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Saturday, 14 April, 2001, 19:58 GMT 20:58 UK
Your tributes to Jim Baxter

Jim Baxter, one of the greatest footballers Scotland has ever produced, has died of cancer.

Baxter produced many moments of magic on the football field in a career that took him from Raith Rovers to Rangers, Sunderland and Nottingham Forest and then back to Rangers.

Send us your favourite Baxter memory.


Jim Baxter won ten winners' medals in his five years at Rangers in the first-half of the 1960s.

He also won 34 caps for Scotland and is fondly remembered by Scots for the way he guided them to victory over World Cup winners England at Wembley in 1967.

He is widely acknowledged as one of the half-dozen best Scots players of all time.

How will you remember Jim Baxter, a legend on and off the park?


My first football memory was watching Scotland beat England in 1967, and the footage will always live in my memory. Baxter was not only a great player, but a great man. His bar was always full of football fans from all sides, he crossed the boundaries that divided Glasgow and had the respect of everyone. He will br truly missed but never forgotten.
Alistair Campbell, Scotland

The man of whom Pele said should have been a Brazilian deserved better
  Jim Love, England
BBC? It should be the EBC - the English Broadcasting Corporation. The 10 second mention on BBC news, without any film footage or pictures, on the death of Jim Baxter, was a disgrace. The man who took the proverbial out of the world champions at their home ground in '67. The man who played keepie-up at Wembley when it looked as though Scotland might get beat, the man who sat on the ball because no-one would try and take it off him, the man of whom Pele said should have been a Brazilian deserved better. It would be a different story if it was an English legend - as was the case (rightly) when the great Bobby Moore died untimely too. Even the result of an English first division match, would have got more airtime. I am a Celtic supporter living in England, and if I had blinked two nights ago, I would still be none the wiser of the death of the Rangers, Scotland and BRITISH Legend. Shame on you BBC. No wonder us Scots get a reputation down here for moaning. Cheers Jim.
Jim Love, England

I'm a Scot through and through and cringe when 'they' mention 1966, but when I watch the grainy black and white clips of 'SUPER SLIM' doing his stuff the hair on my neck still stand on end. ps Hope they play football in Heaven.
Doug, England

The word "great" is too often used in describing good football players. In James C. Baxter's case the term "uniquely great" can only be used. Having had the privilege to watch him both at club and international level it is unlikely that anyone will ever see the likes of him again.Thanks for the memories "Slim Jim".
James Hogg, Australia

As a Rangers supporter I was fortunate to see "Slim Jim" apply his magic for the team. He was not just a great footballer but was also a showman.. I remember one cup final, he wanted to present the ball to Ian McMillan after the game. He was trying to hide it under his jersey, as players were not allowed to keep the ball in those days. Although there were too many games to mention about his artistry and skill, two games in particular come to mind. Both being at Wembley against England. The 2-1 game and 3-2 game which Scotland both one. We were proud Scots those nights since the 3-2 win came on the heels of England winning the World Cup. Although he will be greatly missed, I'm sure he will still live in the hearts of all Rangers fans who were lucky enough to see him play. Rest in peace Jim.
Bill Collins, Canada

My first match at Hampden was the Scotland v Italy World Cup qualifier in 1964 I think. I was 10 at the time. Slim Jim was out of this world. He took the ball in his own half in the 89th minute and one-two'd with John Greig the length of the park. When John Greig scored at the end of the run, Hampden erupted in ecstacy. I will never forget the famous body-swerve of Jim Baxter. A great Scottish talent.
Billy Munro, Saudi Arabia

As a wee boy from Dundee knowing that life was a constant financial struggle, Slim Jim made me feel good about being Scottish. His successes on the field were also mine to share. I realised that you could do anything by just believing in yourself and working hard. Slim Jim will never know the profound effect he had on a future generation of football-daft kids.
Dennis Edney, Canada

Being a fellow Fifer, I think I speak for the whole of the kingdom and state that a memorial to Jim should be erected in his birthplace, Hill o Beath. Not only was Jim a genius with a football, he was one of the most pleasant men I have ever had the priviledge to speak to. My deepest sympathies to his family and many friends. God bless you Jim, you will never be forgotten.
Brian Dickson, London,England

I never saw Baxter play, never met him and wasn't born until two months after he hammered the English - but Jim Baxter was always my hero as a kid. The typical flawed Scottish genius - unfulfilled yet forever in our memories as the greatest player to have lived.
Stephen Wise, Malaysia

Farewell to a true Scots legend
  Ian Hynds, Australia

I have fond memories as a schoolboy of watching Scotland play. I particularly used to enjoy the way Jim tantalised and teased the Auld Enemy whenever we played at Hampden. Quite simply, the greatest midfielder ever to pull on a Scotland top. RIP Jim.
Paul Lusk, Celtic Supporters' Club of Western Australia

Farewell to a true Scots legend. Everyone remembers the 1967 game against England but my memory of Jim Baxter was at Hampden in 1966 playing against Brazil in a friendly. Everyone had gone to see Pele play but Billy Bremner nullified him. The true star of the game was Jim Baxter who just turned on his magic so much so that it was Jim Baxter v Brazil. No wonder Pele wished Jim had been a Brazilian. Rest in peace big man, you gave a lot of Scots heaps of pleasure and memories.
Ian Hynds, Australia

Roker Park packed to the rafters and slim Jim swaggering around. Both a joy to behold.
Mick Connolly, England

My favorite Jim Baxter memory is from Scotland's 3-2 victory over World Champions England in 1967. Baxter was as good as Pele as he tore up the England guard covered by Bobby Moore.
David Boyle, USA

I will never forget forget his magic when on the field at Ibrox
  John P Hodge, Canada
As a young boy playing football in the street, everyone wanted to be Jim Baxter. I'll never forget when he sat on the ball against England - what a star.
Jim Murdoch, Bahrain

when I was a small boy I followed Rangers weekly. One Saturday at Broomfield the park was dangerously swelling to an overfull capacity. For safety boys and girls were allowed out of the crush to sit on the track surrounding the field of play.At one point slim Jim came beside me to take a throw in when the ref stopped the play for a few minutes. He then started chatting with me, what was my name, what school did I go to etc.When the ref blew the whistle to restart play he said: "Right son, see ye later" and off he went. A never forgotten cherished memory of Jim Baxter
Alan Frew, Canada

I saw Jim on many occasions as a Raith Rovers fan and he was my childhood idol. On his transfer my father took me to Ibrox to see him in European games for Rangers and I am proud to say that I was at Wembley in 1967 when he turned in one of his best ever performances. From all Raith fans - we will never see his like again.
Allan Paul, Scotland

As a Fifer I feel a great personal loss in the passing of the great footballer Jim Baxter - lengend for ever. I will never forget forget his magic when on the field at Ibrox.
John P Hodge, Canada

I can well remember when Jim played England in 1967 after their World Cup victory. He made us feel that we were the real world champions with his brilliance
  Jack Quinn, Canada
As a young teenager in Kirkcaldy, I remember Jim Baxter playing for Raith Rovers. He disliked training but what he did was practice things like the famous 'keepie-uppy' that was later used to great effect at Wembley. At 17,500 quid, the best investment Rangers ever made.
Ian Kidd, Canada

My all time football hero. The sight of Slim Jim in a Scotland shirt always made the hairs in my neck stand up. It was awesome and made me proud to be a kinsman. God bless you Jim.
David Evans, Qatar

I'm too young to remember Jim Baxter the player but my dad taught me all about him. We might never see his likes again.
Fionnaigh Hessey, England

Jim Baxter would have graced any team in the world. As a life long Celtic supporter I only wish he had played with us. A magnificent gifted fitba player who is always in my mind when people talk about the world's best players.
Joe Kelly, Australia

We have lost a Scottish player but we are left with a Scottish legend
  Ann Thomson, Scotland

Jim Baxter was a great player and his like has never been seen since. He really lived up to the braveheart spirit and always gave his all against the auld enemy You will be missed Jim.
Peter McCall, N.Ireland

I can well remember when Jim played England in 1967 after their World Cup victory. He made us feel that we were the real world champions with his brilliance. He was a great Scot and condolences to his family. We will never forget him wherever us Scots roam.
Jack Quinn, Canada

We have lost a Scottish player but we are left with a Scottish legend.
Ann Thomson, Scotland

He was probably my first and only football hero. When I was growing up in Glasgow, everyone was either a Rangers or Celtic fan but somehow I became a Hearts supporter. However, before deciding on that, I always wanted to be Baxter when I played with my brothers in the back garden. I always wanted to use my left foot to make that defence splitting pass the way Slim Jim would, even though I was only playing against my brother. Even though I was right footed in the true football sense there was something magical about using your left peg the way Baxter did.
Stuart Gibb, Spain

Jim Baxter played football with an almost poetic quality. I was not old enough to see him play but have seen him on video many times. What boy growing up in Scotland didn't dream of emulating his feat against England at Wembley? We are a small country, Jim Baxter is a feather in our footballing cap.
John McKechnie, Scotland

A true genius of his time
  Gordon Ferguson, England

My greatest memory of "Slim Jim" was Alan Ball running around like a headless chicken trying to dispossess a man whose bootlaces he couldn't tie. The greatest Rangers and Scotland player ever.
Bill Sharp, Scotland

A true genius of his time. A Rangers and Scotland legend whose memories will live on forever!
Gordon Ferguson, England

Playing keepy-uppy at Wembley on April 15th 1967 James Curran Baxter humiliated the then World champions. May he rest in peace.
Mick Upfield, UK

Although I am a life long Celtic fan, I always thought that Jim Baxter was the perfect Scottish footballer. He did things mere mortals on the terracing could only dream of. Cheers Jim, wherever you are ...I'm sure you've got friends in both camps.
George Paterson, U.K.

Forever a legend with the Tartan Army. Thanks for the memories and hammering the English at Wembley.
Glenn Robertson, Scotland

Simply the best. Nobody did it better
  Ronald Headstrom, Scotland
Football has lost one of it's most gifted sons, I'm sure all fans of Rangers and Scotland will agree that compared to todays stars he was a true great. He wasn't just a footballer of supreme talent, but also a man of great integrity, a true role model for my generation of teenagers.
Allan Mounce, Scotland

I am too young to remember Jim playing for Rangers. But his Wembley keepie-ups are the finest Scottish football moment ever, never to be forgotten.
John Harvey, New Zealand

Simply the best. Nobody did it better. Goodbye Jim it was a great pleasure and privilege to be of your time
Ronald Headstrom, Scotland

For a talent like the great Pele to say that he wished Jim Baxter was a Brazilian said it all. But he was too good to be a Brazilian, few would disagree.
Scott Dailly, Scotland

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