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National League 2N fixtures

Please note: Fixtures are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible for any changes that may be made.

Saturday, 13 February 2016
Broadstreet v South Leicester, 14:30
Caldy v Otley, 14:00
Chester v Harrogate, 14:15
Macclesfield v Luctonians, 15:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Tynedale, 14:30
Sale v Sandal, 14:15
Sedgley Park v Leicester Lions, 14:30
Stourbridge v Huddersfield, 15:00

Saturday, 20 February 2016
Harrogate v Sale, 14:00
Huddersfield v Sedgley Park, 15:00
Leicester Lions v Chester, 14:00
Luctonians v Caldy, 14:15
Otley v Preston Grasshoppers, 14:15
Sandal v Macclesfield, 14:15
Stourbridge v South Leicester, 15:00
Tynedale v Broadstreet, 14:00

Saturday, 27 February 2016
Harrogate v South Leicester, 14:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Leicester Lions, 14:30
Sedgley Park v Caldy, 14:30
Tynedale v Luctonians, 14:00

Saturday, 5 March 2016
Broadstreet v Otley, 14:30
Caldy v Sandal, 15:00
Chester v Huddersfield, 14:15
Macclesfield v Harrogate, 15:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Luctonians, 14:30
Sale v Leicester Lions, 15:00
South Leicester v Tynedale, 15:00
Stourbridge v Sedgley Park, 15:00

Saturday, 19 March 2016
Harrogate v Caldy, 15:00
Huddersfield v Sale, 15:00
Leicester Lions v Macclesfield, 14:00
Luctonians v Broadstreet, 14:15
Otley v South Leicester, 15:00
Sandal v Preston Grasshoppers, 15:00
Sedgley Park v Chester, 14:30
Tynedale v Stourbridge, 14:00

Saturday, 2 April 2016
Broadstreet v Sandal, 14:30
Caldy v Leicester Lions, 15:00
Macclesfield v Huddersfield, 15:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Harrogate, 14:30
Sale v Sedgley Park, 15:00
South Leicester v Luctonians, 15:00
Stourbridge v Chester, 15:00
Tynedale v Otley, 15:00

Saturday, 9 April 2016
Chester v Sale, 15:00
Harrogate v Broadstreet, 15:00
Huddersfield v Caldy, 15:00
Leicester Lions v Preston Grasshoppers, 14:00
Luctonians v Tynedale, 15:00
Otley v Stourbridge, 15:00
Sandal v South Leicester, 15:00
Sedgley Park v Macclesfield, 14:30

Saturday, 16 April 2016
Broadstreet v Leicester Lions, 14:30
Caldy v Sedgley Park, 15:00
Macclesfield v Chester, 15:00
Otley v Luctonians, 15:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Huddersfield, 14:30
South Leicester v Harrogate, 15:00
Stourbridge v Sale, 15:00
Tynedale v Sandal, 15:00

Saturday, 23 April 2016
Chester v Caldy, 15:00
Harrogate v Tynedale, 15:00
Huddersfield v Broadstreet, 15:00
Leicester Lions v South Leicester, 14:00
Luctonians v Stourbridge, 15:00
Sale v Macclesfield, 15:00
Sandal v Otley, 15:00
Sedgley Park v Preston Grasshoppers, 14:30

Saturday, 30 April 2016
Broadstreet v Sedgley Park, 14:30
Caldy v Sale, 15:00
Leicester Lions v Tynedale, 15:00
Luctonians v Sandal, 15:00
Macclesfield v Stourbridge, 15:00
Otley v Harrogate, 15:00
Preston Grasshoppers v Chester, 14:30
South Leicester v Huddersfield, 15:00


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