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Monday, 30 April, 2001, 11:53 GMT 12:53 UK
Sheringham v Larsson

Henrik Larsson's 50 goals for Scottish Champions Celtic or Teddy Sheringham's 20 for English Champions Manchester United?

Who is the better player? And who would you most want in your team?

HAVE YOUR SAY What would Larsson have brought to Manchester United this season if he had donned the famous red shirt.

It is doubtful whether Teddy Sheringham would have netted 50 goals in the green and white hoops of Celtic.

Both strikers, Larsson and Sheringham are very different players performing in very different sides and leagues.

What Sheringham has achieved this season he has achieved as part of a squad rotation system, often sitting on the bench to make way for United's glut of striking options.

Larsson is a week-in week-out starter for Celtic and has achieved his remarkable tally in a league that some see as inferior to the Premiership.

Who would you most want in your side and why?

Better player: Larsson or Sheringham?

Share your thoughts.


Henrik Larsson is one of the greatest players ever to wear the Hoops
  Allan Rooney, Scotland
Did someone say that Sheringham had no skill? Come on, why do you think he can still do so well despite never having had any real pace? He deserves his award, as does Larsson in Scotland.
David, UK

Henrik Larsson is one of the greatest players ever to wear the Hoops. To compare him to Sheringham is nothing short of an insult. Henrick Larsson is the "King of Kings".
Allan Rooney, Scotland

I'm a United fan but I don't believe Sheringham deserved his awards this year. With the service provided to him he probably should have scored more goals. I'd swap him for Larsson any day.
Marty, Australia

If both leagues were to be judged by their respective best-players the SPL would stand head and shoulders above the Premiership
  Patrick B., USA

Larsson is easily the best player in Britain at the moment regardless of the supposed inferior quality of the SPL. If both leagues were to be judged by their respective best-players the SPL would stand head and shoulders above the Premiership.
Patrick B., USA

There is no comparison!! All Football fans in Singapore agreed that it is a sympathy award for Teddy. Even past and present MU & Spurs fans agreed!!
Jeffrey Tan, Singapore

Sheringham is an aged player, past his best, with no speed or real skill. Although he has performed well this season, he has mostly played in a squad rotation system due to him not being able to perform at the top level week in week out. Larsson is a creative player who I am sure could play in a range of positions and still dominate a game anywhere in the world. He showed great levels of fitness to return to the game after his horrific injury. What a star!
Casey, Isle of Man

Sheringham used to be a great player and if you were to compare them at their best then I would put them level
  Rob, England

Its a pretty unbalanced question - the conditions under which they play are very different. Larsson's numbers speak for themselves. But if you think that Teddy is in the twilight of his career, his achievement this season has been remarkable.

The difference that he makes to the Man U side when he is playing is glaringly obvious and for a United fan, you know that when he comes on goals are always in the air.
Shem, England

I think that Larsson is the better player and Sheringham is past his best. He only got the player of the year award as a retirement present. Sheringham used to be a great player and if you were to compare them at their best then I would put them level. At the moment it is no contest.
Rob, England

Larsson is the ultimate professional. Up and down the park he works like a horse. OK so you might think his goal tally is less impressive because of the opposition but I've seen at least 10 very weak teams in the English league this year.

He must also be responsible for 20 goal assists and does more than his fair share of tackling back. Larsson is the greatest by far.
Michael McClure, England

Henrik Larsson is one of the most complete strikers in the world today
  Ciaran, Ireland
It has to be Henrik Larsson, he has to be the best all-round forward player in Britain at the moment. You can argue all you want about the quality of the Scottish league, and theres no doubt the quality of the teams is higher in England.Even so, it takes a remarkable player to score 50 goals by this point in the season in any league. However, perhaps the most remarkable thing about Larsson is that he has managed this coming back from a career threatening injury. He contributes so much to the rest of the team. I wouldnt swap Laarson for ten Teddy Sheringham's.
Andy, Scotland

There seems to be two questions here. The first as to who is the better player, is pretty straightforward: It has to be Larsson. The other is to how good he'd appear to be if he played in the English premiership. It's obvious that most of the Scottish Premier League can't compete with the cash and supporter rich clubs of the premiership. However, it is insulting to players like Larsson to say they are only good because of the competition. Larsson's ex-team mate Viduka was similarly slurred but has proven to be just as impressive when playing for Leeds united - a team right at the top of the premiership.
Alan Bigham, Scotland

I have watched Larsson all season for Celtic. He is a goal scorer, but he can also provide goals for team mates - who set up Moravcik yesterday? Larsson is a wonderfully talented player, who makes turning up a Parkhead on a Saturday blissful. Larsson would easily walk into any team in the world, let alone the money market that is the Premiership. Look at Viduka and di Canio - both these guys turned on the style when playing, but both had off the field problems. Larsson is the ultimate Pro - a pure football genius.
Gary Porter, Scotland

Sheri is a super player, much better than Larsson
Laming, England

Teddy Sheringham: Still going strong
Larsson is the better player at the moment and there is no doubt about it, although Sheringham has acheived alot this season. Larsson can only get better in the future, while Sheringham is coming to the end of his career. Both are exceptionally good players but Larsson just can't seem to stop scoring, and I don't thnk he will either!
Ali, Scotland

Viduka was no where near as good as Larsson last year, and he is now tearing defences apart down south. I'm sure Larsson would score over 35 goals in England. Just ask Chris Sutton - he reckons Larsson is better than Shearer ever was.
Craig, Uk

Sheringham is a far better player. He has such a fast thinking football brain and he has scored his goals not only in one of the toughest leagues in Europe but also on the European stage as well. Teddy and Cole for england
Paul Crompton, England

Henrik Larsson is one of the most complete strikers in the world today. Everybody keeps saying that the SPL is rubbish and we can't judge him until he plays in England, but they said the same about Viduka and Real Madrid now want him for 20 million. Ask any Celtic fan and they will tell you that Larsson is a better player than Viduka. Sheringham is technically superb but Larsson has everything. Definitely prefer Larsson in my team.
Ciaran, Ireland

Sheringham is the best player in the world today! And he should be in the English national team as well!
Benjamin, ISRAEL

Larsson is the most complete player I have ever seen
  Stuart Harvey, England
I know that the Rangers fan's will not like what I have to say, but to put it bluntly, Henrik Larsson is simply the best. When you consider the pace of the game and the calibre of the talent even in the SPL over the last five years, you have to acknowledge this amazing feat as nothing short of sheer brilliance. Can you imagine what would happen if he broke his other leg? ?ould that mean the following season he would get over one hundred goals?
Gerry Cunningham, Canada

Larsson, because any player who can score 50 goals a season could score in any league - even the much over-rated English Premier.
Eric, Scotland

I'm a Rangers fan through and through, but I wouldn't say no to either player. Both would walk on our team at the minute. However, if I had to make a choice I would choose sheringham as he is more of a team player and that's what we need.
Mickey blue eyes, Dublin

Is Larsson a better player than Sheringham? Well, I suppose in a way that could be decided when Celtic play Man U in May. Another question you could ask yourselves; Is Sheringham a better player than Batistuta? I think not. But as we all know, one Mr. D.Advocaat thinks Larsson is. For the first time ever, I have to agree with Advocaat. One thing's for sure, I can't wait for another stunning Larsson performance next season. I'm sure Advocaat can't either!
Bob Anderson, UK

Henrik Larsson: 50 so far
Easiest decision I have ever made in my life: Larsson. Not only does he play week in week out for his club, he puts the goals on the board. Sheringham started the season very well but was almost non-existent after the new year. Many of his goals were also tap-ins resulting from very good deliveries by Beckham, Giggs etc. It is argued that Larsson had much easier defences against which to score his goals. This is true, but not so much easier that it would allow 30 extra goals. Sheringham received his retirement presents but everybody knows who deserved them. Stewart was only denied because his shirt is blue and not the red of Manchester United or Arsenal. I can't accused of bias: I am a Leeds Utd and St Mirren supporter.
Stephen Rutkowski, Australia

To compare Sheringham to Larsson is a huge insult to the magnificent Swede. In my opinion that says it all!
Lee, UK

Larsson may well be a great player and he is clearly the best striker by a distance in a league that is based on 4 games a season. I hope he comes south and we can see how good he is. My gut feeling is that he is about the same level as Owen, Phillips, Heskey, etc but at the moment he's playing in a good team in an awful league so it's hard to say. Mind you I'd pick him over Sheringham who used to be a fine player but was never the best over this season!
Paul, UK

I would take Larsson over Sheringham any day. While they are both good players, Larsson is the most complete player I have ever seen. As well as being a natural goal scorer, his ability to bring others into the play, as well as his unselfishness makes him a player that United would do well to sign during the close season. And to knock him for doing it in the so called uncompetitive Scottish league - a tag attached to it by those who have never seen it at its best - would fail to take into account the fact that he does it for Sweden on the international stage as well.
Stuart Harvey, England

Both players' achievements are remarkable
  Richard, England
You can't compare the two. Sheringham isn't the best player in the Premier League, he got the award as a retirement present. Larsson is in the prime of his career and is miles better anyway.
Gareth, England

Taking each players age into consideration, Larsson is clearly the better player. Sheringham has been on good form this season but has been no where near as consistent as the great Swede. Larsson has proven his outstanding ability, and it was not that long ago he recovored from a serious injury, and will no doubt reap havoc on Europe next season.
Michael, England

I think Henrik Larsson is better because he came back from his injury to dominate Scotland.
Craig Mills, UK

Both player's achievements are remarkable. It is a bit of a non-question as the leagues are very different. To dismiss the SPL as a no event is to show ignorance of the Scottish game, Larsson's achievement is fantastic and he stands head and shoulders above the other Scottish based players. Sheringham is a tighter call and there are several other premiership players who could be up there. Having said that his consistency at scoring goals this season tends to make us overlook his excellent work rate. However, for sheer goal scoring class I would take Larsson anywhere in the world and no - I'm not a Celtic fan.
Richard, England

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