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Camanachd Cup final as it happened

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By Stevie Miller

1705: An incredible end to an incredible final. The Badenoch derby served up another classic. Congratulations to Newtonmore, commiserations to Kingussie, and let's hope that next year's final is as entertaining.

Player rater
1704: Newtonmore defender Norman Campbell picks up the man of the match award, and he did well keeping Ronald Ross largely quiet.

Champagne moment
1702: Hat-trick hero Danny MacRae sums up what it means for Newtonmore: "For the team, for the village, it just means so, so much," he tells BBC Scotland's Dougie Vipond.

Champagne moment
1701: Extraordinary scenes of unbridled joy among the Newtonmore supporters as they break the hoodoo and win the Camanachd Cup for the first time in 25 years.

Full time
FULL-TIME: Newtonmore 4-3 Kingussie

1659: Was that the chance to equalise? Kingussie's Ronald Ross sets up Fraser Munro in a central position about twelve yards from goal, but the youngster blazes over. There's only seconds left.

1657: Newtonmore are doing well at keeping the ball in the Kingussie half - they've two minutes to hold on.

1655: Oh. My. Goodness. Danny MacRae spins at the edge of the box and rifles an unstoppable drive into the left of the Kingussie goal. Could that be the goal that ends Newtonmore's Camanachd Cup drought?

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 4-3 Kingussie (MacRae)

1653: John Mackenzie flashes a shot which is deflected wide of the Kingussie goal as Newtonmore enjoy the ascendancy.

1652: "Who's got the will? Who's got the legs? It's punishing stuff," says BBC Scotland commentator Hugh Dan MacLennan. Seven minutes to go.

1650: An absolute stramash in the Newtonmore box as Lee Bain again charges in. Defender Norman Campbell and keeper Michael Ritchie both end up tangled in the net, but they save the goal.

1646: Defender Lee Bain almost puts Kingussie in front with a brilliant flicked shot from the edge of the box, but it flies over the bar.

1645: We're back underway and, right from the throw-up, Danny MacRae puts Andrew Borthwick under pressure, the ball slips narrowly wide and the Kingussie keeper's blushes are spared.

Half time
HALF-TIME: Newtonmore 3-3 Kingussie

1640: Ross wins a foul as we enter the final minute of the first-half of extra-time, then he glances a shot just wide from an acute angle.

1638: Both sets of players looking tired as Newtonmore waste a set-piece. You get the feeling this game could be decided by a mistake in defence.

1633: "This is embarrassing, it's like wee girls fighting," says ref Derek Cameron. If that's the case the Bogeyman would run terrified from the wee girls of Newtonmore and Kingussie.

1631: "BBC Radio Scotland pundit Kenny Ross is gutted at the extra-time as he looks longingly at a dram he was given ahead of throw up. Ever the professional it remains there. Evaporating," BBC Scotland's Paul Bradley tells the sorry tale of the poor pundit.

1630: First chance of extra-time. Danny MacRae turns the Kingussie defence and fires in a shot which is well saved by Andrew Borthwick.

1628: We're back underway at Bught Park, and it takes only 30 seconds for ref Derek Cameron to lose patience with the Kingussie bench as they appeal for a foul. "Do I have to remind you every time there's a foul? I've had enough. Shut it," he diplomatically tells them.

1625: Andrea emailed to say: "Shinty really does have a worldwide audience - we're watching it in Italy - really exciting, fast-paced." Ciao Andrea! Hope you enjoy extra-time too.

1625: Apparently, Ronald Ross's goal is down to him being an accomplished tennis player. You learn a new thing every day.

1621: The full-time whistle goes after an incredible 90 minutes...and an exhausted set of players have to lift themselves for another 30. A tense, exciting extra-time coming right up!

1620: A minute left of injury time and Newtonmore win a corner - this is last-chance to win it before extra-time.

1619: You want to know how full-blooded this is? It takes three full-throttle blasts of the referee's whistle from a range of about ten yards before 'More's Ackie Macrae and Kingussie's Lee Bain stop tussling over the ball.

1617: "It's going to be a long hard five minutes," says BBC Scotland commentator Hugh Dan MacLennan.

1615: Kingussie are really going for it with only five minutes left on the clock, the game is very stretched.

1613: As if taking on your fiercest rivals in a cup final wasn't enough, 'More goalie blasts a clearance right at the back of defender Norman Campbell's head. He goes to ground like a tree felled in the woods, but a visitation from the magic sponge and he's right as rain again. Take note Cristiano Ronaldo.

1609: It was almost inevitable wasn't it. You just can't keep Ronald Ross from scoring. With a deft flick of the wrist the Kingussie man levels the scores - extra-time is looming!

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 3-3 Kingussie (Ross)

1606:"Fourteen minutes! Come on!" yells an agitated Norman McArthur on the touchline, the tension - on the pitch and off - is incredible.

1605: Lee Borthwick is next to go close, but doesn't connect cleanly and the ball goes wide of the Kingussie goal.

1603: Kingussie goalscorer Fraser Munro goes down after the application of a caman to the back of the head off the ball. The offence is not spotted by any of the match officials however.

1600: OOOOOOOHHHHH! What a miss! Ackie MacRae is set up right in front of the Kingussie goal, but slips the ball just wide of the post.

1559: There's about 20 minutes left on the clock, and BBC Scotland's Paul Bradley tells us how emotionally-charged the fans are: "It's fascinating to witness the ebb and flow of emotion from the fans watching this match. It's palpable."

1555: "Martin Dallas had all the time in the world there. Kingussie are back in the match," says BBC Radio Scotland pundit Kenny Ross. "Dare I say it, are Newtonmores' legs starting to go?" asks BBC Scotland TV commentator Hugh Dan MacLennan.

1555: A long-range effort from Glen MacIntosh fizzes just over. A foot lower and that would have been some goal, the game is raging from end to end.

1551: Martin Dallas picks up a loose ball just outside the box right in front of goal and launches the ball into the roof of the net. Kingussie only one behind and right back into things.

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 3-2 Kingussie (M Dallas)

1549: A mazy run by Ryan Borthwick at the other end, but his final touch lets him down inside the Newtonmore box.

1549: A flowing Newtonmore move ends up with young substitute Ackie MacRae presented with the ball six yards from goal, but he hesitates and his shot is blocked.

1545: BBC Scotland pundit Gary Innes lets us know the key asset needed to be a shinty referee: "The heart of a lion...or a bullet-proof vest at least."

1543: Michael Ritchie pulls off a fine save with his left foot from Ronald Ross...but was his heel on the ground or was it a kick?

1542: Thomas Borthwick goes down right at the edge of the Newtonmore box, nothing doing says referee Cameron despites howls of protest from the Kingussie fans behind the goal.

1538: BBC Scotland's Paul Bradley lets us know one set of fans are in good voice: The Newtonmore fans are definitely the more vocal of the two sets of fans. Then again, they do have more to shout about.

1536: Kingussie sub Rory Fraser - he's 47 remember - instigates a bit of argy-bargy with two-goal Danny MacRae. The game's lost none of its edge.

1535: We're back underway. Ten seconds gone and nobody's scored, what's wrong with these teams?

1529: In a piece of television gold, BBC Scotland presenter Dougie Vipond describes Kingussie manager Stevie Borthwick as having: "a face like a yard of tripe." We're presuming he's putting this down to the manager's ill-humour at the first-half scoreline rather than meaning he looks that way in general.

1525: What an incredible first half, first dominated by Newtonmore, then a Kingussie revival snuffed out by MacRae's second goal - I need a lie down in a darkened room! It's all set up for a second-half of pure drama.

Half time
HALF-TIME: Newtonmore 3-1 Kingussie

1524: Kingussie substitute Rory Fraser is 47 years old and still "a gazelle" according to BBC Scotland commentator Hugh Dan MacLennan.

1521: Danny MacRae does it again, freeing himself of the Kingussie defence and restoring 'More's two-goal advantage with half-time approaching.

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 3-1 Kingussie (MacRae)

1519: Another update from our man Paul Bradley: "The ball flies perilously close to the commentary position here. Just as well we have a goalie with us, I'm sure Kenny Ross would have taken one for the team.

1516: Kingussie get a foul right on the edge of the box as Cameron Binnie fells Fraser Munro. There's a bit of pinball in the box, but Newtonmore eventually clear. Kingussie are piling on the pressure now.

1513: The Ronaldo of the Glens is in the wars as he takes a caman to the bridge of his nose, but Kingussie fans will be delighted to see him more involved in the match. It's certainly a much more even affair now.

1510: Legendary Kingussie forward Ronald Ross gets his first sight of goal, but Michael Ritchie in the 'More goal is equal to it.

1510: Kingussie manager Stevie Borthwick is not happy at all with the match officials. "We're getting no protection at all," he tells BBC Scotland's Dougie Vipond.

1508: Guess what, Mr MacKenzie? They got it. Fraser Munro fires in a thunderbolt. Kingussie are back in the game.

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 2-1 Kingussie (F Munro)

1506: "2-0 is not a big lead in shinty. It can be easily turned round but Kingussie really need the next goal," says BBC Radio Scotland pundit Fraser MacKenzie.

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1503: "A remarkable start to this match. The Newtonmore fans are overjoyed, the Kingussie fans equally stunned," says BBC Scotland's Paul Bradley.

1458: More Newtonmore pressure as Andrew Borthwick makes a great save and clearance...and then gets barged over for his trouble. It's getting personal out there.

1456: "You have no idea what's going through my body," says Newtonmore boss Norman McArthur. Let's hope it's just adrenaline.

1454: Kingussie manager Stevie Borthwick earns a ticking off from referee Derek Cameron after one of his players picks up a head knock.

1452: Kingussie struggling in midfield, with superstar forward Ronald Ross being well marshalled by the Newtonmore back line.

1449: "Danny MacRae's the guy who's causing the problems," says Hugh Dan MacLennan. It's certainly been a lively start from the Newtonmore man.

1447: First Kingussie chance, but Ryan Borthwick flashes his shot wide of the mark.

It's sunny
1445: "Dougie Vipond's gone into business with the ice cream." Glad to see our presenter is keeping commentator Hugh Dan MacLennan's vocal chords lubricated.

1443: "One more for Newtonmore and I don't think there'll be any way back for Kingussie." BBC Scotland commentator and Fort William star Gary Innes thinks the final could be all but over shortly.

1441: Kingussie in trouble now as Steven McDonald spins and rifles in an unstoppable effort. 'More two goals to the good after seven minutes.

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 2-0 Kingussie (MacDonald)

1438: Even more remarkable...MacRae's goal comes close to beating the 7-second fastest Camanachd Cup final goal scored by Derek Cameron - who is today's referee.

1435: Unbelievable! 13 seconds on the clock and Danny MacRae slots the ball past Andrew Borthwick with a tight-angled shot from the right. What a start!

GOALFLASH: Newtonmore 1-0 Kingussie (MacRae)

1435: "Let's play shinty!" screams the PA man, and we're underway.

1431: If anyone new to the sport wonders about the mentality of shinty, have a quick look at just how tough the players are .

It's sunny
1430: It's a glorious afternoon in Inverness, as the teams get ready for the throw-up.

1427: Kingussie counterpart Stevie Borthwick will be seeking to make amends for last year's final defeat by Fort William: "Last year's final will be mentioned in the team talk, but in a positive way," he says.

1423: Newtonmore manager Norman 'Brick' McArthur says: "the 6-1 defeat of Kingussie a few weeks ago will have no bearing on the final whatsoever." He tells our man Paul Bradley he thinks it will be a tight affair.

1416: BBC Scotland's Paul Bradley reports from Inverness: "Excitement really building here at the Bught. Not nerves from the people I've spoken to, but real anticipation of a great final. Newtonmore and Kingussie will be deserted...I just hope burglars don't read this!"

1412: KINGUSSIE TEAM: A Borthwick, Macleod, G Munro, Bain, Gow, T Borthwick, F Munro, Hutchison, Ross, R Borthwick, M Dallas, MacRae. Subs: L Munro, Dawson, Fraser, Anderson, B Dallas

1407: NEWTONMORE TEAM: Ritchie, N Campbell, S Campbell (c), Kennedy, Robinson, Binnie, MacArthur, MacDonald, Cheyne, MacRae, MacIntosh, Macintosh. Subs: Mackenzie, Chisholm, Fraser, Mackintosh, A MacRae

1358: Never mind the Old Firm match tomorrow, shinty's big two go head-to-head at Bught Park - it's Newtonmore v Kingussie

1358: Good afternoon and welcome to our live text coverage of the 104th Camanachd Cup final.

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