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banner Thursday, 24 May, 2001, 17:19 GMT 18:19 UK
Who will win the French Open?
Mary Pierce and Gustavo Kuerten are the reigning French Open champs
The clay courts of Roland Garros remain the most unpredictable venue of the four Grand Slam tennis events.

So who has what it takes to become French Open champion?

HAVE YOUR SAY Day three saw spectators enjoy another day of fine weather and fabulous tennis.

Tim Henman played one of his best matches on clay to beat Sjeng Schalken in straight sets and move into the third round.

As the competition hots up, who has what it takes to go all the way?

Who will win in Paris?


I can't see past Guga. His record on clay speaks for itself, although I would expect Agassi and Hewitt to give him a run for his money.
Donnie Beaton, Scotland

I'm surprised most people can't see past Ferrero, Kuerten and Agassi in the men's this year. They are the form horses but Hewitt, Moya and particularly Safin must have a real chance. I think this year's tournament could end up being a classic. And if the sun keeps shining the faster courts will give the likes of Sampras and Rafter an outside chance.

The women's tournament looks a little easier to pick with Hingis and Capriati my picks. But look out for Dokic. If she doesn't make an impact in the French she won't be far away at Wimbledon.
Charlie, Jersey C.I.

I think this year's tournament could end up being a classic.
  Charlie, Jersey C.I.
It certainly won't be British player, it's embarrassing how bad we are in comparison to Agassi, Kuerten and the other top players.
Richard Bailey, England

Only three people can win this year: Kuerten, Agassi and Ferrero. I think of the three, Agassi will be the hungriest. Even though he publicly ruled it out as a possibility the Grand Slam will be in his mind and he knows that this will be the last chance to do it.

Wimbledon for Andre will be the tough one but he always manages to raise his level for the slam events. I hope he wins. He is truly one of Sports great heroes and he thoroughly deserves his success.
Mike, UK

Even if Kuerten and Ferrero are strong contenders, I go for Agassi to win the French Open because the fact that he's playing a Slam (no.2 this year if he wins) increases his adrenaline all the more. Hingis should win the French this time with Venus, her main rival, already out.
Tranquilino G. Ortega, Jr., Philippines

I think it's Agassi's to win
  Oliver Hughes, UK
Now that Pierce, Seles, Davenport, Williams Snr and Mauresmo are all gone, it has to be Hingis' year to get her personal Slam. She hasn't had a better chance than this to win it and if she doesn't win the title, I doubt she will a Slam this year.

The winner of the men's will either be Guga or Ferrero. Although, only a fool would discount Andre Agassi, the man of the season so far.
Sarah, UK

In the men's draw it's frankly a three horse race between Agassi, Kuerten and Ferrero.

It would be great to see Sampras win the only Grand Slam which has so far eluded him yet it would appear very unlikely, especially considering the fact that he's in the same quarter of the draw as Agassi.

In the end I think it's Agassi's to win, he looked unbeatable when he last won Roland Garros and this year he seems fitter and faster than ever.

The womans draw is more difficult to call yet with many big names already out of the equation things are looking good for Martina Hingis to at last win another Grand Slam. I definitely wouldn't rule out the underdogs like Jelana Dokic.
Oliver Hughes, UK

Only four male players have ever won the Grand Slam (Rod Laver did it twice). It would be good to see Agassi give himself the chance by winning the French. The bias in me though would like to suggest that Lleyton Hewitt is capable of winning the title.
Daryl, Australia

My money is on the 1998 champion and one of the best clay court players ever - Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario.
  Marsha E. Strong, USA

On the men's side, I would have to say Juan Ferrero has the best chance, but Agassi can never be counted out. Given some recent early round losses on clay, I don't hold out much hope that either Kuerten or Sampras will be hoisting that trophy at fortnight's end!

As for the women, it seems very wide open this year, especially with defending champion Pierce, world number three Davenport, and former champion Seles all unable to compete. My money is on the 1998 champion and one of the best clay court players ever to compete there - Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario.
Marsha E. Strong, USA

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