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Monday, 11 April, 2016

Monday, 11 April, 2016
WBT Qualifying Championships, Belfast Indoor Stadium, Belfast:

International Open Qualifier:

Quarter Finals:

G MacDougall (West of Scotland) bt G McKee (Co Antrim) 1-11, 5-4, 2-1

I McClure (Ballymoney) bt E McCoy (Belfast) 9-2, 9-3

M Stepney (Elgin) bt R Battersby (Belfast) 5-7, 12-2, 2-0

C Gale (Blackpool) bt K Bald (Snr) (Midlothina) 8-3, 8-2


I McClure (Ballymoney) bt G MacDougall (West of Scotland) 7-4, 6-4

M Stepney (Elgin) bt C Gale (Blackpool) 7-7, 7-6


Mike Stepney (Elgin) bt Ian McClure (Ballymoney) 8-1, 9-1

Qualifier Winner:

Mike Stepney (Elgin)

Scottish International Open Qualifier:

Quarter Finals:

E McCoy (Belfast) bt J Rippey (Falcon) 2-9, 9-3, 2-1

D Corkill (Belfast) bt C Wilson (Headwell) 5-3, 7-0

S Martin (Belfast) bt I McClure (Ballymoney) 10-3, 7-3

G Kelly (Ballybrakes) bt N Mulholland (Belfast) 1-11, 8-5, 2-1


D Corkill (Belfast) bt E McCoy (Belfast) 5-3, 10-4

S Martin (Belfast) bt G Kelly (Ballybrakes) 2-11, 9-8, 2-1

Final: David Corkill (Belfast) bt Simon Martin (Belfast) 10-4, 4-4

Qualifier Winner:

David Corkill (Belfast),

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