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banner Sunday, 25 November, 2001, 04:01 GMT
Your reaction to the action

Despite a spirited performance in Wigan, Great Britain are beaten 28-8 by Australia in the deciding Ashes Test.

Send us your opinions of the match.


In what is becoming a depressingly familiar pattern in for Great Britain in Ashes Tests, Australia came back from their defeat in the opening match to take the series 2-1.

The Australian players were pleased with their victory but celebrations were subdued after coach Chris Anderson had to go to hospital having suffered a heart attack.

Australia have once again underlined their status as the best rugby league side in the world, but what did you make of the match?

What can the British team learn from the Test defeat?

Send us your views on another Australian victory.


It is only a matter of time Great Britain! There is no doubt the British game is improving, but be patient, you have just begun. You are doing every thing right and it can only be a matter of time. This ashes series has signalled the beginning of a new era. An era in which there will be no more easy victories against GB but fierce torrid struggles. Well done British Rugby League!
Michael Wesley, Australia

As usual (the first test was a rare exception) the Australians played a more incisive, efficient and error free game. They offload better than we do and punish mistakes. However, unlike the game at the Reebok the British team was competitive and there is no doubt that the gap in class is closing year by year.

The 30 year gap between the two countries remains there for all to see
David, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday night's game swung on a couple of individual errors, but there is certainly hope for the future in that performance. At least after this we can say that it was a well-contested and enjoyable game, unlike last week.
Jack Mayers, England

What David is forgetting is that Great Britain has already begun an encouraging youth programme. I would like to remind him of the positive results our under 21s and other junior teams have achieved in the Southern hemisphere. Perhaps he is also forgetting who the current world club champions are - St Helens.

With players such as Morley, Long and Cunningham (to name but a few) back on board for the test in Sydney, and a British referee, I fully expect Britain to overturn the Aussies comfortably. I also look forward to seeing the development of star youngsters such as Rob Burrow and John Stankevitch as well as the further progress of players such as Paul Wellens and Leon Pryce.
Andy, UK

Now that the result's in, the 30 year gap between the two countries remains there for all to see. Australian rugby league, even with its recent troubles, continues to be played with a level of professionalism and commitment that very English club teams achieve week in - week out.

For Great Britain to take the crown, we need a strategy that seeks to expand the game at schools outside Yorkshire and Lancashire, whilst providing a framework for school boys to enter junior club rugby. Somehow English club rugby needs to raise its standards to match Australian club rugby.

If this can be achieved then international results will follow. As a starting point, commission a 'white paper' that seeks to find out why Australian club competition has maintained it's dominance over the last 30 years - then work on an action plan. Maybe one day Great Britain will win a Test series. Regrettably that day looks far away.
David, Melbourne, Australia

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