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Saturday, 9 June, 2001, 17:08 GMT 18:08 UK
Capriati comeback queen?

It was a rocky road to the final but Jennifer Capriati proved her staying power to claim her second Grand Slam of the year.

What is your verdict on the women's French Open final?


After seeing off Serena Williams and number one seed Martina Hingis in successive rounds Capriati was up against the promising Belgian Kim Clijsters.

It was Clijsters first Grand Slam final and after taking the first set 6-1 she looked relaxed and in control.

Capriati raised her game to take the second set 6-4 in what was shaping up to be a memorable final.

An incredible third set saw both players win and lose chances to clinch the championship but it was ultimately experience which prevailed.

Capriati's eventual victory was sealed 12-10 in a marathon two hours 21 minutes to secure her second Grand Slam this year.

Have your say on the women's final.


Jennifer is looking like a real champion right now. The greatness in her win is that despite such a loss of form, she played a very intelligent game. She adopted her game to the situation and kept her nerve - the marks of a true champion. The fearlessness in Clijsters' game disappeared in the last few games as the pressure mounted and it was very apparent. That's where Jennifer's experience and steely nerves took over. What a great match! Having watched her play when she was 14 it's great to see her back again, but weird to think that at 25 she is now one of the oldest players in the top 10.

As for Clijsters, she played brilliantly and is shaping up to be a great prospect for the future. I hope we see more of her from now on.
Arjun Thawani, UK

Congratulations Jennifer! What a super match! This goes to show what determination can do for a person. I hope she goes on to win many more Grand Slams.
J Mahovolich, The Netherlands

Nobody deserves this win better than Jennifer. After what she has gone through recently, one has to agree that this is the greatest comeback tennis has experienced. I for one thought that she had blown it.
Platini Ramaologa, Botswana

Capriati deserved the victory. It's great to see her comeback. She has lived up to the hype created when she was just 14.
Luke, Singapore

I think it's awesome that Jen has won her second title, even tough I wish the Aussie women could get up there into the top echelon of tennis on the women's circuit! But to see Jen Capriati come back from what she has in her past is just heart-warming stuff. So many people gave her heaps and made her suffer for the mistakes she had made in her life. It's also nice to see the return of a more modest and respectful personality in women's tennis too, unlike Hingis' tantrums and the Williams's arrogance!
Stephen, Sydney, Australia

This win should boost her confidence even more than her previous wins
  Tracey, USA
Jennifer is a real celebration of the human spirit. At last, she finally seems able to manage both her strength and her nerves. I would have really felt sorry if she had lost that match. A lot of people say that the 1991 US Open semi-finals was the last straw that broke Jenny's back. Although I don't think this would have broken her to a large extent, it would have deflated her a bit. This is a great confidence builder for her. She's beaten every top player on tour this year except for Mauresmo and Venus Williams. The arrogant and flamboyant Williams sisters with their mindless brand of muscle tennis are not the flag bearers of American tennis, Capriati is.
Paul Sanchez, Singapore

A great tennis match. It's really promising seeing new young faces with so much talent. Great tennis Clijsters, but the better player won at the end of the day! Well done Jennifer
Maz, UK

Because this was such a mental match for her, Capriati deserved to win it just by hanging in there despite having such a lousy start. Clijsters was more on her game, but Capriati proved herself a champion by pulling it out under less-than-ideal circumstances. This win should boost her confidence even more than her previous wins.
Tracey, USA

Clijsters was outstanding! She's just 18 years old, and if she manages to keep playing as confidently, she will be a top five player. I hope so, because she has already shown some marvellous tennis. For once, I'm proud to be a Belgian again.
Victor Nelen, Belgium

It was good for women's tennis to see such an exciting match
  Joachim Lyssens, Belgium
I thought that Clijsters was far the better player on the basis of it being her first final. She was unlucky and in the end Capriati simply showed more stamina.
James McNeil, England

The winner of a game of tennis almost always deserves the win. Although I would have fancied a Clijsters win, I'm still very impressed by and proud of what 18-year-old Kim showed on Saturday. She made it so much more difficult for Capriati than Hingis and Serena Williams. I thought the two players were outstanding. Capriati merely won thanks to her greater experience. But it was good for women's tennis to see such an exciting match. One must consider that clay is Clijsters' least preferred surface to play on. She will have her revenge one day!
Joachim Lyssens, Belgium

Capriati showed tremendous nerves of steel. Clijsters was a worthy opponent to Capriati in a final that was worth going miles to see. Capriati, the comeback kid, has surely come back! And how! Well done ladies, you both deserved to win!
Tony Batra, India

With a touch more experience Kim might have won. However, Jennifer's amazing story continues with confidence sky-high - she has been the best in the world this year, unquestionably. I'm not ashamed to admit, Jennifer's remarkable story brings tears of joy to my eyes. I have followed her career throughout and am so pleased for her, always smiling both on and off court. She's my sporting heroine right now.
Derek Bentall, Crawley, England

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