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Result: Wales 47-8 Italy Result: Ireland 34-13 Scotland
Result: France 13-24 England


By Mark Orlovac

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2154: Right all, time to sign off. What a day. The championship is now wide open after the wins for Wales, Ireland and England, I can't wait for the next round of games. Hope you've enjoyed the day as much as I have, thanks very much for your company and all your contributions. Take care, see you all soon.

"I wonder if Newcastle Falcons would loan Jonny Wilkinson to Newcastle United because he can score goals."
Stu, Durham on text 8111

"We're now looking forward, we have been disappointed with our previous two performances, so we came back to a ground we quite like and did the job. To win away is what playing rugby is all about. We can't take a step backwards, we have a tough one up at Murrayfield in two weeks, they were victorious two years ago, so we've got as score to settle."
Man-of-the-match and England number eight Nick Easter

"This is so annoying. Sat at work in the call centre reading the updates and all I hear on the calls is the game in the background!"
Mike via text

"Woooo! Well played England! What a tournament this is becoming! Four teams left in it!"
The__England on 606

"Thank You England!! You may have just won the championship for Wales."
Swansea_United_Champion_08 on 606

"England's back-row were immense."
BBC Sport pundit Austin Healey

FULL-TIME: France 13-24 England
It's all over and England claim their first Six Nations victory in France since 2000. It was an impressive display and Brian Ashton's men are now back in the hunt.

79 mins: TRY France 13-24 England
After what seems like an age, Wigglesworth sees the gap and bundles over for the try. Game over. The Sale man will remember his first start for a very, very long time. Wilkinson misses the conversion but it does not matter.

78 mins: England just pick and go around the fringes, keeping it very tight near the French line. The clock is being wound down and there is little France can do about it.

77 mins: France are far too ambitious in their own 22 and Skrela knocks on. Could that be the game?

74 mins: PENALTY France 13-19 England
England are penalised, we haven't got a clue as to why - sorry, and Yachvili, who has been a thorn in the side of England so many times, kicks the three points. This will be a nervy few minutes people.

"Jonny is God!!!!
roomurrhamil on 606

"This is awful, in the Indian and my Blackberry is my only link to the game!"
Anonymous on text 81111

72 mins: England are closing this game out. Sheridan, who has again been an enormous presence in the front row, comes off and Matt Stevens jogs on.

69 mins: Lock Ben Kay enters the fray for England with Simon Shaw departing while Mathew Tait replaces Noon. The band has not played for a while now, which is a shame because I wanted to hear "I'd Rather Jack Than Fleetwood Mac".

68 mins: PENALTY France 10-19 England
The French scrum is being absolutely mullered and another penalty means that Wilkinson can extend England's lead from far out.

66 mins: France need something to happen and quick. Dimitri Yachvili and David Skrela come off the bench to replace half-backs Parra and Trinh-Duc while Anthony Floch replaces Rougerie.

64 mins: DROP-GOAL France 10-16 England Planned move by England. Vainikolo takes the ball up and Wilkinson sits in the pocket to fire over the drop-goal. So predictable but so effective. That kick means the Newcastle man now has 29 drop goals, beating Hugo Porta's record of 28.

62 mins: Nice training-ground move from France. Parra goes on the wrap around from a scrum in England's half but his grubber kick goes into touch as Rougerie chases.

"Balshaw? Only Brian Ashton and his mother would pick him at 15. Only thing slower on the pitch than Vickery is Regan, and the only thing slower than those two are the goal posts. Our Tongan has to be brought into the game - what a waste."
vinotackler on 606

"I hope this isn't another second-half collapse."
Storyheart on 606

59 mins: More French subs - Jerome Thion and William Servat on, Pascal Pape and Szarzewski off.

58 mins: England have had little sight of the ball recently but they get another penalty when Poux is pinged for "falling in". Wilkinson's kick is on target but is short.

56 mins: France subs. Mas, who has struggled today, comes off with Jean-Baptiste Poux taking his place.

54 mins: Julien Bonnaire is penalised for not binding at a scrum. Wilkinson gets a shot at goal but he pulls it. Blimey, a Jonny miss.

50 mins: Ashton is obviously not happy with Regan after that incident and the Bristol man is hauled off. Lee Mears takes his place.

49 mins: PENALTY France 10-13 England
Brian Moore goes mad at Balshaw as the Gloucester man defends around the fringes of a ruck. "YOU'RE A FULL-BACK!" he shouts. Priceless. Regan lands a few punches on Lionel Faure at a ruck after the prop holds on to his shirt and is promptly penalised. Parra takes the kicking duties off Traille and lands the three points.

47 mins: France go wide but the imposing figure of Vainikolo is on hand to again dump the French player into touch. It would be nice if England used the Gloucester wing going forward though wouldn't it?

"As long as my girlfriend doesn't see any of the game we will win. She has an impressive record!"
Dave via text 8111

45 mins: France attack and Croft concedes a penalty near his own line. However, Walsh reverses it after a senseless piece of play from Dimitri Szarzewski. The Stade Francais hooker launches into a ruck, sending Regan flying, long after play has stopped. Stupid. Regan is winded but rejoins play after receiving treatment.

43 mins: Wigglesworth is dumped out of bounds in his own 22 after France chase a kick through well. The band are now playing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". My head is in my hands.

"We have to make changes and get more power and experience on the pitch."
Former France forward Abdelatif Benazzi on BBC One

41 mins: France start the second half and England immediately knock on.

2053: Just a quick note to remind you to keep an eye on the live stats. They are very snazzy. Also, remember that all three games will be available on BBC's iPlayer from tomorrow.

"nrj25988, I think Wales will fall away, they won't win another game in the Six Nations. Ireland have a great chance, hopefully they won't lose on points difference again.
Tyrone-Villan on 606

"England have been winning the collisions in the first half. England had the opportunities to close out that first half but they lost three set pieces."
BBC Sport pundit Austin Healey

"I'm sorry Joshua from Surbiton, but Wales have a much better chance of winning the Grand Slam from this position, especially if England can stay ahead tonight."
From nrj25988 on 606

HALF-TIME: France 7-13 England
The whistle goes and the players can take a well-earned breather. England look good in defence and are taking advantage of French indiscipline.

"When are forward passes going to be sorted out? What are the touch judges doing? There are so many it is absurd - isn't this one of the basic rules of the game?"
Sheffieldrower on 606

39 mins: The French are forced to defend as England build the pressure. The ball goes through the hands but Croft knocks on. Sloppy.

38 mins: England hooker Mark Regan receives treatment for a hand problem but is OK to carry on. Meanwhile, the French band begin a rendition of "Roll Out The Barrel". Brilliant.

36 mins: England number eight Nick Easter is penalised for not wrapping his arms around his man in a tackle. I don't know if it is harsh or not as there have been no replays as yet. Traille's penalty comes back off the posts for his second miss. Wonder if Lievremont is regretting not picking a specialist goal kicker?

"Hi Mark O, England will beat the French tonight, paving the way for Ireland to win the Six Nations."
Joshua, Surbiton, via text

32 mins: England attack but Walsh is on the whistle again as the men in white near the line. Holding on in the tackle apparently. France boot the ball high and long and full-back Iain Balshaw completely misjudges it. Sackey is on hand though to clean up.

"Why are they ruining a good game of football by picking up the ball?"
naggedtodeath on 606

What a great username.

29 mins: PENALTY France 7-13 England
France are offside at a ruck, much to the chagrin of the Paris crowd. Wilkinson adds the three points.

"Come on la belle France! Allez allez! Bon jeu!"
Elizabeth May Pink via text 8111

"Please don't mention Wigglesworth any more. My mate Will and I are having a drinking game with his name and I've had enough to drink after two-and-a-half matches already."
Tony, London via text 8111

Wigglesworth, Wigglesworth, Wigglesworth!


24 mins: TRY France 7-10 England
From the resulting line-out, France pile forward with the help of a nice offload from Julien Bonnaire to the supporting Dimitri Szarzewski. Eventually skipper Nallet barges over from close range and the Stade de France comes alive. Traille converts.

24 mins: England string together numerous phases of play but Sackey comes in from the side of a ruck and France get the penalty. Brian Moore doesn't like it, I can tell you. France clear their lines.

21 mins: Haskell accepts the inevitable and limps off the pitch. Leicester's Tom Croft comes on for his debut. Meanwhile, Vincent Clerc kicks straight out for yet another France mistake. It is not happening for them at the moment. To make matters worse, the band strike up again and my colleague next to me says that I am a misery guts for disapproving. I ask you.

"Just tuned in, good start England. Why is Wilko wearing lipstick?"
markthetyke on 606

Hmm, I'm now thinking that it is not blood you know. Maybe it's lip balm.

17 mins: Time is probably up for England blind-side flanker James Haskell. He is receiving lengthy treatment after painfully turning his ankle in a tackle. Ouch. Traille misses a penalty attempt.

"My mate Bob used to deliver milk to Pick Withers near Ross-on-Wye. Things are pretty exciting here too!"
Colin, Brighton, via text

You absolute legend Colin. Loving that tale.

16 mins: France concede another penalty. Lionel Nallet interferes with Steve Borthwick at a line-out and the crowd turn their anger on referee Walsh. Vickery applauds, he knows that kind of reaction is playing into his side's hands.

14 mins: PENALTY France 0-10 England
France lock Pascal Pape gives away a penalty for holding on in the tackle. It's all a bit scrappy from the hosts. Wilkinson kicks the penalty.

11 mins: A French attack ends when Damien Traille throws a forward pass. Mas is pinged again at the scrum. Man mountain Andrew Sheridan looks to be on top.

"Is there anything you can do to those flaming bands in the crowd? They are enough to drive us TV rugby fans barmy."
Liz via text

I could not agree with you more!

9 mins: England receive a further boost when tight-head prop Nicolas Mas is penalised at scrum time.

5 mins: TRY France 0-7 England
France spread the ball but England's defence is up to the job. Jamie Noon lines up Cedric Heymans and cuts him in half, dislodging the ball from the full-back's grasp. Wasps wing Paul Sackey pounces on the loose ball, kicks ahead, and touches down for the try. What a start for England. Wilkinson, who looks to be wearing lipstick (although I am sure it is blood), slots over the conversion.

3 mins: England get their hands on the ball but lack of concentration at the breakdown gives possession back to France. The French spread the ball wide but wing Aurelien Rougerie runs into Vainikolo and Wilkinson. Unsurprisingly, Rougerie goes nowhere.

1 min: France collect the kick off and instead of kicking clear, they show their youthful ambition by keeping the ball in hand. Good stuff. England skipper Phil Vickery, back in the front row after illness, is penalised at the ruck by referee Steve Walsh.

1 min: We are all set. Brian Moore says the Stade de France is as loud as he's heard it. Well it is the stadium's 10th birthday after all. Right, after a slight delay, Jonny Wilkinson starts the match.

"Come on France. I want to hear Brian Moore go crazy if England get stuffed."
richie4eva1 on 606

"I am missing the game to go out for the mother in-law's birthday! Surely the England boys owe me a win just for that!"
Mark from London via text

"We've shown glimpses against Wales and Italy, but we need to show it's all about putting it on for both halves. If we let the French come in then they will run riot. England need to knuckle down and concentrate on the full 80 minutes."
Injured England winger David Strettle

"The first 15 minutes will decide this match."
BBC Sport pundit Austin Healey

1956: The teams are now out on the field. The anthems are about to begin.

1952: Big day for England debutant Richard Wigglesworth. The Sale scrum-half comes in for Andy Gomarsall and is up against 19-year-old Morgan Parra. The Bourgoin number nine partners Francois Trinh-Duc at half-back, who is just 21. Coach Marc Lievremont is certainly keen to give youngsters a chance and so far it has worked for him.

"I don't know why I do it to myself. I've settled down with much wine and excitement, and promptly remembered that this is France in Paris. Annoyance and frustration beckons methinks!
Anon, via text

"A sharp comment from Austin Healey. And probably spot on. There are too many England players who have not delivered. Defeat would also see Brian Ashton's position questioned again. And this time there might not be a happy ending for him."
Cricketing_stargazer on 606

Very much so Cricketing_stargazer. However, should England win, things will be rosy again. Won't they?

1946: Sprightly and slightly greying kicking coach Jon Callard does his stuff out on the pitch while the Stade de France stadium slowly fills up. Meanwhile, in the office, we are having a good old chat about Pick Withers, the legendary drummer on the Dire Straits classic Sultans Of Swing. Winter nights fly by here, I can tell you.

"If someone calls it Le Crunch again, I am going to go spare! Come on England, show them we can play."
Luke from Leicester via text

Sorry Luke, I couldn't resist it! Promise it will not happen again.

"If England lose again, I think there are three or four players that you will not see again in an England shirt."
BBC Sport pundit Austin Healey

"Two good games so far. Wales were superb, Ireland and Scotland were both a lot better than their previous two games, Scotland's defence does need strengthening mind. Let's hope England can improve on their performances and stop this exciting French team dead in their tracks."
jervisd of 606

1932: The players are out on the pitch getting a bit of a warm up. Apparently inside centre Toby Flood had a little scare earlier but is up again and looks to be fit enough. The camera hones in on Lesley Vainikolo and Jeremy Guscott says that he should be doing a bit more work during games. What a brave man Guzza is.

"Well Scotland lost (sob)... Italy lost... Come on England, give me some pride in my betting skills. Even if the reward has settled down to a measly consolation pint in the pub tomorrow afternoon."
molseh on 606

"If Frank Hadden doesn't know how to sort the Scotland team's problems, as he said after the game, what chance of avoiding the wooden spoon?"
From the Callander Boys via text

"The mood has been very positive all week and we have to carry that forward tonight. It's about having the courage to play and having the belief to take out onto the field what we have being doing in training. We want to move the game forward. We have got to play without fear but we have to get the foundations right, we don't want to play silly rugby."
England coach Brian Ashton

1921: Thanks very much Pranav. What a star you are. The chocolate biscuits may have run out but I'm feeling refreshed after the Saturday night staple of pie and chips. Emotional scenes. Right, after the impressive wins for Wales and Ireland, we now have the clash (alright then, Le Crunch) between France and England in Paris. It's the final push people.

By Pranav Soneji

1916: Thanks for your company this evening folks, it's been a helluva ride but it's time to hand the rugby reins back to Mark Orlovac, who'll be keeping you entertained with all the build-up and reaction in Paris. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll probably end up shouting at your computer screen, TV or radio, but it's what we love about sport. Over and out peeps.

"It was a very good performance. We scored five tries and you would take that in a Six Nations weekend. Scotland played well in patches and we had to defend as much as attack but the better team won, with some good scores to boot. Geordan Murphy was in a situation where he was not involved and he comes in and gives a man-of-the-match performance. I am delighted for him. That's the response you want for him, it shows he is up for it."
Ireland coach Eddie O'Sullivan

"Frank Hadden said there was no cutting edge, why? As the coach he needs to address that, there has been lots of talk but I don't see much action."
Former Scotland international Andy Nicol on BBC ONE

"We turned over too much ball, gave away soft tries and we did not look like opening up the Irish defence often enough. We came here in a very positive mindset and we did a bit better in terms of territory and possession but it was not threatening enough. We could not find the cutting edge Ireland found so easily when they were in our half."
Scotland coach Frank Hadden

"Despite Ireland's fine show today when will O'Sullivan go? If this is how good the players can be without good leadership, how good could they be with the stolid strictures of unimaginative coaching are removed. His comments re Murphy are as absurd as the smart move surely is to wait until training and to play the form player. Healey was bang on in pre-match appraisal - get rid of O'Sullivan, whatever the cost. A new coach could take the straightjacket off Ireland, like losing Laporte has done for France!
Antigone Forder, Bishop's Stortford on text

A very prescient point, but you must have one seriously sore thumb tapping that bad boy out on your mobile Antigone.

"What's an uncontested scrum?"
Rich in Beverley, East Yorks

An uncontested scrum is used when there are not enough front-row props to engage in a full scrum, so neither side can challenge for the ball.

"We played much better for an hour, odd though it is to say. So by and large pick the same team, though Da Luca might come in for Henderson and I'm still worried about the front row."
Hawick on 606

1853: Geordan Murphy is handed a big blue bottle of falling over water for his performance, although he completely straight bats any questions about sending a subtle message to Eddie O'Sullivan about his place in the Ireland side against Wales. Very diplomatic.


79 mins: TRY IRELAND 34-13 SCOTLAND It was inevitable - Tommy Bowe goes over for his second try of the game thanks to slick hands from Andrew Trimble - who has been immense - and Shane Horgan. Replacement Paddy Wallace misses the conversion, but the whistle blows and it's all over.

78 mins: Bad news for Jim Hamilton, the second row has broken his leg.

77 mins: BBC summariser Philip Matthews names Ireland's Geordan Murphy as his RBS Six Nations man-of-the-match. And rightly so, the Leicester man has been ultra impressive this evening, I wonder if he'll tip the odd glass or two towards Eddie O'Sullivan this evening.

75 mins: Big Jim Hamilton doesn't look too great. Frank Hadden (who I've just realised looks a little like Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours) is having a few words into his radio and the stretcher is on. It's not in the same league as Arsenal striker Eduardo's horrific injury earlier this afternoon, but it's never fun to watch professional sportsmen leave the field in pain. And if that was bad enough for Scotland, Ewan Murray is walking off the pitch and we now have uncontested scrums because hooker Ross Ford is back on the pitch.

72 mins: It's all going on (and off) at Croke Park - Chris Cussiter comes on for scrum-half Mike Blair while Allan 'Chunk' Jacobsen is replaced by Gavin Kerr. Oh, and little Peter Stringer is in the thick of things for Eoin Reddan.

69 mins: Unsurprisingly, Fergus Thomson replaces Ross Ford, while Eddie O'Sullivan sends on Shane Horgan for Brian O'Driscoll and Simon Easterby replaces Jamie Heaslip.

67 mins: Ross Ford's throw finds its way into Irish hands and I get the feeling the Scottish players know the game is up.

62 mins: TRY IRELAND 29-13 SCOTLAND What a fantastic score! Some sublime handling from the Ireland backs starting with Geordan Murphy, who sends out a wonderful one-handed offload to Andrew Trimble, who sets up winger Tommy Bowe for the score, although the referee refers the try to the TMO to ensure Bowe did not touch down with a double movement. O'Gara adds the extras. Looks like curtains for those plucky Scots, just after they had clawed their way back into this entertaining encounter.

60 mins: Did anyone have a competition to see how long it would take before the words "le crunch" were mentioned before the France v England match?

"Who would have believed three weeks ago that Wales would be where they are. Wales were desperate and England were all over them in the first half and it looked like they'd get beaten by a cricket score. Today though, they have been ruthless. Ireland are looking pretty good too. Scotland may just have managed a surprise try, but they look set to lose by a wide margin. Ireland v Wales will be very interesting."
Cricketing_stargazer on 606

57 mins: Hold on to your hats Scotland fans, your boys are still as prickly as a thistle. Good handling skills sees Hugo Southwell chip deep into Ireland's 22, but unfortunately the less agile forwards are chasing up, giving Rob Kearney time to clear up to the 40m line.

55 mins: Ireland's Paul O'Connell comes on for Mick O'Driscoll.

51 mins: TRY 22-13 SCOTLAND Just where did that come from? A brilliant offload from Andy Henderson puts his centre partner Simon Webster through under the posts. Paterson adds the extras and we're very much game on.

48 mins: PENALTY 22-6 SCOTLAND Scotland are all over the place here at the moment. Alasdair Strokosch is pinged for one of the many plethora of breakdown offences and Ronan O'Gara thumps the ball between the sticks for another three points.

45 mins: BBC Sport columnist Rory Best comes on for Bernard Jackman - good time to come on. Geordan Murphy is having an absolute belter of a match - surely Eddie O'Sullivan will have to reassess his loyalties to Girvan Dempsey after this performance?

43 mins: It's all one-way traffic here at Croker as first Andrew Trimble and then Dennis Leamy punch holes through Scotland's startled defence. Horan's out on the wing again! Eoin Reddan fumbles the ball in a very promising position.

42 mins: TRY - IRELAND 19-6 SCOTLAND Lordy! This is something you will (probably) never see again - Ronan O'Gara's perfectly weighted crossfield kick finds Marcus Horan - that's loose-head prop Marcus Horan - on the wing and the Munsterman pouches the kick to sail over the Scotland tryline. What a kick in the teeth for Scotland. ROG misses the conversion.

41 mins: Ronan O'Gara gets the second half under way.

"What on earth are you talking about Pranav? (re 31 minutes) For a start Webb Ellis was from Lancashire, and the town of Rugby is hardly 'Brummie'. Pfft."
astralwebberon 606

A fair point Ast, but we're talking about someone who thinks rugby is a brute's game played by gentlemen.

"Oi ref! handball! Do you need carrots are somefink?"
oh twadi! on 606

1800: The newly tanned Caroline Cheese is keeping the footy ensemble entertained with her choice morsels of wit and charm. Although she fails to understand the aesthetics of the oval-ball game, she does know her footy. Have a sneaky peaky, but don't spend too long there, OK?

1756: Some incredible stats at half-time - Scotland have made an incredible 94 completed passes, while Ireland have made just 20. Who said the Scots don't have ambition?


"Glad to see Geordan Murphy showing Eddie O'Sullivan his narrow and stubborn selection has been a mistake."
davo1988 on 606

39 mins: Alasdair Strokosch makes his first mistake of the game, fumbling a Mike Blair pass. The Gloucester man has been immense in the first half.

37 mins: Oh dear, the hirsute Nathan Hines is penalised for a swinging arm, much to his indignation. It's a massive reprieve for Ireland, O'Gara clears the danger.

35 mins: Great response from Ireland props John Hayes and Marcus Horan, who make a real mess of Scotland's scrum. However, the visitors pummel Ireland's line once again, this time through a powerful burst from Rory Lamont.

34 mins: Paterson sends Scotland deep into Ireland territory from a penalty and his side are camped right on the Ireland line, but can't find their way through for the all-important score. But Frank Hadden's side have the chance for a huge shove in a five-metre scrum.

31 mins: PENALTY - IRELAND 14-6 SCOTLAND Ireland are penalised for hands in the ruck and lo and behold, up steps (Sir Les) Paterson for three more points for Scotland. I wonder if anyone would bet their house against him missing a kick. I don't have a house, so I can't really use that as collateral.

"Just got sent over here from the football what's this rugby lark all about?"
angieB_LFC on 606 Erm, well there was this Brummie boy called William Webb Ellis and one day he decided to pick up a football and...

26 mins: TRY - IRELAND 14-3 SCOTLAND Brilliant take from Geordan Murphy, who snaffles a high kick to set Ronan O'Gara on his way deep into Scotland's 22. The fly-half feeds Brian O'Driscoll, who sends out a wonderful long pass to Rob Kearney, who touches down for his first international try. It's the kind of expansive rugby Croke Park loves. O'Gara then adds the extras from the touchline with a belter of a conversion.

24 mins: PENALTY - IRELAND 7-3 SCOTLAND Bernard Jackman is pinged for not rolling away from a tackle, presenting Chris Paterson with three points from the 40m line. The Gloucester man last missed a kick for his country in August of last year.

22 mins: TRY - IRELAND 7-0 SCOTLAND Heaslip makes a break from the set-piece and feeds David Wallace with a smart inside pass for a simple try. Tough cheese for Scotland, but Kelly Brown will feel he gave Wallace a little too much room to saunter through under the posts. Ronan O'Gara adds the extras.

20 mins: Ireland have a scrum five metres from Scotland's tryline, play is momentarily halted as James Heaslip gets a bit of treatment to his head. The Leinster loose forward has a nice bit of headstrapping in the colours of the Ireland flag.

"To see Scotland run penalties from deep is exactly the sort of thing fans at home and at Croke Park want."
BBC Sport pundit Andy Nicol

"Bit of weather info for those travelling over to Paris. It's ruddy baking, so don't bring a very large woollen overcoat with an extremely heavy weave. I watched the Wales v Italy match in the Frog & Rosbif and I was sweating like the elephant man in a hat shop."
BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Paris

17 mins: Cheeky kick from Mike Blair, who fires a grubber to the edge of Ireland's 22, but Jackman has fine tuned his radar to find Donncha O'Callaghan without any issues.

14 mins: Referee Berdos has a seriously gravel-toned voice, like what Mariella Frostrup would sound like if she was a man with a French accent. He's doing plenty of shouting to ensure the front rows behave.

"I have just seen a man wearing a beige sleeveless suit. Nothing that happens during tonight's match can possibly top that."
BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Paris

11 mins: Oooof! Andrew Trimble lines up Sean Lamont for an absolute brute of a tackle, the kind of challenge that makes you wince just thinking about how much it would hurt. Unsurprisingly, Lamont spills the ball just metres from the Ireland tryline and the home side clear their lines.

9 mins: Fantastic defensive work from young Ireland winger Rob Kearney, who clears to the halfway line from right underneath his posts with a rampaging Simon Webster on his case. Check out the numbers on the game so far:

"Positive start, did I see a bit of structure there to our game? About time!!"
hawick on 606

7 mins: Scotland are full of beans - Chris Paterson opts to take a quick penalty inside Ireland's 22 - the Scots are set on rattling the greens as early as possible. But great defensive work from Mick O'Driscoll and Dennis Leamy earns Ireland a penalty as Nathan Hines is pinged for not releasing the ball.

3 mins: Bernard Jackman's throwing has been iffy so far in the tournament and the hooker doesn't do himself or his side any favours with his first two throws, which both find Scottish hands in the line-out.

2 mins: There's an errant scrum cap lying forlornly in the middle of the pitch, although that doesn't bother the Scots, whose forwards go through a series of confidence-boosting phases on the Ireland 22.

1710: "Ireland's call" gets the faithful well and truly fired up for kick-off and referee Christophe Berdos gives a hefty blow into his whistle and Chris Paterson gets things underway.

"Dear me, what did that 'musician' do to our anthem!"
Hawick on 606

1704: 'Flower of Scotland' rings out through the impressive stadium and there she is! Princess Anne. I don't think I have ever seen the anthem played before a Six Nations game without a camera close-up of Scotland's favourite royal.

1702: President McAleese looks a little more at ease than her last appearance at Croke Park, when she did a fantastic impression of Speedy Gonzalez, shaking the hands of the Ireland and Italy sides in record time.

1658: Round of applause for the man Orlo, I'd run through brick walls for that man. So here we go, Ireland president Mary McAleese is decked out in a beige jacket with a serious scarf around her neck as she meets and greets the Scotland boys at Croke Park.

By Mark Orlovac

1653: One down, two to go. We are now off to Dublin for the clash between Ireland and Scotland. Two sides that have a lot to prove. Scotland have been very disappointing so far and maybe the selection of Chris Paterson instead of Dan Parks can release the backline. I'm now off to sit in a darkened room and I'll hand you to over to my esteemed colleague Pranav Soneji. I'll see you for the France v England game.

"Wales have three wins so far and they will be absolutely delighted. However, Ireland at Croke Park will be a totally different game. They have a lot of confidence and self belief, they are all working for each other. For Italy, it is back to the drawing board I'm afraid."
BBC Sport pundit Jonathan Davies

"Three from three and the show goes on. The boys have given everything. We did the simple things well and we earned the right to go wide. We scored some good tries. We have worked hard and we know we have deserved the wins we have got."
Wales skipper Ryan Jones

FULL-TIME: Wales 47-8 Italy
It's all over in Cardiff. Wales wrap up a comfortable victory and the Grand Slam is still on.

79 mins: Davies selects Lee Byrne as his man-of-the-match.

74 mins: TRY Wales 47-8 Italy
At the best of times, it is hard for a team to stop Shane Williams, let alone when they have made 120 odd tackles. Sonny Parker, on for Henson, releases Williams who dances through a very, very tired Italian defence to score. Great stuff. Hook adds the conversion.

69 mins: TRY Wales 40-8 Italy
Wales are running riot. Lee Byrne bursts through Gonzalo Canale's missed tackle and runs in from inside his own half. Hook is now on the field and slots over the conversion, he now has more points than the legendary Phil Bennett.

66 mins: Phillips does well to mop up in his own dead-ball area after an Italian chip through. Yet again, there is a bit of pushing and shoving when the ball goes dead. Tiresome. Sub Pietro Travagli is penalised for a late push on Phillips just as the referee is sorting everything out. In the commentary box, Jonathan Davies is raging. He calls on Mallett to haul Travagli off with a shepherd's crook. Brilliant.

64 mins: It's all getting a bit loose out there. Mallett looks frustrated as his side are just not clinical enough in attack. His mood will not be helped by the sight of a certain James Hook on the sidelines. He will love coming up against a tired defence.

"Italy are pretty awful to be fair. Some really bad decisions, even worse than England have been making recently and their defence has been fairly non existent.
shufflingthepack on 606

"Just wondered when the ref is going to penalise Wales for not releasing on the floor. I've counted half a dozen infringements so far and no whistle!"
rsuppards on 606

57 mins: TRY Wales 33-8 Italy
It's all over. The ball is spread wide, Stephen Jones bursts into a massive gap created by the wandering Josh Sole. He releases Shane Williams on the wing who runs in for the score. Williams now has 38 tries, two behind Gareth Thomas' Wales record. Jones adds the extras and Wales are out of sight.

55 mins: More subs. It really does spoil the flow of the game doesn't it? Anyway, after four lost line-outs, Wales hooker Matthew Rees is replaced by Huw Bennett.

54 mins: Masi's misery is brought to an end as Mallett hauls him off. It will be interesting to see if he retains the 10 shirt for the trip to France. Paolo Buso comes on for his debut while the lively Andrea Marcato switches to fly-half.

51 mins: Gloucester lock Marco Bortolami is on for Italy as Mallett tries to shore up his side's forward effort. Peel, apparently, complained of blurred vision at half time after taking a couple of knocks to the head during the first half.

50 mins: PENALTY Wales 26-8 Italy
In boxing parlance, Italy are on the ropes and this could be a rout. As Wales attack again, Mirco Bergamasco is pinged for slowing down the ball at a ruck and is promptly sent to the sin bin. Stephen Jones kicks the penalty. What a 10 minutes for the Welsh.

47 mins: PENALTY 23-8 Italy
Italy give away a penalty, to be honest I haven't got a clue what it was for or who conceded it, but all you need to know is that Stephen Jones puts his side 15 points ahead.

45 mins: Peel is obviously troubled by the injury he picked up earlier and is replaced by Mike Phillips. Phillips makes an immediate impact as his break puts Wales on the attack again. However, they fail to convert the chance and Edwards is fuming in the stands.

42 mins: TRY Wales 20-8 Italy
Quite simply, Masi is having a shocker. The fly-half forces a speculative pass out wide and Shanklin picks it off easily, running in from halfway. It was a poor error and it could be the killer blow for the Italians. Stephen Jones fires over the conversion.

41 mins: Italy start the second half. The ball is passed out to Henson who fails to find touch.

"After 20 minutes Andrea Marcato came back into the game. He typified their performance so far and is now showing the good footballer he is. Wales are starting to give away penalties and are conceding territory. They need to go in at half-time and take stock and then come out and play the football they can in the second half.
BBC Sport pundit and former Wales international Colin Charvis

"I went to the bookies outside the Millennium Stadium and there was an Italian bloke putting 130 on Italy to win by 6-10 points. I said to him you have more money than sense but he just mumbled something back so I assume it was the ale that made him do it.
CaptainFisheye on 606

"We have not a fired a shot so far in this Championship and we are planning to do so today."
Scotland coach Frank Hadden

HALF-TIME: Wales 13-8 Italy
The whistle blows and I am sure Wales will be getting both barrels from Gatland and Edwards. Italy are back in this, of that there is no doubt.

40 mins: PENALTY Wales 13-8 Italy
It has to be said that Italy are ending the first half as the better side. Italy's forwards rumble towards the try line and as the opening period goes into injury time, Wales give away the penalty. Marcato, who has grown into this game, slots over the penalty. Italy deserved that.

38 mins: Ezio Galon and Mark Jones have a little disagreement over something very small. It's all a bit silly really and Jonathan Davies calls it "pathetic". So there you are.

36 mins: This is better stuff from the Azzurri. Marcato produces a wonderful dummy to carve open the Welsh. The ball is spread wide with pace and accuracy, something the Italians are not famed for, but the impressive Byrne stops Mirco Bergamasco in his tracks.

34 mins: Great to see a bit of grunt from the boys up front. Italy get a fine shove on at a scrum, Wales give away the penalty and the visitors can apply a bit of pressure.

"First reality check for Italy!! Wales's concerted effort is rewarded with a team-engineered try. Gone are the days where teams come to Cardiff and expect an automatic win."
Rugby_Will on 606

31 mins: Mirco Bergamasco chips over the Welsh defence near halfway but is flattened by a late body check from Ian Evans. Naughty. Andrea Marcato goes for goal amid a loud chorus of boos, don't like that, but the ball comes back off the post again.

28 mins: TRY Wales 13-5 Italy Italy are cut open after a darting run and offload from the dancing feet of Shane Williams. Hooker Matthew Rees is brought down before the line but the ball is eventually spread wide and Lee Byrne latches onto Gavin Henson's lofted miss-pass to score in the corner. Nice try. Stephen Jones slots over the conversion from way out wide.

"First reality check for Wales as Italy score a try. This Italian team are nowhere near as bad as many people from Britain make them out to be. It's the end of Italy being an automatic win I think."
captaincarot on 606

21 mins: Great chance for Italy. Ezio Galon cuts a great line and bursts through the Welsh near the 22. He pops it up to Gonzalo Canale, who only has to collect it and run over, but the ball is dropped and the opportunity goes. Mallett goes bananas in the stands, he knows that his side should have scored. I would not like to be in Canale's shoes at half-time.

19 mins: Concern for Wales as Peel receives treatment but he is able to carry on. By the way, have a peak at our new all singing, all dancing match stats. They really are very good. For example, they will tell you that Italy have made 40 tackles compared to Wales' eight so far. Blimey.

17 mins: A lovely dummy from Peel puts lock Ian Evans into space. Shanklin carries on the attack and the centre thinks he could be in with a chance of scoring but play is brought back when Mark Jones is penalised for a pull back off the ball.

12 mins: TRY Wales 6-5 Italy
Oops. Big error from Wales. Hooker Matthew Rees makes a horlicks of a line-out throw and prop Martin Castrogiovanni gratefully collects and barges over the line. For some reason referee Dave Pearson goes to the TMO and unsurprisingly the try is given. Marcato's conversion attempt comes back off the post.

10 mins: PENALTY Wales 6-0 Italy
For some reason, Masi tries to be clever underneath his own posts as he produces a delicate chip rather than booting the ball into touch. Italy give away the penalty and Jones claims the three points. Mallett must surely be regretting saying that Masi would hold onto the 10 shirt for the whole tournament.

8 mins: If the early exchanges are anything to go by, Marcato is in for a torrid afternoon. Wales number 15 Lee Byrne fires a long clearance kick deep into the Italian half and the visitors are under pressure again. Byrne follows up his kick well and dumps Sergio Parisse as he tries to run out of his own 22.

7 mins: Italy cannot get into this game at all. Mark Jones is able to go on the charge out wide and Wales go on the attack again.

4 mins: PENALTY Wales 3-0 Italy
Jones dusts himself down and slots over the penalty. Wales are ahead.

3 mins: Wales have plenty of early ball and are punching holes in the Italian defence. Lock Santiago Dellape comes in at the side of a ruck and gives away a silly penalty. However, fellow second rower Carlo Antonio Del Fava could be in trouble for an apparent knee into the face of Stephen Jones as he is tackled. Jonathan Davies calls it a "cheap shot".

1 min: We are under way in Cardiff with Stephen Jones kicking off. Italy full-back Andrea Marcato fires the ball to touch.

"Cymru am byth!!!!! Let's get that Triple Crown wrapped up before trying for the bigger fish of the Grand Slam."
richie4eva1 on 606

"My dear, darling wife returned home the other night and informed me that our chef friend had invited us to his restaurant for a free meal tonight. Knowing my love of food is only surpassed by my love of free (it's a Yorkshire thing), she was surprised to be told in no uncertain terms that it wasn't going to happen. And, as punishment (haha!) for not remembering it was 6 Nations Saturday, she'll be on beer-maid duty for the next seven hours or so. More Guinness, missus!!!"
HybridOwl on 606

1500: They have to be two of the best anthems in the Six Nations. The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. We are almost there people, the feast of rugby is about to begin.

1458: There is a minute's applause for former Wales physiotherapist Gerry Lewis, who died last week. Gerry was dubbed "the 16th man" during the 1970s when Wales reigned supreme. It's time for the anthems.

1456: The players come out on to the pitch. Wales are led by centre Tom Shanklin, who is earning his 50th cap.

"There are lots of areas we can improve and we have been working hard on them this week. Wales play quite an expansive game and have the ability to play through their forwards, but they like to spread the ball wide through their talented backs - they are not afraid to throw the ball around. They have improved their defence under Warren Gatland, they are a team playing with lots of confidence."
Italy coach Nick Mallett

1445: The Welsh and Italian players are going through their final warm-ups on the pitch. Wales, who have not beaten Italy in the Six Nations since 2005, have Stephen Jones and the Sale-bound Dwayne Peel back at half-back with a new front row of Gethin Jenkins, Rhys Thomas and hooker Matthew Rees. Mark Jones is back on the wing.

Italy are without David Bortolussi, Pablo Canavosio and Kaine Robertson. Andrea Masi continues at fly-half despite failing to impress so far in his new position. He is partnered by Treviso scrum-half Simon Picone, maybe that will speed up their back play.

"Surely England fans are hoping for a right thumping, so they can get rid of their useless coach?
fabuniquemembername on 606

"If you win the first two games - especially England at Twickenham - it's a good start. Wales will be expected to win today, but they will need to play well."
Jonathan Davies on BBC One

1434: It looks a fine day in Cardiff and the Millennium Stadium is slowly filling up with Welsh fans fully expecting their side to continue their fine start to the campaign. Gatland and Shaun Edwards look calm and relaxed in an interview with Jonathan Davies, the pair obviously have a fine coaching chemistry and Wales are reaping the benefits.

Wales defence coach Shaun Edwards on wearing a red shirt: "It's a similar colour to a colour to a Wigan shirt. There's no doubt I have great pride in coaching Wales."

Edwards also mentions that he spent St Valentine's night with Gatland talking about rugby. That's dedication for you.

"Hear, hear jeremybone, I'm close by to you in Qatar, and the England v France game isn't showing until 11pm here. Enjoy all!"
loyalness on 606

"Ireland have some really good players but they are not moving forward. Ireland need a change and I would pay off Eddie O'Sullivan. With a new coach they could make great leaps forward."
BBC Sport pundit Austin Healey

"Our pack was sensational in the second half against the French. As a backline, we have to make sure that we match them. If Ireland were to win the next three games we would be in the hunt for the title, but we'll think about Scotland first."
Ireland skipper Brian O'Driscoll

1427: We may not be in a pub supping pints of light ale but the lads in the office have just opened a pack of chocolate HobNobs. Life does not get better than that.

"Come on Scotland."
rangersandtoon on 606

"To all you lucky guys out there enjoying the feast of rugby on television today, spare a thought for us poor expats who have make do with internet radio transmissions. Without BBC internet we would be going mental! Can't wait for kick-off, have the tinnies lined up and phone off the hook. Stuff the rest of the world."
SerbianSteve on 606

"I'm going to be watching all the games on a tv somewhere in Bahrain. I might be far away from home but it seems you are never too far away to catch the Six Nations!"
jeremybone on 606

1411: England coach Brian Ashton, in an interview for BBC One, is talking about a "no fear" attitude going into this French game. Despite leading England to the World Cup final, a lot of questions have been raised about Ashton's leadership after the two Six Nations matches so far. For example, take the front page of today's Guardian's sports section: "Ashton: England's messiah or misfit?". The pressure will increase if England get blown away in Paris.

"Disaster! Family wedding on Saturday, will be lucky to see any rugby. This is as close to torture as it gets! Worst bit is, they actually changed the date to tomorrow, from a perfectly convenient non-Six Nations weekend."
dubaifraz on 606

"Italy, Scotland and England to win by margins of a minimum of 20 points. My prize... a year of rounds bought for me on nights out. I can't lose can I?"
molseh on 606

1356: First up today we have Wales against Italy in Cardiff and television coverage is showing the teams arriving at the Millennium Stadium. The Italians are rebuilding under new coach Nick Mallett and came back well against England in Rome last week. Wales meanwhile, dominated the match against Scotland and although the Scots dug in, Warren Gatland's men recorded their second straight win.

There has been a nice little subplot to the contest, with Mallett refusing to have the Millennium Stadium roof closed for the game. Rain is apparently forecast and Gatland wanted to have it shut.

"England fans are arriving in dribs and drabs at the Gare de Nord - to be honest, it is all a bit quiet although I am sure that will all change. There is a fragile optimism in the air amongst the England fans while waiters from the cafes opposite the station desperately wave in thirsty punters."
BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce in Paris

"I might try watching the rugby while listening to the football today... I love you, BBC Sport."
Estesark on 606

"Won't be shifting my backside from the sofa for eight hours straight."
BathRugby13 on 606

1339: Our intrepid duo of Tom Fordyce and Ben Dirs are in Paris to provide all the flavour ahead of England's game with France tonight. In fact, the lad Fordyce has already done a piece on the mood ahead of the match, go and have a look.

1334: It goes without saying that this commentary will not be the same without your contributions. Let us know how you are planning to spend the day, if you have conjured up any excuses so you can watch the games, or if you have made any ridiculous bets? Get involved on the messageboard or text on 81111 and we will use as many tales as we can.

1330: Afternoon troops. Ready for a rip-roaring day of international rugby? Thought so. I hope the beer has cooled in the fridge or the table is booked at the pub. It's going to be an epic, and it will go a long way to deciding who is going to claim this year's Six Nations title.

Can Wales cement their championship ambitions or will Italy produce another away victory? Will Ireland continue from where they left off in the second half against France and can Scotland actually score a try? Can England again defy the odds to win at the Stade de France or will Marc Lievremont's youngsters continue their unbeaten start?

Over the next eight hours or so, we'll be finding out the answers.

Six Nations photos
23 Feb 08 |  Rugby Union
Wales 47-8 Italy
23 Feb 08 |  Rugby Union
Ireland 34-13 Scotland
23 Feb 08 |  Rugby Union
France 13-24 England
23 Feb 08 |  Rugby Union


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