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Past winners of Ulster Schools' Cup

1876 R.S. Armagh beat R.B.A.I.
1877 R.S. Armagh beat M.C.B.
1878 M.C.B. beat R.S. Dungannon
1879 R.S. Armagh beat M.C.B.
1880 R.S. Armagh beat M.C.B.
1881 R.S. Armagh beat R.B.A.I.
1882 M.C.B. beat Derry Academy
1883 R.S. Armagh beat R.B.A.I.
1884 Coleraine A.l. beat Foyle College
1885 R.S. Armagh beat M.C.B.
1886 Coleraine A.l. beat R.B.A.I.
1887 Coleraine A.l. beat Galway G.S.
1888 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1889 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1890 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1891 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1892 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1893 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1894 Coleraine A.l. beat M.C.B.
1895 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1896 M.C.B. beat Derry Academy
1897 Coleraine A.I. beat M.C.B.
1898 Campbell Coll beat Coleraine A.l.
1899 M.C.B. beat Portora R.S.
1900 Foyle College beat M.C.B.
1901 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1902 M.C.B. beat Portora R.S.
1903 R.B.A.I. beat Armagh R.S.
1904 M.C.B. beat Portora R.S.
1905 Portora R.S. beat M.C.B.
1906 Portora R.S. beat M.C.B.
1907 R.S. Dungannon beat R.B.A.I.
1908 Portora R.S. beat Coleraine A.l.
1909 Portora R.S. beat Coleraine A.l.
1910 Campbell Coll beat Coleraine A.l.
1911 competition unfinished
1912 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1913 Campbell Coll beat Foyle College
1914 M.C.B. beat Foyle College
1915 Foyle College beat R.S. Armagh
1916 R.B.A.I. beat Campbell College
1917 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1918 R.B.A.I. beat R.S. Dungannon
1919 R.B.A.I. beat Campbell College
1920 Coleraine A.l. beat Campbell College
1921 Campbell Coll beat Coleraine A.l.
1922 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1923 Campbell Coll beat Portora R.S.
1924 Campbell Coll beat Ballymena Academy
1925 Coleraine A.I. beat M.C.B.
1926 Campbell Coll beat Coleraine A.l.
1927 M.C.B. beat Armagh R.S.
1928 M.C.B. beat Ballymena Academy
1929 M.C.B. beat Portora R.S.
1930 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1931 Campbell Coll beat M.C.B.
1932 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1933 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1934 R.B.A.I. beat Lurgan College
1935 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1936 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.l.
1937 M.C.B. beat Belfast Royal Academy
1938 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1939 Coleraine A.l. beat M.C.B.
1940 Portora R.S. beat Coleraine A.l.
1941 Portora R.S. beat Coleraine A.l.
1942 Portora R.S. drew R.B.A.I.
1943 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1944 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.l.
1945 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1946 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1947 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1948 R.B.A.I. beat Campbell College
1949 M.C.B. beat R.B.A.I.
1950 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1951 R.B,A.I. beat Campbell College
1952 M.C.B. beat Campbell College
1953 M.C.B. drew Campbell College
1954 Campbell Coll drew R.B.A.I.
1955 Campbell Coll beat M.C.B.
1956 Campbell Coll beat M.C.B.
1957 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B.
1958 Annadale G.S. beat Campbell College
1959 R.B.A.I. beat R.S. Dungannon
1960 Campbell Coll drew R.B.A.I.
1961 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1962 B.R.A. drew R.B.A.I.
1963 B.R.A drew Rainey Endowed School
1964 B.R.A. drew Campbell College
1965 Campbell Coll beat Rainey Endowed
1966 Campbell Coll beat Coleraine A.l.
1967 Rainey Endowed beat M.C.B.
1968 Campbell Coll beat B.R.A.
1969 Bangor Grammar beat Campbell College
1970 R.B.A.I beat Rainey Endowed
1971 Model Boys beat Ballymena Academy
1972 Ballymena Academy beat B.R.A.
1973 Ballyclare HS. beat R.B.A.I.
1974 M.C.B. beat R.B.A.I.
1975 M.C.B. beat Dungannon Royal
1976 M.C.B. beat Campbell College
1977 R.S. Armagh beat Regent House
1978 Bangor Grammar beat Annadale Grammar
1979 M.C.B. beat Bangor Grammar
1980 Campbell Coll beat R.B.A.I.
1981 Ballymena Acad beat Bangor Grammar
1982 Rainey Endowed beat Ballymena Academy
1983 Grosvenor H S beat R.B.A.I.
1984 M.C.B. beat B.R.A.
1985 Bangor Grammar beat Omagh Academy
1986 Bangor Grammar beat R.B.A.I.
1987 M.C.B. beat Bangor Grammar
1988 Bangor Grammar beat Coleraine A.l.
1989 M.C.B. beat Wallace High
1990 M.C.B. beat Campbell College
1991 M.C.B. beat Coleraine A.I.
1992 Coleraine A.I. beat M.C.B.
1993 Campbell Coll beat Dalriada School
1994 Regent House beat Wallace High
1995 R.B.A.I. beat Bangor Grammar
1996 Regent House drew M.C.B.
1997 B.R.A. beat R.B.A.I.
1998 R.B.A.I. beat Coleraine A.I.
1999 Campbell Coll beat Ballymena Academy
2000 R.B.A.I beat Ballymena Academy
2001 M.C.B. beat R.B.A.I. 2002 Campbell Coll beat M.C.B. 2003 R.B.A.I. beat Wallace High 2004 Royal School Armagh beat Campbell Coll 2005 R.B.A.I. beat M.C.B. 2006 M.C.B. beat Campbell College 2007 RBAI beat Wallace High 2008 M.C.B. beat Regent House


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