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Thursday, 4 January, 2001, 20:02 GMT
Is Taylor the king of the oche?
Phil Taylor - the best in the world?
Phil Taylor - the best in the world?
Phil Taylor won his ninth world title when he whitewashed John Part 7-0 in the final of the Skol World Championships at Purfleet.

Taylor celebrated the MBE he was awarded in the New Year's honours list in impressive style by allowing his shell-shocked opponent just three legs in the whole match.

But how do you think "The Power" would do if he entered the more competitive Embassy World Darts Championship?


Statistics prove the standard of the darts is higher in the Embassy tournament with quality players who can beat anyone on their day.

But after watching Taylor's scythe through the opposition in the Skol World Championship, it is hard to imagine anyone beating the man from the Potteries.

After all, he also has two Embassy titles to his name from the early 90s.

Tell us what you think.

Would Taylor reign supreme at Frimley Green?


As a Taylor fan, I still think Taylor were to compete in the Embassy against 'Barney' - it would be very close.
Dave, England

Phil Taylor could beat anybody in the world over a match long or short. The BDO and PDC should get their heads together and have a knock-out tournament between the last four of each respective World Championships. However, Taylor would still walk it.
James Wilson, England

"As a Taylor fan, I still think Taylor were to compete in the Embassy against 'Barney' - it would be very close"
  Dave, England
Come on people, get a grip. Taylor is the best in the world by a mile. The standard at the Embassy is very good, but nothing compared to what Harrington, Priestly, Warriner, Manley and the rest are capable (I didn't mention Taylor as he is in a league of his own). If people want to end this debate, then let the TV people sort out there wrangle, then the BDO and PDC can truly merge and create the true world championships.
Jonathan Benn, England

Taylor is to darts what Jordan was to Basketball and Ali to Boxing. No one past or present would even come close, but I must congratulate the BBC for not ignoring him, and even giving him the interview he clearly deserved.
John Tompkins, England

"Phil Taylor would win without a doubt. Nobody would have a look in"
Joe, Ireland

Reading some of the comments on here amazes me. I love the game and enjoy both World Championships but to say the standard is the same at the Embassy is an insult.. Phil Taylor would probably not lose a leg at all at the Embassy, he is simply Britain's best sportsman. Barneveld Baxter and Mason should join Richie Burnett and join PDC ranks. Tony Green is insulting John Part in the commentary box by not mentioning his achievement at the real World Championships.
Scott Barwick, Dagenham /England

"How many legs did Taylor beat Barneveld by a couple of years back? Enough said"
  Dan KS, UK
Without a doubt Taylor is the best darts player of his generation, but I do not think that had he stayed at the Embassy he would have dominated the sport in the way that he has in the PDC. The PDC possesses many great names yet, with respect, most of them are past their peak meaning that Taylor has very little in the way of opposition. Whereas the Embassy is a breeding ground for young and up and coming talent. I do not think that Taylor would have won the last nine Embassy's had he remained a BDO player. There have been other players such as Ray Barneveld and Richie Burnett who have reached their peak in the Embassy during the past decade and would have beaten Taylor at various points.
Tom Kiehl, Canterbury, Kent, UK.

I feel that 'The Power' would do just the same at the Embassy as he did at the Skol Championship. He is a one off and so consistent that I don't think anyone can stand in his way.
Stuart Hutchison, England, Wimbledon

Surely Phil Taylor is the best player around. I have never seen any player average over 100 yet, while Phil averaged over 107 in 7 sets! I feel the only chance people have of beating him is in the shorter games. Les Fitton proved this after taking the first set against him in the second round, and Taylor admitted he got him rattled. Also you should show him no respect. If you do he will bully you, look what happened to Deller, Askew and Part.
Richard Spry, UK

"I doubt there is a single player in the embassy who could finish a set with the accuracy and apparent ease that Taylor does"
  Kevin Galliano, UK
I'm sure Taylor is the best! But it would be great if he would prove this. I think there should be a match between the champions of the Embassy and the Skol every year.
Otto Bonte, The Netherlands

If Phil Taylor wants to be the greatest player ever, he has to play the Embassy
  Thijs van Veghel, Netherlands
I was honoured to watch Phil Taylor romp to victory at Purfleet over quality players. Taylor's standard of play was exceptional, and having cracked a number of ten-darters appears to be edging closer to that elusive nine-darter, which only two players have ever achieved on television. In contrast, I've found the Embassy to be disappointing. Sure the matches are closer, but the standard is noticeably lower and isn't as interesting as the PDC version at Purfleet.
Will Downing, Ireland

He is one of the best players ever. I had a chance to see him play in Prague Golden Darts 1999. It was only exhibition tournament, but he played as God.
Jirka (George), Czech republic

No disrespect to the Embassy world darts championship, but saying that it is more competitive than the PDC world championships is rubbish. Only a few of the BDO based players would stand any chance in the PDC championships eg. Ronnie Baxter, Ted Hankey, Martin Adams, Chris Mason and Ray Barneveld. Phil Taylor is clearly the greatest player on earth, and proves it every year by defeating other great players such as Alan Warriner, John Part and Peter Manley with ease. Taylor has won nine world titles already, but I can see him going on to win a lot more.
David Fitzgerald, England

Phil Taylor is easily the greatest darts player ever. Most of the top players can average 100 - 105 over a set, but how many can manage 107 over an entire match? Compare the averages of the Skol World Champs and the Embassy and it's easy to see which is the higher class event.
Mark, England

"Taylor's ability to sustain great averages and a high checkout percentage over long matches proves his credentials as the best player in world in modern times"
  David Clapperton, Scotland
Phil would not last two minutes in the Embassy. He would be torn apart by the likes of Barney, Baxter, Mason, King and Hankey.
Tom Piccirilli, England

If Phil Taylor wants to be the greatest player ever, he has to play the Embassy.The Embassy is for darts what Wimbledon is for tennis. Besides, for me, the greatest player ever is Eric Bristow, he won the Embassy and not just once. I mean, champion nine times in a row, isn't that a bit boring? What about a new challenge? It would make his career complete.
Thijs van Veghel, Netherlands

Clearly Phil Taylor is the best player ever. Bristow was good but he never hit the big scores like Taylor does, although if the two were around in their prime it would have been a ding-dong battle with neither getting their own way. In the WDC championship he had a 75% doubles hit ratio, along with a 107 average, it would take a miracle to beat that form.
Richard Farrow, England

How can Tony Green continually call Mervyn King the world's number on? He isn't!! Ask Eric Bristow or John Part who would win the Embassy if Phil Taylor were playing? They'll tell you. The 'Power' would win as easily as he did at Purfleet. Phil deserves credit for putting darts back on the sporting pages.
Nick Richmond, UK

"He doesn't win everything, because at this stage he's got nothing to prove, and only seems to take the World championships seriously"
  Seth Speirs, England
Although he is the best player that ever lived and could easily win the Embassy every year I think he could be beaten in a one of the shorter darts match. Players such as Chris Mason, Martin Adams could do the job.
Peter Van Duyl, Netherlands

Taylor is the best player in the world at the moment. But I think the competitiveness of the B.D.O. based players will eventually catch up with him. His two toughest games where in his last two TV appearances were against B.D.O. based players, Kevin Painter and Les Fitton. A big factor is that a lot of the P.D.C. players are fearful of him as he's beaten them before. I think the Embassy has a much stronger field in depth and it is hard to pick a winner as it is so open. I cannot say what would happen if Taylor were in the field or any other of the P.D.C. players for that matter! This will just not happen which is a shame for us darts connoisseurs.
David Pinder, England

I think that Taylor is the greatest player ever, his nine world championship victories prove that, but the Skol world championships is becoming like "The Phil Taylor Show" which is why I prefer to follow the Embassy as the players are on a much more even level.
Martin Croot, Essex, UK

"He wouldn't even need to be on his best form to win it, he is light years of everyone"
  Ron Morgan, Wales

I think Phil Taylor is undoubtedly the best dart player over the last seven years. But I do not think he is the greatest there ever was, he has never hit a nine-dart finish or a 170 on TV. The best dart players that have ever lived are Eric Bristow and Leighton Rees.
Michael , South Wales

Phil Taylor is the best darts player that the world has ever known! Comparisons to the best players of the Embassy World Championship is disrespectful towards "The Power". Time after time he has shown his true quality with very high three dart averages and high checkout percentages in the top tournaments.
Brian Mcguire, Scotland

Why are all the players that play in World championships, no where near the level of players like Dennis Presley, Eric Bristow and Phil Taylor?
James Meekin, England

People must be mad to even think that the Embassy would be any competition for "The Power" he is simply the best of all time. When you analyse the stats an average of 107 over 7 sets most probably will never be surpassed.
Peter Lennon, England

"If Phil joined the Embassy, he'd have a much harder time"
  Chris, Cardiff, Wales

Phil Taylor is without doubt one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. However, if he was to play in the Embassy tournament, I believe the unique atmosphere there might prove that he is not the "power" everyone seems to think he is.
Kilian Clancy, Ireland

Taylor crushed Barneveld and would crush anyone in either organisation in any era. He averaged 107 in the final over seven sets - hard to see anyone anywhere playing with more authority.
Glen Malcolm, UK

Of course, Mr Taylor is the don of darts but saying that the Embassy would be no contest for him is far from fair Comparing Taylor's victory over Barny's is inconclusive, as Barnie was far from impressive last year. And even in this years PDC, players such as Les Fitton have proved that The Power can be turned off. What about Mervyn King's opponent in the Embassy second round - John Walton? He's a serious force. If Phil joined the Embassy, he'd have a much harder time, in my opinion, but we would be treated to some superb entertainment!
Chris, Cardiff, Wales

He would win this current competition hands down. In my opinion, he is leagues ahead of anybody competing at Frimley.
Marc Elmes, England

'The Power' is king
  James Brennan, England

Phil Taylor is, in my mind, the greatest player of all time. However, due to the split in the darts hierachy he will never be able to prove he's the best it by beating everyone. The PDC and the BDO should hold a joint World Championships with 32 players taken from each circuit. Then 'The Power' will prove his credentials by conquering all before him.
Gav Clarke, England

Phil Taylor was a great Embassy champion, and has undoubtedly deserved so much success in the splinter organisation. However, I fear that many of his opponents are not of the same calibre as many of the first round entrants in the Embassy, let alone the standard of those going into the last eight. It would be great to see him come back and heal the rift between the two bodies. I also believe he could beat anyone in the field, as he is clearly a great player, in the same class as Ted Hankey, Ray Barneveld, Ronnie Baxter, or the on fire Kevin Painter, as he showe by beating Barneveld in a head to head last year. ]
Pádraig Floyd, UK

It's a shame that the dart governing bodies can't come up with a solution to the divide that has ruined darts as a televised sport. I used to look forward to the Embassy every year but now I feel its a championship for those who don't fancy playing the best.
Steve Summers, England

Phil Taylor is no doubt the best player sober. But surely there is no better feat than Jocky Wilson winning the World darts championship, and being so drunk that he allegedly couldn't remember winning! Even Phil Taylor couldn't do that.
Martin Murray, Hong Kong

I believe at the top of his form Eric Bristow would have defeated Phil Taylor

To average 107 (including finishes) over seven sets is amazing
  Stuart, UK
with ease there was certainly a higher calibre of player competing during that time the likes of John Lowe, Jocky wilson, Leighton Rees etc.
John Rees, England

Phil Taylor is a credit to his profession. He is a great role model for the youth of today.It is a shame that his efforts will never be recognised to the same level as other less dominating sportsmen and women.
Richard Croucher, London, England

For sure, when it comes to accuracy, skill and precision, 'The Power' is king. But when it comes to grace, beauty and a shimmering godlike sheen, only Steve 'The Bronze Adonis' Beaton will do.
James Brennan, England

The world's best players play in the PDC championship and Taylor is simply the best of the best. For Taylor to play in the Embassy tournament would be like Man Utd playing in the Division 3!
Kevin Pollitt, England

Darts is in the same position as boxing - when there is more than one world champion nobody can totally claim to be the best. Phil Taylor is probably the best in the world but this cannot be without doubt if he has not won a truly 'world' championship.
Michael Christopher, England .txt">

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