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 Sunday, 15 December, 2002, 17:15 GMT
Framewatch: Williams v Doherty
Williams 10-9 Doherty (best of 19 frames):
68-41 (56), 8-78 (55), 86-0 (86), 28-87 (55), 66-68, 70-45, 65-9 (65), 76-63, 15-62, 43-69 (62), 29-65, 128-0 (119), 50-40, 1-79, 74-0 (74), 78-0 (78) 14-58, 0-79 (79), 91-35 (70)

Frame nineteen:
In a thrilling cat-and-mouse final frame, neither player is able to get in among the balls and safety play dominates the opening exchanges.

Doherty is the first to earn a chance to construct a title-winning break, but he misses a tricky red and on his next visit to the table pots the white while attempting a safety.

Williams needs no second invitation and calmly clears to the pink to clinch the title in dramatic fashion.

Frame eighteen:
Doherty ensures the final will go down to the deciding frame and takes the heat out of Williams' recent charge.

The Irishman battles his way to a break of 79 and gives himself a welcome boost before the final frame.

Frame seventeen:
A battling Doherty keeps himself in the hunt despite making a number of errors.

Williams is the victim of another unfortunate kick just as he looks set to compile the title-winning break and Doherty's luck holds.

Frame sixteen:
Another smooth break from Williams as the Welshman hits 78 without reply to move to within one frame of the title.

A nasty kick on the black prevents him from registering the highest break of the tournament.

Frame fifteen:
Williams hits back with a fabulous break of 74 for no reply. Doherty returns to the table but soon concedes the frame.

Frame fourteen:
The interval obviously served Doherty well and he emerges in confident mood, beginning with a break of 36, despite the events of frame thirteen.

Williams has a brief chance but Doherty is soon back in control and another break of 35 levels the match once more.

Frame thirteen:
Another highly tactical frame, and the longest in the match so far, as Williams and Doherty reach just 36 points between them with 11 reds potted.

It is Doherty who looks likely to prevail after he succeeds with an audacious shot - the red canoning off the blue before dropping into the pocket.

But the Irishman makes a terrible error - overhitting on the blue - and Williams clears the table to snatch an unlikely lead at the break.

Frame twelve:
Williams is rewarded for some bold potting and clever positional play with an impressive break of 119, the first century of the final, to end his opponent's run of frames.

Frame eleven:
Williams is first among the balls but is forced to play safe at 18. After a long period of quality safety play, Doherty pots a brilliant long red before constructing a painstaking 45 break.

He misses a red to give Williams a glimmer of hope but Doherty flukes a red and though his opponent briefly fights back, the Irishman soon wraps up the frame.

Frame ten:
Doherty emerges the sharper after the break and compiles a 62 break before poor positional play leaves him with a difficult last red.

He misses and Williams produces one of the shots of the tournament to sink the red, but he is unable to take advantage and Doherty clinches the points he needs to level the match..
Williams 5-5 Doherty

First session:

Frame nine:
Both players look nervous, but Doherty builds up a good early lead which ultimately proves crucial.

The Irishman looks as though he will blow a 50-point lead, but a simple missed yellow from Williams demoralises the Welshman who concedes.
Williams 5-4 Doherty

Frame eight:
An epic frame sees Doherty open with a 44, only for Williams to claw his way back via a combination of snookers and good potting.

Nevertheless, Doherty looks set fair, with a 12-point lead as the players reach the colours. But a brilliant green by Williams gives him the chance to finish the frame and move two clear for the first time.
Williams 5-3 Doherty

Frame seven:
Williams break of 65 is not enough to leave Doherty needing snookers.

But the Irishman, who has made nine in reply, concedes the frame after a disappointing positional shot, and the Welshman is ahead again.
Williams 4-3 Doherty

Frame six:
Breaks of 30 and 22 give Williams a healthy lead and he looks favourite to level the match scores once again.

But Doherty closes to within 13 points before missing a relatively simple pot, and Williams breathes a sigh of relief before taking the frame.
Williams 3-3 Doherty

Frame five:
The closest frame so far comes down to the final black.

Doherty twice misses pots to wrap up the frame before converting at the third opportunity to move ahead for the first time.
Williams 2-3 Doherty

Frame four:
In stark contrast to the previous frame, safety is at the forefront here - and both players make few errrors.

But Williams is first to blunder, leaving Doherty a long red, and the Irishman takes full advantage to go level the scores once again.
Williams 2-2 Doherty

Frame three:
A much more straightforward frame, as Williams displays the flawless potting which has taken him to this final.

He makes a great break of 86 to take the frame and move ahead again.
Williams 2-1 Doherty

Frame two:
An early mistake by Williams gives Doherty a chance and his break of 55 gives him a reasonable cushion.

However, his momentum breaks down, and the frame becomes dominated by safety, until another Williams blunder gives Doherty the opportunity to level the scores.
Williams 1-1 Doherty

Frame one:
A high-quality opening sees Doherty move 41-12 ahead, courtesy of a brilliant double on a red.

But he is unable to keep the break going, and Williams comes back, producing a clearance of 56 to take the early advantage.
Williams 1-0 Doherty

Action from York

BBC Sport Academy

Q&A: Steve Davis


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