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   Sunday, 12 January, 2003, 19:02 GMT
Setwatch: Barneveld v Davies
Ritchie Davies (foreground) and Raymond Barneveld (background)
All the action from the Embassy World Darts final as Raymond Barneveld beats Ritchie Davies.

Final set score:

Raymond Barneveld 6-3 Ritchie Davies

Ninth set:

With 72 remaining, Barneveld hits a confident treble 12, followed by the double 18 which has been his favourite shot of the day to clinch his third title and end this gripping final. (3-1)

Barneveld gets to within one leg of the title with another 96 finish. (2-1)

Barneveld is always up in this leg and squares the set with double 16. (1-1)

Barneveld misses out from 84 and Davies hits the crucial double 20 at his third attempt. (0-1)

Eighth set:

Perhaps the most crucial leg of the match sees Barneveld just take it with a nervy double 18. (3-2)

The Welshman produces another sublime finish at 76 to square the set. (2-2)

Davies, seemingly out of the set, rallies to finish from 100 (2-1)

A 76 finish is all Barneveld needs as his opponent stumbles again. (2-0)

Barneveld hits his 10th maximum of the match but again stumbles at the finish, before hitting the double one. (1-0)

Seventh set:

The atmosphere is crackling - both men are hitting maximums for fun and Davies is starting to look very confident.

A double 10 brings the Welshman right back into the match. (0-3)

It is impossible to take your eyes off this - Barneveld hits another maximum - his ninth.

But Davies pinches the set with a miraculous 98 finish, as the Dutchman again chokes at the finish, failing to convert from 24. (0-2)

It is Davies' favourite double - the 20 - which gives him this leg, as Barneveld's form seems to be deserting him. (0-1)

Sixth set:

Barneveld starts the leg with 40 - Davies hits 121.

At 96, Barneveld misses out, while Davies clinches the set with double 20. (2-3)

Barneveld hits his eighth 180 of the afternoon and dominates the leg, finishing with double 16. (2-2)

A bullseye gives Davies the leg, completing an unusualy 94 finish. (1-2)

This is a curious match - Barneveld hits the 12th maximum of it, but the scoring is not of the highest quality.

Davies ups his game to finish from 111. (1-1)

Davies hits his fifth maximum of the afternoon, but both players squander several chances to win the leg, before Barneveld hits a double three. (1-0)

Fifth set:

The players match each other for their first nine darts before Davies produces a superb finish - 121 consisting of treble-20, 11 and bullseye to win his first set, as the pair enjoy a welcome rest. (1-3)

Barneveld gives Davies a timely reminder that he is in the set with another maximum.

Although the Dutchman fumbles his way to the leg, he once again claws his way back into the set. (1-2)

An interesting statistic shows that Barneveld has succeeded with less than a third of his checkout attempts.

Davies hits his fourth maximum of the afternoon and nearly finishes from 161.

He takes the leg with a double-eight finish. (0-2)

A lacklustre leg, which Davies wins with his 17th dart, hitting the double 16. (0-1)

Fourth set:

Once again, in a deciding leg, Davies fails to raise his game as Barneveld requires just 11 darts to seal the set. (3-2)

Davies' best finish of the match - 103 - brings him the leg and takes the set into a decider. (2-2)

Another 118 finish gives Barneveld this leg - his confidence is making him the far superior player. (2-1)

Davies hits his second maximum of the afternoon but he struggles to ever put his opponent under pressure.

The Welshman makes hard work of a 48-finish, but manages it nonetheless. (1-1)

This leg is never close - Barneveld opens up a clear lead before finishing with a double three. (1-0)

Third set:

Barneveld shows his true class by finishing on 116 - treble 20, 20 and double 18, to win the set. (3-2)

Barneveld hits his third maximum of the afternoon and nearly makes it a 12-dart leg. He finishes the leg with a double-two. (2-2)

At 36, Davies squanders his chances with some big misses, while Barneveld hits double 20 to come back into the set. (1-2)

Barneveld misses out at 74, allowing Davies to hit the double 20 and open up a third set lead. (0-2)

The difference in the match so far has been the Dutchman's finishing, hi strength throughout the tournament, but Davies hits a double 10 to take an early lead. (0-1)

Second set:

The Dutchman begins the leg with a maximum - his second of the match.

Always in control of the leg, Barneveld needs six goes before hitting the winning dart - double one. (3-2)

Barneveld hits the double 16 - the popular finish in the game - to square the set. (2-2)

Both men have chances to finish the leg before a double eight gives Davies the lead in this set. (1-2)

Davies responds in kind, requiring just 14 darts to win this leg, finishing on double-six. (1-1)

Barneveld shoots his first 180 of the match and wins this leg with just 14 darts. (1-0)

First set:

The first maximum of the match goes to Davies - his 22nd of the tournament.

Barneveld finishes on 132 to take the set. (3-1)

A 70 finish brings Davies his first leg. (2-1)

Barneveld makes much easier work of this leg. (2-0)

Davies gets to throw first and starts with a steady 100 and Barneveld responds in kind.

Nerves see both men miss several chances, before Barneveld hits a double-one. (1-0)

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