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European Swimming, day six as it happened


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1801: Well, well, well. A whole day's swimming and not a single British medal. Just not on, is it? Still, there's one day of the championships left to run, and Fran Halsall will be back in the pool in search of a fourth medal in the 50m freestyle on Sunday. Kate Haywood takes aim at a breaststroke medal following an impressive semi-final performance, and we have the medley relays to contend with, too. See you back here just before 1600 BST.

Bronze medal blow for Britain
1758: Russia take gold in the men's 4x200m freestyle by a considerable distance, with Germany second, and Jeremy Stravius hauls back Rob Bale to earn bronze for the French. Tough for Britain to take but a medal would have been a mild surprise, in truth.

1756: David Carry has had a fantastic leg for Britain who - eat your words, Williams - are up into third place, above France. Rob Bale goes last, with Russia almost two seconds ahead and looking good for gold.

1754: Looks like it's between Russia, Germany and France for the medals. Britain are up in fourth but, to my eyes, they're hanging on at the halfway mark rather than looking to move up. That said, France aren't too far ahead in bronze-medal position.

1752: Britain are up in about fourth place after the first leg, swum by Robbie Renwick, with Germany leading ahead of France and Russia.

1751: "If Britain swim really well, they've got a chance of a bronze, but it's difficult to see past Russia," is the verdict of BBC commentator Andy Jameson.

1748: The British team for the men's 4x200m freestyle relay will be Robbie Renwick, Ross Davenport, David Carry and Robert Bale. Yannick Agnel leads off the French team, while Russia once again look strong.

Fran Halsall, through to the 50m freestyle final: "My swimming speed's a lot quicker than it has been. I think I'm in the mix and I've got a bit left so hopefully it'll come tomorrow. I've still got two more medals to shoot for so I'm trying not to get carried away."

1742: Fran Halsall pushes Sweden's Therese Alshammar all the way and touches only just behind her as the pair finish first and second, which will see them both through to the 50m freestyle final. That just leaves the men's 4x200m freestyle relay. Can Britain do anything to stop the likes of the French here? Unlikely, surely.

1740: Britain's Amy Smith finishes last, about a second off the pace, as Germany's Dorothea Brandt wins the first women's 50m freestyle semi-final in a time of 24.64. Fran Halsall, with one gold and two silver medals to her name this week, is coming up in lane five in the second race.

1736: Ireland's Barry Murphy gets a decent start but finishes nowhere in the men's 50m breaststroke final as Italy's Fabio Scozzoli storms back to take gold in a tight finish, a tenth of a second ahead of Romania's Dragos Agache.

Text in your views on 81111
From anon via text on 81111 (see 1715): "It's triceps - take it from a medical student."

I've known some medical students in my time and am unsure how much of an endorsement that is. That concurs with the BBC style guide. Opinion on this has definitely been split on texts and Twitter, though. Clearly very few of us have suffered a Daley-esque injury... or bothered to learn how to spell it, at any rate.

Ellen Gandy, through to the 200m fly final: "I struggled for the first couple of days but I've acclimatised now. Hopefully the final will go like that."

Jemma Lowe, who misses out by 0.01secs: "I didn't think I was pushing it too much but sometimes you don't realise and it hurt me a lot at the end there."

1726: Britain's Jemma Lowe gets a superb start to her 200m fly semi and leads team-mate Ellen Gandy at the halfway point. It feels like a matter of time before Lowe tires, and that proves to be the case as she drops to fifth with Hungary's Katinka Hosszu winning in 2:07.92. Gandy held on for second. Believe it or not, Lowe misses the final by a lone hundredth of a second. Ouch.

1721: Zsuzsanna Jakabos of Hungary sets a nippy time of 2:08.18 to win the first women's 200m fly semi.

1717: Four events remaining in this session, culminating in the men's 4x200m freestyle relay. First, the women's 200m fly semi-finals, with Britain's Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy in the second race.

1715: Look, help me resolve an office argument, will you? Is it a tricep or a triceps that Daley has injured?

More from injured GB diver Tom Daley: "I had three new dives I was going to do here and now I don't have the opportunity to do them for the first time. It was one of the new dives where I injured myself, but it could have been any of them. I'm going straight to the Youth Olympics on Monday and hopefully the British Olympic Association will help me get back to full fitness before next weekend."

Daley, who says he wants to be a TV presenter when he's older, is handed the microphone by the BBC's Clare Balding and told to start speaking directly to the camera. Talk about on the spot. The 16-year-old lives the dream and passes with flying colours.

1706: Rogan looks to have exhausted himself on the final turn and, despite digging back in over the last leg, Russia's Stanislav Donets gets the touch ahead of him in 1:57.18 for men's 200m backstroke gold.

1704: It was Markus Rogan pulling out of the 100m backstroke earlier in the week which let GB's Liam Tancock into the final for a surprise bronze medal. Now the Austrian is back for the men's 200m backstroke final.

1701: European women's 50m backstroke gold goes to Aliaksandra Herasimenia of Belarus in a championship record of 27.64.

From idhToronto on Twitter: "Poland's Konrad Czerniak is a busy lad - swims his 100m fly and wins bronze, then his 50m free semi and right back out to get his medal."

1658: Coming up we have the women's 50m backstroke final as well as the men's 200m back, then the next Brits into the pool will be Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy in the second semi-final of the women's 200m fly.

Simon Burnett, through to the 50m freestyle final: "It feels better than it looks, it's five years since I've been under 22.2 and that was in a bodysuit. I think the gold is out of the question, Frederick Bousquet is looking amazing. Training in America is going very well, I'm getting away from the 200m which doesn't agree with me any more. Finally, it's starting to pay off. I was only four hundredths off my best time in the 50m and I'm really happy right now."

1650: Frederick Bousquet marmalises his 50m freestyle semi-final opponents in a time of 21.36, viciously quick and it's no surprise that he's the fastest qualifier. These French men are a force to be reckoned with. Simon Burnett goes through sixth-fastest.

1647: Well done Simon Burnett - third in his semi-final, won by France's Fabien Gilot in 21.75, four tenths quicker than Burnett.

1645: Into the men's 50m freestyle semi-finals we go, with Britain's Simon Burnett facing a tough ask if he's to qualify from lane one.

Achieng Ajulu-Bushell on her GB major event debut: "This week's been pretty tough for me, I haven't hit any of my times. But there are ups and downs all the time so we'll see what happens. Everyone on the team is really nice, I was a bit nervous at first but I've made some good friends."

Kate Haywood, through to the 50m breaststroke final: "That was a personal best and I've not done one for so long. I had surgery a year ago and to come back with a best time, I'm really happy with that. It's been really hard so to come today and swim well, I'm so pleased. It's a relief."

1640: By the way, the Paralympic Swimming World Championships begin on Sunday - the first long-course Paralympic event at that level since Beijing 2008. Stephanie Millward is a name to watch in the British team and we have an exclusive interview with her ahead of the competition, plus there will be daily video highlights from the event in Eindhoven, and coverage on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

1635: As anticipated, Italy's Federica Pellegrini wins a women's 200m freestyle final missing British participants as neither Jaz Carlin nor Jo Jackson managed to progress from the semis. Pellegrini didn't have it all her own way, though - Germany's Silke Lippok went out like a bullet and Pellegrini had to really work to haul her back in the nick of time.

Antony James, last in his 100m fly final: "I would like to have been a bit faster but it's been a good experience and good fun."

It's bad news for GB
1630: Evgeny Korotyshkin of Russia wins European men's 100m butterfly gold, with GB's Antony James back down in eighth having started fairly well. Korotyshkin won in 51.73 with James posting 52.67.

1627: That second semi-final is lightning-fast so that's that for Achieng Ajulu-Bushell, who won't make it into any finals on her British debut at a major championships. Kate Haywood is through as the second-fastest qualifier though. Here comes GB's Antony James in the men's 100m fly final.

From BBC commentator Karen Pickering on Twitter: "Huge congrats to Grainne Murphy, silver in the 1500m. After coming so close to a medal in the 800m this one is well deserved. A talent!"

1624: Superb swim from Britain's Kate Haywood, who posts a lifetime best of 31.24 to win the first women's 50m breaststroke semi-final. Achieng Ajulu-Bushell is down in fifth in 31.91 and will have to hold her breath for the second semi to see if she makes the final.

Tom Daley on his injury: It's very annoying to come out of the competition because of injury, but I need to prevent further injury. I'm going to get a scan next week and get back to diving the way I am for the Commonwealth Games.

1619: Gold for Lotte Friis of Denmark in a time of 15:59.13 in the women's 1500m freestyle and, at last, a more-than-deserved silver medal for Ireland's Grainne Murphy a few body-lengths behind her.

Get involved on 606
From David on 606: "I have been very impressed by the British performances. If all the medallists were swimming completely untapered, then you have to look forward to seeing their performances at Commonwealths."

1611: Roughly the halfway mark of the women's 1500m freestyle final and Lotte Friis of Denmark leads Grainne Murphy by about a second and a half. Chance of a medal this time around for Murphy? Cruelly denied in the 800m, pushed into fourth by a whisker.

BBC commentator Leon Taylor on Tom Daley's injury: "I got a call from the British Diving performance manager 20 minutes before the synchro final, to tell me Tom was pulling out. At the training camp in Rome before Budapest Tom had his arm ripped across during a dive. I've done it many times before, it really does hurt. Ever since then he's had a lot of pain in the triceps. Tom and Max Brick did the preliminaries and came fourth but the injury is too severe. The Commonwealth Games are in October and he needs to be fit for those."

1604: One name worth watching out for in the women's 1500m freestyle final is Grainne Murphy. She's 17, from Ireland, and has been putting a host of bigger names to shame this week - not least Rebecca Adlington, who she outpaced over the 800m distance.

Get involved on 606
From clarke_j on 606: "Each session in Hungary seems very short and they seem to want to get it over with as fast as possible."

The organisers certainly haven't been hanging around this week. Mercifully, the first race is the women's 1500m, which gives us a good 16 minutes of racing (without any British involvement) to settle into things. We're now live on BBC Two and online for UK users.

From Aimee on Twitter: "The British 4x200m team will be mice I imagine, but ones that just 'squeak' through into a medal position. (And you thought yours was strained!)"

1558: Plenty of semi-final action for Britons coming up, though. Achieng Ajulu-Bushell, the former classmate of Tom Daley who surprisingly failed to make it out of her 100m breaststroke heats earlier in the week, gets another go in the semi-finals of the 50m distance alongside Kate Haywood. Jemma Lowe and Ellen Gandy compete in the women's 200m fly semis, then Amy Smith and Fran Halsall are back for the 50m freestyle semis.

1556: Fair to say, without allowing too much more Steinbeck to creep into this live text, that while British swimmers have been burning bright on the podium all week, they face the grapes of wrath today. The 4x200m team will have their work cut out in dubious battle against the French (among others) and Antony James is Britain's only other final contender, in the men's 100m butterfly.

From GB swimmer Liam Tancock on Twitter: "Watched 'Of Mice and Men' last night, great film!"

Which brings me on to the men's 4x200m freestyle relay, probably Britain's best medal shot today. Will they be mice or men?

Alright, strained, I know.

1550: As ever, your views on the action are very welcome. Head over to 606 to comment on Tom Daley's injury, or get stuck into my debate on the big questions Britain's swimmers will be left with after the Euros come to a close on Sunday. Alternatively, text me - 81111 from the UK or +447786200666 from beyond these shores - or send me a tweet (I'm @BBCSport_Ollie on Twitter). By the way, if you're texting, stick the word SWIMMING at the front so I can rescue it from an ocean of football discussion in our inbox...

1547: While we wait to hear more, let's focus on the action we do have coming up in the swimming. First things first: Clare Balding will be live on BBC Two and online (if you're in the UK) with coverage from Hungary from 1600 BST. Expect a host of top GB swimmers, like Liam Tancock and Lizzie Simmonds, to join her during the next two hours, and rumour has it Tom Daley might come in for a chat as well after his arm's been seen to.

1544: My sources poolside in Hungary suggest Daley is "90% certain" to pull out of Sunday's final. He's got a busy old schedule ahead, too - he's supposed to be in the 10m final at the Youth Olympics in Singapore on Tuesday 24 August, coincidentally the same day he gets his GCSE results, and then there's the Commonwealth Games in October. So he may err on the side of caution and rest - even though this is a major event.

1542: I refer to Tom Daley, Britain's 16-year-old diving star, who had to withdraw from his 10m platform synchro final a couple of hours ago with a triceps tear. He was due to compete alongside partner Max Brick and had a reasonable chance of a medal. Doctors are now assessing whether Daley can defend his European title in the 10m individual event on Sunday.

1539: Hello, everybody. It's day six in the pool at the European Championships in Hungary, but Britain's best medal shot on this Saturday in Budapest may already have evaporated.

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