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Scotland v Denmark as it happened


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By Martin Conaghan

2144: So that's it from me tonight folks - a rainy night at Hampden, but two goals - one from a player on his debut cap, Robert Snodgrass. It may have just been a friendly, but it was a win nonetheless and Scotland deserved it for that dogged second-half performance. Well done to Denmark too for providing formidable opposition and walking all over the match with solid possession and confident passing. Try to stay out of the rain on your way home tonight folks! Thank-you and goodnight!

2142: Gary Caldwell won man of the match tonight - a decent performance from him, but in typically modest fashion, he says it was a team performance. It certainly was a good result tonight for Scotland, but I would keep the champagne on ice - there's some important Euro 2012 qualifiers still to come against Czech Republic and Spain.

2141: Robert Snodgrass tells Chick Young he felt confident tonight, playing among a great bunch of professionals who made him feel at home at Hampden. He says he's proud to have scored on his debut for Scotland as a build-up to the Czech Republic match.

2140: FULL-TIME: Scotland 2-1 Denmark.

Full time

2139: To demonstrate how serious the Danes had taken this match, their keeper Thomas Sorensen came up for a corner in the last seconds of the match, but Scotland have managed to hold out.

2137: Correction on my stats: it will be Scotland's first win in six matches against the Danes. The last win was in 1976, not 1986 - Scotland lost 1-0 in Mexico in 1986. Apologies for that folks!

2136: The referee adds on three minutes.

2135: If Scotland can hang on, this will be their first win in five internationals against Denmark - Scotland haven't beaten the Danes since the World Cup in Mexico in 1986.

2134: Denmark take a dangerous looking free-kick from considerable distance, but Allan McGregor sees it comfortably over the bar as we enter the final minute of regulation time.

2133: Scotland are making one change before the final whistle - and it's a Blackburn Rovers player - but it's not David Goodwillie. Grant Hanley comes on for Robert Snodgrass.

2132: "It's all about the concentration now - Scotland need to stay with the man, hang on and keep their concentration up." BBC Scotland summariser and Motherwell manager Stuart McCall at Hampden Park.

2131: "Scotland looks to have a decent set of youngsters. Let's hope they are given a chance next month." From Chris Cox on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsound

2130: A superb shot from Barry Bannan from 30 yards out is cradled by the Denmark keeper Thomas Sorensen. Scotland are still in front as we head into the last five minutes.

2128: Denmark are continuing to ask questions of Scotland in the closing stages of the match. Some decent defending by Levein's men, but they really need to try and take more control of the game as time ticks out. If the Danes persist, they'll pick up corners, free-kicks - and potentially, a goal - if the Scots are not careful.

2127: A corner for Denmark ends in a free-kick for Scotland when Phil Bardsley crumbles to the ground at the front post under a challenge. Scotland will be happy to take their time with this one.

2126: Scotland are persisting with MacKail-Smith on his own up front, resolving to long balls to try and catch Denmark on the counter-attack, but the surface is causing problems with the long ball.

2125: Just over 10 minutes left in this match at Hampden. Scotland are hanging on though - can they catch the Danes on the break and seal a surefire winner before full-time? Stay with us to find out.

2124: Gary Caldwell makes a superb run back to the heart of defence to cut out a searching ball across the face of the Scotland goal. Had the Wigan Athletic man not made it back in time, that one was going right into the back of the net.

2123: Sorry folks - some gremlins in the system caused my PC to go on fire and I had to chuck it out a window. Back to normal now. You haven't missed anything, althoug the Danes just had a decent shot from distance that was held comfortably by Allan McGregor.

2119: Michael Silberbauer of Young Boys of Berne comes on - Celtic fans may remember him. This is his 19th cap for Denmark, after making his debut against Scotland in the meeting between the two countries in August 2002.

2118: Steven Naismith goes off and James Forrest comes on. Looks like David Goodwillie is going to have to sit it out a little bit longer.

2116: The sting really has gone out of this match - both sides are resorting to long balls, played out to wider areas, and soft tackles are turning into major stoppages.

2113: David Goodwillie is watching from the bench, possibly hopeful of getting a few minutes on the pitch in the last 20 minutes or so remaining. He was capped once before for Scotland against Faroe Islands. Could tonight be his second?

2110: Chick Young tells us that Barry Bannan is coming on for James Morrison.

2109: A slightly better spell for Scotland as we cross over the hour mark, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to connect passes on the drenched surface.

2107: James Morrison picks up the ball on the left and powers into the Denmark penalty area, but his shot is deflected wide by the keeper for a corner. Moments later, MacKail-Smith almost cashes in on a slack passback the gets caught in the lying water on the pitch, but the Denmark keeper Thomas Sorensen manages to rescue it.

2106: Interesting story about referee Marco Borg - he was one of the refs who came over to Scotland to break the Scottish referee's strike last season.

2104: So, Robert Snodgrass has not only scored his first goal for Scotland, but he's also picked up his first yellow card - the first of the evening from referee Marco Borg of Malta.

Yellow card

2103: The captain's armband is handed over to Wigan Athletic's Gary Caldwell as Kenny Miller leaves the pitch.

2102: Some substitutions being organised on the sidelines for the Danes, but Craig MacKail-Smith is coming on for Kenny Miller, according to Chick Young.

2100: There's 21 players in the Scotland half, and it's been like that for the past 10 minutes. After a reasonably brisk start to the second half, Scotland are completely on the back foot, struggling to get out of their own penalty area, never mind their own half.

2059: A long-range shot from Lasse Schone almost catches Allan McGregor off-guard again, but the Scotland keeper manages to tip the ball over the bar. Powerful stuff there from the Danes, easily from 35 yards out.

2057: The Danes have a slick, passing rhythm about them - not quite Spain's "ticky-tacky" style of football, but it's fluid and allows them to retain or regain possession with efficiency.

2055: BBC Radio Scotland commentator David Begg says it can't be underestimated how bad the conditions are out there at Hampden tonight. Motherwell manager Stuart McCall agrees and says the players are lucky that the pitch is holding up, which is remarkable for Hampden, it has to be noted.

2054:From Facebook: Mark William Liddell says: "It was a good time to score, just before half-time. Although, with our lot, anytime is a good time to score."

2052: Scotland look quite energetic in these opening minutes of the second half, but the weather is really taking it's toll on the players and their ability to keep the ball under control - you can see water rising up on the surface of the pitch and it's difficult for players to stay on their feet.

2051: And we're back off for the second half at Hampden!

2050: we're about to get things back underway at Hampden. We can tell you that our intrepid reporter Chick Young has been keeping an eye on the Scotland dressing room and Scott Brown isn't badly injured - just a minor strain. Celtic fans will be relieved.

2036: So Scotland manage to claw it back and take a half-time lead. Not bad for a friendly. Don't go anywhere folks - we'll be back after the half-time break for more action from Hampden.

2035: HALF-TIME: Scotland 2-1 Denmark.

Half time

2032: As half-time approaches, Kenny Miller sends a long, searching ball into the Denmark penalty area from far out on the left and Robert Snodgrass dives low at the back post to head in and give Scotland a lead heading in to the break. Fantastic goal for Snodgrass on his Scotland debut.

2031: GOAL! Scotland 2-1 Denmark (Robert Snodgrass)


2029: Allan McGregor pulls off a wonderful instinctive save from a low drive to keep the scores level approaching the half-time whistle. He'll be kicking himself after that dreadful error that handed Denmark an equaliser.

2026: "Stuart and Ally in Dundee put the hex on Scotland there. Gee, thanks lads." #BBCsportsound please be more discerning of whom you quote. :)". From Jock Guidfellaw on Twitter. We will indeed Jock. Twitter has a habit of jinxing future events.

2025: Just over five minutes until half-time and Scotland look a bit shaken by Denmark's equaliser - they're finding it harder to hold on to the ball and work it out of their own half. Craig Levein will be happy to get the first half over with and get in to the dressing room to shake things up a little.

2023: The Danes are showing a little bit of quality with their movement and passing - they're starting to get in and about the Scotland penalty area and giving them a hard time. Scotland need to stop forcing the game and start spreading the ball about a bit more.

2020: "That, unfortunately goes down as a mistake by Allan McGregor." BBC Scotland's John Robertson on Denmark's equaliser.

2019: Denmark level the scores on the half-hour mark with a free-kick of their own from the book of Christian Eriksen - almost identical to the one taken by Adam at the other end. It curved right up over the wall and caught out Allan McGregor in the Scotland goal. The Rangers keeper will be cursing his luck there - bit of an embarrassing misjudgement.

2018: GOAL! Scotland 1-1 Denmark (Christian Eriksen)


2017: If anyone is curious, the goal appears to be getting credited to William Kvist (known to his friends as William Kvist), and not Charlie Adam. The Liverpool man will have to find the net again if he wants to score his first international goal in this match.

2015: The Celtic manager Neil Lennon is in the crowd tonight, looking on anxiously. I suspect he'll be waiting to hear if Scott Brown is intact.

2014: Stuart and Ally in Dundee have texted on 80295. "This will be a close game. Scotland to edge it with David Goodwillie scoring the winner coming off the bench."

2013: So, we now have an interesting game on our hands. Just 25 minutes in at Hampden, and Scotland are leading Denmark by one goal to nil - the goal coming from Liverpool's Charlie Adam.

2012: "At Hampden and the place is rocking. Sorry, predictive texting, that should be 'soaking'". From Albert Sampras on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsound

2010: Charlie Adam fires in for his first international goal from a free-kick out on the left-hand side of the Denmark penalty area. However, the ball seemed to be helped into the net from William Kvist, so it'll be down to the referee to decide who gets the credit for the goal. Against the run of play - Scotland are one goal to the good!

2009: GOAL! Scotland 1-0 Denmark (Charlie Adam)


2008: Christian Eriksen powers through the Scotland midfield and lays off an angled ball to Dennis Rommedahl, who strikes for goal - but Allan McGregor is equal to the task and parries.

2006: Well, Scott Brown's match is over. He didn't look particularly injured in the clatter with Kjaer, but Don Cowie has come on to take his place after just 19 minutes. I suspect it has more to do with Craig Levein being anxious at making the Celtic captain play on if he's carrying a niggling injury.

2004: Both players have now returned to the pitch after a friendly shake of hands. no lasting injuries, it would seem.

2003: Scott Brown and Simon Kjaer clatter into each other and require some treatment on the pitch. It's nothing serious, but both players look a little stung by the encounter.

2002: Phil Bardsley makes a decent run into the Denmark penalty area, but runs out of steam when surrounded by Danish defenders and goes to ground - nothing given.

2001: Robert Snodgrass is holding his own, but he seems to be finding a wall of white jerseys down the right-hand side.

2000: The match is settling in a bit more now, Kenny Miller picked up a decent pass in the middle of the pitch, but his first touch was poor and Denmark never looked under any threat.

1957: "I don't think the players will mind the conditions. All of the players are international professionals - they should be comfortable with any set of conditions." BBC Scotland's John Robertson commenting on the rain-soaked pitch at Hampden.

1956: Wayne Cuthbertson sends us this message on on Facebook: "Hoping for a good result, we have a very strong midfield. Good luck to Snodgrass and Wilson on their Hampden debuts!"

1955: "Surprised that Levein hasn't experimented more since he was bigging up our youth so much. Excited to see Goodie at some point." From Christopher Dineen on Twitterusing the hashtag #bbcsportsound

1953: Scotland resorting to long balls from their own half very early in this match. I'm guessing the weather and the state of the pitch will have played a big role in Craig Levein's plans?

1952: An early corner for Denmark, Christian Eriksen swinging it in, but it Naismith manages to get the ball clear and Scotland breathe easy.

1950: The Danes are enjoying plenty of early possession and the crowd is fairly quiet at the moment too. With a bit of luck, the rain will die down and we'll get some decent football.

1949: "Can't believe Crainey is starting again for Scotland, the lad is terrible. Hopefully Wallace is back in soon." from Laurie Dunsire on Twitter. #bbcsportsound

1948: Don't forget, you can listen to the match on Radio Scotland 810MW and online. David Begg is providing the commentary for our listeners.

1947: And we're off at Hampden a few minutes late for Scotland v Denmark. Don't go anywhere for the next 45 minutes (we'll allow you the 15 minutes at half-time to take a well-earned break).

1944: And the formalities are almost over, lots of handshaking and swapping of pennants. Let's get on with the game and see what the evening brings.

1943: The Denmark national anthem is roaring around the stadium. 'Flower of Scotland' is up next. Julie Fowlis is singing.

1942: That's the players walking out now. Kenny Miller is Scotland's lone striker tonight and it's a first ever start for Leeds United's Robert Snodgrass. Is it just me - but it's only a friendly - would Craig Levein not have been better experimenting with some strike options up front?

1941: The players are getting ready to come out on to a rain-soaked, dank, wet and dreary Hampden. It looks like a reasonably good crowd, but they seem to have tucked the fans away in all the far corners of the stadium - presumably to protect them from the weather.

1940: Five minutes until kick-off folks - get your predictions in now. Send us a text message on 8029, post on the Sportsound Facebook page or send us a tweet via Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsound

1937: Some team news ahead of kick-off at Hampden:

Scotland: McGregor, Bardsley, Caldwell, Wilson, Crainey, Morrison, Brown, Adam, Snodgrass, Naismith, Miller. Subs: Bell, Berra, Robson, Goodwillie, Dorrans, Bannan, Forrest, Hanley, Mackail-Smith, Turner, Cowie, McNaughton.

Denmark: Sorensen, Christian Poulsen, Agger, Boilesen, Kjaer, Kvist Jorgensen, Eriksen, Jacobsen, Rommedahl, Krohn-Delhi, Bendtner. Subs: Lindegaard, Kristensen, Jorgensen, Schone, Silberbauer, Zimling, Pedersen, Mads Junker, Mads Junker, Enevoldsen, Kadrii.

Referee: Marco Borg (Malta)

1935: Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of Scotland v Denmark in their friendly at Hampden. It's a rainy night in Glasgow (very rainy), which is probably reflected across the whole country. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to bring you every kick of the ball throughout the evening as the match unfolds.

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