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Scrum V's rugby anagrams

We have to point out that these anagrams were generated entirely at random - any similarities to characteristics living or dead are purely coincidental (honest)!

See if you can work out who these rugby players are, then check the answers on our 606 Scrum V anagrams page, where you can also post your suggestions.

Rugby players and personalities:

Jonathan Davies
Can you think up an anagram for this man?

1. in awe smallish
Clue: Does size matter?

2. shrewd art aged
Clue: Legend

3. ill gin crawl
Clue: Worse chin than Jimmy Hill?

4. true lewd bard
Clue: Pundit supreme

5. kin robs intents
Clue: Where's Oldham?

6. new lad allegorical
Clue: What hidden cameras?

7. dirty or armchair
Clue: All White, but not by reputation

8. shin cull certain
Clue: Wonder down under

9. woe kid hot
Clue: Folically challenged

10. nip then belt
Clue: Side-step supreme

11. hate uneasily
Clue: Stop your chopsing!

12. wiry smallish
Clue: Keith Jarrett 2

13. sap came dived
Clue: Pommy basher

14. girl deal allowance
Clue: Captain with a sting

15. now hate harsh
Clue: Well travelled

16. is shy trainer
Clue: Hope in the north

17. rule raping
Clue: Who you gonna blame?

18. nice balk
Clue: Small tiger

19. we dread blurt
Clue: Part of a famous double act

20. label bum on it
Clue: A question of thought

21. we do crow valid
Clue: Mr Major

22. civil con rash
Clue: Where's Walsall?

23. girl will can
Clue: It's already too easy!

24. mother aghast
Clue: Ayatollah

25. ran until cliches
Clue: He's no Jonathan Webb

26. is Welsh animal
Clue: Up the Amman!

27. non tribe stinks
Clue: Caused an uproar

28. hit ale uneasy
Clue: Old motor

29. on law deal allergic
Clue: You must know him by now

30. rude lewd brat
Clue: Close to home

31. Is a try shrine
Clue: Leeds from the front

32. Whale income
Clue: From Sardis to Gwent

Other sporting anagrams:

1. top trashy nudes
Clue: Blasphemy on the Sabbath

2. lane smelling
Clue: Miserable on Man

3. puff lint hell
Clue: Feline

4. he mama needs
Clue: Royal fists

5. wig add over
Clue: Tiger moth terror

6. go get beers
Clue: Legend

7. old shin terrific
Clue: Stop wearing lycra!

8. oh manly despot
Clue: Respects the anthem

9. ban hot aim
Clue: Famous son!

10. pacing goal use
Clue: I got something in my eye

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