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Last Updated: Saturday, 22 November, 2003, 07:52 GMT
Clockwatch: Australia 17-20 England
All the action as it happened from England's 20-17 extra-time win over Australia.

0907 GMT: The game gets under way as the trusted boot of Jonny Wilkinson lofts the ball towards Australia's forwards. Nathan Sharpe gathers.

1 min: Australia get the first attack on but there's no way through England's defence for now.

2 mins: Mat Rogers nearly opens the slightest of gaps and a scoring chance looks on. But his pass to Lote Tuqiri goes astray, and Josh Lewsey and his fellow defenders breathe a sigh of relief.

3 mins: Jonny Wilkinson smacks the ball clear and England have a chance to settle.

4 mins: Australia have certainly dominated the opening exchanges. Rogers is once again the villain, though, as his chip ahead skids off the wet surface and into touch.

5 mins: The Wallabies are awarded the first penalty of the night. Trevor Woodman takes the wrap for a punch. Rogers kicks for touch rather than go for goal.

6 mins: England concede a free-kick for having one too many in the line-out. An elementary mistake at this level.

6 mins: Australia deservedly take the lead after a supremely flighted kick by Stephen Larkham. It heads way to the left flank and Tuqiri beats Jason Robinson to the take. It's an easy try for the former league man. Elton Flatley's conversion hits the uprights and bounces back.
Australia 5-0 England

8 mins: Sharpe once more gathers the re-start and Flatley fires a 50-foot kick way back into England's half.

10 mins: England finally enjoy their first attack. Robinson, aiming to make amends for his earlier slip-up, beats a couple of men to send his team-mates on their way.

11 mins: David Lyons concedes Australia's first penalty for going over the top. Wilkinson lines up his first spot kick of the night from 50 yards out and over it goes.
Australia 5-3 England

13 mins: Brendan Cannon pings a sweet line-out ball to Justin Harrison. As Australia spread it wide, they win a penalty, Neil Back penalised for ripping away the ball illegally.

14 mins: England steal Australian line-out ball, much to the surprise of the Wallabies' line-out jumpers.

15 mins: Lyons is brought up for illegal handling. In his frustration, he lashes out and referee Andre Watson steps in to have a word.

17 mins: England dominate possession for a few minutes but seem unable of doing anything with it as some hefty Australian tackles go in. A Wallaby knock-on ensures they keep the ball.

19 mins: Another elementary mistake from England, who concede a free-kick after their front row are told off for not being ready for a scrum. Their cause is helped as Cannon knocks it on.

20 mins: Matt Dawson and Lawrence Dallaglio show great communication as they pop the ball between each other and briefly split the opposition defence. It brings a penalty, Larkham tackling the man off the ball. He nurses a cut to his lip for his efforts. In his brief absence, Wilkinson kicks England into the lead.
Australia 5-6 England

21 mins: Dawson darts on once more but collides with Phil Vickery and gives away a scrum for accidental offside.

22 mins: Matt Giteau, on for Larkham as a blood replacement, is dumped by Wilkinson which opens an England break. Mike Tindall hacks ahead, but Tuqiri manages to gather, springs under Lewsey and clears the trouble. A thrilling passage of play.

23 mins: Wilkinson tries a drop goal. It goes well wide and brings up thousands of boos from the crowd.

24 mins: Woodman suddenly decides he's some kind of playmaker by popping the ball behind his back. Needless to say, the result of the prop's efforts are laughable as it trickles forward.

25 mins: England really should have scored there. After Giteau spills the ball, Richard Hill hacks forward. As the ball is spun about between Hill, Lewsey and Dawson it looks promising, but Ben Kay knocks on the try-scoring pass.

26 mins: A worrying moment clears for England as Wilkinson comes back into the fray after receiving medical treatment. He's bruised but still primed to play on. Meanwhile, Robinson kicks intelligently, which wins an England scrum five yards out.

28 mins: England get a great drive on and win a penalty for their efforts. After a brief meeting of minds between the team's decision makers, Johnson unsurprisingly trusts in Wilkinson's goal-kicking efforts. Again the Aussie boos rain down. It doesn't bother Wilkinson.
Australia 5-9 England

29 mins: Australian captain George Gregan is the latest player to receive treatment. Hill's boot is responsible, but with no venom involved.

30 mins: Woodman is penalised for failing to bind properly. Flatley lines up a spot kick but hooks it. It is greeted with a mixture of gasps and cheers.

31 mins: Larkham finally rejoins the fray after having part of his face stitched up.

33 mins: Straight away Larkham puts England under pressure with a deep line-out. A combination of a maul and a Dawson up-and-under see that passage of play pass without too many problems.

34 mins: Wilkinson tries to mirror Larkham's try-winning boot of earlier in the game. But it is too easy for Rogers to call for the mark as he gathers.

35 mins: A rare mistake by Larkham. He kicks the ball straight out from outside his 22. England go for the long line-out, which fails to work. That seems to have been the case for them throughout this tournament.

36 mins: Tindall almost looks startled with the amount of space he has as he evades a Wendell Sailor tackle. Better defenders, though, are on hand to bundle him into touch.

37 mins: Gregan is send spiralling into touch as Tindall practically lofts him over his head.

38 mins: A superb end to the first half as Robinson slides in to score. The former league ace is pumped up as a Dallaglio break sends first Wilkinson on his way and then Robinson, who skids into the left-hand corner. It's nothing less than England deserve. Wilkinson endures a rare miss with his boot.
Australia 5-14 England

40 mins: Dawson tries to spring a surprise chip ahead but it goes out on the full as Ben Cohen races after it. Moments later, the whistle goes for half-time.

41 mins: It's all systems go once more at the Telstra Stadium. This time, Flatley gets proceedings going now with the wind on Australia's side.

42 mins: A slightly nervy start sees Dallaglio initially go for the gather of a monstrous Rogers Garryowen. But Dallaglio panics and leaves it to Robinson instead. The England number 15 batters it clear.

43 mins: Johnson inspires England with a supreme take of opposition ball in the line-out. Robinson pops up a couple of times in the fly-half position to try and marshal breaks.

44 mins: Cohen sprints clear but is deemed offside as England's fans for now outsing their Australian counterparts.

45 mins: Tindall produces a supreme 60-yard boot. Rogers can do nothing but watch it bounce into touch.

46 mins: Thompson fluffs another line-out throw. As it rebounds off Johnson, Cannon gathers and charges on. He is eventually felled.

47 mins: For some reason England decide to spring a long line-out throw. Just to stick to tradition, it is humourously bad and Phil Waugh takes it on the break. To make matters worse, England then give away a penalty. Flatley makes them pay.
Australia 8-14 England

49 mins: David Giffin comes on for Sharpe as Wilkinson kicks life back into the game.

50 mins: England turn the Australian scrum and win the put-in. Australia are struggling in the set pieces when they have possession.

52 mins: Johnson, who has been supreme in the line-out all match, wins another throw against the head. But for all the promise of his latest attack, his team-mates concede yet another penalty. Flatley steps up once more but it sinks under the bar.

54 mins: At long last Thompson finds his thrower, that man Johnson taking it confidently. From it Dawson, Johnson and Lewsey break clear to Australia's 10-metre line.

56 mins: England have a line-out, five metres from the Australia line as the ball skids off the foot of Tindall into touch. Meanwhile, Larkham goes off the field once again with blook pouring from his mouth. Giteau steps into his boots once more.

57 mins: Giteau is immediately called into action as he hoofs a defensive kick marginally past the in-coming Hill. Jeremy Paul comes on for Cannon, while Matt Cockbain steps into Lyons' place.

58 mins: Vickery is penalised for incorrect binding in the scrum. The Gloucester prop begs to differ with the referee, but it's a penalty nonetheless to Australia.

60 mins: The game has reached something of a stalemate, with both sides being let down by a series of errors and failing to take the game by the scruff of the neck.

61 mins: Once again England's discipline lets them down. Vickery is the man in trouble for illegally handling the ball in a ruck. Australia are well and truly back in contention as Flatley finds the target.
Australia 11-14 England

62 mins: Australia, and Tuqiri in particular, find themselves on the back foot as England's defenders spring into life early.

63 mins: Johnson drives his way forward as England re-group. In the resulting melee, Tindall knocks the ball forward and another chance goes begging. His team-mates don't look happy and neither does he for that matter. Larkham comes back out of the blood bin in the meantime.

64 mins: Vickery looks in disbelief as he gives away another penalty. The referee seems to be having issue with the bulky forwards binding.

65 mins: Stirling Mortlock, so dangerous in the semi-final win over New Zealand, bulldozes over a couple of England defenders. The momentum goes in an instant as England win a penalty.

66 mins: England try to get the drive on. It's slow, almost painful stuff, but eventually does the trick. as the ball is spread Wilkinson goes on the break but is brought crashing down to the ground. It comes out once more but another knock-on makes life easy for Australia. The fingers are pointed at Cohen's buttery handling this time.

68 mins: Once again a Tindall kick sends England's danger men on their way. Greenwood nearly gets to it to score but Rogers swipes his boot around his legs to hoof the ball into touch.

69 mins: It's almost becoming truly painful to watch. For all England's possession and promise, again they spill the ball. Greenwood, a moment ago almost a hero, fumbles his latest pass in the tackle.

71 mins: Rogers punts out from his try line to the 10-metre marker as Joe Roff comes on for Sailor.

72 mins: England try to extend their lead with a Wilkinson drop goal. It's not a bad stab at it but it drifts a little too much to the right.

73 mins: Robinson puts England into the territorial ascendancy with another sharp kick. England mess it up with what the referee deems a forward pass. Few people seem to agree with him in the Telstra Stadium.

75 mins: This is seriously nervous stuff now for everyone on the field. It's too tight to call which way the game might turn but Australia are edging forward in attack now.

76 mins: Jeremy Paul tries to dummy England's defenders but to little effect. England can take a temporary breather with a scrum from a knock-on, which they need having made no substitutions.

77 mins: England finally return to Australia's half as Wilkinson, following a risky break by Dawson and Lewsey, smacks it up field. Kay this time steps up to the knock-on oche.

78 mins: Larkham puts England on the back foot with a line-out just metres from their try line. Thompson really needs to find his man now. Sadly he can't. In the meantime, Mike Catt comes on for a limping Tindall.

80 mins: Australia have the put-in on England's 22-metre line. The scrum collapses and Watson blames England for it. Australia get the penalty. With unbelievable pressure on his shoulders and a flurry of boos behind him, Flatley coolly strokes it over and the game goes into extra time.
Australia 14-14 England

81 mins: The first period of extra-time starts - there's 10 minutes of it each way now - with a player change. Jason Leonard is on.

82 mins: Straight off England win a penalty as Harrison is castigated for pulling his man down in the line-out. Wilkinson calls for the kicking tee and carries out his usual kicking preparations before slotting it over. A superb kick.
Australia 14-17 England

85 mins: Catt springs to life with his fresh legs. Dallaglio takes on the move but Woodman loses it with a diabolical pass. England attack quickly moves to defence as Australia charge on.

86 mins: England fans can only shake their head as Johnson dives over the ball. The referee rightly points out that's against the rules. Meanwhile, a bloody Larkham comes off the field again, while Iain Balshaw replaces an injured-looking Lewsey. Robinson moves onto the wing.

87 mins: Australia lose possession at the scrum with a Smith knock forward.

88 mins: A Dawson pop pass sends Catt sprinting through. That creates an overlap but sadly Balshaw goes for the glory. His team-mates cann't be happy with that one.

89 mins: This time Mike Catt tries his hand at a drop goal. Phil Waugh tries to steal what would have been very good ball, knocking it on instead.

90 mins: England's fourth drop goal of the night goes begging, this time Wilkinson proving inaccurate. Moments later Balshaw tries a break. Harrison drags him into touch. With it the first period of extra-time comes to a close.

91 mins: Flatley sends the re-start into the hands of Neil Back, who allows Wilkinson plenty of time to kick clear.

92 mins: Australia have first stab at spreading it. But it ends prematurely as Bill Young is responsible for a forward pass. Should Australia level the scores, there's 10 minutes of sudden death to come after the second-half of extra-time.

93 mins: England need to maintain possession now to keep their lead. It's too late to tell Catt that on this occasion as he stupidly tries to recycle the ball in the tackle. It goes forward rather than to his man. Meanwhile, Matt Dunning replaces Young as cramp starts affecting a few players on the park.

94 mins: Hill, suffering with cramp, is replaced by Lewis Moody. Moody immediately makes an impact on the break.

95 mins: England can count themselves a little lucky there. Tuqiri is within a whisker of socring with an overlap but Robinson and Cohen make his life a nightmare and Wilkinson steals possession from the resulting spill. It leads to an Australian line-out though.

96 mins: Australia continue to pile on the pressure but England's defence just stands firm... for now. Rogers fails to recycle the ball and England win a penalty.

97 mins: England's line-out is still a shambles. A host of hands try to grasp it and England lose it. But Dallaglio handles the ball on the ground and concedes a very kickable penalty. Flatley levels the scores.
Australia 17-17 England

99 mins: The final is moments away from sudden death. England have a line-out as the opportunities run out.

100 mins: With just 26 seconds left on the clock, Dawson spins it to Wilkinson who clinches his first drop goal of the night. And with it England win the World Cup. A stunning end to a breathtaking final.
Australia 17-20 England

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