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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 12:57 GMT 13:57 UK
Early Lions: Squads and results
*Players listed in italics were sent out as replacements


Backs: J Anderton (Lancashire and Salford), H Brooks (Durham and Edinburgh University), W Bumby (Lancashire and Swinton), W Burnett (Roxburgh County and Hawick), JT Haslam (Yorkshire and Batley), J Nolan (Rochdale Hornets), A Paul (Lancashire and Swinton), HC Speakman (Cheshire and Runcorn), AE Stoddart (capt)* (Blackheath & England)
*Made captain after RL Sedden drowned on tour

Forwards: T Banks (Lancashire and Swinton), P Burnett (Roxburgh County and Hawick), JP Clowes (Yorkshire and Halifax), H Eagles (Lancashire and Swinton), T Kent (Lancashire and Salford), C Mathers (Yorkshire and Bramley), AP Penketh (Douglas, Isle of Man), RL Seddon (capt) (Lancashire and Swinton), DJ Smith (Corinthians and Edinburgh University), AJ Stuart (Yorkshire and Dewsbury), WH Thomas (Cambridge University and Wales), S Williams (Lancashire and Salford)

Managers: A Shaw and A Shrewsbury


Lions 8-3 Otago Lions
Lions 4-3 Otago
Lions 14-6 Canterbury
Lions 4-0 Canterbury
Lions 3-3 Wellington
Lions 4-1 H Roberts XV
Lions 0-1 Taranaki Clubs
Lions 6-3 Auckland
Lions 0-4 Auckland
Lions 18-2 New South Wales
Lions 13-6 Bathurst
Lions 18-6 New South Wales
Lions 11-0 Sydney Juniors
Lions 10-10 King's School Sydney
Lions 3-3 Sydney Grammar Past and Present
Lions 20-10 Bathurst
Lions 16-2 New South Wales
Lions 8-4 University of Sydney
Lions 15-7 Newcastle
Lions 13-6 Queensland
Lions 11-3 Queensland Juniors
Lions 7-0 Queensland
Lions 12-1 Ipswich
Lions 15-5 Melbourne
Lions 28-3 Adelaide XV
Lions 3-0 Auckland
Lions 1-1 Auckland
Lions 3-2 Hawke's Bay
Lions 5-1 Wairarapa
Lions 8-0 Canterbury
Lions 0-0 Otago
Lions 5-3 South Island
Lions 6-0 South Island
Lions 7-1 Taranaki Clubs
Lions 1-1 Wanganui


Backs: RL Aston (Blackheath and England), E Bromet (Cambridge University), PR Clauss (Birkenhead Park and Scotland), WE Maclagen (capt) (Edinburgh Academicals and Scotland), H Marshall (Cambridge University), WG Mitchell (Richmond and England), BG Roscoe (Manchester), A Rotherham (Cambridge University and England), W Wotherspoon (Cambridge University and Scotland)

Forwards: WE Bromet (Richmond and England), JH Gould (Old Leysians), J Hammond (Cambridge University), PF Hancock (Blackheath and England), W Jackson (Cambridge University), RG MacMillan (London Scottish and Scotland), WE Mayfield (Cambridge University), CP Simpson (Cambridge University), AA Surtees (Harlequins), R Thompson (Cambridge University), WH Thomson (Cambridge University), T Whittaker (Lancashire)

Manager: E Ash


Lions 15-1 Cape Town Club
Lions 6-0 Western Provinces
Lions 14-0 Cape Colony
Lions 7-0 Kimberley
Lions 3-0 Griqualand West
Lions 22-0 Port Elizabeth
Lions 21-0 Eastern Province
Lions 4-0 South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Lions 9-0 Grahamstown District
Lions 18-0 King Williams Town
Lions 16-0 King Williamstown District
Lions 25-0 Pietermaritzburg
Lions 22-0 Transvaal
Lions 15-0 Johannesburg
Lions 9-0 Johannesburg-Pretoria
Lions 4-0 Cape Colony
Lions 3-0 South Africa (Kimberley)
Lions 7-0 Cape Colony
Lions 4-0 South Africa (Cape Town)
Lions 2-0 Stellenbosch


Backs: SP Bell (Cambridge University), CA Boyd (Dublin University), LQ Bulger (Dublin University and Ireland), JF Byrne (Moseley and England), OG Mackie (Cambridge University and Wakefield Trinity), JT Magee (Bective Rangers and Ireland), LM Magee (Bective Rangers and Ireland), MM Mullineux (Blackheath), CO Robinson (Northumberland)

Forwards: WJ Carey (Oxford University), AD Clinch (Dublin University and Ireland), TJ Crean (Dublin Wanderers and Ireland), J Hammond (capt) (Cambridge University and Blackheath), PF Hancock (Blackheath and Somerset and England), R Johnston (Dublin Wanderers and Ireland), GW Lee (Northumberland), AWD Meares (Dublin University), W Mortimer (Cambridge University and Marlborough Nomads), RC Mullins (Oxford University), J Sealey (Dublin University and Ireland), AF Todd (Blackheath)

Manager: R Walker


Lions 14-9 Cape Town Clubs
Lions 8-0 Suburban Clubs
Lions 0-0 Western Province
Lions 11-9 Griqualand West
Lions 16-0 Griqualand West
Lions 26-3 Port Elizabeth
Lions 18-0 Eastern Province
Lions 8-0 South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Lions 20-0 Grahamstown
Lions 25-0 King Williams Town
Lions 27-0 East London
Lions 25-0 Queenstown
Lions 7-0 Johannesburg-Country
Lions 16-3 Transvaal
Lions 18-0 Johannesburg-Town
Lions 16-5 Transvaal
Lions 17-8 South Africa (Johannesburg)
Lions 7-0 Cape Colony
Lions 9-3 South Africa (Kimberley)
Lions 32-0 Western Province
Lions 0-5 South Africa (Cape Town)


Backs: CY Adamson (Durham), AM Bucher (Edinburgh Academicals and Scotland), G Cookson (Manchester), GP Doran (Landsdowne and Ireland), E Martelli (Dublin University), MM Mullineux (capt) (Blackheath), EG Nicholls (Cardiff and Wales), ET Nicholson (Birkenhead Park), CEK Thompson (Lancashire), AB Timms (Edinburgh University and Scotland)

Forwards: A Ayre-Smith (Guy's Hospital), FC Belson (Bath), GV Evers (Moseley), JS Francombe (Manchester), GR Gibson (Northern and England), HGS Gray (Scottish Trialist), JW Jarman (Bristol), W Judkins (Coventry), TMW McGown (North of Ireland and Ireland), FM Stout (Gloucester and England), BI Swannell (Northampton)

Manager: Rev MM Mullineux


Lions 11-3 Central Southern
Lions 4-3 New South Wales
Lions 8-5 Metropolitan
Lions 3-13 Australia (Sydney)
Lions 19-5 Toowoomba
Lions 3-11 Queensland
Lions 36-3 Bundaberg
Lions 16-3 Rockhampton
Lions 29-3 Mount Morgan
Lions 22-3 Central Queensland
Lions 27-8 Maryborough
Lions 11-0 Australia (Brisbane)
Lions 6-4 New England
Lions 28-0 Northern
Lions 11-5 New South Wales
Lions 5-8 Metropolitan
Lions 19-0 Western
Lions 11-10 Australia (Sydney)
Lions 21-3 Schools
Lions 30-0 Victoria
Lions 13-0 Australia (Sydney)


Backs: GF Collett (Gloucestershire), IG Davidson (North of Ireland and Ireland), JI Gillespie (Edinburgh Academicals and Scotland), LL Greig (United Services), PS Hancock (Richmond), EM Harrison (Guy's Hospital), AE Hind (Cambridge University), RM Neill (Edinburgh Academicals and Scotland), RT Skrimshire (Newport and Wales), EF Walker (Lennox)

Forwards: DR Bedell-Sivright (Cambridge University and Scotland), WT Cave (Cambridge University), TA Gibson (Cambridge University), JC Hosack (Edinburgh Wanderers), MC Morrison (capt) (Royal High School FP and Scotland), WP Scott (West of Scotland and Scotland), RS Smyth (Dublin University and Ireland), FM Stout (Richmond), A Tedford (Malone and Ireland), James Wallace (Wanderers), Joseph Wallace (Wanderers and Ireland)

Manager: J Hammond


Lions 7-13 Western Province (Country)
Lions 3-12 Western Province (Town)
Lions 4-8 Western Province
Lions 13-0 Port Elizabeth
Lions 12-0 Eastern Province
Lions 28-7 Grahamstown
Lions 37-3 King Williams Town
Lions 7-5 East London
Lions 0-11 Griqualand West
Lions 6-8 Griqualand West
Lions 3-12 Transvaal
Lions 15-3 Pretoria
Lions 15-0 Pietermaritzburg
Lions 22-0 Durban
Lions 12-0 Witwatersrand
Lions 4-14 Transvaal
Lions 10-10 South Africa (Johannesburg)
Lions 17-16 Orange River Colony
Lions 11-5 Griqualand West
Lions 0-0 South Africa (Kimberley)
Lions 3-3 Western Province
Lions 0-8 South Africa (Cape Town)


Backs: PF Bush (Cardiff), JL Fisher (Yorkshire), RT Gabe (Cardiff and Wales), FC Hulme (Birkenhead Park and England), WF Jowett (Swansea and Wales), WM Llewellyn (Cardiff and Wales), PF McEvedy (Guy's Hospital), ET Morgan (Guy's Hospital and Wales), AB O'Brien (Guy's Hospital), CF Stanger-Leathes (Northern), TH Vile (Newport)

Forwards: DR Bedell-Sivright (capt) (Cambridge University and Scotland), TS Bevan (Swansea), SN Crowther (Lennox) DD Dobson (Oxford University and England), RW Edwards (Malone and Ireland), AF Harding (London Welsh and Wales), BF Massey (Yorkshire), CD Patterson (Malone), RJ Rogers (Bath), SM Saunders (Guy's Hospital), JT Sharland (Streatham), BI Swannell (Northampton), DH Trail (Guy's Hospital)

Manager: AB O'Brien

Results: Lions 27-0 New South Wales
Lions 21-6 Combined Western Districts
Lions 29-6 New South Wales
Lions 19-6 Metropolitan Union
Lions 17-0 Australia (Sydney)
Lions 17-3 Northern Districts
Lions 24-5 Queensland
Lions 17-3 Metropolitan Union
Lions 18-7 Queensland
Lions 12-3 Toowoomba
Lions 17-3 Australia (Brisbane)
Lions 26-9 New England
Lions 16-0 Australia (Sydney)
Lions 5-0 New South Wales
Lions 5-3 South Canterbury, Canterbury and West Coast
Lions 14-8 Otago-Southland
Lions 3-9 New Zealand (Wellington)
Lions 0-0 Taranaki, Ranganui and Manawatu
Lions 0-13 Auckland


Backs: FE Chapman (Hartlepool Rovers), J Davey (Redruth and England), JCM Dyke (Coventry and Wales), RA Gibbs (Cardiff and Wales), RB Griffiths (Newport), EJ Jackett (Falmouth and England), JP Jones (Pontypool and Wales), JP Jones (Guy's Hospital), H Laxon (Cambridge University), PF McEvedy (Guy's Hospital), WL Morgan (London Welsh), HH Vassall (Oxford University and England), GL Williams (Liverpool), JL Williams (Cardiff and Wales)

Forwards: HA Archer (Guy's Hospital), R Dibble (Bridgewater Albion and England), PJ Down (Bristol), RK Green (Neath), AF Harding (capt) (London Welsh and Wales), GR Hind (Guy's Hospital), FS Jackson (Leicester), GV Kyrke (Marlborough Nomads), E Morgan (Swansea), WL Oldham (Coventry and England), JAS Ritson (Northern), TW Smith (Leicester), LS Thomson (Penarth), JF Williams (London Welsh and Wales)

Manager: GH Harnett


Lions 3-0 New South Wales
Lions 8-0 New South Wales
Lions 10-15 Western
Lions 16-13 Metropolitan
Lions 42-0 Newcastle
Lions 3-6 New South Wales
Lions 20-3 Queensland
Lions 11-8 Queensland
Lions 26-3 Brisbane
Lions 17-3 Wairarapa-Bush
Lions 13-19 Wellington
Lions 6-9 Otago
Lions 14-8 Southland
Lions 5-32 New Zealand (Dunedin)
Lions 12-6 South Canterbury
Lions 8-13 Canterbury
Lions 22-3 West Coast-Buller
Lions 12-0 Marlborough-Nelson
Lions 3-3 New Zealand (Wellington)
Lions 25-3 Hawke's Bay
Lions 26-0 Poverty Bay
Lions 12-3 Manawatu-Horowhenua
Lions 9-6 Wanganui
Lions 0-5 Taranaki
Lions 0-11 Auckland
Lions 0-29 New Zealand (Auckland)


Backs: AM Baker (Newport and Wales), AR Foster (Derry and Ireland), NF Humphries (Tynedale), GAM Isherwood (Sale), JP Jones (Newport and Wales), AN McClinton (North of Ireland and Ireland), A Melville (Newport), E Milroy (Watsonians and Scotland), ME Neale (Bristol), RCS Plummer (Newport), JA Spoors (Bristol), CG Timms (Edinburgh University), SH Williams (Newport), KB Wood (Leicester)

Forwards: WJ Ashby, E O'D Crean (Liverpool), FG Handford (Manchester and England), H Jarman (Newport and Wales), CH Pillman (Blackheath and England), OJS Piper (Cork Constitution and Ireland), J Reid-Kerr (Greenock Wanderers and Scotland), TJ Richards (Bristol), WA Robertson (Edinburgh University), DF Smith (Richmond and England), T Smythe (capt) (Malone and Ireland), LM Speirs (Watsonians and Scotland), R Stevenson (St Andrews University and Scotland), W Tyrrell (Queen's University Belfast and Ireland), PD Waller (Newport and Wales), J Webb (Abertillery and Wales)

Managers: W Cail and WE Rees


Lions 14-4 South Western Districts
Lions 9-3 Western Province (Country)
Lions 11-3 Western Province (Colleges)
Lions 11-11 Western Province (Town)
Lions 5-3 Western Province
Lions 0-8 Griqualand West
Lions 8-27 Transvaal
Lions 17-0 Pretoria
Lions 45-4 Transvaal (Country)
Lions 6-13 Transvaal
Lions 18-16 Natal
Lions 19-13 Natal
Lions 12-9 Orange River Colony
Lions 3-9 Griqualand West
Lions 0-19 Cape Colony
Lions 24-11 Rhodesia
Lions 10-14 South Africa (Kimberley)
Lions 8-8 North Eastern Districts
Lions 30-10 Border
Lions 13-13 Border
Lions 14-6 Eastern Province
Lions 8-3 South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Lions 5-21 South Africa (Cape Town)
Lions 0-8 Western Province


Backs: JH Bordass (Cambridge University), W Cunningham (Lansdowne and Ireland), HJ Davies (Newport and Wales), D Drysdale (Heriot's FP and Scotland), WS Gainsford (Bart's Hospital), VM Griffiths (Newport and Wales), SW Harris (Blackheath and England), TE Holliday (Aspatria and England), RM Kinnear (Heriot's FP), RB Maxwell (Birkenhead Park), W Rowe Harding (Swansea and Wales), IS Smith (Oxford University and Scotland), H Waddell (Glasgow Academicals and Scotland), W Wallace (Percy Park), H Whitley (Northern), AT Young (Cambridge University and England)

Forwards: AF Blakiston (Blackheath and England), MJ Bradley (Dolphin and Ireland), TN Brand (North of Ireland), JD Clinch (Dublin University and Ireland), R Cove-Smith (capt) (OMTs and England), DS Davies (Hawick and Scotland), RG Henderson (Durham University and Scotland), KGP Hendrie (Edinburgh University and Scotland), RA Howie (Edinburgh University and Scotland), N Macpherson (Newport and Scotland), J McVicker (Belfast College and Ireland), D Marsden-Jones (London Welsh and Wales), WJ Roche (Newport and Ireland), A Ross (Kilmarnock and Scotland), AT Voyce (Gloucester and England)

Manager: H Packer


Lions 6-7 Western Province (Town and Country)
Lions 9-8 Western Province (Universities)
Lions 26-0 Griqualand West
Lions 16-3 Rhodesia
Lions 8-7 Western Transvaal
Lions12-12 Transvaal
Lions 0-6 Orange Free State (Country)
Lions 3-6 Orange Free Country
Lions 3-3 Natal
Lions 3-7 South Africa (Durban)
Lions 6-10 Witwatersrand
Lions 0-17 South Africa (Johannesburg)
Lions 0-6 Pretoria
Lions 13-3 Cape Colony
Lions 20-12 North Eastern Districts
Lions 12-3 Border
Lions 6-14 Eastern Province
Lions 3-3 South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Lions 12-6 South Western Districts
Lions 9-16 South Africa (Cape Town)
Lions 8-6 Western Province


Backs: CD Aarvold (Cambridge University and England), JA Bassett (Penarth and Wales), HM Bowcott (Cambridge University and Wales), G Bonner (Bradford), R Jennings (Redruth), T Jones-Davies (London Welsh and Wales), TC Knowles (Birkenhead Park), JC Morley (Newport and Wales), PF Murray (Wanderers and Ireland), AL Novis (Blackheath and England), H Poole (Cardiff), JSR Reeve (Harlequins and England), W Sobey (Old Millhillians and England), RS Spong (Old Millhillians and England)

Forwards: GR Beamish (Leicester and Ireland), BH Black (Oxford University and England), MJ Dunne (Lansdowne and Ireland), JL Farrell (Bective Rangers and Ireland), J McD Hodgson (Northern), HCS Jones (Manchester), IE Jones (Llanelli and Wales), DA Kendrew (Leicester and England), SA Martindale (Kendal and England), H O'H O'Neill (Queen's University Belfast and Ireland), D Parker (Swansea and Wales), FD Prentice (capt) (Leicester and England), H Rew (Blackheath and England), WB Welsh (Hawick and Scotland), H Wilkinson (Halifax and England)

Manager: James Baxter


Lions 19-3 Wanganui
Lions 23-7 Taranaki
Lions 34-8 Manawhenua
Lions 19-6 Wairarapa-Bush
Lions 8-12 Wellington
Lions 8-14 Canterbury
Lions 34-11 West Coast-Buller
Lions 33-9 Otago
Lions 6-3 New Zealand (Dunedin)
Lions 9-3 Southland
Lions 16-9 Ashburton, South Canterbury and North Otago
Lions 10-13 New Zealand (Christchurch)
Lions 19-13 Maoris
Lions 14-3 Hawke's Bay
Lions 25-11 East Coast, Poverty Bay and Bay of Plenty
Lions 6-19 Auckland
Lions 10-15 New Zealand (Auckland)
Lions 38-5 North Auckland
Lions 40-16 Waikato, Thames Valley and King County
Lions 8-22 New Zealand (Wellington)
Lions 41-3 Marlborough, Nelson and Golden Bay
Lions 29-10 New South Wales
Lions 5-6 Australia (Sydney)
Lions 26-16 Queensland
Lions 29-14 Australian XV
Lions 3-28 New South Wales
Lions 41-36 Victoria
Lions 71-3 Western Australia (unofficial)


Backs: CV Boyle (Dublin University and Ireland), WH Clement (Llanelli and Wales), GE Cromey (Queen's University Belfast and Ireland), JL Giles (Coventry and England), CF Grieve (Oxford University and Scotland), VGJ Jenkins (London Welsh and Wales), EL Jones (Llanelli), R Leyland (Waterloo and England), HR McKibbin (Queen's University Belfast and Ireland), DJ Macrae (St Andrews University and Scotland), GJ Morgan (Clontarf and Ireland), BE Nicholson (Harlequins and England), FJ Reynolds (Army and England), H Tanner (Swansea and Wales), EJ Unwin (Rosslyn Park and England)

Forwards: R Alexander (North of Ireland and Ireland), SR Couchman (Old Cranleighans), GT Dancer (Bedford), PL Duff (Glasgow Academicals and Scotland), CRA Graves (Wanderers and Ireland), WG Howard (Old Birkonians), RB Mayne (Queen's University Belfast and Ireland), ME Morgan (Swansea and Wales), AG Purchas (Coventry), AR Taylor (Cross Keys and Wales), WH Travers (Newport and Wales), S Walker (capt) (Instonians and Ireland), JA Waters (Selkirk and Scotland), I Williams (Cardiff)

Manager: BC Hartley, Asst. Manager: HA Haig-Smith


Lions 11-8 Border
Lions 22-9 Griqualand West
Lions 8-11 Western Province (Town and Country)
Lions 19-10 South Western Districts
Lions 11-21 Western Province
Lions 26-9 Western Transvaal
Lions 21-6 Orange Free State
Lions 18-3 Orange Free State (Country)
Lions 9-16 Transvaal
Lions 20-12 Northern Transvaal
Lions 10-3 Cape Province
Lions 25-11 Rhodesia
Lions 45-11 Rhodesia
Lions 17-9 Transvaal
Lions 12-26 South Africa (Johannesburg)
Lions 8-26 Northern Province
Lions 15-11 Natal
Lions 19-11 Border
Lions 42-3 North Eastern Districts
Lions 6-5 Eastern Province
Lions 3-19 South Africa (Port Elizabeth)
Lions 21-16 South Africa (Cape Town)
Lions 19-16 Combined Universities
Lions 7-12 Western Province (unofficial)

Early history of the Lions
18 May 05 |  Internationals

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