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Lions in South Africa

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Use this map to explore the 2009 Lions tour of South Africa in video, audio, pictures and text.

When first loaded, the map's focus falls on Johannesburg and the surrounding area, where the tour begins.

Each tour venue is marked in chronological order. Use the map's controls, in the top left-hand corner, to zoom out and discover more venues.

Regular updates from BBC journalists in South Africa, including text, photos, video and audio, will be added as the tour progresses.


- I can't get the map to work.

If you're having problems with the map, let us know using the feedback form below. Don't forget to tell us which browser you are using, and try to be precise about what went wrong.

We are aware that a small number of people are presented with a blank map, or no map at all, and are working to resolve those problems.

- Some items on the map aren't placed where they should be.

Sometimes a number of items on the map refer to locations in very close proximity - if we plot them too precisely, they overlap and become very difficult to see clearly.

If you zoom in to the closest level, the positioning of some icons may not be precise, but the spacing stops items disappearing from view beneath each other.

- How 'live' is this map?

New content is added to the map as soon as it becomes available - in many cases there is a short delay involved, as video, audio and images must be received and edited before being published.

- But it looks like nothing has changed.

You need to refresh the page to see updates. Some points on the map, for example image galleries, update with fresh content as the marathon progresses. In other cases, older content is removed from the map and replaced by newer content from a similar area.


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