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Sunday, 8 July, 2001, 12:44 GMT 13:44 UK
Has Henman blown his chance?
Has Henman blown his best chance of claiming the Wimbledon crown?
Tim Henman has suffered a heartbreaking defeat to Goran Ivanisevic in the Wimbledon men's semi-final.

Has the British number one blown his best chance of winning Wimbledon?


After a thrilling five-set match played over three days, Tim Henman was beaten in the Wimbledon men's semi-final by wild card Goran Ivanisevic.

With Pete Sampras already out, many regarded this as Henman's greatest ever chance to claim the Wimbledon crown.

With a talented crop of youngsters coming through the men's ranks, can Henman keep up the pace and return next year as a leading contender?

Or has Henman wasted his last chance of Grand Slam glory on home soil?


I think Tim is a brilliant tenenis player and I'm convinced he will win it next year.
Doreen Newport, Great Britain

I think that this tournament has been a great benefit for Henman. He may not have won but he certainly convinced me that he has it in him to win Wimbledon. I think that he can come back next year and win it.
Chris, England

Tim Henman gets better and better year by year, and still hasn't peaked in terms of performance. There is no reason why he shouldn't win Wimbledon in the next couple of years. Take some time to watch him play in other tournaments!
Kate Wakeman, Greece

It will be Henman's year next year!
  Kate, UK
Henman was not good enough on the day. He needs to become more aggresive if he is to win a major championship.
Ian Clarke, England

I don't think that he has blown his chance because he tried very hard to get to where he is, and when he comes back next year he will be a stronger player who will go on and win Wimbledon. I think that now he has lost to Goran Ivanisevic it will help his game plan.
Sarah Walton, England

If the Nation wasn't so hysterical about Tim winning, he would have a much better chance. We place far too much pressure and stress on our few world class sportsmen and women.
Christopher Newell, United Kingdom

There is a certain look in the eye, a certain aura, which all the real champions have. Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and Pete Sampras are all great examples of this. I have never experienced Tim Henman exuding enough in this direction to warrant anyone believing he will win next year. It will take more than just a new coach!
Elliot Hiller, Germany

Of course this isn't his last chance - it's not like he's 35. He had bad luck this year but still should have done it. He will learn from this and will come back stronger.
James McKie, Stockholm, Sweden

I think Tim Henman only lost because the match was played over three days. Had it been played all in the first session, I really think he would have won. I know he can win Wimbledon, He knows he can, and so do 65m other people - we can't all be wrong! This has been his best chance to date, but I know he will be back - and with more grit and determination than ever.
Rachel Griffiths, UK

The best man won today and he will win tomorrow
  Bob, UK
Henman was the better player in the match and played the best tennis. He would have won it on Friday if the rain had let him. Goran relies heavily on his serve and his game is too Inconsistent. It will be Henman's year next year!
kate, UK

Congratulations to Goran! I think this is Goran's year, and he will win the tournament that he so desperately wants. I hope that he will silence the critics once and for all who said that he was ready for the scrapheap.The best man won today and he will win tomorrow.
Bob, UK

Goran proved too much for Tim Henman, who lacks punch in his game. If he fired himself up less his play would be more relaxed. He hasn't got what it takes to win at Wimbledon.
Val Daggatt, England

Henman may three or four years left at the top and therefore still has a chance of winning Wimbledon. However, his inability to kill off opponents on really big points may prove to be his undoing. People can talk about the weather and all the 'what if's,' but the simple answer is he just wasn't up to it on the big points.
Jock, Wales

Henman will always do quite well at Wimbledon but we have to face facts and realise that he just hasn't got that extra something you need to be a champion. He did plenty wrong in the few games that we saw today and that's why he lost.

We can't ignore the fact that he doesn't get enough first serves in and his second serve is made for hitting, as Goran showed. It's clear that Tim needs to get himself a decent coach, or, as Goran has done, get the Lord on his side!
G Simpson, UK

Stop crying about Henman losing - he lost to the better player. I don't think he's got what it takes to win Wimbledon.
Derek Vanstone, England

Tim will win next year, in another Jubilee year. Remember 1977 and Virginia Wade?
Bob Eastaugh, England

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