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Friday, 15 June, 2001, 23:52 GMT 00:52 UK
Motty's magic moments
Send your tributes to BBC football commentator John Motson
BBC football commentator John Motson has been awarded an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

Send us you favourite Motty memories and commentary gems.


With over thirty years service on Match of the Day, John Motson has become known as the BBC's voice of football.

He has been awarded an OBE alongside sporting greats in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours.

Jackie Stewart receives a knighthood, Alan Shearer (OBE) and Ray Charles (CBE).

In tribute to his newfound title, we want to hear your favourite Motty memories and commentary quips.


Spain v Yugoslavia in Euro 2000 was fantastic anyway but with Motty's commentary it was just, well, UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was so good that I taped the repeat during the early hours of the morning just so I could hear him again and whenever I do I get shivers down my spine and I know the commentary of the last goal like the back of my hand... Urzaiz is there, and here's the chance for the goal... AND IT'S IN! IT'S ALFONSOOOOOOOO! IT'S UNBEEEEELIEVABLE! It was also a match which brought out the classic comment "There's a flamethrower on the pitch!" Well done Motty.
Tom, England

Congratulations Motty. As a Liverpool fan I've got stacks of videos from the glory days featuring the great man's voice, so he was a good omen for us. It's hard not to be impressed by his commentary - he's one of the few commentators who have the rare ability to point out to a certain weakness or flaw in your team during a match without provoking you. One my favourite commentary lines of his was always: "Rush!! Goal!!" from the 89 Cup final (I think he kept on repeating this commentary line throughout the 80's).
Ibrahim, Lebanon

Here in the USA we would love to have football commentators of his quality. Congrats to Motty!
Scott Spires, USA

THE voice of football has now at last been honoured for his fantastic work. Well done Motty.
TC, Wales

It's impossible not to like him, because he's just so on the level with what he talks about. You find yourself agreeing with everything he says, and he has also shown that he has a light hearted side with comedy moments too. Congratulations to a dedicated sports commentator.
John Dipson, England

Saad Ibrahim, UK

He has been the voice of the BBC and the best commentator in his time
  Saad Ibrahim, UK
"Oooh he's hit the post, Arsenal of course have hit the woodwork 17 times this season, more than any other team!" Fantastic, Motty is the voice of football.
Alex Allen, England

Just to say: Well done Motty! It's about time you were acknowledged for your services to the BBC and football in general.
Ben Eddy, England

I remember watching FA Cup matches on BBC One and hearing his distinctive voice. There were some people who accused him of droning on about other stuff too often while on the mike, but for me, he is football on the BBC. I might not hear him that often anymore, but I will always remember him as the man who introduced me to football on television.
Mani Thangadurai, India

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