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Monday, 9 July, 2001, 10:05 GMT 11:05 UK
Will Venus be truly great?
Can Venus Williams emulate Martina Navratilova?
Venus Williams now has two Wimbledon titles to her name and appears to be tightening her grip on the women's game.

But does Williams have what it takes to be a Wimbledon legend?


Martina Navratilova won nine Wimbledon titles, Steffi Graf won seven, and now Venus Williams has won two in a row.

But a number of commentators have questioned whether Williams can dominate the game in the same way as Navratilova and Graf in the past.

Chris Evert feels the women's game has too much strength in depth, with Hingis, Capriati, Serena Williams, Davenport and now Henin all competing for honours.

There is also the question of whether Williams will be on the scene long enough to become one of the truly great champions.

Will Williams be a Wimbledon legend?

Tell us what you think.


Venus may become dominant at Wimbledon, perhaps winning two or three more times. But she certainly will not become a tennis legend until she prepares better for the French and wins it a few times.
Donal Crowley, Ireland

Venus is a very talented player, but to be called a legend is out of proportion. I still want to see her performing as good on clay as on the grass of Wimbledon.
Philippe, Belgium

In some quarters, Venus is already a legend
  Justin, United States
I certainly think Venus can become a Wimbledon legend. Nothing is impossible. Keep it up Venus.
Michael Mayanja, Uganda

In some quarters, Venus is already a legend. So far as the overall picture goes, she will retire before being considered on a par with Steffi, Chris, Martina and others. The constant hassle from the American media will force both her and Serena to retire early.
Justin, United States

I hate to hear someone saying Venus is lucky to have won Wimbledon once again. She worked hard for it and she deserves every credit that goes with being a champion. Being fast is necessary but not sufficient, using your head is more important.
Azimeh Arigu, Canada

Venus doesn't play enough tournaments to be considered an all-time great
  Sarah, UK

I certainly think she is already becoming a legend. Venus has shown tremendous maturity, skill, power and adaptability. I can't see any other player besides her sister being much of a challenge. Serena has so much talent. She needs to work a little bit on her nerves and then those two girls will be icons.
Warren, USA

Venus is great and will become a legend without doubt if certain section of the press will let her get on with it without stirring up impertinent debate. Just two years ago the same press were saying they would not be a contender until she won a Grand Slam title, now she's won three. They also said she'd never be number one, now she's on the verge that as well.
Ade Odelusi, London

Venus doesn't play enough tournaments to be considered an all-time great and there are too many good players around for total domination to happen in the women's game again.
Sarah, UK

People respect Venus and the battle that she has gone through to get to the top
  James, USA

Venus is good. She will become great only if she accomplishes great things, which she has not done yet. To have interests other than tennis gives her balance in life and become a normal human being. But that will also not make her great like Martina Navritlova and Margaret Court Smith. To become great, which she is capable of becoming, she has to dedicate her playing years to tennis and tennis alone. So only time will tell that.
Manny Sohal, USA

It's really nice to see Venus mentioned alongside Navratilova and Graf but we must accept that she is neither of the two. She is playing at a time when there are other talented players but she still has what it takes to dominate the game if she can maintain discipline and consistency in her game. Back to back Wimbledon titles are no fluke.
Osteen Oronsaye, Nigeria

Venus is a very good player, but to say she is a legend is to belittle the word. She definitely has the skill to dominate women's tennis, but let us not forget that there are a very strong contingent of women who are right beside her vying for the top. People always want the underdog to win and in Capriati's case, her story is truly remarkable from her huge potential as a teenager to her lows and her courage and strength to come back so strongly this year. Everyone with any compassion would find her story fascinating. People respect Venus and the battle that she has gone through to get to the top, against all obstacles, social or sporting, but let's not read into it every time people are up for her opponent or the underdog. Venus has skill abounding and only when her career has finally ended can it be judged.
James, USA

Venus is a good example to us all to conquer our adversities, work hard and diligently to reach the pinnacles of our dreams
  Cheryl, USA

Venus is a player with a tremendous serve, good court coverage and a maturing sense of adjusting to the opponent's style of play. The only problem is that she doesn't seem to be trying 100% all the time. In my opinion, she should get better professional coaching and enter more tournaments.
Jim Saxon, USA

In my mind she already is a legend.The titles she may or may not win are irrelevant
Patrick Matthew, Trinidad and Tobago

I enjoy, watching this strong-willed, confident young woman do so well in the highest ranks of tennis. Venus is a good example to us all to conquer our adversities, work hard and diligently to reach the pinnacles of our dreams! She has matured over the years and plays her different opponents with skill, adapting to their varying games quickly to outwit them on all types of court, be it grass or clay.
Cheryl G., United States

Venus is lucky to have the Wimbledon once again, but she will not rule the game. She is a slow player.
Abba Christian, Uganda

Only Davenport is really on a par, but she looks scared of Venus
  Mark Leftly, UK

She probably will dominate tennis for a long time, she is clearly the best and I hope becomes number one soon. Venus is not arrogant, but a srong black woman, proud of herself and she believes she is the best. Everyone wanted Capriati to win Wimbledon but I would love it if the Williams sisters dominate tennis for ages.
Danny, England

Williams has what it takes to be a Wimbledon legend - few of the ladies look comfortable on grass. Only Davenport is really on a par, but she looks scared of Venus. As for the other slams, Williams is no Graf and will find it hard to dominate with so many good hard court players around.
Mark Leftly, UK

Venus dominating, hmm? I believe Steffi and Martina did not have the competition Venus has today. She is capable but she will have to work extra hard. Justine Henin is poetry in motion and she will be back. This is what makes the women's game more exciting.
Bridget, London, England

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