteristic in all Australian sporting teams). I think the Wallabies won the series because they had the mental edge. Thanks must go to Mr Healey and friends for giving us Aussies a good reason to send you guys home with your tails between your legs. Great tour guys - it was a pleasure.
Martin Roebuck, Australia

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