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banner Wednesday, 7 March, 2001, 17:04 GMT
Ali v Frazier: The fight - in pictures
Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali
Who is the greatest?: Heavyweight champion Joe Frazier and challenger Muhammad Ali exchange views

Joe Frazier
Frazier: Undefeated in 26 fights

Muhammad Ali
Ali: Undefeated in 31 fights

Former BBC boxing commentator Harry Carpenter
Former BBC boxing commentator Harry Carpenter was in New York to cover the fight

Joe Frazier and Harry Carpenter
Carpenter meets the reigning champ: Frazier's musical skills don't quite measure up to his pugilist abilities

Muhammad Ali and Harry Carpenter
The legendary Ali reveals his fight strategy to Carpenter

Muhammad Ali
Ali goes through a rigorous training routine

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier
Ali and Frazier talk a good fight during a pre-fight news conference

Frazier knocks down Ali
The gloves are off: Frazier stuns Ali, knocking the challenger to the canvas, and emerges victorious
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