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Wednesday, 11 April, 2001, 09:53 GMT 10:53 UK
Sizzling super subs
Who is your team's greatest super sub?
When the clock is ticking away, a super sub is just what any manager orders.

Manchester Utd boss Alex Ferguson has hailed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as the "the best substitute ever."

But who has come off the bench to save the day for your team?


Manchester Utd take a step closer to clinching the Premiership following their 2-1 win over Charlton.

No sooner had Sir Alex beckoned perennial substitute Solskjaer from the bench, he scored in the 82nd minute.

And you may remember it was the Norwegian striker that scored as as sub in injury-time to take Manchester Utd to European glory in 1999.

Other players which grace the super subs hall of fame include David Fairclough for Liverpool, Ronnie Rosenthal for Tottenham and Tore Andre Flo during his Stamford Bridge era.

Roy Essendoh claimed his 15 minutes of fame when he hit the net for Wycombe in the dying minutes of their FA Cup quarter-final clash against Leicester.

But who has done it for your team?

Which players have warmed up pitch side with minutes to go to score the winning goal?

Perhaps the wonder strike stopped the club from being resigned to relegation or won them that all-important title.

Tell us about your team's sizzling super subs.


It's got to be Mark Robins for United in the early 90's. He kept Fergie in his job.
Matthew, Wales

You can't beat the red haired dynamite player called Perry Groves. He used to bang 'em in for the gunners in the 80th minute.
Greg Sabell, Englan

Mike Ricketts - one of the leading scorers in Division One this year, and most of his goals scored when coming off the subs bench.
Gareth, UK

Ole! Ole! Ole! Nothing compares to his Champions League winner against Bayern.
John, USA

David Fairclough is the greatest supersub ever
  Ian Goose, England
Ok so he may not have been the best, but he certainly was of the best: Anders Limpar, The super swede.
Scott Critchell, London England

David Fairclough is the greatest supersub ever. Ole comes a close second but he is still a top player whenever he gets a starting role as well. No player has consistenly been as good as Fairclough as a sub, or as average as when he started a game. David...we salute you!
Ian Goose, England

The most superb sub is Teddy Sheringham - whenever he comes on for either England or Man Utd they win. He came on for England against Albania and suddenly we scored; and he came on in the Euro final and we all know his influence there!
Tim Bevan, England

I think the Super-sub title belongs to Michael Ricketts of Bolton. Look at how many of his goals have come after coming off the bench. Superb!
Jon Barker, England

Without a doubt it has to be Kanu
  Jag, UK
Roger Milla for the Cameroon - Italia '90 World Cup team...the father of all super-subs!!
Richard Sunnah, Cameroon

In the last half of the 1980s, Ian 'Stick' Ormonroyd could be relied on to come on and stick one in the onion bag for Bradford. Unfortunately, when he started playing from the start, he suddenly dried up. Shame.
Mark, Bradford

Paul Brayson of Cardiff City is super sub, he has scored more than a dozen goals this season
Pete Regan, UK

Without a doubt it has to be Kanu, okay he has been off form lately. But surely he is the best sub around, who else can come on and change a game the way he does?
Jag, UK, London

David Platt against Belgium in the second round of the World Cup Finals. I'll certainly never forget it.
Rob, England

Flo under Vialli's management and Vialli himself during Gullitt's reign. Flo was superb whenever called upon. Vialli turned the cup tie against the Scousers & even if he hadn't it wouldn't have mattered because he is and forever will be the one and only LUCA !!!!!!!!
Stuart Hough, England

The "super sub" title must go to Super Ole Solskjaer, his record as a substitute speaks for itself. Sure, Roy Essandoh, will forever be rembered for his FA Cup giantkilling, but give me Super Ole anyday!
Darrell Freeland, GB

There is only one super sub "DAVID FAIRCLOUGH"

There is only one super sub, and that's Ole, the guy plays better coming from the bench! As for Ronny Rosenthal, are you insane? Most of his best moments were whilst he was still sitting on the bench (Other than one of the worst misses of all time!)
Chris Smith, England

Without a doubt it has to be super Ole!! But with a record like his (including scoring the winner in the European Cup final) you wonder why he doesn't start regularly!
Liam, England

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