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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 July, 2005, 14:07 GMT 15:07 UK
Lions in NZ tour blog
New Zealand hammered the Lions 48-18 in the second Test to take a decisive 2-0 in the series against the Lions.

Send us your thoughts on how the series has gone.

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If you want to talk about the tour generally or specific Lions issues with fellow fans, please visit our dedicated message boards.


1720 BST: James in Dunedin via email
I'd like to thank the Lions for coming to New Zealand and playing their part in a fantastic couple of Tests. Nothing in rugby compares to a Lions tour.

1525: Drifcoll on the Scrum V messageboard. Subject: Shane Williams.
Was this the worst ever performance by a player in a Lions Test? How on earth did Woodward leave him on for the whole game. There was a minute in the second-half where he got absolutely nailed twice, then he lost the ball in contact. He was the cause of three of the NZ tries. Fair enough, he's good if he gets space, but today he looked like he was way out of his depth.

1510 BST: David, Christchurch
Well done All Blacks. The Lions had no answer to our attack and defence. I look forward to celebrating the 3-0 All Blacks whitewash that the Lions supporters so thought they would get.

1454 BST: Patrick Reid, New York
Very disappointing for all the supporters who have travelled all that way to not see a Test win. Well done to the All Blacks, the best team in the world very clearly. I pray for salvaging a little pride in the last Test. Lay off Clive as well. We lost and he's not moaning

1440 BST: Karl Ludvigsen, USA
Men and boys, simple as that, men and boys. Criticising the referee is pathetic.

1430 BST: Paul Bingham, USA
When are the Lions and England Rugby teams going to realise that 12 and 13 stone backs, for example Lewsey and Williams are just not big enough for the task. Their tackling and running game was disgraceful. Until we start producing strong backs we will never beat the likes of New Zealand. So start selecting talent that can make an impact.

1404 BST: John Shannon, Wellington
There was a sea of Red in the stands at the Cake Tin, many more Lions supporters than campervans parked in Oriental Parade. This was probably the best game I've ever watched. Yes the All Blacks probably got away with a few decisions but so did the Lions. It was a good game. Right up until the last five minutes the Lions could have come back and won the game.

1403 BST: Dick, London
I feel for the British Lions. So much money went into the tour yet they have come out empty-handed. It looks like NZ have not only won the series, but have gained financially from the touring Poms.

1358 BST: Mark W, Bristol
Well, another beating for the Lions from a vastly superior side, who have learned the art of off-the-ball activities very well indeed! Yes, they did impede; yes, they did block; yes, they did hold on to the ball on the floor and handle in rucks. But let's also say that the handling and support play was just awesome. It's a shame they have to stoop to the low levels of off-the-ball infringements, but when you see their play when they have the ball in hand, it's just breathtaking. Carter had the game of a lifetime, and the speed of the ball from ruck and maul made it a tough time for the Lions. If they are to salvage anything next weekend, they will have to get much quicker possession from the breakdowns. The best team won, by the proverbial mile

1357 BST: Damian Catret, NZ
Great AB display when they decided to play rugby, why stain it with petulant deliberate off the ball play! Will any ref ever sin bin an AB ever again in an international??

1355 BST: Katie, NZ
I would like to say 10 out of 10 to the number 10. Well done Dan, you are tops. Also that the team played awesome (sorry Lions!) better luck next week. Our boys may let you win one game. Also I would like to thank the fans of the Lions. I know they have had some hard times in NZ. I am sure you have enjoyed our country as much as i liked yours last year.

1354 BST: Kevin McAllister, New Zealand
All you Brits and Irish moaners need to put away the tissues and harden up. We clobbered you and we will do it again in Auckland. The BIL's are a joke, plain and simple.

1353 BST: Craig, Te Awamutu
Isn't it time to stop moaning. The All Backs clearly won by a large margin. Why does everyone have to cheapen the win by claiming there were so many off-the-ball incidents? This was meant to be the best-prepared Lions team, why didnt that include the refereees if that has caused so much concern? Credit where credit is due. All Blacks were by far the better team. Give them the credit and stop whingeing

1351 BST: Andy, Rugby
I come from the home of Rugby football and what I saw today would make WWE turn to see AB being there. Usual non-rugby fouling game and Woodward did nothing but stood by and let us get trashed shame on you Clive, best you go to football you are no good for rugby any more.

1349 BST: Dave, Reading
Lions backs suffered again from lack of ball, and the ABs up very quickly in their faces. Henson didn't have a great game on attack, but then he only received one pass all game (which he turned into a hospital pass for Shane Williams). Back to the drawing board for the Lions I think, but what they need most is time together to sharpen up, which they don't have. Clearly the best prepared Lions tour ever.

1342 BST: Tim, Auckland
You Northern supporters are a joke. Complaining about poor refereeing and off-the-ball stuff. You are the kings of it and I'll let you in to a secret that constantly annoying the ref doesn't help!

1341 BST: MickeyNZ, Coromandel
Sorry Lions, thank you for coming, I am sure you can all see, you can't expect to spin us and expect we will lie down. A huge effort by the Lions just not good enough on the day. Next time, come with a team and a coach.

1338 BST: Tony Butler, Bristol
Some great comments, but some pathetic grumbling and moaning too. Come on let's all be good losers - the rugby was great nad finally some real spirit.

1332 BST: Alasdair, Chesterfield
How can a coach expect a scratch team to beat the All Blacks? If they were the best prepared Lions team ever then they prepared for the wrong thing. As a rugby fan, I am interested in preparation that leads to quality play. Endless talk about the number of coaches and support staff and the cost has resulted in the worst performances I have ever seen by the Lions on tour. The Argentina game was the clearest indicator of how far off the mark the Lions were when they left. What a disappointment!

1331 BST: Bernard, Melbourne
The ABs were brilliant; the Lions were completely flogged, especially in the second half. I am stunned by this constant referee whinge. Don't Brit fans have any grace in defeat? Give praise to a great team, and give the boot to an arrogant man whose reputation and honours rest on Martin Johnston's broad shoulders - one of the great leaders of modern rugby, and certainly no angel.

1325 BST: James, Stirling
Well beaten by an extremely powerful and well organised team. SCW leave out all the spin and excuses and rediscover your "special Lions" who remain your second string !

1325 BST: Will, Shropshire
Lions much improved from last weekend, yet still looked second best to strong, technically superior All Blacks. Last weekend the team was too defensive, this weekend the team was arguably too attacking and paid the price as many of their tries saw us outnumbered in key positions. Disappointing to see Wilko injured again but hopefully they can keep their heads up and win some pride back next week with Woodward not tampering too much with the current team.

1316 BST: Clive, Sydney
Remember the refs and linesmen are neutral. Is that difficult to comprehend or accept? What about some of the Lions' footwork? A bit dubious?

1312 BST: Thomas, Bray
Yes the All Blacks have a habit of off-the-ball challenges (cannot be called a tackle as player does not have the ball) but you have to take your hat off to them for the superior rugby from one to 15, the offloading in contact and complete rugby was brilliant to watch. It would have been nice to see the Lions build a team over the tour and see them peak for the three Tests but no, Sir Clive knows best! The third Test is not important now, Henry has already said he will bring in new faces.

1311 BST: Ian, Seoul
There's a lot of complaining about dirty play by the All Blacks. But it went both ways. The far better team won on the day.

1301 BST: Tommy, Worcester
Rather than pick the Lion's performance to pieces, can we not get behind them and actually support them? The game was a great All Black performance and therefore they deserved to win. Today was a vast improvement on last week, so why can we not at least focus on that? Reading some of the comments on this website angers me. We are all too negative.The game involved some exciting rugby and the bitchyness surrounding certain players is pathetic making British people seem like very bad losers. well done NZ.

1249 BST: Brett, New Zealand
SosbanFach, it may not have been the most disciplined match but i dont think the Kiwis were all to blame.....

1248 BST; Mark, South Wales
I'm getting weary of these comments critisising Woodward for his so called 'English Bias'. You can't play Scots just to make it fair and we played more Welsh and look where it got us. Williams is a one trick Shetland Pony and Henson, as i've always maintained is over-rated. Woodward has made errors but not through bias.

1248 BST: Chris, Preston
Surely in the 51 Lions there are 15 who can perform together without some who go missing for 80 minutes. Time to call for Sheridan, Cueto, Hodgson, Cusiter - I could go on. Williams & Robinson are too small to play the AB's - send for the big boys who can tackle.

1247 BST: Johno
If this doesn't prove that Englands RWC win was a fluke then nothing does! Spin doctors will be up all night looking for excuses for this most recent humiliation. This undoubtedly is the worst and most ill-prepared Lions side to ever set foot in NZ. Clive's suggestion that the scoreline was "harsh" and "we deserved better" is absolutely pathetic to say the least. Outclassed, outplayed, outthought and out gunned in every facet of play. Roll on the Tri-Series where the AB's will have some world class opposition.

1247 BST: Ade, Llantwit Major
AB's outclassed the BIL's today. Screaming at the TV didn't help. Can't help but notice the AB's have two sides to their game. The active part with players on the ball and the inactive part where players not engaged around the ball block, tackle and generally infringe off the ball. Either the refs start pinging this or the NH teams need to adopt the same tactics.

1247 BST: Allen, London and Auckland
Interesting to see this week's game. Disappointed with mean-spirited response form most of the English callers into Five Live. Lots of whingeing about the ref, moaning about alledged All Black underhand tactics, still bragging about winning a poor World Cup in 2003. Give it a rest now guys, it's becoming as boring as English forward play.

1245 BST: Tim, UK
A scoreline that accurately reflected the superiority of the AB's but what a shame that a team with such talent feels the need to resort to so much off-the-ball nonsense. Lewis Moody was blocked or pulled-back at every restart and Jerry Collins spent much of the game blocking other runners who didn't have the ball at the time. Great skills, All Blacks, but remember the spirit of being winners, too.

1234 BST: Richard Meyrick, Fleet
Brilliant All Blacks, spirited Lions, ref and linesmen blind on numerous occasions (not that it would have changed the outcome), give Henson a chance and give Sir Clive the boot.

1231 BST: Ron, Chile
Woodward is all flash and done a disservice to the Lions. His gum chewing shows he really belongs in football.

1223 BST: John, Sligo
I agree Christopher Stent: bring in Murphy and Shaggy and replace Robbo and Henson for the final Test.

1223 BST: Robin, Manchester
The Lions were beaten by the better team that's for sure, but no-one can say the match was well refereed when so many off the balls hits were missed.

1222 BST: Ben Lankester, Bristol
The All Blacks were clearly the better team and deserved to win, but all the extra off-the-ball activity is disappointing, especially when they do it so well the ref doesn't pick it up! We need another Jonno to counteract them - he was a master.

1220 BST: Chris, Merseyside
All Blacks definitely the better team and deserved the big win, but So'olaio constantly obstructed Moody at restarts and every time the Lions kicked down the middle they were obstructed, particularly by Collins. For the Sivivatu try you can clearly see that Kelleher wasn't releasing, Thomas was incensed for good reason. Julian White should have been sent to the sin-bin for punching, both teams had hands all over the ball at the breakdown. For Carter's first try So'oliao pulled Williams (the nearest tackler) down after he made the pass. Result would probably still have been a New Zealand win with decent refereeing, but some of the things that were missed were an absolute joke. Be nice to see Shaw, Owen, Martyn Williams, Shane Horgan, Chris Cusiter, Charlie Hodgson, Andrew Sheridan and Geordan Murphy all get runs in the final test. After reading his book, I doubted whether Woodward's system would work without a team being together for at least six months and it seems to be a bit shaky. Will be interesting to see how the Auckland game goes, pity we didn't have that as a Test before the all-important second Test. The tour definitely wasn't helped by some of the opposition handed to the Lions.

1214 BST: Lincoln Brown, Borders
Shane Williams looked like a boy against men. I've never seen a player get turned over so often. Who are Robinson & Henson? I agree I thought I saw them on the teamsheet too!

1214 BST: Matt, Bournemouth
I thought Carter put out the best ever all-round display by a number 10 I've ever seen. Credit to the Lions - they played superbly, but were simply outclassed by a breathtaking NZ, inspired by Carter.

1212 BST: Tom, London
NZ were great. We failed in the tackle area and let them off-load to their runners. Lets stop this English v Welsh rubbish, they all gave it their best but got beat by a better team.

1208 BST: Jamie Britto, Sydney
Masterful display by "The Blacks". I hope they have peaked and won't play as good when we meet them for the Bledisloe Cup.

1206 BST: Callum W Hall, Wales
Clive Woodward shouldn't have picked all of those English players because they are all past their time and they were fourth in the Six Nations. Well done lads, you did your best but too many Englishmen though.

1205 BST: Don, South Wales
The Lions were 100% better than last week. The problem was, so were New Zealand. A couple of points though. Was Henson playing and did Shane Williams make a tackle that counted? It must gall Wilkinson that he's injured again putting his body on the line and a man with a fraction of his talent doesn't get involved. It's all right having a side-step but you have to use it in attack, not defence.

1204 BST: Terry, Singapore
Why is it that every time the English or Lions lose the referee is blamed? Isn't 30 points enough? At least the Welsh and Irish can say "Well done, let's have a beer and we'll beat you next time".

1203 BST: SosbanFach, Wales
Disappointing to see a rather ill spirited All Black performance. When you're the best in the world, as we saw they were, I don't think there's need to taint your show with off-the-ball knocks, shoves, blocks and so on. They were going to win anyway - they just made sure the press had something to groan about in England. Shame that, shame.

1201 BST: David Alexander
Great game. Sounds like the Lions should spend less energy complaining to the ref and off ball play and concentrate on playing the game. Stop your whingeing Brits and get on with it.

1156 BST: Bob Hall, Christchurch
The All Blacks were awesome tonight and Dan Carter was something else. As one number 10 left the stage (Wilkinson) another stepped up and took over. Dan is the man. But a great team performance all round from the ABs. An outstanding result. And it's going to get better!

1156 BST: Tom Williams, Wales
I think they should be called the English and co. Lions. Sir Clive you are so biased.

1155 BST: Stu Hampton, Wellington
Ex-pat living in Wellington. Just got back from the game and you would have thought it was a Lions home game -fantastic - where did the All Blacks supporters go? Anyway we were beaten by a better team on the day. But for a combination of poor Lions play at times when they conceeded that penalty for dangerous play at a ruck on their line just after we had scored, we could have scored again and put them under real pressure early on in the game but no we let them off the hook and the ref then didn't see Kelleher clearly not releasing the ball at a breakdown right on our line and then they scored moments later - The All Blacks surely are the Man Utd of rugby - refs never give anything against them at home!!!! Lets hope we can get a win in Auckland next week.

1151 BST: Andy, Oxford
It all started so well!! First of all well done to the All Blacks. The result showed what a unified team can do to a bunch of good players just put together. In South Africa 97 by the first Test the Test team had played a few Saturday games and had gelled. Here there was no continuity pure and simply due to lack of game time together. The players we have are fantastic but when all four nations with different coaching methods are dumped together to play arguably the best in the world you will always struggle. Clive is a good coach if he has two years to mould a team, not six weeks. A different approach may have yielded a different result, one will never know. Put the Scots in, they have not played yet!!!

1150 BST: Fergal, Southampton
Henson was rubbish. Wilkinson missed almost every tackle he went for. The only backs that played were Thomas and Lewsey. I thought the second and back rows did OK in the loose though, if only White and Thompson would stop fighting everyone.

1148 BST: Fergus, Wellington
As the only team to tour with its very own spin doctor I wonder what will be the news tomorrow.

1148 BST: Martin Blenkinsopp, Bedlington
They should sort themselves out and play solid rugby and show the world the power behind British rugby.

1145 BST: Jamie, London
The world moves on, so what? Everybody is loving Clive's demise but at least he has won the World Cup. The Kiwis are an awesome team but do us all a favour and lose the chip. When you win an RWC (Wales/NZ) and then stay the best for four years after, come back, in the meantime, well, it's all academic.......

1143 BST: Ewan Mcregor, Scotland
I think Sir Clive should put some Scots in for goodness sake!

1142 BST: Mark, London
Watched the game in a bar in Genoa, Italy. Magic moment and the Italian commentary only made it better. Our boys certainly showed some passion! Well done Kiwis. All hail King Carter.

1139 BST: Tommy B, Galway
This was a masterclass in total rugby from the AB's.Once again they have re-invented the game of rugby and moved it onto a higher plane. They were so far ahead in all aspects of the game. Running , passing , tackling, rucking and most of all cheating and hoodwinking refs. Good luck to them. This is the way other teams have to play to get anyway near them.

1120 BST: Christopher Stent, Christchurch
When I saw the team sheet I am sure that I saw Robinson and Henson listed. Does anyone know what happened to them?

1108 BST: Mark Cammies, Moscow
The Lions were outplayed by a huge margin - the Clive Woodward selection was right this week - they just got hammered by the world number one team!

1102 BST: Will, New Zealand
A great test match. A bit of dirty play on both sides unfortunately, but well refereed by all accounts. Would have been nice to send Clive home from two tours in a row with no tries, though. I wonder if any team has ever completed a series win over the Lions, plus the Grand Slam, inside a calendar year before?

1050 BST: Aled, Cardiff
This tour started off on the wrong foot with controversies regarding selection which continued into the first Test. We patently weren't the best prepared Lions team ever. Last week we couldn't win a lineout, this week we couldn't clear out rucks.

1033 BST: Lions coach Sir Clive Woodward
The guys fronted up today and I am hugely proud of every one of them. We were on the wrong end of the scoreline against an outstanding team.

1029 BST: Ben, London
Its been proven - the divide between North and South is back! We seem to have sat on the World cup win but the southern hemosphere seem to have grown from it. They were harder, faster, more skilful and unstoppable.

1021 BST: Jim, Stirling
The Ref may have gifted 10 points to the All Blacks in the first half but they still beat us by 30. They out-muscled and out-thought us, playing some fantastic football. Dan Carter was immense, the All Blacks are a stick on for the next RWC.

1016 BST: Paul Bartlett, Kent
The only Lions players to come out with a bit of respect were the Welsh. Wilkinson missed tackle after tackle, White was more interested in fighting than playing rugby, and I was shocked to even know Robinson was on the pitch. Put all the welsh boys on for the third Test, then we'll see good proper rugby being played.

1012 BST: Robert Frost, Tamworth
After watching the so-called great Welsh players in action for the Lions, I must say that it was men against boys. How the Welsh can brag about an ordinary team which won the Grand Slam against a bunch of ordinary teams is beyond me. Clive Woodward made a mistake carrying on in Rugby when football beckoned.

1001 BST: John Cleland, London
I'm British, but our attitude to losing is normally to blame defeat on something other than the opponent being superior. Well played New Zealand - you are showing us how to play rugby.

0955 BST: Joseph O'Donnell, Dunedin, New Zealand
As the All Blacks put it out to 48-18, you really have to wonder if the Lions ever were going to pose much of a challenge. It just seems they were never good enough to go for the whole 80 minutes. While I was more positive about them as they started this game very well, they just couldn't hold it for the long run and just got run over, especially near the end of the game.

0953 BST: Chris, Singapore
I'll bet Southampton are having second thoughts about Sir Clive after these two displays.

0951 BST: Justin Pugh, south Wales
That's it boys, we`re bringing Gareth Jenkins out of retirement, he`ll be available for the rest of the tour.

0946 BST: Billy, Holland
Thank heavens JW has come off, although I still think the best out half is not on tour with the Lions, namely one David Humphries.

0946 BST: Peter Roberts, Derby
My wife has just informed me not to get so least the Lions can come second which isn't that bad!!

0938 BST: Dave, Virginia
Of course, the refereeing has to be bad, for the All Blacks are winning. If the Lions were leading the refereeing would be flawless, wouldn't it?

0935 BST: Gareth, Miami
Is it because I'm British, or does anyone else think the Lions are getting a raw deal from the ref?

0932 BST: Gee, Chicago
Is Gavin Henson on the field today, as he is non-existent?

0926 BST: Richard Biffen, Hermossilo, Mexico
I'm sure I'm the only Lions supporter in rural Mexico!! Anyway, couldn't find anywhere showing it on TV so I'm in internet cafe and thanks to the BBC can keep in touch! The game sounds fantastic, I just hope we can stay ahead and keep the series alive, if only so I can find a bar that will show it!

0924 BST: Martin Bayfield on Five Live
What is noticeable down here on the touchline is that whenever the All Blacks get the ball they know what to do with it but when the Lions get it they seem very hesitant.

0922 BST: Geraint, Chicago
How can the Lions win the series when the refs are missing all the dirty stuff by the All Blacks?

0916 BST: Robert, Melbourne
Watching the second Test and the IRB have to seriously look at the standard of refereeing at Test match level. On more than four occasions things have been missed that have caused the Kiwis to score. Sort it out.

0915 BST: John Cleland, London
I'm British, but I have to say that New Zealand have shown far more class so far in these two Tests. They have a calmer mentality. They are not at all fazed by the Lions invasion.

0901 BST: Phil Shepherd, Birmingham
Come on Clive, bring on Peter Crouch for the second half, it's our only chance!

0859 BST: Neil, Leeds
The referee has gifted the All Blacks 10 points in that 1st half. How can we win when refs lean so much to one side?

0857 BST: Martin Bayfield on Five Live at half-time
The Lions realise they have to close down the space they gave the All Blacks last week. The times the tries have come have been when they have forgotten that. If they can cut down the space they are still giving the All Blacks, which is nowhere near as much as last week, then they can get back into the game.

0828 BST: Martin Bayfield on Five Live
The Lions players out there are intent on proving there is no soft underbelly. The reaction from the Lions bench when the try was scored was remarakble - they turned to the crowd pumping their fists and wanting more.

0811 BST: The second Test kicks off in Wellington.

0800 BST: Bob, Burbage
If Clive doesn't get it right this time, then maybe he should turn to the round-ball game as he's been threatening - allthough in the long run, I suspect it will be rugby's loss. (come back Martin Johnstone ..... please!)

0758 BST: Lions coach Sir Clive Woodward on Five Live
The team changes had to be done. We went for experience in the first game and it didn't work so now we are going for the form players and I am expecting a far better performance than we had last Saturday night.

0749 BST: Ian Robertson, Five Live rugby correspondent
Today's match promises to be far more competitive than last week's game. There will be 20,000 Lions fans here and we should see one of the great Tests.

0752 BST: Jonny, Dubai
Hells teeth, nervous again. I am a school teacher out here in Dubai. All the other schools have finished for the summer, but we are still working. Again I have to make it through the day without finding out the score!!! Lets get behind the boys. GO LIONS.

0746 BST: Chris, Chicago
Just paid my $25 to the cable company to see the game - not a bad price for a ringside seat . Its a 2am kick-off here so the coffee is on!!!

0643 BST: James Wafer, Wellington
Been here six years and one thing is for sure if the Lions win tonight then the knives will come out. My experience tells me that while Kiwis are great, get them near sport- rugby in particular - and you won't meet a more one- eyed passion and yet fickle group of people.

0632 BST: Phil, Sydney
So Woody has decided to put a better team on the park this week, (his words). Very cunning ploy, everything going nicely to plan so far. Deliberately lose the first Test with the older slower guys and then spring the trap. I like it.

0557 BST: Dave, Wellington
Just been in central Wellington on a lovely day with little wind. I have never seen anything like it. The Lions have taken over the town. They even have their own pubs with bouncers on the door screening out the locals and where every living soul inside is in red kit and crazy hats. Very impressive. They are making a volume of noise that is quite incredible but it is certainly very intelligent noise. One of the hundreds of campervans in the city is decorated all over in black sticky tape that spells out a long message that this is NOT the Barmy Army. These are disciplined and fun loving folk who just love their rugby. Look out for a super calm night with the kicks going straight and true.

0439 BST: Jackie Hendy, USA
Will you all please support the boys. Forget SCW, Graham H lost the last Lions trip so whoever takes the job is in for it. We all want to win, we all have our team. Give the boys a good shout for tonight and stop being negative, they all want to win and I doubt they care who comes from which Celtic/English country.

0436 BST: Owen Mann, Wellington, New Zealand
As a New Zealander of Welsh decent I think it would be great if the Lions win this and take it to a third match. The supporters have done the Lions proud, Wellington is a bubbling sea of red!

0427 BST: Ben, Jersey, UK
T-4 hours until the game begins, here in Wellington. I have to say the Kiwis are been really arrogant about this game and their rugby in general - I'm hoping that they get knocked down a notch or two - they need it.

0420 BST: Chris Peteru, Samoa
Five Samoans in the team means this country will come to an abrupt halt tonight as we watch everyone's "cousin" Tana Umaga lead New Zealand to a 2-0 sweep. This will be followed of course by Manu Samoa beating Tonga tomorrow in Apia. One day we will crush the All Blacks as well.

0240 BST: Heston Surjadjaja, Jakarta, Indonesia
I was an overseas student watching Johnny make the winning drop goal for England against Oz in 2003 and am also a great fan of the Lions. Rugby is not so popular over here but it's much more entertaining than football, where boys just dive after a nudge... C'mon Lions, even a five-year-old year old kid knows how to throw the ball straight at a lineout!

0233 BST: Peter Waters, Arrowtown, New Zealand
I own a restaurant in the deep South of New Zealand's "Mainland". I am a die-hard Englishman who has lived in NZ for 17 years. Lest we forget the All Blacks were a terrible team 10 months ago and finished bottom of the Tri Nations Tournament. Every year the Kiwis have a renewed faith in their team and normally end up bitterly disappointed. There will be massive support for the Lions in Wellington...please get the Kiwis disappointed again! Go on you Lions.

ps We have Prince William coming to Arrowtown next week for an exhibition schoolboys game... my eight-year-old son is one of the match ballboys and will be attired in his Lions shirt!

0144 BST: David, Wellington, NZ
I've just spent the morning in central Wellington which is a sea of red white and blue, with the occasional flash of green. It's a glorious cloudless, windless day and the city has been taken over by the Lions supporters. A feeling of pent-up excitement is everywhere and Courtenay Place, the night-life precinct, is gearing up for another big night with marquees, Portaloos and barbecues set up outside the bars and restaurants. This is what the tour is all about and I hope for a sparkling, fast, competitive game to cap it all off. Go the Blacks!

0114 BST: Jude Brown, Sydney
Arrived in Wellington last night from Sydney and can't believe the place - camper vans everywhere - and the town is full of Lions jerseys - there don't seem to be many AB fans about. It's as though the place is a home game. Absolutely fantastic atmosphere here on the streets.

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