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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 November, 2004, 14:14 GMT
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The baseball season was really great. Though, I was impressed when the Red Sox won, though my Yanks' deserved it more. I was really impressed by the Red Sox.

It's been a great month for us Arizona Cawldberian baseball fans!
Nuke Dresdon, Arizona
Also, to all the people that think the curse is over, well think again. As long as Babe Ruth was on your team for a long time that curse will never be broken. Red Sox won by luck. It was good to see the Red Sox win only because they haven't won anything in 86yrs. Go Yankees!
Carter C Rios, Los Angeles, California

It's been a great month for us Arizona Cawldberian baseball fans! First we get a $3 million sponsor deal with Pepsi and now reaching the semi's of the Grand Final is just the icing on the cake! I'm so proud of all the guys!
Nuke Dresdon, Arizona

Being born in Boston, October 1987 I have waited 17 years for my beloved Red Sox to win a world series. Even now living in England, I feel so so happy that we have finally won, especially in such dramatic fashion. After years of people asking me if the B on my hat stood for baseball, people will now come to know a truly exceptional team!
Alex Locatelli, Oxford, England

There is nothing else that can be said about this most amazing comeback in MLB history that has not been said. Being born and bred in Boston, I knew nothing but misery, until this year. Now the offseason sets in with Boston's 17 free agents, many of whom are the heart and soul of this club. I just pray with all my heart that Theo uses the wiggle room that he now has to retain everyone. What can be better than going back-to-back??
Helen T., Boston, MA

Way to go, Red Sox! And a quick question to all you English: If the Red Sox played a cricket national team (at baseball or cricket) who would win?

PS: If cricket, I would consider this the Red Sox starting eleven (batting in this order): -Johnny Damon -Orlando Cabrera -Manny Ramirez -David Ortiz -Jason Varitek (C) -Bill Mueller -Trot Nixon -Kevin Millar -Mark Bellhorn -Doug Mientkiewicz -1 pitcher (Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, or Derek Lowe) for bowling purposes.
Carlo, Clemmons, North Carolina, USA

I am 71 years old and finally saw my Red Sox win the World Series. I have been a baseball fan for as long as I can remember. I notice in an earlier posting that Charlie Costa, St Louis USA says that the greedy major league owners are responsible for the Expos moving from Montreal. Not true! I have had occasion to go to many Expo games and always notice that no matter what the score the fans begin to leave the stadium around 10 P.M. When I asked why I was told "they leave early since they have to get up early for work tomorrow". These are fans? Bottom attendance, no team. The other problem is that American ballplayers are not happy about paying income taxes in the USA and Canada.
Walter Lyons, Bay Shore, NY, USA

The Red Sox Nation goes global. Theo Epstein and the scouting team at Fenway won this thing just as much as the players. Let's hope the scouts - who identified the Cardinals' weaknesses for Sox players - get all the credit they deserve over the next month. Next Year is THIS year!!
Damien, London UK

I have been a Boston fan since I could walk. October has been a hard month for us in the past, but not anymore. Let the Yankees chant 2004 next season in the Bronx!
Matt Flegert, USA

Ever noticed how every team A-Rod leaves suddenly gets BETTER? A-Rod, looks like the curse is on you now!
Scott, Glasgow, Scotland
Ever noticed how every team A-Rod leaves suddenly gets BETTER? He left Seattle and then they won 116 games. He left Texas and suddenly they were in contention for a play-off spot.

He looked like he was going to join the Red Sox, decided to go to the 'Death Star' and sign for the 'Evil Empire' instead and the Red Sox got better. A-Rod, looks like the curse is on you now! Congratulations Red Sox Nation, a fantastic and historical achievement!
Scott, Glasgow, Scotland

Laura in New Jersey - you'd better start getting ready for a lot of 'Year Two-Thousand' and 'Chokers' chants next year, and to replace the 'Curse of the Bambino' let's hear it for the 'Curse of ARod' - that overpaid spoilt brat cost the Yankees a World Series appearance!

Best of all, guess who the Red Sox opponents are for their home opener when we get to raise the pennant...!!
Mark, Chislehurst, England

What a rollercoaster! I thought that the dream was over after the 19 - 8 slaughter against the Yankees. But no, Schilling, Lowe and Wakefield showed their class, the bullpen was magnificent, the big bats continued to "clutch hit" and the dream became a reality. I cried on Tuesday night. Go Sox.
Carl, Newcastle upon Tyne

My goodness! So, this year began with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl for the second time in three seasons (and are dominating the current NFL season, as well), and now the always-the-bridesmaid Red Sox have finally rid themselves of Yankees bedevilment and that heartbreaking, 86-year old championship hex. The gods of sport are definitely smiling on New England, so maybe this is the Boston Celtics' year, too?

Regardless, this not-quite-so-long-suffering Baltimore Orioles fan (and rabid anti-Yankee) heartily congratulates the Beantown faithful for their beloved team's stunning ALCS comeback and authoritative World Series sweep. One down, and a couple dozen more to go!
Alex V., Washington, DC (via Belgium)

How bout those '94 Expos. Pedro, Larry Walker. They were well represented in the World Series. I was an Expos fan but I have defected to the Cardinals because i refuse to root for a team from Washington D.C.

Why should a city that lost 2 teams in a little more than a decade get a third, especially when the Expos could still be in Montreal if Major League Baseball had even the slightest bit of class. 3 ownerships, constant threats to move, strike interrupted World Series run, a quarter of their season in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY.

I think that even Red Sox fans would desert if they were treated like that. As much as I hate Boston, congratulations Red Sox. Especially Pedro Martinez and Orlando Cabrera.
Charlie Costa, St. Louis USA

I realize the Sox won, but how about recognizing the season the Cardinals had. It seems that Major League Baseball doesn't wish to admit that the Cardinals even exist, but they finished with the best record in baseball and only the Yankees were praised for winning 100 games.

I realize that St. Louis is not the centre of culture that New York or Boston are but we have one heck of a baseball team that ran into the tremendous road block of Pedro and Schilling and Lowe.
Charlie Costa, St Louis USA


With regard to the brawl/altercation involving Ron Artest and his teammates and the Detroit Pistons fans at the Auburn Hills Arena the athletes deserve the fans they get and the fans deserve the athletes they get.

Escalating salaries have given athletes today a sense of entitlement to act in any way they please and, of course, without any real consequences. Moreover, fans now have the same sense of entitlement since they now pay exorbitant and preposterous prices for the experience of seeing a sports event the assumption is, is that they can now behave in as boorish a manner as possible. This has now created an incendiary combination where anything can now happen between athletes and fans.

Making matters extremely worse is the coupling of all this with a society that perceives violence as a rational solution to manifesting anger and hostility. May these obnoxious athletes and boorish fans rest in peace together-they truly deserve each other.
Steven R. Baldari, White Plains, NY, USA

Personally, I don't think that the music or lifestyle accompanied with a sport has any adverse effect on it
Sean Tull, Dagenham, Essex, UK

In the Pacers-Pistons mess I read a lot of condemnation on the players and to some extent the spectators. What about the NBA itself? Who is responsible to maintain orderly conduct at the arena?

The pressures of these games are tremendous on the athletes and on top of it if they have to manage abuses and being hit by cups and debris - and they react - are they the only ones to be blamed? I do not see anyone suspending or firing the organizers?
Rajeev Mittal, NJ, USA

The unfortunate brawl between the fans, Pistons, and Pacers could have been prevented if the Pistons had adequate security, and the idea that the paying customer has the right to say and do anything was not cultivated by the league.

I have attended many NBA games, and the fans have clearly lost control! They feel entitled to yell, harass, and now throw objects at the players. It is time for the NBA to come down on the fans as well!! I am tired of the commissioner selling out and worrying about losing revenue! That is the reason for the harsh suspension.
Michele, Miramar, Florida

Wow!! Watched the mass basketball brawl between the Pistons and the Pacers late last night and just read on the BBC Sport website that Artest has been banned for the rest of the season.

To be fair, Artest was always a man on the edge and his quite spectacular outburst was a long time in coming. What I don't agree with is that Ben Wallace, the player whose shove on Artest kicked the whole thing off, only gets banned for six matches.

Without the push, the whole thing wouldn't have degenerated. I also don't agree with Dan Braverman's comment that "gangsta hip-hop element" is destroying the NBA.

The NBA has always been 'urban' orientated in its look, play and subsequent affliations. It would look and feel rather odd if it had a country music or rock element to it. Personally, I don't think that the music or lifestyle accompanied with a sport has any adverse effect on it.
Sean Tull, Dagenham, Essex, UK.

The riot that took place at the end of the Pistons-Pacers game on November 19, was a long time in the making. The league under commissioner David Stern has allowed the players to run the NBA. The gangsta' hip-hop element among the league's players are turning fans off from the NBA.

The Detroit fans have forever scarred the family-friendly image of the NBA
Charlie A, Cincinnati, USA
Ron Artest has a long record of poor behaviour on the court. Artest, along with Steven Jackson, should be banned at least through the end of this season. What should be on the minds of these two men, as well as Jermain O'Neil, are that legal ramifications.

This will be very interesting to see how this is dealt with by all parties involved.
Dan Braverman, Minnesota, USA

The Detroit fans have forever scarred the family-friendly image of the NBA. Years of public relations gone in a few minutes; thanks to some drunken basketball hooligans.

The players should be suspended but the league needs to send a message to franchise cities that violent fan behaviour will not be tolerated. Maybe the Pistons need to forfeit a few games. Still pay the players, but take the game away from those "fans" for awhile.
Charlie A, Cincinnati, USA

There has been too much hype over the last year and a bit about both Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. Sure, they are great players and both put up great numbers in their rookie seasons. But I personally feel the best young player in the NBA to look out for is Miami's Dwyane Wade.

He averaged the same points and rebounds as Lebron last season and better numbers than Carmelo. He also took the Heat to the playoff semis in the East. Carmelo's Denver lost first round and 'Bron's Cavs didn't even get to the playoffs.

Wade also was one positive from the US Athens team where he played in a much more professional and mature way then either James or Anthony, who both played with their egos. I felt even though James and Anthony seem to get all the limelight, praise, endorsements, signature shoe deals, plus multiple comparisons with the great Michael Jordan, Wade is the better player and the one that resembles MJ the most out of the three.

And now with Shaq in Miami, Wade looks the one that will be collecting a title a long time before any come to either Cleveland or Denver.
Jamie, Wid'town

I can't wait until the next WNBA season. It seems so unfair for the women to only have 3-4 months to play in that league, then for the rest of the year have to move to either EURope or Australia to earn actual money. Its such a travesty.
Hannah Inserto, Manila, Philippines

A reponse to an earlier comment about the nobody going for the Pistons to reclaim the NBA crown...I feel that the Pistons only won it due to a lacklustre performance by the Lakers. They'll be up there next season but I'm hoping there'll be a resurgence from the Mavericks or the Nets.

I personally think that the Heat will be the surprise package (but not solely down to the 'Shaq in black' phenom) and the Lakers will be as successful as the US team at the Olympics!! Sorry, cheap shot!!
Sean, Essex, England

It's high time for the so called NBA superstars to be patriotic. I was so embarrassed with the way with the Dream Team' played in the last game in the Olympic Games. Tim Duncan in particular was a disappointment.
Gana Umar Fapo, Nigeria

I heard one of the US Dream Team players say, after they were beaten against Italy, that none of the Italian players could make it in the NBA. I'm now beginning to think that none of the US Dream Team players could make it in Europe!
Ed "Footy Pie" Neylan, Sydney

I think Puerto Rico's win over the USA was one of the most refreshing things I've seen in sport recently
Paul Rowlands, Bracknell, UK

What a dissapointment for the so called USA dream team, maybe it was the fact they didnt have much time to adapt to the other players, i for 1 wanted them to win and was rooted for them!!!
David W, Norwich,England

Could someone/country please adopt the US Olympic Basketball team once and for all???

While your at it, please claim the NBA as well. These prima donnas think they are the best in the world??? at what??? They are just a reflection of so many lost minds in this country that can be marketed into acting like mindless sheep!!!

Fans of the NBA keep paying so much money too see overhyped and overpaid misfits. If I want to see quality team basketball I'll pretty much look anywhere else in the world not the USA!!!
John, Chicago

I have been a Chicago bulls/ Jordan fan for years. Out of all the shoes I have, all the posters, and fan gear, my greastest achievement, was making it to Miami, to see Michael play his last winning NBA game ever.

Out of all the wins and greastest game he has had, Im proud to of been there. Thanks for the memories Mike!
Andrew, Australia

I thnk Puerto Rico's win over the USA was one of the most refreshing thngs I've seen in sport recently. The USA thought they had a right to win, but unfortunately, little Puerto Rico hadn't read the script. The best team won.
Paul Rowlands, Bracknell, UK


Been a nutty fan of the NY Giants for 20 years now, and I'm glad the Manning era has started - if he is anything like Peyton our prayers have been answered - all we need now is some receivers to compliment him and some good 'ol tough no nonsence defense - GO G'MEN!!!!
kev belcher, Swindon, UK

Can anyone tell me why it is that traditionally Dallas and Detroit always play on Thanksgiving? Also, when did this tradition start?
Graeme Watson, Nottingham, England

I'm a Sox and Patriots fan and have been for the past Four Years. Boston teams RULE! Pats are gonna take the SUperbowl AGAIN!!!!!!! GO PATS GO!
Sam Clews, Peterborough, England

In defence of dave wannstedt he has been unlucky with injuries to some good players at the dolphins this season. and theres no way that he could have predictied ricky williams retirement, so he had no chance of getting a decent running back as he left after the draft.
dave fortnam, birmingham, uk

Quite a gutsy win for the Baltimore Ravens this past week, as Kyle Boller perhaps showed that he just might be their quarterback of the future in leading them to a come-from-behind win over the New York Jets. Granted, the Jets helped out with some poor clock management, but this win with an injury-depleted lineup shows the Ravens have what it takes to play well into January. Their biggest tests remain against New England and Pittsburgh, but Brian Billick's boys have to be confident now that they can play against anyone . . . just like in 2000.
Paul Turner, Maryland, USA

Just remember guys, the Steelers have still to visit New England this year. Let's see how good they are when their rookie QB has to deal with a blizzard, sub zero temperatures and a Pats side out to avenge their only defeat to date this season.

Go Pats!
Simon, UK

Well done Pittsburgh.Well predicted Charlie Costa! Pity other people including some players don't have the belief in their team like you do.
Chris "Hollywood"` Brogden, Bradford, UK

The Pittsburgh Steelers WILL beat the New England Patriots on Halloween. My theory is the lack of a red jacket.(cheap shot. I apologize.) But it is going to happen. Ben Roethlisberger is a monster. The game is in Pittsburgh. Mark it down. The streak gets drowned in the three rivers. Also I was a Steelers fan before the Rams moved to St. Louis so I have an excuse.
Charlie Costa, St. Louis U.S.A.

Boomer Esiason's Comments are very interesting about Mike Vick but I think he fails to take into account some important when evaluating the performace of Mike Vick. Firstly this is only his 4th season in the league of which the 1st he spent just watching, in his 2nd he took the Falcons to the playoffs, beat Brett Favre & Green Bay in Green Bay..I mean how long did it Brett Favre or Peyton Manning to win a playoff game..on the road? 3rd season got injured and only played in four games, 3-1 record. So in his 1st 20 odd games as starting QB he has a winning record, gone to the playoff's and won in one of the hardest place to win.

Thjis season the Falcon's are 3-0, have won 2 games very ugly and MV has probably played at no more 60% of his capacity. I would say that is pretty good for a guy who is according to the experts an athlete how is not smart enough to learn the West Coast offense. The same was said about Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb (Not accurate enough) Daunte Culpepper (Makes to many mistakes), Aaron Brooks.

I think its obvious what the main requirement to be a NFL QB according to many experts.... but i think these guys will prove them wrong and lead their teams to Super Bowl Glory!
Emmanuel, London, UK


Re. hockey: Richard Worton thinks a salary cap is needed in the NHL, to avoid having ¿a non-competitive league¿, ¿where the same teams win all the time¿. How does he explain the fact that Tampa Bay and Calgary, with two of the lowest payrolls in the league, reached last season¿s Stanley Cup final, while the New York Rangers, with the biggest payroll of the lot, haven¿t even made it into the playoffs in the last seven years? Or the fact that the last four championships have been won by four different teams?
Graham, Chester, UK

The players have had jam on their scone for years and now want extra cream
Richard Worton, Telford, UK

I can't wait for hockey to come back. As someone who was called a bandwagoner for cheering for the Lightning last year, despite the fact that I've been their fan since 1993, it'll be exciting for them to defend their Cup.

As for the lockout, it's pretty sick that the players don't realize that only they can afford a ticket for their games. Once they realize that, they will actually sit down with Gary Bettman and work something out.
Neil, Baltimore, Maryland, US

re: Dave Harris' comments regarding NHL owners & contract offers, unfortunately what Dave hasn't grasped is that there have always been teams & owners willing to break any moratorium on salaries in order to try & buy success. What the owners are (perhaps belatedly) realising is that such a path can only lead to ruin & a league where the same teams win all the time. Arsenal, Man Utd & Chelsea are proving this in soccer & a non-competitive league is a sure way to drive away crowds & sponsors.

The average player salary has increased threefold over the course of the just expired 10-year CBA (average NHl player salary $1million pa). Although this is distorted somewhat by players on mega-contracts, the truth is that the players have all benefitted over this time & their 'plight' elicits little sympathy from fans who are usually asked to pay upwards of $40-$50 per ticket for a halfway decent seat. I visited the NJ Devils last year & the reigning Stanley Cup champions, a team you would imagine would draw better than average crowds, played in front of an arena barely 25% full. Where do players imagine their salary is being funded from when the evidence in front of them shows that revenues are down?

I'm with the owners on this one, although it is like shutting the stable door after the proverbial horse has bolted. Hockey isn't a big TV sport in the US & is an expensive night out for most fans - further increases to ticket prices to fund even bigger player salaries will only mean smaller crowds & might force some teams out of business, instantly creating fewer opportunities for players to play & earn their $1million p.a. Who will the union blame for that? The players have had jam on their scone for years & now want extra cream, but they forget who's ultimately paying for it all - the fans, who will soon take their dollar elsewhere.
Richard Worton, Telford, UK

To the NHL owners who have locked out the players as a result of being unable to create a new "Collective Bargaining Agreement" with the Players Union: if you're worried about the salaries of the players rising so much, don't offer them such large contracts to start with!!!!
Dave Harris, Worcester, England

A big well done and congratulations to team Canada on their 3-2 win over Finland in the world cup Hockey final.

Martin Brodeur has had a fantastic competition.
Amy Quinn, Toronto, Canada

Congratulations to Team Canada for winning the World Cup Hockey final.
SImon Johnston, Vancouver, Canada

Kathleen, You're right: hockey is not just a Canadian sport nowadays, and that's a good thing. But hockey probably was invented in Canada, and perhaps baseball too. (Do an Internet search if you're sceptical.) And we all know that basketball was invented by a Canadian. Enough of that, though -- I'm about to check out the BBC's expert and in-depth coverage of the World Cup of Hockey -- if only I can find it. It must be here somewhere, right? Probably under US Sport, given the Beeb's pervasive fixation with the USA.
Taylor, Victoria, Canada

Albert, prior to 1996 the World Cup of Hockey was known as the Canada Cup. It was renamed for marketing reasons to increase the exposure of the sport and permit games to be played outside Canada in Europe or the US so fans in these countries could see their top players in action first-hand.

Hockey was first played in Canada as a modification of the Irish field game of hurle
Steve, Victoria, BC

The 8 nations involved are a solid representation of world class hockey a no competitive team has been ommitted. The number of teams has slowly grown since the 70s and 8 is a more fitting number than say limiting the number of soccer teams to the Soccer World Cup arbitrarily at 32. I am certain there are more than 32 countries that play soccer!

If you look at the 8 teams in the WCOH, only 7 would be considered to have cricket "test" status, with Germany being the odd man out. Other countries not present in the WCOH have had their brief moments of glory (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia or even Britain if you go back to 1936), but with minor exceptions all these teams usually fail to qualify for the final 8. Furthermore they usually have only 1 or 2 players that play professionally for an NHL club.

Also Kathleen, hockey was invented in Canada and an ad-hoc committee was been formed to investigate its origin and where it was first played. The result of this investigation narrowed it creation to Montreal or Nova Scotia. The sport was first played in Canada as a modification of the Irish field game of hurley, but played on ice. Modern ice hockey rules have since evolved from this first game to the rules applied today.
Steve, Victoria, BC

Re: Ice Hockey. Sport promoters in America know how to tap into their respective markets via exaggeration. What I've found particularly laughable is this upcoming World Cup of Hockey 2004.

The promoter calls it the World Cup of Hockey and yet only eight nations from Europe and North America are involved in the tournament! I guess what I am trying to say is that the promoter of the event ought to be more accurate when creating a proper name to describe their product.

The last time I looked at my world map, there are certainly more than 8 nations on it!
Albert, Toronto, Canada

I really want Hockey to be shown in Britain at feasible watching times - it's terrible and annoying
Rob, Shetland, Scotland


There should be loads more coverage of MLS over here in Britan,at one stage the american international was higher in the FIFA rankings then ENGLAND and I predicted that years ago!
Mark Stanley, Aylesbury,England,UK

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