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Sunday, 25 September, 2016

Sunday, 25 September, 2016
Scotland v Wales International Test Series, West Lothian Indoor Bowls Club, Livingston, Edinburgh, Scotland:

Session 1

Men's Fours

1) S Anderson, I McLean, N Speirs, P Foster MBE bt O Dando, D Harding, D Kingdon, J Breen 15-7

2) R Duncan, T Mann, C Walker, D Burnett bt R Owen, S Harris, R Weale, M Wyatt 12-11

Women's Singles

3) L Doig bt C Taylor 21-8

4) L Smith lost to S Nicholls 18-21

Women's Fours

5) C Walker, S McDougall, S Murray, C Johnstone bt L Daniels, J Sims, K Pearce,A Butten 17-9

6) R Craig, L Welsh, L Malloy, L Baillie bt Y White, C Davies, C Hewlings, E Woodcock 11-8

Session 2

Men's Singles

1) Burnett bt Kingdon 21-14

2) McLean bt Harding 21-18

Men's Triples

3) Anderson, Walker, Foster bt Dando, Breen, M Wyatt 11-6

4) Walker, Mann, Speirs lost to Owen, Harris, Weale 10-14

Women's Pairs

5) McDougall & Johnstone bt Daniels & Sims 17-8

Women's Fours

6) Welsh, Walker, Baillie, Murray bt White, Davies, Taylor, Pearce 13-8

7) Doig, Craig, Smith, Malloy bt S Nicholls, Hewlings, Thomas, Butten 17-8

Session 3

Men's Pairs

1) Foster & Speirs bt Harding & Wyatt 12-11

Men's Triples

2) Duncan, Mann, Walker bt Dando, Breen, Kingdon 25-3

3)Anderson, McLean, Burnett bt Owen, Harris, Weale 17-5

Women's Pairs

4) Doig & Johnstone bt White & Davies 27-3

5) Craig & Malloy bt Nicholls & Woodcock 24-5

Women's Triples

6) Welsh, Smith, Baillie bt Taylor, Pearce, Butten 14-8

7) Walker, McDougall, Murray lost to Daniels, Thomas, Sims 10-12

Session 4

Men's Fours

1)Duncan, McLean, Burnett, Speirs bt Dando, Harding, Kingdon, Breen 13-4

2) Anderson, Mann, Foster, Walker bt Owen, Harris, Weale, Wyatt 18-5

Women's Singles

3) Doig bt Sims 21-11

4) Smith lost to Daniels 11-21

Women's Fours

5) Walker, Welsh, Malloy, Johnstone bt Nicholls, Thomas, Pearce, Butten 12-9

6) Craig, McDougall, Murray, Baillie bt Nicholls, Thomas, Davies, Hewlings 31-3

Session 5

Men's Singles

1)Anderson lost to Kingdon 9-21

2) Foster bt Harding 21-18

Men's Triples

3) Mann, Walker, Speirs bt Dando, Breen, Wyatt 14-10

4) Duncan, McLean, Burnett bt Owen, Harris, Weale 13-8

Women's Pairs

5) Walker & Smith bt Daniels & Simms 14-10

Women's Fours

6) McDougall, Baillie, Murray, Johnstone bt Taylor, Woodcock, Pearce, Butten 14-11

7) Doig, Welsh, Craig, Malloy bt Nicholls, Thomas, Davies, Hewlings 31-3

Session 6

Men's Pairs

1)Duncan & Burnett bt Harding & Wyatt 16-7

Men's Triples

2) McLean, Walker, Foster lost to Owen, Harris, Weale 8-10

3) Anderson, Mann, Speirs lost to Dando, Breen, Kingdon 5-13

Women's Pairs

4) Craig & Smith bt Thomas & Hewlings 19-10

5) Welsh & Johnstone bt White & Davies 18-7

Women's Triples

6) Walker, McDougall, Malloy bt Taylor, Pearce, Butten 19-18

7) Doig, Baillie, Murray bt Daniels, Sims, Woodcoc 12-9

Finishing Result

Scotland Men bt Wales 28-8pts (*2 Pts per win - Played 18, Won 14, Lost 4)

Scotland Women bt Wales 38-6 pts (*2 Pts per win - Played 22, Won 19, Lost 3),

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