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Challenge Cup final as it happened


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By Pranav Soneji

1645: Right, that's it from me - what a cracking day of TGG (The Great Game). Warrington fan and England off-spinner Graeme Swann is causing all sorts of havoc at Lord's as Pakistan crumble, no doubt he'll be over the moon with what's happened seven stops down the Jubilee Line at Wembley.

1640: If you have a question for the BBC's Challenge Cup panel of Crusaders coach Brian Noble and Hull KR's Justin Morgan, email Adrian Morley's son has a shirt with "Little Moz" on the back. Nice touch.

1637: The dejected Leeds players collect their medals, quickly dispersing stage left for Adrian Morley and his Warrington team-mates to revel in the glory. And for all of you fans who want more, we have the Challenge Cup forum on the red button as well as on the website.

Leeds coach Brian McClennan: "Right now it's hard to think straight. There's not much I can really say."

Hat-trick hero Chris Hicks: "Our defence on our line was special."


80 minutes: With the seconds eating into the final minute of the match, Chris Riley dodges this way and that before he is brought down at exactly the same time as the final hooter - and there it is, Warrington win their second successive Challenge Cup final, the first time they have done so in the club's history.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Phil, Kazakhstan, text 81111: "Stuck at work watching the live text. Sounds like I am missing some quality defending."

76 minutes: TRY Warrington 30-6 Leeds It's an absolute rout now as Louis Anderson latches on to Richie Mathers's smart one-handed offload before sprinting with some serious pace for Warrington's sixth try. The Leeds end has almost completely cleared out - no danger of any primrose and blue shirts doing that as Ben Westwood adds the extras. I also forgot to mention the previous try was also Chris Hicks's hat-trick.

75 minutes: Lee Briers pumps his fist as the announcement that he has won the coveted Lance Todd trophy, given to the Challenge Cup man of the match. Thoroughly deserved too.

73 minutes: TRY Warrington 24-6 Leeds We've just heard that Lee Briers has been named the Lance Todd trophy winner. And fittingly the stand-off has a part in Warrington's fifth try following a quick offload. Ben Westwood shells a pass out to Chris Hicks and the winger once again uses his impressive upper-body strength to hold off three tacklers before grounding the ball over the tryline. Game over, even if Ben Westwood misses his conversion attempt.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Wembley: "No celebrations from Lee Smith after he went over for that try, just a look of relief that he'd saved Leeds from becoming only the second team since 1951 to be nilled in a Challenge Cup final."

70 minutes: Poor discipline from Kylie Leuluai as he goes in with a high arm as Adrian Morley comes a charging. And the resulting penalty sees Richie Mathers skip through a gap in defence to touch down what would surely be the winning try of the game. However, referee Richard Silverwood refers the decision to the video official, who decides that Ben Westwood's dummy run in the build-up to the score took out Ian Kirke, who would have covered in defence and stopped Mathers. No try, much to Mathers's chagrin.

67 minutes: TRY Warrington 20-6 Leeds Chris Clarkson writhes on the floor in agony following a double-team Warrington tackle. But the former brickie is back on his feet as Leeds send the ball wide for winger Lee Smith to power through from five yards for his team's first points of the afternoon, while Kevin Sinfield adds the extras with a quite sensational kick from a tight angle on the touchline. Game still very much on.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "The difference between the teams has been Lee Briers's kicking game. Chris Hicks is tall for a winger and outjumped Ryan Hall but where the kick went was precise and that is where Warrington have been more dominant."

62 minutes: TRY Warrington 20-0 Leeds This could be curtains for Leeds as Chris Hicks grounds his 68th try in 80 games for Warrington, somehow collecting a hanging Lee Briers cross-field kick, leaping high above Ryan Hall and scooping the ball into his arms before applying the necessary downward pressure to register his second try of the afternoon. Jamie Peacock can't believe what he's seeing - and Ben Westwood adds the extras with a phenomenal kick from the right touchline.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "Leeds are hanging in there - they need to be dominating but they are way off the pace."

58 minutes: Rare slip-up from Lee Briers, who overcooks a chip for Chris Hicks on the right wing. Meanwhile, Jones-Buchanan has a twisted ankle.

56 minutes: Ryan Hall plucks another testing Lee Briers chip inside his in-goal area with Chris Hicks ready to pounce on any mistakes, but referee Richard Silverwood says the young Leeds winger had gone back inside his area to catch the ball, which means a drop-out from under the posts for Leeds, handing possession right back to Warrington. Sad sight for Leeds fans as Jamie Jones-Buchanan is helped off the pitch by two team-mates with a leg injury.

52 minutes: Leeds are once again over Warrington's tryline, this time through Brett Delaney, but he is smothered by four Warrington players with Richie Mathers slipping under the ball to ensure the Australian winger cannot ground the ball. Really impressive stuff.

50 minutes: Leeds coach Brian "Bluey" McClennan looks a very concerned man up in the stands as his side give away possession with an aimless kick down the pitch on the fifth tackle. It's 50/50 in terms of possession but Leeds have the advantage with territory. It's 14-0 to Warrington if you've just tuned in.

47 minutes: Superb defence from Warrington as Leeds pound the tryline in search of their first score of the game. Leeds keep the ball alive with a series of offloads but still can't pierce the defensive wall, squandering possession following a knock-on.

45 minutes: Danny McGuire is knocked out cold as Lee Briers' boot accidentally makes contact with his head as he sprints into space. Warrington's players immediately call for the medics, but the stand-off is back to his feet a couple of minutes later. Good to see.

45 minutes: Leeds are super slow at the ruck at the moment, according to BBC summariser Jonathan Davies as Mickey Higham is penalised for losing the ball as he attempts to get to his feet. Some news about Danny Buderus - he has his knee strapped up but is still available to come back on.

41 minutes: Blimey, what a start! Warrington are on the charge immediately and are denied four points courtesy of a tremendous try-saving tackle from Rob Burrow as Matt King runs on to Ben Westwood's through ball. But as the Australian attempts to ground the ball, Burrow nicks it right on the whitewash to ensure his side aren't further adrift.

1536: And we're off - part two awaits...

Injured Leeds skipper Jamie Peacock: "We need to be calm and focussed and stick to the game plan. Lee Briers is one of those players who knows how to take a chance."


40 minutes: I don't think I've ever seen David Solomona kick a high ball, so why would the replacement do so now? Bizarre. However, the hooter sounds and Leeds are reeling. Brian McClennan will have to give the half-time team talk of his life to get his team back in this - only one other team has come back from a 14-0 deficit (St Helens in the 1996 final against Bradford). Intriguing. I'm starving too.

BBC Radio 5 Live
Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "That's a massive swing for Warrington. Can the Leeds players keep to their structures? They mustn't concede another try before half time."

35 minutes: TRY Warrington 14-0 Leeds Brilliant break from full-back Chris Riley, latching on to the loose ball on his 10m line before belting down the pitch. He's brought down just over the half-way line but Ryan Atkins picks the ball up from first receiver, sells a dummy before bursting through a tired-looking tackle from Ian Kirke to touch down between the posts for his second try of the game. The winger can't believe it - and nor can the Wire fans, who are delirious.

31 minutes: Tremendous stunt passing from the mutton-chopped Jamie Jones-Buchanan, feeding a reverse one-handed pass behind his back for Ryan Hall to latch on to, but the winger is bundled into touch with space opening up in front of him.

Text in your views on 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) - messages charged at your standard operator rate
From Glen, Leeds, text 81111: "Watching the TV from a distance at work. How are they allowed to wear similar colours!?"

28 minutes: Adrian Morley is pinged for stealing the ball in the tackle, giving Leeds the perfect platform to pummel the Warrington line with six tackles, but Danny McGuire spills the ball as he goes down in the tackle. The anguish on his face says it all.

25 minutes: For those of you whose memory is about as short as Rob Burrow's legs, my colleagues have done a lovely little edit of how both teams reached the final. Match official Richard Silverwood, who will have more on his plate than Adrian Morley at an all-you-can-eat buffet, offers his views about officiating the prestigious final. Meanwhile, Warrington's Ryan Atkins will make his first trip to Wembley not only as a player but as a fan too. "This is the biggest week of my career, it's nerve-wracking and it won't hit home that I'm playing until I walk around the stadium for the first time," said the centre. Meanwhile, if you haven't done so already, I would strongly urge you to watch Paul Fletcher get well and truly mullered by former Man of Steel Paul Sculthorpe.

24 minutes: Matt Diskin is on for the Danny Buderus, who has had a shocker so far. Disko makes an immediate impact, launching the Rhinos into Wire territory as Danny McGuire almost sells a cheeky dummy inside the 10m line, but Warrington's defence is not fooled.

Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "Lee Briers has to take 50% of the credit for that try with his 40-20 kick but you can also see Warrington are increasingly targeting Rob Burrow and Keith Senior."

18 minutes: TRY Warrington 8-0 Leeds Awesome try - Lee Briers launches a long miss-pass which finds Matt King on the wing. The Australian skips past a couple of defenders before the perfect inside pass for Chris Hicks to hit the hole and steam inside and power over from five yards. Brilliant finish, but Ben Westwood misses the conversion.

Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "That was a pinpoint accurate kick from Lee Briers. There's nothing between these teams and there will be more tries but this is a nice entree."

17 minutes: Lee Briers is pumped - his right boot thumps a perfect 40/20 kick downfield for Warrington's head and feed.

15 minutes: TRY Warrington 4-0 Leeds Sharp break on the right through Matt King allows Lee Briers to launch the perfect cross-field kick for Ryan Atkins to pluck out of the air, like Michael Jordan in his pomp, to snaffle and touch down while Brett Delaney watches on in abject horror. Simple try but supremely executed, but Ben Westwood cannot add the extras.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Wembley: ""The crowd noise at Wembley is remarkable - the way it changes from end to end depending on who has the ball and the ooohs and aahs depending on what happens sound like waves crashing on a shingle beach, then being sucked out through the stones."

The sun is out
12 minutes: Chris Hicks is smashed into touch with space running out following an expansive move through Warrington's backs. It's a horrid cliche but the temperature is rising both in the air and on the pitch - some of these blokes should have holes the size of wagon wheels in their bodies following some of the impacts they have taken. Research has shown that league players take hits the equivalent of a 50mph car-crash collision.

Former St Helens and Wigan coach Ian Millward on 5 live: "The collisions early on in this game have been ferocious and both teams' defence so far have been inspiring."

7 minutes: Second bad mistake from the usually unflappable Danny Buderus, spilling the ball as he attempted to play-the-ball following a tackle. The crowd are absolutely loving the bone-crunching tackles as Lee Smith fails to grasp a high ball on his 10m line but Adrian Morley cannot cling on to the loose ball. Genuinely riveting start to the game.

4 minutes: Ryan Bailey uses his incredible upper-body strength to hand off Richie Mathers and cross the tryline, but wonderful defensive play from Louis Anderson, who forces the prop to spill the ball as he attempts to ground it. Pulsating start.

3 minutes: Eat stat: Michael Monaghan could become only the second player to win the Lance Todd Trophy in successive seasons after lifting the award in last year's final. St Helens' Paul Wellens won it in 2007 (v Catalans Dragons) and 2008 (v Hull FC). He also shared the 2007 award with team mate Leon Pryce. And Tony Smith has just revealed it's his parents' 57th wedding anniversary today in between telling BBC reporter Damien Johnson the reasons for dropping Richie Myler. Well done Mr and Mrs Smith. Meanwhile, Leeds are making great strides into Warrington territory.

1 minute: But Leeds atone for the hooker's mistake as Ryan Atkins is bundled into touch from the first tackle by a thoroughly pumped Rhinos defence. Tasty.

1437: And we're off - and a shocker immediately from Danny Buderus, who spills the kick-off on the 10m line. Advantage Warrington.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Julian Shea at Wembley: "The trophy itself is on display now down at pitch side - just in case anyone needed any motivation, they can now see what they're here for."

1435: Singer Camilla Kerslake launches into a rousing rendition of Abide By Me, despite suffering a few microphone gremlins. Tremendous professionalism displayed from the 22-year-old. Steve Prescott gives all 34 players and the match officials a warm handshake, accompanied by Leeds president Harry Jepson and Warrington owner Simon Moran.

1432: For those of you whose memories are about as short as Rob Burrow's legs, my colleagues have done a lovely little video package of how both teams reached the final, while match official Richard Silverwood, who will have more on his plate than Adrian Morley at an all-you-can-eat buffet, offers his views about officiating the prestigious final. Meanwhile, Warrington's Ryan Atkins be making his first trip to Wembley not only as a player but as a fan too. "This now is the biggest week of my career, it's nerve-wracking and it won't hit home that I'm playing until I walk around the stadium for the first time," said the centre. Mewanwhile, if you haven't done so already, I would strongly urge you to watch Paul Fletcher get well and truly smashed by former Man of Steel Paul Sculthorpe. Fletch is still struggling to put his vertebrae back in order.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Ged Scott at Wembley: "Just got a quick glimpse of the Leeds team leaving the dressing room on the TV monitor. And i'm still marvelling at Jamie Jones-Buchanan's facial attachments... Surely the most celebrated pair of mutton chops since Amos Brierley was behind the bar of The Woolpack in Emmerdale?"

1425: Another rugby league-related cause to tell you about is the Garry Purdham Memorial Trust. The former Workington forward was one of 12 people shot dead in Cumbria by gunman Derrick Bird in June. In memory of Purdham's tragic passing, there will be a game between Cumbria v England at the Recreation Ground in Whitehaven on Sunday 3 October, kick-off at 1500 BST. All proceeds will go to the Memorial Trust. Hope you can make it.

1421: Pseudomyxoma peritonei is not a word I utter frequently, but this afternoon former St Helens full-back Steve Prescott will be paraded around Wembley as guest of honour in a bid to raise awareness of the debilitating disease that has affected him. "I don't know what I'm going to say to the players," said the 36-year-old. I don't think it will be you lost for words Steve...

1418: A few big calls from Leeds coach Brian McClennan, leaving out New Zealand forward Ali Lauitiiti and winger Scott Donald, with Ryan Bailey and Lee Smith at prop and wing respectively. Warrington have had a reshuffle with prop Gareth Carvell returning, while stand-off Richie Myler is dropped.

1414:The teams are in:
Leeds: Webb, Smith, Delaney, Senior, Hall, McGuire, Burrow, Leuluai, Buderus, Bailey, Clarkson, Jones-Buchanan, Sinfield. Replacements: Diskin, Eastwood, Kirke, Ablett.
Warrington: Mathers, Hicks, King, Atkins, Riley, Briers, Monaghan, Morley, Clarke, Carvell, L. Anderson, Westwood, Harrison. Replacements: Wood, Solomona, Higham, V. Anderson.
Referee: Richard Silverwood (Dewsbury)

From Carl on 606 "I have read a lot in the build up to this game about the absence of Jamie Peacock, but I think this is being blown out of proportion completely. Yes his loss would be a blow to any team but it is not terminal, Leeds beat Warrington earlier in the season when they lost him after seven minutes so they dealt with the Warrington presence well enough without him then and at the end of the day this a final so both teams will be aiming to be on their a-game. I am going for a Leeds win but you'll hear the reason's for that in an article later this evening."

1407: So where is this game going to be won and lost? So far it's advantage Leeds having won their two Super League matches this season, although Warrington are one place above them in the Super League in third. It's a 1430 BST kick-off, so just over 23 minutes to kick-off so let's have your thoughts about the game, the personal duels everything else in between on 606 or text 81111 (UK) or +44 7786200666 (worldwide) with "RUGBYL" as the first word. PS - apologies if your auto-refresh was not refreshing, it has refreshed itself and is refreshing without any problems.

BBC Sport
From BBC Sport's Ged Scott at Wembley: "My first time at the new Wembley, having been a regular visitor to and a big fan of the old ground. Having spent half an hour trying to find the press entrance and get one of the lifts to work, all I heard outside the ground was groaning and moaning, mostly because of the catering prices. However, once inside, the mood among the fans seems a lot happier - and it's party time!"

1400: The Challenge Cup has been somewhat of an enigma for the stalwarts from west Yorkshire - their last victory was 11 years ago when Adrian Morley helped Leeds beat London Broncos 52-16 at the former Twin Towers of Wembley. "Moz" packs down against his former team this afternoon, guided by former Leeds boss Tony Smith, who was in charge at Headingley for four seasons but, after a stint as Great Britain coach, is now presiding over the Wolves. The Wire are appearing in their 15th final and have hoisted the famous piece of silverware on six occasions.

From 5 live's George Riley on Twitter: "Sea of colour at Wembley, it's already buzzing, some great attire, think I'm the only man not dressed as a cheerleader."

1350: Defending champions Warrington Wolves, them of the 25-16 victory over Huddersfield last year, take on 13-time winners Leeds in the 108th Challenge Cup final at Wembley. Even the weather's perked up at the prospect of a sizzling encounter in north-west London.

1345: So who would win in a fight between a Rhino and a Wolf? If, like me, you ever ask yourself these sorts of pointless questions while taking sips of hops-based beverages (along with debates about whether it's appropriate to text or phone while on the porcelain throne), then today is a truly momentous occasion.

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