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  Monday, 6 May, 2002, 17:02 GMT 18:02 UK
World Snooker final blow by blow
Latest news from the Crucible final between Peter Ebdon and Stephen Hendry

(5) Stephen Hendry (Sco) lost 17-18 to (7) Peter Ebdon (Eng)
0-94 (65) 0-140 (100) 13-73 16-71 126-0 (126) 73-40 119-4 (116) 65-36 0-134 (134) 67-56 (Ebdon 56) 9-68 (52) 68-70 (Hendry 68) 14-77 13-69 (56) 70-4 33-89 32-69 (68) 126-0 (104) 108-0 (108) 66-21 89-36 (68) 43-67 110-0 97-0 (93) 127-1 (63, 55) 65-58 22-103 (103) 26-62 74-30 (58) 21-73 (73) 0-111 (111) 78-39 (67) 4-85 (85) 62-52 (Ebdon 51) 14-72 (59)

Frame 35: Ebdon holds his nerve to win his first ever Embassy World Snooker Championship.

After some scrappy shots which spread the balls, Ebdon gets in first and compiles a break of 59.

Hendry is then unlucky to go in-off with a safety and Ebdon takes his chance to claim the title.

Frame 34: Needing to win this frame to set up a decider, Hendry makes 19 before missing a red to allow Ebdon in.

A brave red sets him on his way and he keeps his cool to make 51 before missing a red into a middle pocket.

It gives Hendry a chance to set up a decider but he makes eight before failing to pot a red into the bottom right corner.

With the drama at its height Ebdon misses an easy looking black which would have almost clinched the title.

Hendry makes no mistake second time around at the table to bring the game into a dramatic final frame.

Frame 33: As the tension rises, Hendry makes the first error of the frame to give Ebdon the chance of pulling a frame clear.

Ebdon recovers well from some tricky-looking situations with some good cueing and his break of 85 moves him to within one frame of his first world title and piles the pressure on Hendry.

Frame 32: Ebdon looks to be on the way to another frame when he leads 39-1. But Hendry gets to the table.

He draws on his massive experience to fashion out a break of 67 to level the match again.

Frame 31: A slightly short safety shot by Hendry gives Ebdon a chance at the table and he shows his skill under pressure.

He makes no mistake racking up a break of 111 for the 68th century break of the tournament and, more importanty, the lead yet again.

Frame 30: Hendry gets the frame's first potting chance but a judgement error over a re-spotted black gives Ebdon the initative.

Ebdon makes a break of 73 and Hendry opts to concede the frame rather than getting involved in safety play.

Frame 29: A nervy start by both players and each end up having bad contact during the early part of the frame.

The telling chance falls to Hendry who manages to put a run together with a break of 58 to move ahead again.

Frame 28: At 57-1 ahead and seemingly in control of the frame, Ebdon's mistake allows Hendry back to the table.

But Hendry misses a red and Ebdon eventually goes on to claim the frame to level the match at the mid-session interval.

Frame 27: A mistake by Hendry on a red at 22-0 ahead allows Ebdon in and he duly capitalises.

He keeps cool under pressure for a break of 103 to get back on track and reduce the defecit to just one frame.

Frame 26: The yellow proves the key to the frame. Hendry pots it after a succession of misses by both players, most notably by Ebdon.

Hendry goes on to take the frame on the black and give himself a little breathing space.

Frame 25: Tactics play a big part at the start of the first frame of the deciding session but it is Hendry who gets his chance at the table.

He notches up 67 but misses with Ebdon requiring snookers. Ebdon can't make any further headway and when Hendry returns to the table, he wraps up the frame, taking the lead for the first time in the final.

Frame 24: Ebdon has the first potting chance of the last frame of the penultimate session but he misses a difficult pot, his cue nudging the brown in the process.

Hendry senses the opportunity of drawing level in the match and he confidently sets about building up a decent score, which he does, just falling short of yet another century but securing the frame.

Frame 23: Ebdon misses twice and Hendry comes up with a superbly judged pot to seize the initiative but then plays perhaps the worst shot of the day to miss a straightforward pink.

But the seven-time world champion redeems himself with a fantastic long-range pot and despite a brief hiccup, he goes on to win the frame.

Frame 22: After some skilled safety exchanges, Hendry attempts a reckless cannon and lets Ebdon in. Ebdon has to work hard to build a break of 47 before going in off when attempting a cannon.

Hendry converts a superb pot but just as it looks as if he will do some damage, he snookers himself. Ebdon gets back in but then misses a straightforward black.

But a tactical error on the brown from Hendry allows Ebdon to pot it and go on to take the frame - in doing so, stopping Hendry's run of four on the trot.

Frame 21: Ebdon tries a safety shot but goes in off and Hendry takes full advantage to put some points on the board. His break is cut short after a couple of thick contacts on the cue ball, which visibly annoys him.

Ebdon needs snookers and although he does attempt to rescue the frame, Hendry takes it to cut his opponent's lead to just one.

Frame 20: A risky shot into the middle pocket does not come off for Hendry and Ebdon pots for his first point in three frames.

But the Englishman cannot capitalise and after a bout of safety exchanges, Hendry gets in for a break of 33.

A succession of errors from both players results in Hendry getting the upper hand and he closes out the frame to gain a crucial psychological boost before the mid-session interval.

Frame 19: Hendry seems to have steadied his early nerves and a bold pot of a red into the green pocket sets him off on another century break.

Frame 18: With the reds spread over the table, Ebdon attempts a risky long-range pot, which he misses.

Hendry needs three chances but finally manages to accumulate a decent break and win his first frame of the session, setting a new record for century breaks in a championship - 15.

Frame 17: Ebdon's good break-off is cancelled out when he misses a long-range pot on the next shot.

Hendry is then able to double into the middle pocket but his break ends at just 16.

Both players are showing early nerves - Ebdon's are revealed in his curious shot selection while Hendry's potting and positional play still look shaky.

Hendry misses a long-range red to let Ebdon in and the Englishman produces some accomplished potting to take the first frame.

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