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Sunday, 1 July, 2001, 11:46 GMT 12:46 UK
Will Sol make a great Gunner?
How will Sol Campbell fare at Highbury?
Arsenal have won the race to sign Sol Campbell.

Was he right to stay in the Premiership and how will the former Spurs defender fare at Highbury?


Sol Campbell had the pick of the top European clubs vying for his signature after leaving Spurs as a free agent.

Deciding to remain in the Premiership, he has signed a four-year deal with north London rivals Arsenal and joins on a Bosman-style free transfer.

In the midst of the shock move, will Campbell succeed as a Gunner?

And did he make the right decision?


I had to endure many taunts from Spurs fans about the possibility of Viera leaving 'unambitious Arsenal'. They thought it was hilarious. Who's laughing now? Easily our best signing in years.
Jon Morrison, UK

Sol Campbell leaving reflects more on the club than him
  Richard Lemon, Australia
As a Spurs fan of twenty years I have seen many players come and go. Sol Campbell leaving reflects more on the club than him. It reflects the total lack of ambition. Good luck Sol,and thanks for the memories.
Richard Lemon, Austrailia

Sol is not the magical player that will bring trophies back to the Gunners. He is only one part of the solution. Bring in another quality midfielder to make Viera think a bit more about his position playing for the club - Emerton I say.
Harv, Australia

There's no need for we fans to choose Campbell's team for him. He should be left to decide where to go. I congratulate him for signing at Highbury in the coming season. He, himself knows where he fits. He has proved, once again, that money is nothing to him after turning down Inter Milan's lucrative deal. I believe Arsene Wenger has to add another strong defender, so that Arsenal can be very successful in this season. Good luck Campbell, good luck Arsenal.
Mike Maonga, USA

It is typical of fans to say they were betrayed and feel that players are only in it for the money. Sol has shown that he wanted to stay in London, but still play for the best and win something for a change. Barcelona and the like would have been challenging prospects yes, but look at their records when it comes to effective management - coach after coach fired, players lauded when they are signed, only to be trashed a year later. Arsenal, on the other hand, has shown remarkable stability, particularly since Arsene joined. I would say Sol made the right choice.
Michael Colella, London UK

Sol Campbell has made a decision based on his desire to win medals
  Victor, UK
Sol Campbell has made a decision based on his desire to win medals. It should be seen as a boost to the English Premiership that a player of Sol's calibre wants to stay in England. In my un-biased opinion he has made the right choice of club. Well done Sol, a player driven by deisre and not greed.
Victor, UK

This is unreal. Sol has lost all the credibility he had gained over the last few years. He could have led Spurs, during this building process, to become a great team once again. He will regret this move in the future and indeed for leaving Spurs on a free transfer.
C Patel, UK

Sol Campbell is an excellent defender and he showed us all what he is capable of at France '98. However, his signing doesn't guarantee that Arsenal will finish any closer to Manchester United next season.

It is easy to see why he chose Arsenal ahead of the European giants of the continent - Sven Goran Eriksson can see him play a lot more often. It gives me a sense of comfort to know that a player chose a club to further his football career and not simply just to bulge his wallet. Good luck to him.
David Nash, UK

He knows where to go to further his career and I'm sure he'll be excellent for Arsenal
  Mark, UK
Isnt it ironic - Spurs fans have discovered loyalty all of a sudden! How loyal was Glenn Hoddle to Southampton or George Graham to Leeds? Now they're on the receiving end they don't like it. It's about time Spurs fans recognised they're not the big club they think they are - Sol has. He knows where to go to further his career and I'm sure he'll be excellent for Arsenal. He will make all the difference.
Mark, UK

Sol is a great signing, just what Arsenal needed. Spurs weren't good enough to keep such an ambitious player and should learn to live with it!
Lee, England

Sol Campbell has already taken Arsenal for a ride. If he had really wanted to sign for Arsenal, despite the 'soul searching', he could have done it weeks ago. Inter and Barcelona were only tools to get Arsenal to up their financial offer.
Steve Batty, UK

I'm really happy Sol Cambell has joined Arsenal, he just what we needed. I can understand Tottenham fans anger, but he gave ten years of his best, which is a long time, especially in football. He can only improve now and is sure to become a Highbury legend.
Jay Patel, UK

Anyone who is involved with British football - except the Spurs fans who are mourning the loss - will agree with me when I say that the signing of Sol Campbell by Arsenal has finally given us English Fans something to look forward to next season. Suddenly, Arsenal can finally boast a squad on paper that can challenge Man Utd. Well done Arsenal!
Aji Ajibola, England

Cambell's move shows his maturity as a person and a player
  Nigel O'Connor, Australia
Cambell's move shows his maturity as a person and a player. He is able to recognise the likes of Barca and Inter as big spending pretenders and has joined a club despite all the cons. It is good to see that he is able to look past the rivalry of North London - such petty things may mean a lot to some people, but it is obvious that Sol is more concerned about fulfilling his own dreams.
Nigel O'Connor, Australia

On a completely biased note, being an Arsenal fan I am happy that Sol Campbell has signed for Arsenal. On a objective note, this just represents how much power is being removed from the clubs by players and their agents. If the balance is not redressed the game as a whole will suffer.
Simon Jarvis, England

As a Spurs fan I am bitterly disappointed by Sol's decision. However, I was even more confused: He continually professed his love for Spurs and it's fans, yet left for the only club in the world where he could really betray them. He says he wants to improve but stays in the same league. As for winning the title for Arsenal, I think any Arsenal fan would tell you their problem last season was scoring, not conceding goals!
Rob Penter, UK

Sol will make a crucial difference to the Gunner's, along with Jeffers and Van the man, and possibly Richard Wright to come. Things are looking good for the treble next season.
Johno, UK

Since the Bosman ruling, all the football trade in this country, apart from a small few exceptions, has been one way - imports. Surely, for the good of the English game, it would have been better for Campbell to go abroad?

At the moment the only major English player playing abroad is Steve McManaman. Why has no-one else followed his lead?
Graeme, UK

Years of fustration will come to an end through the arrival of Sol Campbell
  Fongbeh Musa Konneh, England
I think Sol Campbell made the right decision to join Arsenal, because they are a great team with fantastic world class players and a top class manager. Years of fustration will come to an end through the arrival of Sol Campbell. Thank to Arsene Wenger for signing Campbell!
Fongbeh Musa Konneh, England

As a head-hunter, I'm used to looking to direct competitors in the same location to poach staff for my clients. Campbell moving across North London, therefore, seems fairly logical. However, on a CV a move to Barcelona, Milan or Turin would show true grit and real personal drive. Campbell has really let himself down on this one.
Joe Ryan, France

No one can accuse Sol of being greedy; far more money was on offer abroad. TC from England, when was the last time Barcelona and Inter won anything? Arsenal has a good chance of matching Man Utd this year, so I think his decision is justified. Hoddle has so far signed one unproven Yugoslav, and sicknote on another contract. Where is the ambition in that?
Del, Australia

I've got very mixed feelings about Sol joining us. He's very good - but not world class yet - and he'll be a great addition to the team. But it really proves that nothing is sacred anymore, and that threatens to undermine the fan loyalty that is fundamental to the football industry.

I don't blame spurs fans for feeling betrayed
  M Patel, UK

Being a committed fan involves an emotional buy-in which depends on the belief that the players you support care at least half as much as you do about the club. Deals like this shatter that illusion. On the other hand I now appreciate all the more the loyalty of someone like Tony Adams, who could have gone to United years ago, but stayed and helped us win things.
Paul McDonnell, Australia

I'm a Liverpool fan and like most people surprised at this move. I don't blame spurs fans for feeling betrayed, it's a shame they aren't good enough to attract Vieira or other top players from arsenal. The Gunners can build a good defence around Sol. Maybe this time around they can actually go on to win an FA cup final! Good luck to both N.London sides; you're going to need it, especially when Owen and co are firing on all cylinders.
M Patel, UK

What would really put the icing on the cake would be for Wenger to sell Campbell on for +20 million.
Guy Sorce, England

Those accusing Campbell of being unloyal, I'd like to know how many of you have been in your current jobs for more than ten years, thats what Campbell gave to Spurs.

If he was unloyal he would have left as soon as people spotted his potential, in his early 20's like Rio did, but he stayed & played in a average team.

And to say that his game won't improve by joining Arsenal is nonsense, Wenger is a coach with a proven track record of spotting potential in players and nuturing them into becoming world class. Sol will learn from Adams and Keown in the last years of their careers, without doubt Wenger and co will raise Sol's game which can only be good for England.
Ed Cunningham, England

Sol has stabbed every fan who ever cheered his name in the back by signing for Arsenal
  Patrick O'Reagan, US

I am very happy for Sol that he will finally be playing at the pinnacle of football surrounded by quality players. Thank you for some wonderful years at White Hart Lane and good luck!
Paul Kraft, Realistic Spurs Fan, United Kingdom

With the signing of Sol, Arsenal are making a massive step towards challenging Manchester United stranglehold on the Premiership, although more needs to be done.

I'm very impressed, but a little surprised that Arsenal are signing British players this summer, I think last season they probably learnt from United's lead that its a good idea to have a few player that know what the rough-and-tumble of the Premiership is all about.

Sol will dominate at the back, aided by Keown and Adams, and will form a partnership with Cole that I'm sure England will benefit from for years.
Matt Parry, Wales

Sol has stabbed every fan who ever cheered his name in the back by signing for Arsenal. If he truly ever cared for the fans who ever lined his greedy pockets then he would have signed for any other club in Europe.
Patrick O'Reagan, US

Thank God Sol's gone somewhere, it was starting to get boring!
Ed M, UK

As a Southampton fan I was delighted by Campbell's decision - Spurs pilfer our best manager in years, then they lose their best player since Hoddle to their hated rivals!

Better if Campbell had come to Saints though....
Mark Leftly, UK

Football has become a game where loyalty to a club is a practice only followed by supporters. If he had joined ANY other club, Spurs fans would have got over it, but this is unforgivable.

Sol was a hero of mine for many years, but that is all history now. As Sol said himself 'Ten years means nothing to some people'
Colin Davis, France

I think that Campbell has made the wrong decision - he should have gone abroad and become a much better all-round player, for the benefit of himself and that of the England team. Instead he chooses the easy option, going to Arsenal up the road - something I'm sure a `true` Spurs supported would never even think about doing......
Scott Hewitt, Netherlands

Whilst I do feel for every Spurs fan - I can't pretend not to be thrilled. I just hope that he's worth the money...
Mel, UK

It's just another example of how 'player power' is taking over in the FA Premiership.

Spurs could not have sold him last year as he kept promising to sign an extension to his contract, and kept delaying when it came to the crunch - he would not negotiate a deal knowing that he would just have to last another year to keep ALL the money for himself.

Player loyalty?- don't make me laugh.
Anthony, England

If he was truly ambitious, he wouldn't have hesitated to go abroad.
  Billy, UK

Sol talks about moving because he wants to win things. Well, he's won Spurs fans contempt. Surely if his desire to win was so great, Barca, Inter or Liverpool would have been the choices. But no he picks the perennial bridesmaids - Arsenal. Maybe, he's just not yet ready to leave home yet!
TC, England

As Spurs have found out, there is no loyalty in football. Ask Glenn Hoddle, and the Saints fans he left behind.
Richard Hardiman, UK

For the past two years he has said how he is Spurs through and throughbut how he couldn't sign unless Spurs showed ambition.

Then when Spurs get Glenn Hoddle back and give him the money to build up the squad Sol then walks away, not allowing Spurs to gain transfer money or anything. I hope he can live with his betrayal!!
Andrew, UK

We're talking about Sol Campbell here, not Franz Beckenbauer. He's a good defender but certainly not world class.If he was truly ambitious, he wouldn't have hesitated to go abroad>

Sol must be all too aware of his limitations and this decision confirms it.
Billy, UK

It's an utter outrage. How can he claim to be Spurs 'through and through' and then go and join our arch-rivals. How can he possibly prove himself as one of the world's great defenders simply by crossing the north London divide?

He'll regret going to Arsenal in later years.
Robert Fielder, England

I am a Chelsea fan, but the news that Campbell has signed for the Gooners has incensed me so much you might conclude I was a Spurs fan.

What a total disrespect to your club. What an utter betrayal. What a lack of ambition. If I was good enough to play professionally and Barcelona wanted to sign me, I would be off like a shot!
Van Martinq, England

Great news for Arsenal and I'm personally pleased Sol's staying on these shores. I do wonder though... will Monsieur Vieria still want to leave the 'unambitious' Gunners?
Candy, UK

I am delighted he chose to stay in England. Pat Jennings gave us some great enjoyment after he made the switch, why shouldn't Campbell? I don't know exactly why he felt compelled to leave Spurs and I feel bad for Spurs' fans as they lost a great player. However, let's give him credit for putting his faith in English football.
Howard Silverstone, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

It serves Spurs right! They had a chance to make 20M on him, but they said no. Tough luck boys!
Mark, England

When Sol Campbell walks out for Arsenal at White Hart Lane, I bet he will wish he had gone to Barcelona! Whilst he is an excellent player with a good football brain, I believe he has treat the teams and football in general with contempt. The events leading up to his signing for Arsenal once again highlights the fact that some players act like spoilt stars and their petulance matched their undoubted ability. Highbury, you are welcome to him!
Miles Davies, UK

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