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Wales v England as it happened


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By Ben Dirs

Wales manager Warren Gatland: "I just told them in the changing room 'you get what you deserve': they've been through a lot of pain the last couple of months. There are a few things we've got to work on but we showed great character today. We just kept working you couldn't fault the effort - Sam Warburton was absolutely tremendous and the fitness really came through today. Today wasn't about pretty rugby, it was about showing character and getting a victory."

Wales' James Hook: "I know the fitness work we put in over in Poland certainly helped. I think our scramble defence was some of ther best I've seen, it was superb. When we had a chance to get the ball we knew we could do something with it. It gives us belief, when you're winning it gives you confidence. But we've been in this position before, we've beaten big teams, but we've got to back that up and do it more consistently."

England manager Martin Johnson: "To dominate a half like that and only be 6-0 at half-time, that was about the strangest game I've seen. We had opportunities, but we gave them freedom to make then calls and we went for the corners and didn't get the points. It was very different to last week, we lost the battle at the breakdown. You could get away with a lot more today and it was a bit of a mess out there. We had a stranglehold on the game like I've bever seen before and we let it slip in a big way and it's really disappinting."

1635: England play Ireland away in their final warm-up match in a fortnight while Wales host 2007 World Cup semi-finalists Argentina in their final match next Saturday. For England, much work needs to be done on the breakdown - it was static, passive and creaky today. Not much cutting edge in attack, either, although the set-piece was solid. As for Wales, obviously the defence was superb - but the southern hemisphere sides will not be so forgiving.

1627: Much work to do for England, although on that evidence, neither side will be doing a great deal of damage in New Zealand, it was a pretty ordinary game of rugby - exactly how ordinary, we're probably about to find out as South Africa are playing Australia in the Tri-Nations.

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Mark Jones via text on 81111: "The problem with England is that they never exploit the talent they have. They always play slow attacking ball looking for the penalties. Wales must have been happy Ashton was not playing because he wants to run with the ball. Apart from Tindall, no one stood up and played to their talents."

Full time
FULL-TIME Wales 19-9 EnglandHook is going to have a stab at goal from just inside the England half - never in doubt, England have been well and truly humbled in Cardiff. Shane Williams bunts the ball out and that's that - only a friendly, but any win over England is cause for big Welsh celebrations. England - A for effort, C- for attainment.

78 mins: Wales 16-9 England Charteris with the take at the line-out and Wales look to keep it tight. That said, Roberts loses the ball in the tackle as the hosts look to shift it right and back come England... Armitage breaks free, releases Foden and the England full-back grubbers through and it's take out by a Wales defender. Line-out England, poor ball for Care and Welsh defenders smother him like a swarm of bees... penalty on halfway, Cueto not releasing, that could be that...

75 mins: Wales 16-9 England This has to go down as a step backwards for England - 20 minutes they will have been up against 14 men when the final whistle goes and they have never really looked liked scoring. Hodgson straight out with a kick, to ironic cheers from a record summer crowd at the Millennium Stadium.

73 mins: Wales 16-9 England Lawes witha good take at the rear of the line-out but it slips out of his hands and Warburton is on it like a tramp on chips. Obstruction at the rolling maul for England, penalty Wales and Hook humpties it clear...

71 mins: Wales 16-9 England Hodgson into the fray, replacing Flood at fly-half for England. Can he light something under the England back-line? Been poor so far. Phillips sticks up a high one and that's well-taken by Armitage before he spins out of a couple of tackles. The last time England failed to score a try was at Murrayfield in 2010 - I was at that match, it was truly awful. Armitage under another Garryowen, Foden goes blasting into the line. Phillips carded! Hands in the ruck, I believe, that's the end of his game...

68 mins: PENALTY Wales 16-9 England Banahan into the line but he's easy to deal with. Turnover courtesy of Warburton - England have been very ordinary at the breakdown - but Shane Williams kicks it away to Foden. England holding out, it's a Wales penalty. Looks like Tindall is re-entering the fray, but he can't stop Hook from extending Wales' lead...

63 mins: Wales 13-9 EnglandHook slots the extras and this scoreline is barely credible - England with so much possession, then again, finishing is a pretty fundamental part of the game of rugby union. Stevens on for Corbisiero at prop, Armitage on for Tindall at centre, Mears on for Thompson at hooker. Far too slow from England at the breakdown, it's like they're playing through treacle.

58 mins: TRY Wales 11-9 England Faletau and Warburton bang on the door before the ball is flung wide. Shane has a dart out wide, the ball comes back and Hook ghosts through a couple of non-existent tackles and touches down next to the posts. That's what you call rope-a-dope, rugby union style.

56 mins: ... Phillips with a cute offload to Scott Williams and it's time for England to do some defending... 12 phases now and the Cardiff faithful begin to get throaty... Hook loses the ball, England nick it and Tindall spurns the opportunity to counter, throwing the ball forward. Real chance there - Martin Johnson with his face up against the replay screen, forehead more furrowed than normal, he looks like he's watching a particularly unpalatable horror film, with chainsaws and hypodermic needles and stuff...

54 mins: James Haskell replaces Hendre Fourie on the open-side for England. Haskell fed by Flood who is tackled by Roberts. Flood releases Cueto, who spins out of a tackle, but Wales nick it at the breakdown and Phillips taps and goes. Thompson receiving treatment for a neck injury, as Huw Bennett replaces Lloyd Burns at hooker for Wales. England are burgled at the line-out but they get another go... Deacon with a clean as a whistle take but England stand off at the breakdown and Wales steal the ball. Roberts, back into the mix, smashes through the tackle of Hape and Wales manage to string some phases together, at last...

50 mins: Hook clears his lines and here comes Foden, clattering back in the Wales half. Tindall receives it and slips the ball inside to Hape and Flood pokes a penalty into touch. Thompson throws, Deacon takes, England peel, Lawes slammed backwards - turnover, penalty to Wales, England with all the cutting edge of a flaccid balloon. Wales up to 100 tackles now, you have to say their defence has been magnificent.

47 mins: England march a set-piece forward towards the 10m line... Mitchell and Corbisiero get a talking to from Rolland - both props very apologetic, hard men with good manners, you wouldn't find them looting pound shops, however tough things got... England into the Wales 22 for the eighth time in the match but it's laboured again out back, slow ball, stout Wales defence. Corbisiero knocks on, England fail to make hay again...

43 mins: Shane Williams is actually at full-back now, Brew has slotted in at left wing. Hape with the hit-up and he loses the ball in contact - been a pretty ordinary game for the big centre. Banahan flying over the top and referee Alain Rolland comes over all twitchy - his hand enters his pocket before shooting straight out again, without a card. To be fair, Wales have committed twice the penalties England have.

41 mins: PENALTY Wales 6-9 England Priestland is off, which means Hook will presumably switch to fly-half and North will slot in at full-back. Aled Brew is the new man, we'll see how things pan out. Flood with the restart and Tindall's latched on to that and gone barrelling through the middle. Roberts into the bin for coming in from the side, Flood slots the three-pointer.

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DMW via text on 81111: "Why oh why are Wigglesworth and Banahan in the England squad let alone team? Wigglesworth is so slow and ponderous with his distribution he's allowing the defence to be set and his lack of any ball carrying is making everything so predictable. As for Banahan, he's just a big low, IQ lump who shows no elusiveness or intelligence to his play. Neither should feature again."

HALF-TIME: Wales 6-6 England Flood with a good touch-finder, but if they don't cash in here... TINDALL THROUGH THE LINE! Bit of panic from the England centre, looked slightly astonished to find himself in the clear, and he checks his run and passes inside. The ball eventually goes wide, Hape is scragged and pinged for holding on. Wales hang on, superb defence - but it's same old, same old for England fans - stacks of possession and territory, not much end product.

37 mins: Wales off their feet again and that's England's 10th penalty - again they refuse the three points and it's Tom Wood with the clean take at the line-out to set up an England rumble. Veeery laboured in the backs from England, they really don't look like breaking down the Wales defence - too many cudgels when they desperately needed a stiletto. England knock-on, Wales clear their lines - and here comes Care. Lawes it was with the tap at the line-out and the England number nine went scything through the Welsh defence like a hot knife through butter. Eight phases from England, but Cueto found himself isolated and Wales turned the ball over. Wales have made 70 tackles, England 30 - but it's all square...

32 mins: Wigglesworth has taken a knock and he's replaced by Danny Care at number nine for England. Priestland with the half-break but he's scragged. Henson is turned over in the tackle and that's a searching kick from Foden - Wales line-out a metre out. Charteris with a sketchy tap from the line-out and Phillips does well to mop things up. Foden had men outside him there - good kick , but maybe he should have kept it in hand. Henson off injured - Scott Williams replaces him. Could be massive for Henson's World Cup hopes.

29 mins: Not exactly bubbling with quality, this match, it's a real itty-bitty affair. The pitch really ploughing up now, especially the contact. Lawes with an athletic tap at the line-out and he finds his man. Hape inside to Cueto - nice idea, but forward. Very mechanical from England behind the scrum and it's constantly malfunctioning.

25 mins: Faletau with the half-break through the England midfield. Priestland puts a kick in behind Cueto but that's a pretty good clearance from a tight angle from the England wing. Phillips has to mop up after a poor tap at the line-out Priestland with an attempted grubber and Banahan gets on it. Nice pass from the outside of the hand from the big man, and Lawes, not wanting to be outdone, repeats the trick. Another penalty to Wales, though, and Priestland bangs it clear...

22 mins: PENALTY Wales 6-6 England ... Flood makes no mistakes, England back on level terms, and that seems about fair at this stage...

21 mins: Warburton pinged for holding on in the tackle and Flood kicks deep into Wales territory. More pressure for England but as soon as they look to give it some width, Wales have got the measure of them - the hosts win a penalty and Priestland clears. England steal the line-out, Easter it is in the middle. Flood with a Garryowen and that's well-fielded by Hook - but England win their eighth penalty, which is quite remarkable give only a quarter of the game has been played.

17 mins: Penalty England and they opt for the scrum. Front rows popping up, Thompson and Burns. Another penalty at the scrum and England opt to go down again... England get the drive on early, but the referee doesn't pick up on it, and it's another England penalty. The expression on Martin Johnson's face says it all - he thinks it's time for a free five points... as soon as England look to go wide, things fall apart for England - Hape tackled by Henson, ball turned over and Wales rake it clear. Waste for England.

13 mins: Tindall takes it into contact down the left flank but there's not much go-forward from England at the moment and there's scrappy ball from Wigglesworth to Flood. Line-out for England, well-take by Lawes at the tail and the visitors looks to drive. Wales not yielding, but England bring it back inside and that's a good flat pass from Wigglesworth to Hape. Wales defence sucked in, Tindall flings it wide and Banahan should score, especially when it's Shane Williams up against him. That said, fine tackle from the wee man.

9 mins: PENALTY Wales 6-3 England Banahan walks into the wall that is Jamie Roberts and is marched backwards to the halfway line - bad medicine from The Good Doctor. Penalty, however, for Wales and they make plenty of ground through the boot of Priestland. Long throw from Wales at the line-out, England don't deal with it and Roberts very nearly bursts on to the bobbling ball, but knocks on. Cole penalised for boring in at the scrum and it's another penalty bang in front - easy as shelling peas for Priestland, and that was three points against the head.

5 mins: Faletau takes a quick throw-in and Wales come back at England from Flood's clearance kick. Cueto under a high one and he makes a few yards on the hoof. The first sighting of Henson and England give him a lot of space to run with the ball. Looked like forward from Hook to Faletau, but no whistle, but England eventually win the penalty - players off their feet at the ruck and Flood makes good ground.

3 mins: PENALTY Wales 3-3 England Perfect riposte from England, Easter under the restart from Flood, Wales off-side and Flood slots the three-pointer...

1 min: PENALTY Wales 3-0 England Perfect contact from Priestland, straight through the uprights and Wales take an early lead...

1 min: Wales in blue, it's Priestland with the kick-off - switches it, taken by George North and Wales immediately in a penalty. Great take by North, Priestland with a stab from right of the posts...

1430: England scrum-half Wigglesworth's first start since 2008, Danny Care on the bench today. Looks like a sell-out at the Millennium Stadium - and the roof's on... no idea why... I do like this England strip - ice white tracksuits, ice white shirts, ice white shorts, ice white socks... this is England's last match before Martin Johnson names his World Cup squad on 22 August, Wales have another game against Argentina next week. Here are the anthems...

1424: All eyes on Gavin Henson in the centres today - first time he's played a 'proper' international for Wales since the 2009 Six Nations. Tindall back in at 13 for England, alongside Kiwi convert Shontayne Hape - they have points to prove following a decent showing from Manu Tuilagi in England's victory last week. And, of course, England have Toby Flood starting at 10 - not much to shout about for England last week, it was pretty ordinary to be honest, but Jonny Wilkinson took the plaudits, so Flood has a point to prove.

1424: All eyes on Gavin Henson in the centres today - first time he's played a 'proper' international for Wales since the 2009 Six Nations. Tindall back in at 13 for England, alongside Kiwi convert Shontayne Hape - they have points to prove following a decent showing from Manu Tuilagi in England's victory last week. And, of course, England have Toby Flood starting at 10 - not much to shout about for England last week, it was pretty ordinary to be honest, but Jonny Wilkinson took the plaudits, so Flood has a point to prove.

1415: Here are the teams: Wales: James Hook; George North, Jamie Roberts, Gavin Henson, Shane Williams; Rhys Priestland, Mike Phillips; Toby Faletau, Sam Warburton (capt), Dan Lydiate; Alun Wyn Jones, Luke Charteris; Craig Mitchell, Lloyd Burns, Paul James Replacements: Huw Bennett, Ryan Bevington, Josh Turnbull, Justin Tipuric, Tavis Knoyle, Scott Williams, Aled Brew.
England: Ben Foden; Matt Banahan, Mike Tindall (capt), Shontayne Hape, Mark Cueto; Toby Flood, Richard Wigglesworth; Nick Easter, Hendre Fourie, Tom Wood, Courtney Lawes, Louis Deacon, Dan Cole, Steve Thompson, Alex Corbisiero Replacements: Lee Mears, Matt Stevens, Tom Palmer, James Haskell, Danny Care, Charlie Hodgson, Delon Armitage

1412: Afternooon. Let's not mess about, here's some team news: so there'll be no swallow-diving antics from Chris Ashton like his last visit to Cardiff in January. England have opted - sensibly, you have to say - not to risk the jet-heeled winger after he rolled his ankle in training on Thursday. So the out-sized Matt Banahan (6 ft 7in, 17st 9lb) will be up against Shane Williams (5ft 7in, 12st 8lb) on the wing.

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