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Saturday, 13 July, 2002, 17:30 GMT 18:30 UK
Sport Relief as it happened
Live coverage of Sport Relief's big night - Saturday 13 July

Sport Relief raised an incredible 10,072,068 on its debut.

After a sensational evening of entertainment, which featured Austin Healey crowned as Superstars champion and Bob Mortimer winning the Sport Relief boxing title, the amount raised was a fitting end.

Relive the best moments of an incredible night.

0018BST The final totaliser reads at a massive 10,072,068.

0016BST Sir Steven Redgrave gives his thanks to those who have helped Sport Relief.

0015BST James Cracknell says that former partner Sir Steve Redgrave is his sporting hero.

0001BST Les Dennis and Bob Mortimer do battle in the celebrity boxing showdown.

The first round seems a close one, but Mortimer rocks Dennis with a big right hand at the start of the second.

Dennis' wife Amanda Holden looks concerned at ringside as her husband looks befuddled.

Both men are warned in the third round and Dennis, who lost a stone for the bout, seems to be on top.

Mortimer wins the bout by scores of 58-59 59-58 59-58 and becomes the Sport Relief boxing champion.

2346BST Runaround resumes

A tie-breaker question is required to decide who wins - who will it be - Helen Chamberlain or Lisa Rogers?

Chamberlain gets closest to the right answer as to how many dimples there are in a golf ball and she wins!

Chamberlain beats Rogers in an arm wrestling match.

2342BST David McAlmont and Bernard Butler sing their latest single.

2336BST Sven Goran Eriksson says that Bjorn Borg was his sporting hero.

2327BST Runaround starts

Johnny Vegas kisses the backside of Tamara Beckwith after she is put in the cage. He also manages to get a kiss from Becky Jago.

Vegas comperes the reprise of the famous 1970s quizshow, with seven very attractive ladies the combatants.

2326BST If 20,000 extra is pledged, Theakston will shave off his beard.

2325BST The totaliser now reads 3,076,484.

2318BST A real boxer, Audley Harrison, is introduced, along with Bob Mortimer and Les Dennis.

Harrison proceeds to hit Theakston, although did the presenter actually get hit?

2314BST Former world champion Frank Bruno lends his hand to Dennis' training while Barry McGuigan helps Mortimer.

2308BST An examination of the training that Mortimer and Dennis did for their celebrity boxing match is shown.

2306BST Martin Offiah says that Muhammad Ali was his sporting hero.

Austin Healey wins the Superstars award by 21 points and accepts his award from Stuart Barnes, the former England and Bath rugby union star.

He receives a cheque for 100,000 which goes towards Sport Relief. John Regis receives a baby's dummy for his terrible efforts in the canoeing event.

2256BST Healey does 77 squat thrusts, just to prove how competitive he is! But Regis goes exactly one better with 78. His score is tied by Alex Coomber.

2252BST The gym tests - Dwight Yorke sets an impressive total of 50 dips but is surpassed by Regis on 54.

But Healey makes it to 66.

2248BST Healey wins the mountain bike downhill challenge and is in an unassailable 15 point lead.

2242BST The totaliser now stands at 2,103,402.

2241BST 180,000 calls have been made to the hotline to make donations.

Superstars resumes

2218BST Sir Steven Redgrave wins the archery with a record score after six shots.

But Healey remains on top, with just a five point lead over Chris Boardman.

2217BST Healey powers to victory in the 50m, just ahead of Stephanie Cook and Gianluca Vialli.

Healey is now a clear favourite to scoop the title, with a 12 point lead ahead of Boardman.

2204BST Michael Parkinson reads out a statement from the greatest sportsman of them all, Muhammad Ali, supporting Sport Relief.

2202BST The totaliser now stands at 1,432,916.

Superstars resumes

The 1K run sees Yorke produce an amazing display, comprehensively beating the opposition.

Second is Cook, with everyone else struggling to keep up.

Boardman comes third, making himself the main contender for Healey's domination.

In the final of the canoeing, Boardman just beats Healey, although the rugby union star remains in charge of the competition.

Healey just edges out Vialli.

Boardman easily beats the pathetic efforts of Regis in the canoeing, who cannot even get past the 10m line.

2145BST David Dickinson explains the ultimate car boot sale which sees sporting memorabilia auctioned on behalf of Sport Relief.

Michael Owen's Jaguar, the late Ayrton Senna's racing suit and Sven Goran Eriksson's top of the range Volvo.

The auction takes place on 18 July at Sotherby's.

2135BST Superstars begins!

100m - Healey wins from Martin Offiah, with Yorke, Redgrave and Vialli trailing in their shadows.

Cook, Healey, Regis, Vialli, Coomber, Offiah, Boardman and Redgrave are the competitors.

Part One - 1900-2100BST (Hosts Gary Lineker and Ulrika Jonsson)

Ray Stubbs is dropped 100ft from the top of the Millennium Dome and emerges unscathed.

2052BST The totaliser has now reached 983,174.

2047BSTWill and Gareth perform 'The long and winding road'.

2043BST Will Young is introduced and asks as many people as possible to dial their phones.

Ray Stubbs is raised to 77ft in the Dome.

2041BST The totaliser now reads 770,463.

They Thinks It's All A Question of Sport resumes

After the final 60 second round, They Think It's All Over win by 18-15 in a very funny contest.

The scores after four rounds have They Think Itss All Over leading by 11-9.

A Question of Sport get Bertie the Bee, the Burnley mascot, who they quickly identify.

They Thinks It's All Over have Jimmy Hill as their mystery guest in 'Feel the sportsman'.

Rio Ferdinand admits that his sporting hero is Diego Maradona.

2013BST The first appearance of Posh and Becks (Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona).

They Thinks It's All A Question of Sport

After the excuses round, They Think It's All Over lead 9-5.

At the end of the picture gallery round, the They Think It's All Over team lead by 6-4.

Ray Stubbs is raised 50 feet after the totaliser goes past the 500,000 mark.

1948BST The amount of money raised by Sport Relief at this stage of the evening is - 521,768

Sport in the Square resumes

Eastenders easily win the final event, and because of the fact that they won despite a four second deficit, they are the toughest soap of the lot.

Holby City/Casualty take the fifth event - the power pint - and seem to be in an unassailable lead of four seconds.

The power pint sees competitors forced to hold two pints up at arms length for as long as possible.

The womens' keg beer relay is the fourth event, won convincingly by Holby City/Casualty to give them a three second lead.

From the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, television Ray Stubbs is revealed as the man who will be dropped from the top of the dome onto a small landing.

Pele says that his sporting hero was his father, because he taught him how to kick with his left foot.

The football pay-to-play raised 150,000.

The Sport Relief medals have already raised over 110,000.

Gareth Gates performs 'Anyone of us' - remember that you can win a date with the Pop Idol.

Sport in the Square

Current score - Holby City/Casualty have a two second advantage for the final race over Eastenders

The third leg, the taxi pull, is won by Holby City/Casualty, who run easily win the contest, pulling their vehicle the quickest along the 'Walford' roads.

The second leg, the melon toss, is declared a draw after Luisa Bradshaw White and Kim Metcalfe fail to clear the third height!

The first leg, called keg beer relay is won by Holby City/Casualty, who beat Eastenders.

The first major celebrity to endorse Sport Relief is Mike Myers, star of Austin Powers and Wayne's World.

Sport Relief - more information

The big night

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