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Sunday, 6 October, 2002, 08:58 GMT 09:58 UK
Clockwatch: NZ Warriors 8-30 Roosters
All the action as the Sydney City Roosters overwhelm the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL Grand Final at Telstra Stadium.

80 mins: The Roosters are crowned champions after a stunning display in the last quarter of the match.
Full time: NZ Warriors 8-30 Roosters

78 mins: New Zealand look for a consolation score and, for the first time in a while, push Sydney back.

75 mins: The outstanding Fitzgibbon adds another two points to his tally with the conversion.
NZ Warriors 8-30 Roosters

74 mins: Fittler is held up just short of the line. But the Warriors looks downcast and Fletcher, in his final game for the Roosters, dives over for another score.
NZ Warriors 8-28 Roosters

72 mins: Fitzgibbon's 100% kicking record continues.
NZ Warriors 8-24 Roosters

71 mins: Fittler produces a superb low kick, slicing through the Warriors' defence. Chris Flannery is the first chaser to reach the ball and touches down for Sydney's fourth try.
NZ Warriors 8-22 Roosters

69 mins: Meli loses the ball in the tackle and a scrum is called.

67 mins: The try is awarded, and Sydney's lead is extended. Fitzgibbon adds another two points with the kick
NZ Warriors 8-18 Roosters

66 mins: Fitzgibbon touches down after breaking through a tackle and his momentum takes him over the line. The video referee is called upon to make a decision.

64 mins: Jones is tackled in goal and the Roosters earn another set of tackles. Sydney have been stung into action by the assault on Fittler.

63 mins: Roosters deliver another tough tackle on Villasanti. The Warrior loses the ball in the hit.

61 mins: Possibly in an act of retribution, Villasanti is hammered by Adrian Morley and appears shaken by the tackle.

59 mins: Fittler feigns to kick and is caught with a hit. While he is on the floor, Villasanti charges in and delivers what looks like a deliberate head butt and opens a nasty gash over Fittler's left eye.

58 mins: The conversion by Fitzgibbon is successful.
NZ Warriors 8-12 Roosters

58 mins: On the next tackle, a two-metre pass finds Wing. He finds the gap and runs between two defenders to touch down.
NZ Warriors 8-10 Roosters

57 mins: From the scrum, Sydney opt for the open side. They work the ball to Minichello but he is held up.

56 mins: Fittler's precise 40-20 kick drives the Warriors back.

55 mins: On the fifth tackle, Jones lofts a high kick looking for Meli. The Warriors wing knocks forward as he attempts to gather.

54 mins: The heaviest hitting is coming from New Zealand and they are beginning to dominate proceedings.

53 mins: Fittler relieves the pressure on his side as he makes a small break and reaches the 30 metre line.

52 mins: Wing is knocked almost cold after a blow to head during a tackle. He looks extremely groggy.

51 mins: An absence of pressure on the Warriors' defence is making it easy for them to play the ball around. Fittler's kicks are not being chased hard enough.

49 mins: Poor handling from Justin Hodges lets Sydney down as they seek to respond to going behind.

47 mins: For the first time in the match, New Zealand take the lead as Cleary successfully converts.
NZ Warriors 8-6 Roosters

46 mins: Jerry Seu Seu offloads to Jones, who bursts through the Roosters' defence with one dummy. He beats two more players and avoids an ankle tap by Fittler. After taking on five players in total, Jones touches down for one of the best individual tries ever scored in a Grand Final.
NZ Warriors 6-6 Roosters

44 mins: Minichello catches Jones' high kick and makes 30 metres with a dazzling run.

43 mins: Murphy gathers Wing's kick and beats three tackles on his way back up field.

42 mins: Murphy is a little dazed after taking a heavy tackle when catching a high ball.

41 mins: Warriors kick off to begin the second half.

40 mins: The impressive Toopi penetrates the Roosters defence but is held up at the last.

39 mins: Meli sprints down the left side, chasing Jones' kick but Phillips shows excellent speed and awareness to dive and flick the ball away from the Warriors wing.

38 mins: There is no dummy half for the Warriors - a sure sign of fatigue. But on the next play, Murphy intercepts and is only just caught by Minichello.

36 mins: Kevin Campion, who has a nasty gash on the bridge of his nose, is sent to the blood bin for the 100th time in his career. He has had approximately 1200 stitches over the years.

33 mins: Cleary is illegally flattened as he takes Craig Wing's high kick. He is correctly awared a penalty.

32 mins: Jones trades kicks with Fittler but is having less success.

31 mins: The Roosters' kicking gameplan continues with Fittler opting to push New Zealand back.

28 mins: Warriors win a penalty after sustained pressure. Bryan Fletcher is penalised for pushing Richard Villasanti aside. Ivan Cleary scores the Warriors' first points of the match.
NZ Warriors 2-6 Roosters

24 mins: Fitzgibbon's conversion is successful.
NZ Warriors 0-6 Roosters

23 mins: Fittler makes a burst through the Warriors defence after Jones' banana kick goes astray. On the second play, Mullins storms down the left wing and releases Hegarty to score the first try of the match.
NZ Warriors 0-4 Roosters

22 mins: After a bruising first quarter, the Warriors look tired and unable to create when they have the ball.

20 mins: Justin Hodges fails to offload the ball and is tackled. But on the next play, Minichello storms down the right wing. He touches down, but is held up just short of the line.

19 mins: Anthony Minichello is pulled down seven metres from the line as the Roosters continue to apply intense pressure.

18 mins: Fittler's long pass finds Brett Mullins on the left wing, but New Zealand stand firm once more.

17 mins: Francis Meli loses the ball just outside of his own 10-metre line.

15 mins: Shannon Hegarty blasts through two tackles but is eventually halted. The Warriors back line appear to be tiring after the onslaught of Fittler's kicks.

14 mins: Brad Fittler launches a big kick, pushing the Warriors back.

11 mins: Phillips is hit hard and illegally by Ali Lauit'iti and is limping as a result. Lauit'iti concedes a penalty and is put on report for the high tackle.

10 mins: A neat grubber kick from Peter-John Marsh nearly opens up Sydney but Luke Phillips pounces to snuff out the danger.

10 mins: Jason Cayless loses the ball in the tackle as errors begin to creep in to the Roosters' game.

8 mins: Both sides have started strongly with some good, attacking rugby.

6 mins: Luke Ricketson fumbles and the Warriors break through Clinton Toopi.

4 mins: Stacey Jones finds touch 10 metres from the Rooster's line with a precise kick.

2 mins: Roosters turn over the ball, with Justin Hodges wrestling possession away from the Warriors.

1 min: Craig Fitzgibbon gets the game underway.

Team news:
The Warriors, vying to win the title for the first time in their eighth year, are unchanged from the side that beat Cronulla Sharks last week.

Experienced loose forward Luke Ricketson will take the field for the Roosters after recovering from a hamstring strain.

NRL Grand Final

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